21 July, 2024


Might Seems Right, But Should It Be?

By M. M. Janapriya –

Dr. M.M. Janapriya​

When Simba was presented to the animals by Rafiki as their future king that kingdom seemed orderly and well run even though the Royalty literally ate the lesser mortals. This seems to be the case within the human world too including the first world where this happens under the radar. Third world mindset and first world affluence has made China exactly like Mufasa’s kingdom. For the Chinese, their people did not seem to matter or for that matter any living being on planet earth does not seem to matter to them. Yes, I am talking about the pachydermatous China’s hideous handling of the epidemic which was allowed to escalate itself to a pandemic. At the time of writing the global total infected is over 440 Million (440,000,000) of which over 6 Million (6,000,000) have died. This means 6 out of every 1000 people of worlds population (not only the infected people) have paid the ultimate price.These figures are being doubted as I write and the researches claim the real figures dead are about 3 times the recorded, i.e, 18/1000 people which is a very significant mortality rate for any known illness.

Antics Around Covid-19

I have briefly referred to world antics around Corona in some of my previous articles and will be referring to them again as we go along for clarity and completeness’ sake. In my mind the SARS COV-2 virus which played havoc and is continuing to do so at a slower pace globally over the last two years is the creation of one or many mad homo sapiens. I am not going into details of what made them do so which might have many a conspiracy theory but what is crystal clear is that this seems to be a biological weapon exploded, tested, the aftermath recorded (pretty much like the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in which American planes recorded on camera the carnage that involved hundreds of thousands of school children) and `antidotes’ developed on the fast track. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if China already had their own vaccine on their shelves when the virus got away into the community.

Misery of Covid Infection

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Corona Virus-2 (Cov-2) is a virus that almost exclusively affects the respiratory tract of human beings more often than not killing them with pneumonic destruction of the lungs and at other times doing so due to multisystem failure consequent to an exaggerated systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS). I guess it is easy to understand that severe pneumonia from any cause kills due to failure to oxygenate blood. SIRS is not something the readership is familiar with. Though strictly not virology this simple example will make it easier for you to understand it. A small pustule in the skin anywhere in the body will cause redness and swelling around a bead of contained pus which would lead to throbbing pain. At this stage there are no systemic effects (other organ systems are functioning normally. This is known as localized inflammation. A large majority of us would quickly recover from this when the pustule bursts open and the pus extrudes with the inflammation plummeting down. In a small minority of us the pustule would get bigger and more painful with the whole-body showing signs of inflammation like fever with sweating, rapid pulse and increased rate of breathing. At his point the inflammatory response which was earlier limited to the area around the pustule has now spread beyond its former confines and has become generalized. Whilst localized inflammation is favourable and keeps the infection under check generalized inflammation is harmful and unnecessary. If unchecked by intervention like drainage of pus and instituting antibiotic therapy, SIRS will lead to shock, a clinical state of poor oxygen delivery to the periphery in which blood pressure is low, heart rate and respiration are rapid and the consciousness becomes cloudy. All such creatures great and small need management in an intensive care unit for survival. In some, the shocked state leads to multi organ failure from which they die. This is how a large number of Covid-19 patients made and will continue to make their exit from this world. Dying of shock is definitely less painful than dying of oxygen starvation due to Covid eaten lungs. Dying from destructive pneumonia of Covid is like slow drowning, a sensation of indescribable misery which not even any of my adversaries should experience. China is smiling in the face of all this.

Whistleblower’s sad plight

Dr. Li Wenliang the epitome of dedication to his job of tending the sick bade goodbye to this cruel world in similar fashion. He was a yet another October born doctor, a young Ophthalmologist who worked at the Wuhan Central Hospital at the time of the outbreak. In late Dec 2019 he alarmed his colleagues regarding a SARS like viral illness spreading across Wuhan and advised them and their families to adopt measures to stay away from infection. The authorities should have taken his concerns seriously and on the strength of this, should have launched a medical ‘cordon and search operation’ to find and contain the virus. Not to be. Instead, they accused the doctor of spreading false rumours and got the Wuhan police to admonish him. Police went on to threaten him with prosecution for any recalcitrant behaviour. This was the time Chinese authorities were saying the virus was jumping from the wet market bats to humans and that there was no human-to-human transmission.

