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Mej.Gen.Jagath Dias, enough evidence to open a criminal investigation against you !

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The federal judicial authority considers that “the existing suspicions against him are enough to justify the opening of a criminal investigation” in the event that Mr Dias comes back to Switzerland. Responding to the criminal complaint filed by Swiss association against impunity (TRIAL) and the Society for threatened peoples (SPM) the Swiss Federal Attorney General said. However the Federal Attorney General decided not to open an investigation, on the ground that Mr. Dias was no longer present on Swiss territory.

Jagath Dias - Subjected to scrutiny

During the last phase of the internal conflict in Sri Lanka, Deputy Ambassador for Sri Lanka in Germany, Switzerland and the Vatican Mej. Gen. Jagath Dias was the major general of the 57th Division of the Sri Lankan Army, which is accused of intensive shelling of civilians, hospitals and religious sites. In August 2011, TRIAL and the SPM filed a criminal complaint with the Federal Attorney General against Jagath Dias for war crimes.

According to Philip Grant, the director of TRIAL, “Sri Lanka still denies the extent of the crimes committed. As long as no impartial investigation is carried out in Sri Lanka, the authors of these crimes may be punished abroad”. Angela Mattli, head of campaigns at the SPM, says that “after this judicial decision, the time has now come for the politics to send a clear message to the sri-lankan government: impunity for war crimes is not an option any more”.

Read Swiss Federal Attorney General’s letter here ;

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