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Military Intelligence Alleged Of attacking TNA Meeting In Killinochchi

By Colombo Telegraph

At least 20 people were injured when suspected military intelligence personnel stoned a meeting held at the TNA office in the heavily militarised Kilonichchi around noon today. The police were at the scene when the incident occurred. Top TNA MPs, including MA Sumanthiran, Sritharan and Saravanapavan were meeting the people in area on latest political development in Sri Lanka after Geneva UNHRC resolution, when the a group military intelligence  personnel wearing helmets unleashed the attack and fled to safety. At least 13 people are hospitalised.

“A group of people marching in procession and carrying the national flag attacked the meeting in Killinochchi at TNA MP Sridaran’s office. They started to throw stones at us. Around 20 people were injured in the attack and the office was also damaged”,TNA MP Mawai Senadiraja told media.

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