28 May, 2022


Midweek Politics: The Ticking Clock Of Extremism

By Dharisha Bastians

Dharisha Bastians

“The attack on religious freedoms radicalises the polity and unleashes dangers that cannot be controlled even by those who foster them” Retired Supreme Court Justice C.V. Wigneswaran at the BASL Convocation on 30 March 

It played out like the perfect symphony in the end.

Crazed mobs attacked the Fashion Bug warehouse in Pepiliyana after night had fallen on Thursday, 28 March. They vandalized property and vehicles, destroyed merchandise and injured personnel, including the manager of the warehouse and a TV journalist. Seventeen suspects were arrested in an investigation overseen by Senior DIG Western Province Anura Senanayake. By Tuesday (2) morning, the suspects included three Buddhist monks who had surrendered to the police the previous day and were subsequently arrested. In a clear sign that the regime did not want to be associated with any attempted arrest of members of the Sangha, despite the ample video evidence of their role in the attack, the three offending priests surrendered a day before the matter was taken up and “settled” in court.

Police are claiming the true target of the crowd’s wrath was a construction equipment rental yard situated close by that had also suffered damages the same night.

Charges dropped

On Tuesday, before the Gangodawila Magistrate, Fashion Bug informed Court that they would not be pressing charges against the suspects, especially since there were Buddhist monks among them. The suspects were “severely warned” by Police and the magistrate to refrain from such behaviour again.

Issuing a statement, for the first time since the incident occurred, the Company said although it had suffered great physical and emotional damage from the attack it was withdrawing the case because it was the right course of action as a “responsible corporate citizen to mitigate any issue in the future and promote unity as one nation.”

“Fashion Bug, informed court that it was not necessary to detain the suspects particularly the clergy, in remand for the purpose of holding an identification parade, as such a situation could further erode national harmony and cause serious damage and prejudice locally as well as internationally. Therefore with the intention to maintain peace, it was informed to court that Fashion Bug will not continue with the action any further,” the company said in its statement.

Fashion Bug praised President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the police and armed forces for enforcing law and order. DIG Senanayake, who has consistently maintained that the attack by the 500 strong mob had nothing to do with Fashion Bug, praised the concession as being a magnanimous gesture by the company that had suffered immensely in the Thursday night onslaught. Questions continue to be asked however, as to why the state should necessarily fail to prosecute, despite the dropping of suit by the aggrieved party, when crimes were committed that Thursday night, not only against private property, but employees at the premises. Getting tough on the violent mob in Pepiliyana could have proved an effective deterrent to any other groups eager to take arms against the Muslim owned establishments that hardline groups have convinced them are pursuing an anti-Sinhala Buddhist agenda.

No deterrent

Instead, the matter is done and dusted with the purported ring leaders of a violent mob set free to vandalize another day. Incongruously, it is the belief of the country’s law enforcement and courts of law that a stern reprimand and a rap on the knuckles will deter violent gang members who paid no heed to the presence of police at the warehouse on Thursday night when they lobbed rocks at CCTV cameras and personnel on the premises.

With video footage ‘going viral’ in the immediate aftermath of the attack, the necessity to mitigate the damage internationally was paramount. It was also clear that the ruling administration was adamant to play down the link between the Bodu Bala Sena hate speech and the violent attack on the Muslim-owned clothing store. This is doubly important, given the credence that the regime recently proffered the hardline group after Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa inaugurated the Bodu Bala Sena Buddhist leadership academy in Galle a few weeks ago. With that monumental step in the wrong direction, the ruling regime cemented its association with the organization, making the simple rules of logic apply if the Bodu Bala Sena was to be implicated in any way in violence against the Muslim community.  If established, the link could also prove deeply damaging because the Government and its controlled media has shown vehemence in downplaying the impact of the Bodu Bala Sena and the role the hardline group has come to play by the sheer volume and penetration of its rhetoric in the framing of national policy, as evidenced by the Halal controversy and eventual capitulation on the part of the Muslim clerics, the All Ceylon Jamaiythul Ulama (ACJU).  As long as the Government continues to maintain that there is no anti-Muslim frenzy building in the country, and that isolated incidents of attacks against Muslim enterprises and places of worship has no direct co-relation to the Bodu Bala Sena and Sinhala Ravaya groups, evidence to the contrary, as presented by the attack on Fashion Bug, desperately needs to be discredited. Popular websites that drew the connections between the Bodu Bala Sena rhetoric and the Thursday night vandalism were shut down for several hours soon after video evidence of the anti-Fashion Bug rhetoric was published. The storyline adopted by the authorities that Fashion Bug was not the mob’s target, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, also appears to be motivated by a desperate desire to keep certain dots from being connected.

