15 April, 2024


Modi Preaching Sri Lanka On Treating Minorities!

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Modi preaching Sri Lanka on treating minorities; Time to practice what he preaches on India’s helpless minorities

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s comment on the implementation of 13th amendment ,his suggestion that cooperative federalism is better for Sri Lanka, his invitation to Tamils of Indian origin to visit New Delhi to discuss their issues and his advice to Tamils to be patient makes one wonder whether Sri Lanka is a independent country or an Indian colony.

Mr. Modi described his two day visit to Sri Lanka on 13 and 14 of March 2015 as an opportunity to further strengthen relationship in all its dimensions .Friendly relations between two neighboring countries are essential and thus the visit was a welcome development.

While in the island he sent two clear messages to the government.

1-Early and full implementation of the 13th Amendment would help build a future that accommodates aspirations of all sections of the society. Specifying Tamils he said “this includes the Sri Lankan Tamil community, for a life of equality, justice, peace and dignity, in a united Sri Lanka.” There was no mention on the rights of Muslims who were categorized under “all sections”.

2-He said “cooperative federalism” was working well in India and suggested that it could be a model for Sri Lanka too. As expected this message was received well by some Tamils in Jaffna, but certainly bound to cause serious concern in the south.

Mr. Modi invited Tamils of Indian origin to New Delhi to discuss their problems.

In Jaffna he discussed Tamil issues with politicians and Chief Minister C. V. Wigneswaran.

Modi Jaffna 2015 MarchHowever there was no report of any mention on the plight of Jaffna Muslims kicked out within two hours by the LTTE in the most barbaric style in 1990. Almost quarter century later today they continue to languish in refugee camps in appalling conditions awaiting repatriation.

Jaffna Muslims were sons and daughters of the soil as the Tamils were. However they remain dismissed and discarded.

Sufiyan Moulavi, President of People’s Secretariat in Jaffna, struggling for years to resettle Jaffna Muslims, prepared a memorandum to be given to Mr. Modi. However he failed do so and finally handed it over to the Indian High Commission.

Isn’t this blatant interference in the internal affairs of his host -Sri Lanka?

In fact before preaching Sri Lankan government on how to treat its minorities it would be better for Mr. Modi to practice what he preaches by treating the Muslims in India who were systematically discriminated ever since partition of the sub continent in 1947.They were frequently subjected to well organized attacks destroying their commercial and residential properties besides killing men and raping women.

Thus Mr. Modi’s attitude towards the island’s Muslims is not something unexpected.

Mr. Modi began his political career as a member of Rastriya Swayam Sevak, RSS, a shadowy all-male organization drawing inspiration from Hitler and Mussolini that trains and indoctrinates militia groups into ideologies of racial cleansing. This includes moral sanction for the rape, impregnation and murder of non-Hindu women and the prevention of the biological reproduction of the other race.

As chief minister of Gujarat Mr. Modi was accused of committing genocide on Muslims in February 2002.

During the pogrom   thousands of Muslims were massacred, some of them electrocuted while others being chopped, children together with their family members were roasted in burning fire, Muslim owned residential, commercial, industrial properties were set ablaze, thousands of Muslim women were raped and in one of the most inhuman atrocities Muslim girls’ private parts were mutilated with swords supplied by Modi’s Minister Mayaben .She was later sentenced to 28 yrs in jail for supplying swords to mob and supervised vaginal mutilation of Muslim girls and women alike.

Those unfortunate Muslims still languish in refugee camps while their properties being grabbed. The list of crime continues unabated.

As Chief Minister Modi is culpable for the immunity enjoyed by the police in perpetuating violence against women. Many witnesses from Baroda said the police hit the stomachs of pregnant Muslim women shouting, “Kill them before they are born.” In Baroda, the District Police Commissioner, entered a house, beat up small girls and hit women on the breasts and private parts. Pregnant women were specially targeted as policemen, like the Hindu mobs, said Muslim children should not be born. In other cases, the police simply watched the violence and refused to record complaints.

Modi was despised and ostracized by the world including United States and United Kingdom where he was refused an entry visa for his role in the genocide of Gujarati Muslims.

It was this Modi who was elected as prime Minister of India with 31 percent of the votes. Under the guise of good governance Modi and the Hindu ultra nationalist forces    managed to market their communal agenda very successfully by selling dreams to people.

The RSS, Hindu business conglomerates and Brahman owned mainstream media which promised moon and stars to usher in an era of prosperity where milk and honey would flow played decisive role in bringing Mr. Modi to power The BJP spent billions , according to some commentators in the NDTV, around Rs 10,000 crores, in their election campaign.

