19 May, 2022


Meddlers Galore & Sampanthan’s Selective Memory Loss

By Rajeewa Jayaweera

Rajeewa Jayaweera

The lull following Brexit and US Presidential elections in the regular arrival of international meddlers would appear to be over. During the last two weeks, a galaxy of parliamentarians and officials were in Colombo. A bipartisan delegation from the United States House of Representatives, Indian Foreign Secretary Dr Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, a group of senior Chinese Communist Party officials with the Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister and a group of French Senators, all descended on Colombo.

The government and Ministry of Foreign Affairs maintained its usual silence which follow visits by foreign dignitaries to Sri Lanka. Not one single Press Meet by visitors and their counterparts from Sri Lanka was to be seen as is customary in most other countries. The public as usual are left to gather whatever possible information from media releases issued by foreign dignitaries and their embassies. Visits by foreign dignitaries could be good or bad. On the one hand, such visits enable the host country to show case the country, its people and the economy with a view towards obtaining assistance in areas having scope for further improvement and development. On the other hand, such visits unless suitably agreed and coordinated could result in unwanted complications, especially when meetings take place between visitors and local political groups. Statements by visitors after such meetings invariably tend to encourage local non state actors to harden attitudes in the belief of support from foreign governments.

R Sampanthan

The sectarian divide between majority Shiites and minority Sunnis in Iraq is perhaps more deep routed than differences between Sinhalese and Tamils in Sri Lanka. Yet, there is no known record of US Senators, Congressmen or bureaucrats meeting with Sunni leaders to listen to their grievances, let alone interceding on their behalf with the Iraqi government despite the sinking of billions of dollars in introducing ‘democracy’ in Iraq. In the not too distant past, India called off long overdue bi-lateral discussions with Pakistan at Foreign Secretary level due to a meeting held by the Pakistani High Commissioner to India with Hurriyat Conference leaders, considered Kashmiri separatists by India. Indian attitude was “either talk to us or talk to them”. In the back drop of such track records, it is but natural to question the game plans of our visitors and their respective governments.

Indian Foreign Secretary’s recent assertion in Colombo “India will not press for merger of north and east” is welcome from a narrow perspective. Yet, from a broader perspective, separate meetings with Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and Tamil Progressive Alliance (TPA) delegations led by their respective leaders inside the Indian High Commission in Colombo is but a clear sign of India’s intentions of a continued involvement in Sri Lanka’s ‘national question’. The very same Indian Foreign Secretary, in his keynote address at the Raisina Dialogue held recently in Delhi requested China to be “sensitive to its sovereignty”. He further stated, “China is a country which is very sensitive on matters concerning its sovereignty. So, we would expect that they would have some understanding of other people’s sensitivity on their sovereignty.” In the same token, should not India too be ‘sensitive to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty’?

China, to its credit, has no record of involvement and meddling in local affairs and with politicians in countries it is involved economically. It has been China’s policy for nearly three decades.

In most countries, the Head of State, of Government and cabinet ministers visit foreign missions (embassies) only on special occasions such as to sign a book of condolence and attend national day functions. Similarly, in most countries, the Leader of Opposition is equal in rank to a cabinet minister. However, in Sri Lanka, the current Leader of Opposition makes it a point to meet his Indian benefactors inside the Indian High Commission.

His message to all recent visitors he met barring the Chinese was similar in content; a briefing on the formulation of the constitution; the need for the new Constitution to contain features that will provide more powers to Provincial Councils on matters of socio-economic development; the upcoming UN Human Rights Council sessions; the lack of progress on the UNHRC 30/1 resolution cosponsored by the government. The Leader of Opposition has supposedly told the visitors that an extension of time to the government to fulfil its commitment to the resolution should be granted only under strict conditions, asserting that the resolution should be implemented in its entirety and that the government should take all steps necessary to ensure reparations, guarantees of non-recurrence, accountability, and justice. In response to a question by a US Congressman of Chinese and Indian interests in Sri Lanka’s political affairs, he has reportedly stated “China did not interfere in the internal affairs of the country whereas India continued to demonstrate interest in the Constitutional Reforms in Sri Lanka”. It must be noted, in the narrative of our Leader of Opposition, any Chinese involvement is ‘interference’ whereas Indian involvement is a ‘demonstration of interest’. His already diminished stature as the Leader of Opposition due to his insistence in involvement on matters pertaining only to the Tamil community is further diminished due to his dependence on foreign actors and governments in pursuit of self-determination for his community.