Demonizing Fashion Bug

The Bodu Bala Sena has been engaged in a campaign of demonization against the Fashion Bug and No Limit clothing chains as being dens of iniquity for some time now. At a massive rally in Kandy two weeks ago, the Group’s General Secretary Galagodaaththe Gnanasara raged against the clothing chains, calling them harems and urging people to stop sending their daughters to work in the stores.

We have all the proof about the Fashion Bug and No Limit outlets and what they are doing to your girl children! Harems are being created. Are we to sit back and allow this to happen? Hereafter we will only send our boys to work in these shops. They will no longer get our women!  We are not asking anyone to go and stone these places and attack them. Come and have discussions with us – let’s solve this through discussion,” Gnanasara charged at the rally. In Matara, where a new Fashion Bug store was scheduled to open its doors on 18 March, posters had been plastered on public walls. “Sinhala Jathiyata Minee Wala Kapana Fashion Bug (Fashion Bug that is digging the graves of the Sinhala Race)” the posters screamed, urging people not to patronize the establishment. It will also be recalled that the initial target of hardline groups like Sinhala Ravaya was the No Limit clothing chain which the group claimed was handing out sweets containing chemicals to make Sinhalese women barren. In fact, the first target of the extremist groups in January this year was the No Limit store in Maharagama, a suburb in which the groups have found a groundswell of support.

At a press conference summoned hurriedly on Friday (29), the Bodu Bala Sena group called on the authorities to arrest those connected with the attack, even if they happened to be Buddhist monks. Some sections of the media, including the state controlled press echoed these sentiments, upholding the Bodu Bala Sena denials and claiming the attack was the result of a ‘Girl-Boy Affair’.

False dawn

When the police made arrests, the move was hailed as evidence that the Government was finally cracking down on the anti-Muslim campaigns. After warning signs that the authorities decided to overlook repeatedly were finally laid bare in vicious violence against a Muslim-owned enterprise, there was hopethat the evidence would reinforce the need to rein in hate-groups sowing discord between communities.  But the release of the suspects after what is now best described as a sham investigation, only highlighted appalling apathy by the Government and a continued reluctance on the part of the regime to take a tough position against groups targeting minority communities. The ruling administration provided security to Muslim-owned stores overnight and issued a statement warning of a conspiracy by ‘vested interests to create unrest’, but stopped short of condemning the Pepiliyana attack outright.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was requested by Justice Minister and Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) Leader Rauff Hakeem to summon an emergency cabinet meeting to discuss the incident and the anti-Muslim wave sweeping the country, did no such thing, choosing instead to limit his action to a statement calling on patriots to foster harmony between religious groups and shun extremism. Meanwhile, the Cabinet Sub Committee on religious harmony, tasked with looking into the Halal Certification problem and incidents against the Muslim Community has descended into chaos with ultra nationalists like JHU strongman Champika Ranawaka and Muslim Ministers pulling in different directions on the issues.