WHO collusion with the Chinese

Taiwanese officials were crying from rooftops that the virus was showing evidence of human-to-human transmission and they reported this to the WHO in late Dec 2019 but the WHO did not act on this as the Chinese government disagreed with the stance of the Taiwanese authorities. Please watch this video in which the WHO Director shamelessly parrots what Chinese were saying. SPECIAL REPORT: How China’s deadly coronavirus cover-up killed tens of thousands – YouTube Given below is a snapshot off the video. Please watch the full video nevertheless.

It is incomprehensible that the WHO wanted concrete evidence before it acted to close China’s borders! When one is dealing with a deadly virus, strong suspicion is all what one needs to act and act with all one’s might. Why didn’t Tedros act? Lack of expertise? (plausible), given in to Chinese pressure? (possible) Tedros palm heavily oiled by Xi? Very likely. In short WHO colluded with China to sweep strong evidence under the carpet and hence have got the blood of 18M people on their hands.

WHO has shown their true colours at the start of the pandemic by reiterating that surgical masks would not accord protection from the virus. This was a down right untruth engineered and propagated to prevent the market getting exhausted of the masks much needed by frontline health workers. In April 2020, the WHO acknowledged that wearing a medical mask can limit the spread of certain respiratory viral diseases including COVID-19. This was still not clear enough guidance from what the world thinks is a respectable organization.

People Wearing Masks during the 1918 flu pandemic

The WHO further revised its face mask guidance in June 2020, with its officials acknowledging that studies have indicated that the virus spreads from asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic patients. The updated advice recommended that the general public should wear non-medical fabric masks where there is known or suspected widespread transmission and where physical distancing is not possible. It also advised that vulnerable people (60 and over, or with underlying health risks) and people with any symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 as well as caregivers and healthcare workers should wear surgical or procedure masks. They stated that the purpose of mask usage is to prevent the wearer transmitting the virus to others (source control) and also to offer protection to healthy wearers against infection (prevention). This again seems to be for the purpose of keeping the supply and demand of masks in the community at a manageable level.

It is just common sense that protection of facial orifices reduces the chances of acquiring any air-borne infection. Even though the non-medical director of WHO Tedros was (blissfully) unaware of this, even the world during the Flu pandemic in 1918 knew all about the beneficial effects of mask wearing.

WHO has always been a suspect organization for me. Their stance on the masking for Covid issue drove the last nail on their coffin of public confidence.

Is SARS COV-2 a man made virus?

China’s Might did make even Donald Trump back track on his Chinese virus theory. China’s friends and wellwishers even within America’s Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has discounted the theory that SARS COV-2 virus leaked accidentally or otherwise from a Chinese lab in Wuhan. It is well known that America outsourced some virology work to Wuhan and even paid the latter handsomely for the contract. Though discounted by many either for the respect they have for Chinese affluence or for the fear of their angry repraisals, I am one who firmly believes, on balance of probability, that the Virus is a direct product of juggling with the virulence and infectivity of a bat Corona virus done inside a laboratory, with what intentions? Sacrosanct? Definitely not. Following are the arguments to substantiate my claim.

1. The accidental or deliberate leak theory, which says that the virus was man-made in a lab is something most learned beings now believe has happened as the researchers could not find the viral host that kicked off the pandemic.

