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Media Ministry In Muddle Over ‘Joint Opposition’

Conflicting views continued from the Yahapalanaya government, this time with Mass Media Minister Gayantha Karunathilaka and Ministry Secretary Nimal Bopage in a fresh muddle over Bopage’s letter to the media criticizing them for giving publicity to the joint opposition.

Gayantha Karunatilake – Minister Media

Reacting to Bopage’s letter which was released as a media statement on Thursday under the official letterhead of the Ministry of Parliament Reforms and Mass Media, Karunathilaka said that the statement was Bopage’s “personal stand and not the view of the government.”

In his statement, Bopage warned that journalists as well as media organisations can be legally viable for giving publicity to a group known as the joint opposition. He claimed that giving publicity to the group which mainly comprise of Parliamentarians who are pro-Mahinda Rajapaksa, was illegal and unethical’ as the joint opposition was not a recognized group in Parliament which had an opposition leader.

He also asked the journalists and the media organisations to not use the media freedom given to them by the Yahapalanaya government.

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