Hakeem in the dock

Increasingly, Muslim Ministers and MPs within the Government are coming in for serious flack for gross inaction in the face of growing threats to the Muslim community from Sinhala hardliners.  But none more so than Minister Rauff Hakeem. Hakeem finds himself constantly compared in these troubled times to SLMC Founder M.H.M. Ashraff who once bested the hardliner Soma Thero in a television debate, when an anti-Muslim, anti-Christian extremist wave reared its head several years ago. The ignominy of being the country’s Justice Minister at time when violence and injustice is being perpetrated on members of his own community aside, Hakeem and his SLMC are fast learning that they have little or no leverage in the Government. His widely publicized call for an emergency cabinet meeting was completely ignored. Earlier this week, Hakeem told the BBC’s Tamil Service that he had repeatedly requested President Rajapaksa to prevent the Defence Secretary from attending the Bodu Bala Sena academy opening in Galle last month. The SLMC Leader said he had made the request in the knowledge that the attendance would strengthen the hand of the hardline group. But no amount of apathy on the part of the ruling administration appears to be motivation enough for the SLMC, that provides the regime eight key seats in Parliament and five seats in the crucial Eastern Provincial Council, to throw down the gauntlet. Their inaction is spurring some sections of the Muslim population to cast their lot in with vociferous Opposition politicians like Azath Sally and Mujibur Rahuman, who are adopting a tougher line with the Bodu Bala Sena, digging into the background of the group’s leaders and calling for Harthals by Muslim traders against the ongoing harassment of the community.

Compounding matters, each time the Muslim community chooses the path of least resistance, the attacks against them appear to be intensifying. The economic impact of the Halal controversy created by the Bodu Bala Sena continues to linger. Muslim restaurants and eateries have suffered a significant drop in sales since the myth about the gradual Islamification of food was propagated. A popular Muslim hotel on Thurstan Road in Colombo has seen a severe drop in its clientele, with students from the nearby University of Colombo and Thurstan College declining to eat there in the same numbers as before. Muslim owned clothing stores including Fashion Bug, have also seen sales dip, especially in the New Year shopping season, with hardline groups urging Sinhala Buddhists to refrain from patronising the chains. Ethno-religious fascism, as perpetrated on Sri Lanka’s Muslim community by groups like the Bodu Bala Sena, has a tendency in the first instance, to wage economic war against a community of people. And for a trading community, this type of warfare could prove the most debilitating of all.

80 years since Jewish Boycott

This week in April, marks the 80th Anniversary of the Judenboykott, or Hitler’s call for the boycott of Jewish business establishments, Jewish doctors and lawyers and other professionals. The boycott was confined to one day due to international outrage, but it is believed to have heralded the displacement of German Jews from public life. Writing on why authoritarian regimes do notusher in economic prosperity, in these columns former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank and top Economist, W.A. Wijewardena succinctly summed up the scope and breadth of Hitler’s strategy to rob the Jews. Citing evidence produced during the Nuremberg trials against Nazi officers, he explained the “forced transfer of resources” belonging to the Jews began with the removal their wealth, movable and immovable, then forced labour, the deprivationof food that Wijewardena says analysts called the transfer of the accumulated calories in their bodies to the German state. And as Auschwitz survivor Tadeusz Borowski vividly described, once dead, “Your body is burned, and your ashes are used to fertilize fields, or fill in the ponds.”

In case it was not abundantly clear weeks ago, the Halal controversy manufactured by the Bodu Bala Sena organization was never really about Islamic dietary guidelines at all. The hype and paranoia that accompanied the Halal messaging, coupled with the isolated but deeply damaging incidents of intolerance and outright violence against the Muslim community was paving the way for the disaster that was the Pepiliyana mob attack last Thursday.  The impunity with which it was conducted, the apathy in its aftermath and the release of the criminals behind the attack, sets the stage for violence on a greater scale.

A ticking clock

The hour grows later. As anti-Muslim sentiment permeates into Sri Lankan society, with Buddhist monks asking to be seated away from Mullahs at public political events and anti-Halal sermons being preached at village temples and almsgivings, the moment for affirmative and concrete action against racism and hate groups is already here. The campaign against the Muslim community will not end there. It will translate, before long, into campaigns against the Christians and the Catholics, their rituals and their places of worship, until every minority is effectively subjugated to majority will.