Other than extremists who are found in all communities, no sane person will dispute the fundamental right of all Tamil persons to live in Sri Lanka as equal citizens and with equal opportunities. Their right to manage their own affairs in the Northern Province and that part of the Eastern Province with a Tamil majority perhaps amalgamated to the Norther Province, within the framework of a unitary state too should not be disputed provided the same status quo can be implemented in seven other provinces. The Eastern Province with a Muslim and Sinhalese population could be jointly governed by the two communities. The Tamil community should think long and hard on the issue of devolving Police powers to the provinces. Repercussions of handing over seven Police forces to seven Chief Ministers outside the North and East rather than a separate Police force for the North is the issue. It could be a recipe to lawlessness and anarchy, which in the long term will also impact the welfare and livelihood of the Tamil community, both in and outside the Northern Province.

Mutually agreed solutions are preferable to impractical solutions implemented at gun point (Indo-Sri Lanka Accord in 1987 wherein MPs were taken to Parliament under armed escort and made to vote in favor). The so-called unity government should have given the impetus for a bipartisan set of proposals for negotiation with TNA. Unfortunately the opportunity is being squandered away by around fifty MPs under the banner of Joint Opposition. It is regrettable, this lost opportunity too will go down in history as yet another instance of the intransigence of the Sinhalese.

That said, the Sinhalese do not monopolize intransigence. The Leader of Opposition, made a 90-minute speech in Parliament on February 22 during the adjournment debate on the constitution. He waxed eloquent of the previous occasions the Sinhalese dominated state concluded pacts which were later abrogated. He referred to the Bandaranaike-Chelvanayagam Pact 1957, Dudley – Chelvanayagam Pact 1965, Indo-Sri Lanka Pact of 1987, President Chandrika Kumaranatunga’s proposals in 1995, 1997 and 2000 and Mangala Moonasinghe Select Committee proposals in 2000.

Yet he was silent on efforts by President Premadasa who even went to the extent of arming the LTTE in order to be rid of the IPKF from Sri Lanka and also provided air transportation to senior LTTEers, to the utter consternation of the Sri Lankan armed forces. Also overlooked was President Chandrika Kumaranagunga’s offer of handing over the Northern Province to LTTE supremo Prabkharan for a period of 10 years with no necessity of holding elections. Had that offer been accepted, it would have included Police and Land powers, one of the current contentious issues. Yet another effort overlooked was Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s CFA in 2002, so deviously agreed to by the LTTE for purpose of regrouping and rearming and discarded thereafter.

During his speech, he referred to remarks made by President Rajapaksa during the inaugural meeting of the All Party Representatives Committee and the Multi Ethnic Experts Committee in July 2006. In fairness, he should have also mentioned of his own role as the main spokesman for the LTTE in the deep South and in Sri Lanka’s Parliament and his endorsement of the LTTE as the sole representatives of the Tamil community.

The Leader of Opposition is considered a Tamil nationalist by some and a moderate by others. One could also say he was a terrorist sympathizer and supporter till May 19, 2009. He is of the view a civilized and democratic government must safeguard its international status, a task exceedingly difficult so long as he and others in TNA and TPA keep bellyaching to international meddlers. Our Leader of Opposition is a master at running with the hare and hunting with the hounds.

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    Sri Sena is the one with selective memory loss. he sponsors a res lotion calling for international judges and year later his views are that there are no foreign judges. But he remembers that he was the defense defense minister when the allegation took place.

    • 3

      Changes happen very past nowadays and who knows Trump will be in power next year like Mahinda was thrown away.

      • 4

        Dear Rajeeva Jayaweera,
        It is a welcome sign that you have come out with progressive ideas. Let us not delve in the past and look for the future. If Tamil politicians had supported LTTE and castigated, then it is equally true that Sinhala politicians across the party divide supported Srilanka security forces in their atrocities against non combatant Tamils and also on the same standard need to be castigated. While Tamil politicians have admitted what LTTE did was wrong, Sinhala politicians are trying to cover up the atrocities committed by security forces by refusing to conduct an impartial independent inquiry.

        Your enlightened stand on north-east merger is the one I had been advocating in these columns for the past several years, which seem not to penetrate the minds of Sinhala and Muslim contributors in these columns. If Sinhalese and Muslims do not want their areas to be merged, they cannot say that Tamil areas of eastern province should not be merged with north, unless they are racists. It is quite clear by historical and archaeological proof that Tamils were the first settlers in eastern province more than 2000 years ago, while Muslims were settled there only 400 years ago and bulk of the Sinhalese had been settled less than 100 years ago. This fact is being conveniently ignored.

