14 June, 2024


Minister Ravinda Samaraweera Implicates Himself And Thalatha Athukorale In Tender Scam

State Minister of Labour and Trade, Ravindra Samaraweera, was caught red-handed in a clear indication that he intended to circumvent established tender procedures.  

Samaraweera was caught on camera and microphone yesterday during a press briefing when he answered a call on his mobile phone and told the caller to speak with the relevant secretary of the minister.

“Ok, Shakya, I have spoken with the amathithumiya (female minister) and it has been put on hold. [She] told me to ask you to submit a tender as soon as possible. Yes, yes, she has already spoken [arranged it].  She has a secretary named Indrajith Wijesuriya. Meet him and submit your tender immediately. Go to her ministry. The Ministry of Foreign Employment. Go meet Indrajith Wijesuriya and give me a call, ok?”

The minister mentioned is therefore clearly Thalatha Athukorale. Samaraweera appears to have come to some kind of agreement with Athukorale regarding bringing to bear undue and illegal influence on the tender process.  

We publish below the relevant telephone conversation broadcast by MTV though the editorial comment of the news station erroneously says the tender has been put on hold but the minister has clearly stated that this tender has been called. (By Renuka Jayasinghe) 

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    Real Donky

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    Atthe paththu!!!!!!!!

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    This is neither here nor there compared to the bond scam. It appears that this is the order of the day. That is why this conversation was made whether any body hears or not. Who cares? My question is apart from the politician’s promise of good governance, pious statements made on the commemoration of Ven. Maduluwawe Sobhitha etc. the trouble was taken to enact the 19th Amendment to the JR Constitution creating so many independent Commissions to free the system from “politicization”. This is supposed to be a tender matter. So where does the procurement commission stand. We need not talk about the Bribery Commission. Things as it stands no body, while in power have been ever indicted by it. This involves public servants who are supposed to be governed by the independent Public Service Commission. So it appears that we have created so many bodies for nothing and the drama of enactment of the 19th amendment and all is an eye wash just to take the public for a ride. MY3 is supposed to have frowned on IGP for his guffaw in exposing himself in electronic media. (That was before the night club affair of Daham.) So will MY3 call for the resignation of the politicians and top bureaucrats concerned?

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    Dear Readers,
    I’ve just seen in another website that the same State Minister interpreting the very same tel-con in a different sense.

    This to me is a final scenario of the so many many enactments of the the present government at it’s most glory days to justify good -governance to the the masses who enabled them to power through their franchise rights.

    It is evident the the franchise rights of the people is being misinterpreted as the absolute right of a few Politicians. Thus I am pondering as to if this is the real democracy in action or some other undefined Asian edition of it that is being implemented in SL.

    Any How, All the Best with the Voters/ Citizens of SL,

    For You have being mislead by many but yet you seem to believe in some,


    Dharshana W, Ph.D.

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    Ranil must go home and somebody must appoint as PM. Ranil is a completely failed leader.

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    Booruwa, meeharaka, gona this bugger should be given a kane shot.

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    Every time I read about a scandal or a irregularity involving our dirty politicians my thoughts always go back to that gentleman politician called Dudley Senanayake, what a statesman he was! If we could find a man with at least 25 percent of his character now, I would say that we are extremely lucky. He is a man who had practically nothing in his bank at the time of his death. Although he was not holding an office at the time of his death, the crowd came to pay respect to this honest leader still remais a record in Sri Lankan history

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      Is this Moulana , somewhere in Wahhabi Saudi Arabia? Then he better not speak of the liberal statesman Dudley Shelton Senanayake, a gem of a man.
      The Al Sauds have poured theocracy of the worst kind in that country to perpetuate their rule and by extension expatriates too , like SH Moulana ,have been heavily influenced.You are no proffesor although some one used to call you like that.

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    Well, let’s see what is attorney general’s office going to do? if not Department of Bribery have a good case. Hope someone will set up an good example from this situation to corrupt politicians, another 223 to go .

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    until the first politician is jailed for corruption this culture will continue.What is this so called good governance groups like chandra fernando all doing about arresting these fellows?Are they also getting a slice of the cake.NOT A SINGLE BUGGER HAS BEEN ARRESTED AND JAILED SINCE THE MAITRIPALANAYA.(except duminda,thattoo due to hirukniker’s untiring efforts) for corruption or murder.How come the EU gave access to their markets based on good governance?As long as you become a vassal of the west you become a good boy,and the people can go have a bath.The west is not really interested in the people of srilanka,only their own interests.Can’t blame them for it,the same applies to the whole world.We have to look after our own interests,not expecting others to do that.

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    The president should have called for the resignation or taken steps to remove this guy and the Cabinet minister immediately if any of his utterances at the 2nd death anniversary of the Ven Thero had pure, sincere intentions. No ifs and buts!
    Mr President – the nation awaits.

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