For too long the Government has chosen dismissal and covert collusion. Electoral politics have trumped the need to be on the right side of the issue, given the support the ruling regime enjoys with hardline Sinhala Buddhists. The Bodu Bala Sena regularly calls for the people to keep the current regime in power for at least another 20 years in order to keep the Sinhala race from being wiped out. And with the UNP deeply concerned that a liberal position on the anti-Muslim issue will alienate the party from the Sinhala Buddhist vote base, apart from paying lip service to religious and ethnic harmony, no single politician from the opposition has taken a stand worthy of mention against this attempted suppression of yet another minority community. It is at times such as this, when the nation is in grave peril from the dual threats of extremism and Government apathy that a country most desperately needs leaders who will stand up for that which is right, instead of that which is popular.

So far, there are no takers.

Courtesy Daily FT

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    The so called `amicable settlement’ of the Fashion Bug case leaves many questions unanswered and it raises a stink to high heavens! Was the attack on the warehouse not a criminal act? Merchandise had been set on fire. Is it not act of arson? A criminal act? Employees had been assaulted? Is it not a criminal act. Sales girls had been threatened and harassed. It it not a criminal act? The extent of damage caused must have run into millions of rupees. When the owner had to suffer such an enormous loss and dread and mental unrest, why did he agree to reach an amicable settlement? Is it because he is so peace loving and felt such a loving-kindness for the culprits ? Police appear to have played a positive role in enabling the `amicable settlement’? Why oh! Why? Don’t the people have a right to expect the wrong doers are punished? What is the guarantee that the gang will not make a repeat attack? Don’t the public have a right to know the details pertaining to the attack? Who participated in the attack and who were behind the attack? This affair smells a rat! Can’t our legal fraternity and the civil society take up this matter as an assault on the law and order and the legal system in the country? Why can’t our people see the possible repercussions of the so called `amicable settlement’?

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      Fair questions

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      This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our Comment policy.For more detail see our Comment policy

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      Good question. What I herd from the social media and a popular web site was that President Rajapakse has called the owner of Fashion Bug and have threatened him to drop this case immediately, or face wrath on rest of the Nolimit and Fashion bug stores. Also to erase the CCTV recording. Read lanka e news and the whole story is there.
      Also Rajapakses have threatened the Reporters, the Hiru TV cameraman, police DIG, Judg who was hearing this case etc, everybody had been threatened.
      Remember there’s still white vans roaming around, and this is the MR game plan.Everything was suppressed by force. Where’s the Uthayan Attackers for the last seven times…..
      Expect more MARA drama in future.Jayaweva.

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    Oh, so the case against the perpetrators has been “shaped”, it appears, in inimitable style. What a bloody dog’s breakfast the country has become.

    The writer concludes, “So far, there are no takers”…. this is a pathetic but true reflection on the character of the people, who are showing apathy in Lanka’s darkest hour. Even that fellow David Blacker questions on CT why nothing is being done to stem this tide of orchestrated victimisation of a small minority. He says, “I feel ashamed right now; ashamed of my government; ashamed of my friends; ashamed of my country. More than anything, I am ashamed of myself. I have never felt this way about my country, and I never thought I would, but I feel it now. And I hate feeling this way. In the worst of the war, I told myself that it wasn’t my fault; that I hadn’t chosen this war to fight. But this is now. This is me. This is us. This is our country and our moment of destiny is here. Why are we doing nothing?


    • 0

      People are afraid of violence, death and destruction as well as because they meaning the ruling elite are expecting it and wanting it to productively use the gas-canisters, gas-masks, other types of violent riot gear to feed and reward their military and par-military forces.

      There should be a more peaceful way of taking AliBaba and the present 100 odd thieves to the ICC or some world court. Using the International Crisis Group, Sri Lanka’s Authoritarian Turn: The Need for International Action Asia Report N°243 | 20 February 2013 should help in some way?