        As for police powers, it is the government due to Sinhala supremacist pressure that is complicating the issue by trying to have nine provinces. Have only three regions one merged north and east second Kandyan provinces of Central, Uva, Sabragamuwa, north central and Kurunegala district. Third low country Sinhala areas of Southern Western (minus Colombo metropolitan area) and Puttalam district. You could make adjustments to boundaries for example take Amparai electorate out of east and link to Uva, take Kolonne electorate out of Sabragamuwa and link it to South and take Puttalam electorate out of North-west and link it to north. Tamils need full police and land powers to correct the injustices done to them since independence by Srilanka government.

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      Rajeewa Jayaweera

      “The sectarian divide between majority Shiites and minority Sunnis in Iraq is perhaps more deep routed than differences between Sinhalese and Tamils in Sri Lanka. Yet, there is no known record of US Senators, Congressmen or bureaucrats meeting with Sunni leaders to listen to their grievances, “

      Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Meets with Middle East Leaders to Encourage Empowering of Sunnis in War Against ISIS
      July 1, 2015

      Excerpt from gabbard.house.gov:

      Baghdad, Iraq

      While in Baghdad, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard met with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, Minister of Defense Khaled al-Obeidi, Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament Salim al-Jabouri, other members of Parliament, Anbar Governor Rawi, and other Sunni tribal leaders.

      Excerpt from USA TODAY
      Posted 7/5/2005

      Dem senator predicts more Sunni participation
      By Rick Jervis, USA TODAY

      BAGHDAD — Sunni leaders, who represent a disenfranchised segment of Iraq’s population, have expressed growing interest in participating in Iraq’s new democracy, a visiting U.S. senator said Tuesday.
      Sunnis want to help draft Iraq’s constitution and vote in elections for a permanent government scheduled for December, Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., said. Levin was in Iraq to meet with Sunni leaders.

      Rajeewa Jayaweera

      If you spend bit more time on google you would find more information which contradicts your perception of international issues you would want to selectively deal with. There have been hundreds of regular US law makers visits to Iraq followed by hundreds of meeting with Sunni representatives.

      It is not a nice experience to expose your perception/laziness. Please do some research before you start typing.

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    Come to senses people.

    Politicians are politicians. Sinhale govt want more politicians. Wait and see when the new elections come there will be more politicians for the north. To comphansate that, they will introduce more politicians to the south too.

    Instead, reduce the no of politicians and concentrate the political power to the center.

    Decentralize administrative power. That will help to develop the country.

    Politicians agree to centralize the political power if the leaders salaries, perks and benefits are increased substantially.

    Deputy minister should be a non-political admin person who knows the subject and all the projects should be prior-approved by the cabinet.

    Minister should be there only to over see the implementation of projects just to see the political aspects.

    Enact again the constitution before 1972 withe the good parts of the 1972 and 1978.

    • 3

      You are writing sense today. So you remembered to take your medication?
      Do keep it up!

      • 4

        old codger & vishvajith

        “You are writing sense today. So you remembered to take your medication?”

        This must be an impostor.

        • 0

          Giving credit, where credit is due NV.

          Perhaps Jimmy has got tired defending the status quo and is looking for a way to better the situation.

          The ‘status quo bias’ in us make us deaf, dumb and blind to the realities.

          Good on you Jimmy, hoping you are, who you are.


    • 2

      True that Jim.

  • 4

    “Our Leader of Opposition is a master at running with the hare and hunting with the hounds.”
    The following two pieces in the CT support this.

    ‘We Welcome Human Rights Boss Zeid’s Report, But Sri Lanka Lacks Credibility: TNA’
    ‘Demonstration Called Off, Sampanthan Praised Sirisena For Resolving Puthukkudiyiruppu Land Issue’
    It’s unfortunate that Tamil people has recently got no honest, talented and businesslike leader.

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    Mr. Jayaweera,
    “no sane person will dispute the fundamental right of all Tamil persons to live in Sri Lanka as equal citizens and with equal opportunities. Their right to manage their own affairs in the Northern Province and that part of the Eastern Province with a Tamil majority perhaps amalgamated to the Norther Province”
    Yes, I am happy that a Sinhala person is willing to stick his neck out and say so. Given your views on Kashmir, I must give you marks for consistency at least.