After SARS-1 and MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) outbreaks in 2003 and 2012 respectively, studies proved that the virus was found in animals. Hence these were zoonotic infections meaning that the Coronavirus has mutated just enough in the host animal for the virus to be able to survive and multiply inside a human body. Within months of the SARS-1 and MERS outbreaks, scientists found that animals had hosted the viruses before they could jump to humans. A few months after both outbreaks, scientists found that more than 80 percent of the animals around local markets were infected with the coronavirus. This proved that both SARS-1 and MERS outbreaks are infections that are transmitted from animals to humans.

However after the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, the World Health Organization (WHO) investigation team analysed more than 9,000 hospital samples collected from late 2019—the period before the epidemic started—and found no evidence of pre-pandemic infections. The study of people having Covid-like symptoms in China’s Hubei and Shaanxi provinces proved there were no instances of community infection. The coronavirus didn’t really start at that Wuhan ‘wet market’ | Live Science WHO team after testing more than 80,000 animals from 209 species in 2020, found no trace of SARS-CoV-2. So from where did the novel coronavirus suddenly come?

The testing conducted among a wide array of animals wild, domesticated, and market ones directed the pointer towards the possibility of a lab-leak. Coronavirus adapts itself for the animals by constant mutations to keep up with the offensive the host body continues to throw at them. There comes a time when one or more of these mutants could get in to and multiply inside a human body.This process of natural selection takes a reasonable length of time but the same process takes only a small fraction of that time for a pathogen made in a laboratory using humanised mice.

Colin Carlson, a professor at Georgetown University who studies the spread of such zoonotic viruses said “I haven’t seen anything that makes me feel, as a researcher who studies zoonotic disease, that this market is a likely option” He was referring to the Huanan wet market. A number of early cases of the outbreak in Wuhan were attempted to be tied to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market. Later, researchers took environmental samples that suggested the virus had landed on surfaces in the market. But in the period since, tissue samples from the market’s animals have revealed no trace of the virus. For the virus to jump from animals to humans, the animals have to actually be carrying it.” None of the animals tested positive.

It is now believed by researchers that a single superspreader (human) was responsible for the galloping spread of infection from the market acting the same way as in the case of the super spreader in church choir South Korea.

2. Whilst the bats in Wuhan were negative for the SARS-COV2 virus the bat corona virus greatly resembling the SARS-COV2 virus was found in cave bats in the Yunnan province which is 900 km away from Wuhan. How did the epicentre of the pandemic Wuhan come to be in a location 900km away from the source of the virus, Yunnan? Chances are that the virus with or without bats was brought from Yunnan to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for experimentation from where the virus escaped accidentally of otherwise.

3. There is other evidence such as spike protein sites that could not have undergone such quick change (not mutations which are natural) except in a laboratory. As this is difficult reading for the general public I will not go in to detail on this. Those who are interested and with a medical background can click on this link and read how spike protein could be changed in a lab to be able to bind to human ACE2 receptors opening them up for viral material to get in to the cells. Mechanisms of Zoonotic Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Host Range Expansion in Human Airway Epithelium (nih.gov)

4. The most important bit of evidence is circumstantial which is what late Dr. Li Wenliang disseminated to his friends in Dec 2019. The Chinese local authority seems to have panicked at the observations of Dr.Li. Instead of acting on the probability that there was indeed a strange viral illness spreading and moving swiftly to get it under control they tried to silence the good doctor. This was a childish way (to deal with a situation dead serious for the country and utterly damaging for the polity) for a very strict regime to act which gave the game away in no small measure.

Will China ever be punished for the possible almighty cover up?

Even if it is proven beyond reasonable doubt that the Chinese inaction, malaise in the local preventive health section or indeed an almighty cover up was responsible for the 18 million deaths and intense suffering of the near 500 million people who were afflicted with the illness, will there be any powerful international criminal court capable of punishing them. As it stands today, it is a very distant dream which will never become a reality. This just goes to prove that might seems right in this worldwide jungle.