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    Great article Dharisha. A very thoughtful article giving the readers many facets of this troubling situation.
    The Rajapaksa family rules with smoke and mirrors. Now you see it, and then they say you don’t.
    We can only guess why the owners of Fashion Bug decided NOT to file charges against these scum bags, there have been reports of “that call”, from the top, and how that voice “persuaded” a victim of racism, hatred and destruction, to forget the injustice done to him and his business, and act “compassionate”. Isn’t it wonderful that the despised Muslim showed compassion and forgiveness, despite the fact that NONE was shown to him, by rogue Buddhist monks leading a bunch of losers? Oh yes, the entire world saw the videos of these criminals in their worst behavior, and yet the powers that be waved a want and “poof” the crimes have almost disappeared. All’s well in this country, we are supposed to believe.

    Why this sudden attack on Muslims establishments? Sheer jealousy that they have been successful, and that their hard work has paid off? It has to take some insecure creatures of hate, to start this campaign of racism, targeting innocent Muslims and their property. The consequences of their small minded actions will backfire in ways their minds cannot comprehend. The young girls who were employed in these stores will have to find employment again, unless of course the BBS will support them, and get them to produce babies like rabbits, for which the BBS is going to feed every little child, cloth them, and send them to schools. The Muslims businesses might suffer undeservedly, but the big picture is, the entire country will suffer the consequences.
    It is a big shame that Sri Lanka cannot progress and be yet another Singapore or Malaysia, because the ruling family is more interested deceiving the people with their smoke and mirrors, rather than sacrificing their grand schemes, personal ambitions and continued rule, for the safety, security and prosperity of our country.
    The whole situation is simply disgusting.

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      In order to find answers to your above questions, first you should understand Sri Lanka’s Therawada Buddhist Doctrine.

      Sri Lanka’s Sinhala Therawada Buddhist Doctrine is purely based on the consept of…. Human Life from Birth to death is full of suffering,misery, sad and sorry, and achieving anything finally either going to end up in Misery or asking more trouble than before or one just loose everything you gain at the end, and therefore achieving anything is HOPELESS IN THIS WORLD.


      Infact all other Buddhist sects you see happy, laughing and a fat tummy buddha. But you see fat tummies only among Sri Lankas Buddhist Priests and notamong the buddhist devoutees.They look thin as skeletons.

      Also only in Sri Lanka Therawada Buddhism incorlorated all other Hindu Gods into their pansalas on the side.

      That’s why when you hear every Morning Radio and TV Broadcasts when you hear the language that Bana, gata and unending Pirith resite in a language that cannot be understood with spreading Misery and sorrow, your whole day is confused and mis guided and mis directed.

      Therefore obviously when the Sinhala Buddhists and their Monks see other Religions and their Communities working hard and doing well, and come up life they obviously feel juealours, envy and hatered towards them.

      That’s why ever since Independence these Crazy Therawada Buddhist Crooks never allowed other communities to come up in life and neither allowed our country to flourish when all the best brains out of the world found in them.

      If you listen to the so called Prof. Nalin De silva on you tube, you could understand what Sinhala Therawada Buddhism preach about.





      • 0


        Having to endure your post has only reinforced my agreement with the Buddhist teaching that life is suffering.

        Joke aside, the Theravada concept of suffering is much more philosophically sophisticated and deep that it looks beyond your ability to grasp even if you are reborn a 1000 times.

        (By the way if you hate Buddhism so much why have you chosen a Buddhist name as your pseudonym?)

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    It is easy to preach others than shed our own prejudices. But the gravity of the situation demands immediate action by all of us, not only the government. We can start by ditching our religions.

    Religions are nothing but unmitigated evil causing hatred and violence. Yes we need spirituality and moral values in our lives, but they have nothing to do with religion. Religion is only a form of social organization controlling people’s behaviour through beliefs and rituals. In fact religions kill true spirituality and allow people to hide their immorality behind a mask of respectability.