    ” Repercussions of handing over seven Police forces to seven Chief Ministers outside the North and East rather than a separate Police force for the North is the issue.”
    Well, the solution is glaringly obvious, but many Southerners prefer not to see. Nobody asked for 7 PC’s in the south. JR deliberately introduced this white elephant. Get rid of them and have just 2 (or 3 at the most) provincial councils. As a bonus, we will be rid of all the useless provincial panjandrums and their perks we are currently saddled with. The southern police force could then function more or less as it does now.

  • 6

    Dear Mr. R J the definer of sovereign SriLanka,

    Can you just go back to 1947 and 1948 scenario and recollect the citizenship act and the constitution of independent Ceylon ?

    What happened to the sovereignty of the various grouos of citizens since then ?
    What happened to the sovereignty of many after 1956 SWRD gaining power ?

    For you Rajeewa SJVC and Sampanthan have many degrading names but what names you have for SWRD, JRJ, Colvin R de Silva, Rajapaksas ?

    What happened to the sovereignty of many after Srimavo Shastri pact ?

    What are your definitions for Sovereign SriLanka in 1948,
    1956, 1972, 1977, 1987, … and now 2017 ?

    One thing I’ m sure Sampanthan bashing for that matter bashing any body from the minorities or the majority won’t give you any answer.

    Seek elightenment and an answer from within you and the group you belong to.
    My answer is seek referendum. Then define sovereignty.

    • 4

      Non PhD

      “What happened to the sovereignty of the various grouos of citizens since then ? What happened to the sovereignty of many after 1956 SWRD gaining power ?”

      Sovereignty is a much misunderstood word, particularly on this island. No one in this forum dare define what it is. Many in this island want to protect something that does not exist. If it is to do with protection of this island from foreign invasion, it was the psychopath VP who fought against the IPKF and got rid of them in the past 500 years of history.

      If sovereignty means protection from other forms of control, this island never had the kind of economy to be free from influence of foreign powers.

      By the way we cannot have an open and honest discussion on the kind of (mostly non existent) sovereignty that we are proud of and believe in we enjoy, as long as the little islanders seek some form of counselling for their periodic mass hysteria or permanent state of paranoia which is almost similar to ‘P***s Panics’ around the world.

      P***s Panics

      For more details please refer to mentalfloss.com/


      Imagine an outbreak of epidemic proportions—an infectious condition that permeates a population in a matter of weeks, causing hundreds of individuals to rush to hospitals with the same complaint: their penises are shrinking or disappearing altogether. Some try to stall the shrinkage by securing their members with strings or clamps, or by having relatives hold their penis in relays until they get treatment.

      Fortunately, episodes tend to be brief, with a low recurrence rate. Most victims recover within hours or days, convinced that the illness is over or never existed.

      Despite cross-cultural similarities, penis panics come in all shapes and sizes, assuming different forms in different places. To understand the psychology behind these phallic fears, let’s look at a few outbreaks spanning the centuries.

  • 8

    Dear Mr. Rajeeva Jayaweera,
    I agree, you may be right about the leader of the opposition. But looks like you have lost a lot of memory about the recent past politics of Sri Lanka. He is in Parliament and he too is a politician representing the TNA as its leader. Nevertheless he is a senior politician and in the present context he is very helpful to the new Regime with their undertaking with the UNHRC in order to get back the lost integrity. Again the recent showdown in UN is not because of him. If he is not a Tamil, he is a politician who will be respected for what he advices but being a Tamil in the eyes of extremist Sinhala racists he is meant to be squandered. In the recent past history of Sri Lanka, it was the Tamil parties that were driven to the wall by successive majoritarian Governments. If any of the Government after independence cared for the Country and shared responsibility wisely the Country will still be envied by other Asian Countries. Definitely the Tamil parties were more responsible fighting all the way to share responsibilities from the very beginning. Because of the racial riots, loss of lives and loss of property, armed rebellion appeared as a last resort. Until 9/11 attack in US and US declaration against all terrorists, LTTE was the savior for the Tamils against the Government sponsored terror in the North and East. Not only Mr. Sampanthan all the politicians were talking to LTTE at that time. There was good discipline, no raping and even no alcohol. After 9/11 the Government again very irresponsibly labelled all Tamils LTTE and used terrorism as excuse to get rid of Tamils wholesale. This is the reason for the new Government change but the top leaders also have blood in their hands and they refuse to bring back the lost prestige for the Country because they too are likely to be exposed. They dare not take a single criminal to task for fear of exposing themselves and their friends. Killing Tamils and ridiculing Tamil leaders may save them from losing elections, but they don’t see how they are pushing down the Country.