Super powers are above the law

Huge crowds protesting about the Iraq War gathering in London. ( February 15, 2003)

There is enough and more in history to show the super powers are above the law. One may say anything is fair in love and war but in peace times these dastardly things should not happen. Nevertheless, George Bush junior bombed the heck out of Bhagdad in 1991after tricking Sadam Hussain to believe that Americans did not have a strong view for or against Iraq invading Kuwait and that they preferred Saddam of Iraq to Ayotollahs of Iran. They had a second round of bombings a few months later and got away with it both times. Bush Junior and Tony Blair together invaded Iraq in 2003 in search of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) which they never found but managed to change the regime and to get Iraqis themselves to kill Sadam Hussain.

The world opinion was against invasion of Iraq. Three of Blair’s Cabinet ministers resigned in protest but the invasion went ahead. Protests against invasion of Iraq hit record highs. Large-scale protests against the Iraq War were held in many cities worldwide, often coordinated to occur simultaneously around the world.This protest got in to the Guiness book of records as the largest protes ever known. After this biggest series of demonstrations, on February 15, 2003New York Times writer Patrick Tyler claimed that they showed that there were two superpowers on the planet: the United States and worldwide public opinion. All the same, so it proves American power is even greater than that of the worldwide public opinion.

West created what is called an Arab spring by arming rebels in countries like, Libya Iraq,Yemen and Syria which were not pro-western countries and used this to change the regimes opposed to the them. Muammar Al Gadaffi the Libyan leader was killed and replaced by a puppet leader who could hardly lift his arms to celebrate the occasion.

Flanked by David Cameron the Prime Minister of UK and Nicholas Sarkozy the French President his arms were lifted by the two western leaders buttressing him from the sides. Syrian President Bashar Al Assad being an ophthalmologist trained in London married to an Irish woman survived to fight it out with the help of the Russians.

I remember on BBC news David Cameron saying “once Gadaffi is captured or killed……”In most wars conventional or otherwise the leader on the losing side is treated with some respect. This is an age old tradition that was being independently practiced in most countries for thousands of years. In Sri Lanka legend, Battle of Vijithapura is well known for this. King Elara (Ellalan) was killed in a duel with Dutu Gemunu and was buried with Royal honours. Passers by were ordered to alight horses and carraiges and walk past his tomb as a mark of respect for a popular king. Cameron however always wanted Gadaffi killed it seems. British were well known to have supplied arms to the rebels. It is also murmured that some British troops incognito (sans their insignia), fought amongst the rebels. It is not known whether it was the true Libyans or these troops operating covertly who killed Gadaffi. Either way a leader of a sovereign country was shot and mauled to death in a culvert like how a stray dog would be killed in a primitive country.

What right did these western powers have to perpetrate these acts of gruesome violence on leaders of sovereign states? They had no justification whatsoever. Libyian involvement in Lockerbie bombing of trans Atlantic Pan Americal flight 103 in 1988 was well proven and a man called Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, a Libyan Intelligence Officer was sent to jail for life in Scotland. However it appeared that in the pretext of getting their own back for ordering the bombing of the airliner Gadaffi was gotten killed by the UK, USA and allied countries to stop a possible formation of an Arab union of petroleum exporting countries and creating a single Arabian currency that would have sent tremors through all western economies. Sadam Hussain too was a leader in his own right who did not take orders from the west. He was a popular leader in Iraq where the people were enjoying a decent living standard. Coming to two decades on, both countries are still struggling to stand up on their own feet. What a terrible tragedy. Would Bush, Blair, Sarkozy or Cameron be ever brought before an international criminal court? Instead Blair was recently knighted. Cameron would probably be knighted in a year or two. Sarkozy of course was sentenced to jail recently for a historical act of corruption, trying to bribe a judge in 2014

Noble Sri Lanka setting

Power corrupts no doubt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Sri Lankan politicians once the the old set was gone by the late seventies I guess, have been masters at playing ‘loot the country’ game. There is enough on social media that mother Lanka had been and is being raped and her wealth looted away by her kingly sons and princely grandsons to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars with the country hitting the rocks. Authenticity of this material about looting cannot be fully established (but the country’s plight is eminently visible even in pitch darkness) because those who hunt with the hound are the very ones who run with the hare. Political Might they were bestowed with, by several million imbeciles fearing chequered national security is being used to whiten all the black deals of their near and dear. No government past present or future would bring to books any such culprits. Hence in Sri Lankan politics too Might will remain Right for a long time more to come but should we just look up and wait as if to say “it is indeed the case, but what can we do”?