    And as societies modernize we have seen the emergence of many new forms of social organization based on more secular, rational grounds such as work, lifestyle, residence, political affiliation and citizenship. We have seen this trend in the West loosening primordial ties and engendering more democratic and egalitarian societies. On the other hand in societies where these traditional bonds based on caste and religion are still strong, we see endless strife and violence.

    What we need in Sri Lanka right now is for people to shed their primordial ties of religion and ethnicity and work together to transform the present Sri Lankan state to a secular multi-ethnic state where all are equal citizens irrespective of their backgrounds. Religion should be a taboo in state functions. The sight of Buddhist monks in all state functions and the politicians genuflecting before them is a sickening sight daily on Sri Lankan TV. Even more obscene is the new trend of school children falling at the feet of the President and even lessor celebrities. Interestingly this happens only to poor children from rural areas, but not in the functions of elite schools.

    Children should be taught to worship nobody, but to respect everybody in the same way whether it is a monk, the president, or a poor person begging for food. This is the only way to build an egalitarian and peaceful Sri Lanka. And don’t forget to leave your religion at home.

    • 0

      Dear Rambler,

      You are absolutely right. I’m completely with you on this.

      Peace Dove

    • 0

      Wise words. Tend to agree with you.

    • 0


      I agree with you but as long as Sinhala Therawada Buddhists dominate our Parliament, day to day life and also control minority rights, your suggestions will never been adopted.

      Look at how Radio, TV, Press and other media been manupulated and monopolised by this Buddhist mafia. Read my above comment to Dhaksha.

      How can you bring in a change when own President spread that he is Lord Buddha and King Dutugemunu’s blood relative and now force people and children to Kneel down at his feet. Also telling others that this is a Sinhala Buddhist only country and everything belongs to the king and his BBS chuck golayas.

      Await for the next Sinhala Avurudu auspicious time “Suba Nekatha”Alibaba Rajapakses to Loot Next Big Minority super market and you will realise the truth then.

      This is how Andarae ate seeni “Sugar”

      • 0


        Forget about others. My point was that we all should undergo a fundamental change. We all should undertake a self-scrutiny and let go our prejudices. Instead attacking solely the faults of others will only give rise to more mutual hatred and intolerance. Are you the counterpart of BBS in whatever religion you are following?

        • 0


          You cannot abolish, suppress or deny Religion. It is every human’s desire and freedom to choose. Also Religion existed from the beginning of Human civilization.

          But what happens today is many use Religion as a weapon and to manupulate and suppress others.

          Taliban, Al kaida, Gim Brown, and many other wars were fought on Religious Grounds but later failed.

          Sri Lanka is the best example calling it a Sihala Buddhist country.
          I don’t know what kind of message it tries to give to public by saying this…..other than suppressing all other Minority races and Religions and a corrupt politicions made it to a third world country with constant conflicts with other minority races and religions.

          Depriving an innocent child from early child hood from his parents and siblings love, affection, tender care, playing with other children at a tender age of 5 years is the biggest Human Rights Violation anybody could do.

          Also many of these children Join Buddha sasana due to many other reasons. These suppressions could turn into violent means when they grow up either as Buddhist Monks or lay persons later in life.

          If any lay person likes to join Buddha Sasana, they should be taught first as s student until they make up their mind to do so and not to seperate them from Parents and kept in Pansalas.
          That’s why you see many leave sasana when they grow up and the ones who remain………



  • 0

    well ‘amicable’settlement could also mean that Fashion Bug owners were threatned with action if they dont withdraw their case?

  • 0

    The sentiments expressed by the management of Fashion Bug is admirable. But the response of the Govt and Opposition as well as the Buddhist hierachy leaves much to be desired.

    Apart from soft peddling on the issue of law and order there is not even an explicit condemnation of the main culprit which is the BBS and JHU who are the Rabble Rousers, Instigators and Catalyst for this incident.

