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Maya Was Right About NSA Spying In 2010

Following revelations that the NSA is spying on our phone calls, texts, Google history, Facebook profiles and who knows what else,Maya Arulpragasam (M.I.A.) is taking some time to remind the world she knew it all along, Fuse TV reports.

Back in 2010, her Maya album opener “The Message” linked our hyper-connected online lives to government oversight with the following lyrics: “Your headphones connected to your iPhone / Your iPhone’s connected to the Internet / The Internet’s connected to the Google / The Google’s connected to the Government.”

“Although she doesn’t cite the sources for these quotes, we did a little Googlin’ and uncovered the publications. Here are the most egregious examples of critics who blasted her back in 2010 and now have to eat their own words. Because the Internet, and the government monitoring it, never forgets.” Fuse TV reported.

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