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    A quick scan and it makes me wonder if the writer has experienced an undetected bout of Covid. Recovery can leave the victim with debilitated powers of thinking and writing. Sad situation to be in.

  • 1

    Nimal. F your idol is back after a long silence. I was one of those ,very sceptical about a lab created virus in the very beginning. But now that we have passed almost two years and have enough and more information in hand to research and understand the origin of this pandemic, I as this doctor is now convinced that the virus is not of zoonotic but man made. Dr. Janapriya has given reasons in an orderly scientific manner and for me the “spike proteins ” are a give away. Anyone with medical background knows, it’s highly impossible to have such rapid changes from a zoonotic disease. I am sure few here are not going to be happy with the doctor for telling us these facts.

  • 2

    Did someone say “Justice is the cry of the weak” ?


  • 6

    Nice to hear from you Dr Janapriya …….. after a long time.

    With the name “Janapriya” ……… I guess you’re always popular with the people. Gals, too? ………. Some guys have all the luck!

    Beyond that, not a word from me about the ol’ situation in the country ……….. mum’s the word ……….

  • 1

    “Three of Blair’s Cabinet ministers resigned in protest but the invasion went ahead.“

    While bringing fabricated war crimes and human rights violation charges against the Government of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka Armed Forces that eliminated Tamil terrorists who were branded as the world’s deadliest terrorists by FBI, UK is protecting war criminals. Hypocrites!

    As Dr. Janapriya rightly says “There is enough and more in history to show the super powers are above the law.”

    • 0

      EE, Superpowers may be above manmade laws governing nations, but violators and criminals do not eventually escape Karmic laws which catch up with them unless they are saved by their creator full of love, mercy, forgiveness and compassion on those who trust him.

  • 2

    Dr J’

    ‘Might Seems Right, But Should It Be?” Should it be what & what might seem right?

    OK, so China was responsible for the virus, maybe the US financed the Wuhan labs, the WHO was in collusion &, though, you have not mentioned it, it was all a conspiracy by the drug companies & even Bill Gates, but the pandemic affected the entire world, some worse, some less, & it was up to each country to tackle the problem. By the way, WHO, or any responsible body, needs concrete evidence, not ‘strong suspicion’, especially, when it concerns international matters & WHO does not have the power to close any border.


  • 2

    Each country decided their own strategy to close borders, restrict movement & other safety measures. I am not a medical man but from what I have learned, the pandemic will be eventually controlled by ‘herd immunity’ but that would take a couple of years & in the meantime, vulnerable people would die. To minimise deaths, vaccinations can be effective & in UK, 20m were infected, of which, 164k have died. A majority, who were old & with underlying other health problems, would not have survived 2 winters in any case. Northern Europe was less stringent, allowing the citizens to take adequate precautions as provided in the guidelines without severely restricting movement of people. It was virologists, epidemiologists, scientists & even economists who advised the govts.. not political cronies, medical trade union & ‘kattadiyas’ as in SL. The pandemic has very much achieved herd immunity in Europe now & all restrictions have ended. Things are back to normal & tourism is back.

    Now that you have included the hypocrisy of the West, US arming & financing dissidents to overthrow despots, & finally coming to the point related to SL, as you rightly say, the culprits responsible for the current situation in SL may never be brought to justice but we can certainly remove them from power, provided the ‘several million imbeciles’ come to their senses.

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