    If this type of inaction continues there is no doubt that there will be a serious conflagaration in the near future and at that point of time the damage will be done. The Muslim members of parliment and Ministers have duty by the community to push hard for the resolution of this problem with the govt.

    • 0

      Our notorious Rauf Hakeem requested an “audience” from the King for a discussion on this issue! The King ignored his request??

  • 0

    commend the writer for a ‘brilliant analysis’

  • 0

    Having leaders who will stand for what is right will have little impact when the vast majority is willing to believe any crap like sweets causing impotency and that the minority will overtake majority’s numbers soon.
    What we need is action against racism at grassroots level. The politicians will never look into that. So what is left? As we have seen already, religious leaders are the last persons to look for leadership. Their fundamental unspoken writ is to look out for just one segment of the population. Religion is just a means to an end. It is up to the civil society then. But successive governments have used the conflict to beat the civil society into the ground. Unlike in other democracies, any real leader from the civil society here faces the clear and ever present danger of death or disappearance. So, it wouldn’t be surprising if Sr Lanka never got out of this vicious cycle of violence.

  • 0

    By settling the case amicably Fashion Bug has behaved like a true Buddhist whilst the monks and thugs of the BBS behaved like terrorists. It would have been nicer if Fashion Bug stated in their settlement agreement that they ‘forgive all those who harmed them and wished them peace and happiness’ Even by inuendo Buddhist monks must be taught what Buddhism is about.Since the Mahanayakas and the Sangha Adhikaranaya appear to be in a deep meditative trance, probably undergoing an out of body experience, the people cannot wait until they return to earth. It may be time to shun the temples and start our own ‘gihi bana’ or lay preaching. We do not need monks to teach us Buddhism. Books are a better source, at least books cannot invade our homes and assault us. As for me I have nothing to learn in a temple.

  • 0

    A well written and presented article by Dharisha Bastians

    The way I see it is….When you put the dots together you will note that BBS was created By MARA/GOAT/BARA combination to hand over the Governing of our country to them in case there’s a change in the Government.

    All the hallmarks are to be seen similar to the creation of a Buddhist Taliban state in Sri Lanka supported my MARA/GOTA/BARA combination if there’s going to be a change in Government.

    Fearing of a Foreign invasion and possible war crime charges, MARA brothers creating these BBS, Ravaya, Ravana etc, are all part of the strategy to hand over power to them to occoupy and rule Sri Lanka under Buddhist Taliban Racist state and bring the country to a total Chaos.

    Every thing is clearly visible on the wall while threatening every body and every institution including the Parliament.

    All these BBS, Ravaya, Ravana riots against Muslims, Christians and Sri Lanka Cricket team are all to check their strength and to check peoples, Parliament and police and Law makers reactions.

    These are real Taliban Terrorists hiding behind the Yellow robes for Protection, from prosecution and for Public respect when thuggery vandalism, riots and Murder is carried out against Minority or any opposition against their ideology.

    What is all the opposition parties are doing……..Nothing except sleeping and giving press interviews.

    All opposition parties are silent thinking as long as these Buddhist terrorists hit only Muslim and Tamil Property they don’t need to worry……..But the day they are going to come after you also is not very far

    BBS,Ravana, Ravaya, Gota’s army, Police, white van, Rakna Lanka and other underworld gangesters,thugs and marauding forces are all work hand in hand.

    What is the ever sleeping Minister of Language Joker Vasi Deva doing is anybody’s guess.

    Unless everybody unite and even get foreign help to stop this Buddhist Taliban Bas….ds, they will hammer everybody Left and right.

    This is all MARA/GOTA brothers creation to threat and intimidate any opposition, Both Majority and Minority parties and minority religious organisations to suppress them using this Marauding Buddhist thugs.

    I also feel that at this level, a foreign Invasion is the only solution.

    These Buddhist Yellow Thug Bast…ds are well funden and fed By MARA/GOTA/BARA partnership to create trouble in the country.