    • 1


      “But looks like you have lost a lot of memory about the recent past politics of Sri Lanka.”

      The selective memory loss of Rajeeva guarantees a place and commands respect among the patriotic smart ass Sinhala/Buddhists a noisy minority which bent on destroying a secular liberal state.

  • 7

    There is much in the article that I would agree with, but singling out the political behaviour of one community misses the larger point. We are all prisoners of a pathological political culture that we have inherited as a consequence of choices made after independence. Among these is the resort to communal violence with political complicity when leaders felt the need for blood sacrifice to assuage the feelings and expectations their intemperance in speech gave rise to.

    Running with the hare and hunting with the hounds is characteristic of actors who had weakened and cornered themselves by their double dealing. Here the TNA is on par with the SLFP during the 1987 – 1990 JVP insurgency – a line followed by many intellectuals, both Tamil and Sinhalese, with their selective human rights.

    • 4

      Rajan Hoole

      “There is much in the article that I would agree with, but singling out the political behaviour of one community misses the larger point.”

      This has been the result of constant bombardment of Mahawansa Mindset, reinforcing a minority myth onto rest of the people.

      • 0

        dont talk about things you do not understand

  • 7

    Mr Rajeeva Jayaweera

    Thanks for some sensible suggestions that will go a long way in resolving the vexed problem.

    The merger of Northern Province with Tamil majority areas in the East is one of the innovative proposals and the other is devolve police powers only to the North .

    The third one is bipartisan set of proposals (Formulated with Joint opposition as well) to talk with TNA.
    The Tamil aide now make a positive response.

    • 0


      devolve police powers only to the North and recruit only the Tamils.

  • 4

    This is off the point but watch out for French and German elections. Nations are moving Far-Right and Ethnic and Economic nationalism is at the fore. Look at the USA . “Buy American; Hire American” is the new way. If Marine Le Penn wins in France you will expect more seismic shifts. Will EU be in existence in ten years? Look at Austria too; with the story of the Arab Refugee gang raping a woman, people there are also shifting to the right. There is a good chance Marine will win in France. In Sweden there are huge law and order problems with Arab refugees specially in Maalmo. Liberal Christian nations are reaching their limits of tolerance. We can pretend otherwise but that is the reality. Now Tamil Refugees do not pose the same problems in Germany or Britain as a few of the Arab refugees. In Melbourne in Australia even Sri Lankan emigrants are upset with Somalian youth gangs called APEX wreaking havoc, breaking and entering, stealing cars, using violence. The thinking is that these refugees only saw violence and death in Somalia and are conditioned. Now Aussies are straining to deploy more resources to face this crisis. Around the world Nationalism and protectionism is growing.

    I know this is not the gist of your opinion column here Sir, but please pay heed. On the other hand when Hon PM uses language like “Freedom of Navigation” you know that is the language used by the US to pressure China. China will back down because it has more to lose but Sri Lanka is an important piece of the US plans now. As long as RW is in power, more than likely it will do US bidding and I am not sure if that is a bad thing. SL is running on the Rim(“Rim ekeng duwanawa”
    ) so perhaps leasing a port like Philippines did is not a bad thing for protection? You know why Ceylon did not opt for total independence in 1948 right and opted to be a Dominion Republican with the Queen as our Head of State? It was insurance against India. That is why Ceylon had British Bases until SWRD foolishly closed them.

    • 1

      Mani I live in Melbourne they are not Australians of Somali origin but of South Sudanese origin. Somalis are generally peaceful people and they look very different to the South Sudanese. Most Somali have quite sharp Arabic Hamitic sort of looks on a negroid face. Just like Barak Obama and many of their women can be very attractive if they wear western clothes with those sharp features. The Somalis have been in Austalia for more than two decades. The Somali language is very similar to Arabic. They will not appreciate to be mistaken for South Sudanese.
      The South Sudanese are largely of Dinka/Nuer origin very dark some of the darkest people I have seen very tall and with flat negroid features. They have arrived in Australia very recently and largely live in the more depressed western suburbs of Melbourne. They are Christians and the Somali are Sunni Muslim. Most of these South Sudanese refugees are young men who have no families and have seen a lot of violence back home. Many of them are former child soldiers.