    Opposition Leader JR’s nephew crook RW is ever sleeping and pretending that he does not know anything.He is the Biggest Thakkadiya crook and Jonna in Sri Lanka’s history. He is the reason behind all of these allowing MARA to do all these thuggary to our people.

    This cunning fox Pinguththaraya only safeguarding his Party Leader post, Parliament Pay check and his life, family and future.

    Isn’t there anybody available in the UNP with a spine to kick this RW G.y Ponn…ya out from the UNP party….. He is the biggest liability to all of us.

    I kindly request to all those Patriot Sri Lankans to Act now to stop these Buddhist Racist Thugs (future Buddhist Taliban Rulers of Sri Lanka) who will bring further suffering to everybody and help to stop spread this virus now than regret later.

    • 0

      ‘BOORUWANE’ !
      ‘STAND DOWN’ !

      MARAsena, GOATAsena, BARAsena ta kuna bittara !!!!!

      • 0

        Next is BBS Kunu Bitthara “Rotten Egg” sena and Ravana Balu Put.u Sena.

  • 0

    This is a government that is determined to accelerate development in a physical sense. It is ready to make a deal with the devil to achieve this. The devil is also making the government devilish. It is a government that has decided that democracy in a true sense is a hindrance to fast development. It has no time or patience to take the difficult path of negotiation,debate, consensus,right action and scrutiny. It is determined to use the lessons from the last war, to achieve development through a ‘ little bit of dictatorship’. Bribery and corruption oil this path. Unfortunately, it does not have the moral and philosophical moorings to define what the ‘ little bit ‘ should be and define limits. Once this path is taken, it inevitably leads to a full fledged brutal dictatorship. The thirst for the ‘ little bit’ becomes insatiable. Marcos trod this path and ended where he did.

    Democracy has become a charade. Religion an opium. War has been declared on everyone who disagrees. Those who agree become well cared for mistresses. But the government is definitely transforming the country in a physical sense. I went by road to Matale and back yesterday. The infrastructure development I saw was amazing. However, is this the Faustian bargain we should be making? The infrastructural development is yet not catalysing economic development, because of the government’s inability to understand the intricacies of managing a developing economy dependent on many interlocking factors that are both internal and external. It is too subtle for a bulldozer attitude to work.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran.

  • 0

    There is another article on the formation of Muslim armed groups. They are likely to have connections with foreign Muslim extremist organisations like Al Qaeda, Hamas & Taliban.

    If this trend is not arrested, it is easy to destabilize the country with the help of Muslim Militants and the Cold War waged by the Tamil Diaspora, with the help of South Indian parties led by Jayalalitha & Karunanidi. The international media will call it ‘South Asian Spring’ and Sri Lanka can end up like Syria & Libya.

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      If you look at the big picture you will see taht it is Rajapakses who create these extremists.

      Nobody allows anybody to keep harassing them for ever. After all who are Rajapakses to drop their hands on anybody, whenever and whatever they want. What help or support they do to others to harass or intimidate them.

      Even an animal, if you make him mad surely it is going to attack you or if it is weat, it’s parents or friends will come to it’s rescue.

      Rakapakses are mere parasites living on Taxpayer money while trying to dictate them.

      Everybody including Muslims, Hindus, Christian and all other sects should unite and form a strong Army to fight Rajapakse Morons and make way to topple them even using Foreign support.

      Yes together we could defeat this ever sleeping, Pin Padi, Pinguththara Leeches who are ever ready to rob other hardworking people’s wealth and Businesses.

      Wake up guys, take back your Business, property, rights and dignity.

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    Hakeem is a spineless muslim leader who is a disgrace to the Muslim community like Thondaman who is a disgrace to the Tamil Community. These two are only worried about their own benefit rather than the benefit of the community they represent. Its time for the respective communities to kick these two out of politics. As long as they are there in politics both the Muslim and Tamil communities will not be able to raise their heads.

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      We should have Sumanthiran M.P. to represent both Tamil and Muslim communities! What a shame Hakeem and Thondaman are shitting in their pants??

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