  • 3

    Native Vedda

    To compare private individual visits by Senators / Congressmen to Iraq with a visit by a bi-partisan group of Congressmen from both sides of the divide to state plainly is being disingenuous. There have been dozens of foreign parliamentarians from many western countries visiting trouble spots the world over. Also note, the US group were invitees of GoSL and were accompanied by Ambassador Kariyawasam from Washington.

    Why don’t you write something sensible under your real name with your photograph for a change rather than your regular wisecracks taking refuge behind anonymity and being a social media cardboard hero?

    • 4

      Rajeewa Jayaweera

      “Why don’t you write something sensible under your real name with your photograph for a change rather than your regular wisecracks taking refuge behind anonymity and being a social media cardboard hero?”

      Unlike you and others my Elders have to approve my outing because they see me as immature though useful pain in the neck and bump. Once I satisfy their highest standards you are rest assured you will the first to have my writings. I also think I am bit thick not yet ready to take on “intellectual giants”.

      About westerners visiting this island on diplomatic visit and elsewhere you will have to cite comparative studies before you make your sweeping statements.

      I suggest you spend more time searching and researching on google and in libraries than typing where you fingers let you by your perception.

      You must realise this present day connected world is well informed than ten years ago or when Mahawamsa was written.

      • 1

        Bro, he is another sinhala Buddhist fool….dumb ass brain….

        • 1

          Jamis Muthu Banda, the Tamil Speaking Sinhalam

          “Bro, he is another sinhala Buddhist fool….dumb ass brain….”

          Genetically, historically, culturally, …….. he is closely related to you.

          You will have to put up with him and he will have to put up with you.

  • 1

    Dr Gnana Sankaralingam

    Not every Sinhalese contributes to the theory all atrocities committed by SLA troops need be buried and not investigated. That said, a clear distinction need be made between civilian causalities during battles between SLA and LTTE and crimes committed by troops in their personal capacity which most certainly need be investigated and those found guilty punished.

    Also bear in mind, the concept of zero availability of LTTE cadre who committed atrocities is not acceptable. Hundreds of high to mid ranking LTTE cadre who committed atrocities in their personal capacity scooted off to Europe starting May 2009. Why does the TNA and diaspora in the west not surrender them to be tried for their crimes along with SLA soldiers? Ditto with Adele Balasingham who lives peacefully in UK. I believe you live in UK and must be aware of Europe’s attitude on child soldiers – an offense neither GoSL or SLA is accused of.

    I have not referred to all Tamil politicians but only to Mr Sampanthan who accepted LTTE atrocities only after 19 May 2009. Tamil politicians such as Anandasagaree, Douglas Devananda etc. did not claim LTTE to be the sole reps. of the Tamil community.

    I do not contribute to the theory of a ‘traditional home land’, may it be for Tamils, Sinhalese or Muslims. Sri Lanka belongs to all Sri Lankans and not the North and part of the East to Tamils and the rest of the country to Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims.

    Even though I endorse in principle your theory of three provinces, it is not an option at this stage. Firstly, to do so, the 13th Amendment will have to be jettisoned. That will not be acceptable to both Sinhalese and Tamil supremacists besides its author, India. Secondly, it is virtually impossible to take back anything which has been given politically unless it is enforced at the point of the barrel of a gun, as with the case of the 13th Amendment in 1987.

    • 0

      [Edited out] Comments should not exceed 300 words.Please read our Comments Policy for further details.

  • 2

    Dear Mr Ra…. Jeyaweera,
    So you are claiming that it is impossible to take back anything which has been politically given unless it has been enforced at the pt o t barrel of a gun. Don’t you think two third majority is same as a point of the barrel of a gun too when it comes fundamental issues. 1956 lesson of ” the Power of Sinhala Buddhist Gun ” was that. MaRa’s father was like John Wayne then.

    Why was the partial reversal by Chandrika’s father Sheriff SWRD in 1958 became impossible.
    Sheriff was gun down by a terrorist cum smart patriotic Sangha Member.

    Gymnast Comrade Colvin acted like Sumanadasa Abeygunarwardne in parliament with his famous sooth saying ” one language two nations and two language one nation “.
    MaRa listened to Sumane and gave the power to MS in the best interest of the country.
    SWRD did listen and did the partial correction in 1958.

    Gymnast comrade Colvin somersaulted in 1972 and paved the way for the oppressed to take guns and become terrorists. 1969 partial correction and 1977 overhaul made the Sinhalese youths to take guns.

    Apache land of SL belongs to those who hold political and gun power.

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