The RSS worked tirelessly to come to power and this almost 90 year old dream was achieved with the victory of its front man Narendra Modi as Prime Minister.

On the day of his election as prime ministerial candidate was announced, his BJP colleagues in Uttar Pradesh were busy killing Muslims in Muzaffaranagar and displacing more than 10,000 Muslims to grab Muslim owned prime lands.

In any civilized society a person of Modi’s background would have been condemned, ostracized and isolated. However in India killing Muslims is a qualification to flourish in politics as BJP leaders like L.K. Advani, Modi and others proved.

Numerous reports were prepared by several independent organizations on Godhra genocide providing vivid details of the atrocities committed by Modi and his gangsters. One such report was prepared by Women’s organizations in India to seek gender justice. The report published in the website Kractivist.org stated as follows;

Gujarat Chief Minister Modi sanctioned, fuelled and later, justified the pogrom as a ‘chain of action and reaction.’

Hindutva propaganda mobilized mobs and incited Hindus to rape Muslim women. The acts of violence against women included inserting iron rods and swords into the vagina, cutting women open to extract the foetus, vaginal mutilation and burning women alive after rape.

In the language used by the violent male mobs, rape was directly tied to male strength. As one witness said, Hindu men, exposing their penises, said: “Your men are weak, we’re strong, and you’re not strong enough to f*** your own women.” Another Ahmadabad witness testified that a policeman led a mob in unzipping his trousers, while the crowd shouted: “Where are the terrorists? Come out now. Call your God.”

The rape of Muslim women was a weapon to humiliate and to feminize Muslim men, who were described as not ‘real men.’ A young man, who had worked in a retail shop for five years, was taunted by his co-workers who said they had raped the wives of Muslims: “Will you become a terrorist or will you just stand and watch like a hirja [eunuch]?”

In many instances, rape was explicitly cited as a means to impregnate Muslim women, and to create a new generation of Hindus from Muslims. Rape was an act carried out as part of the RSS ideology of elimination of Muslims as a community.

Indian judiciary collapsed in the face of RSS which has now established close collaboration with Zionist Jews who turned Middle East into a killing field.

Indian judiciary collapsed when the court exonerated Modi of all crimes. Ahmadabad magistrate court’s shocking, shameful and frightening verdict on Thursday 26 December 2013 stated that there was no evidence to prosecute Chief Minister Narendra Modi in a case relating to the anti Muslim pogrom in 2002. The verdict gave a clean chit to Narendra Modi and 58 others.

Commenting on the verdict activist Mallika Sarabhai said that it was “silly to have expected anything else but a clean chit for Narendra Modi from a Gujarat court. The courts may not find evidence, but let Narendra Modi ask his conscience.” She said she has “great optimism in India’s good judges” and is hence “not giving up this long battle.”

The question is how carnage of such huge proportion could happen without the knowledge of Narendra Modi who was the Chief Minister. The entire state machinery under his control was fully utilized to execute this barbarity which no normal human being could perpetrate.

This very same Modi is honorable prime minister of India today.

His hostility towards Muslims is reflected even in his foreign policy .For example millions of In Indians employed in the gulf remit between 35 billion to 490 billion dollar annually to India. Yet to Mr. Modi the first priority in the Middle East is for Israel which was also granted a billion dollar defense contract-perhaps as a mark of gratitude for its role in placing him in power.

Last November he kicked off his 11-day foreign tour with his first stop at Myanmar –a country which persecutes Muslims.

This is today’s India-a great country known for its ancient civilization, but hijacked by RSS which has nothing to do with peaceful religion of Hinduism

Did the mainstream media in the island highlight Mr. Modi’s true past, his atrocities and his link to RSS? No! Why? Perhaps indifference towards Muslim sufferings , ignorance of RSS and its front man Modi’s crime records and the influence of Indian intelligence, Research and Analysis Wing, RAW, or perhaps a combination of all.

In fact mainstream Sri Lanka media has become the extension of pro- war and pro Israeli western media and Brahmin controlled Indian media.

Under the circumstance the need of the hour for Sri Lanka is to protect its own interest while seeking to build good relations with a neighbor who turned the island into a killing field.

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Latest comments

  • 24

    The return to the traditional Muslim role of the lackey of the powers that be is evident in this piece. Is he trying to say that the Tamils must not be given any rights because Modi killed Muslims and his views should not be accepted. The Muslims are killing so many people around the world today. Are we then to say that Muslims should not have any rights?

    The rights of Tamils are not dependent on what Modi says. They are based on an inherent notion of self determination. A decision has to be made on the basis of the accommodation of this principle within the body polity of Sri Lanka.

    Mr Lateef is entitled to express his spleen against the Hindus and Modi as others are to say similar thinks about Jinnah, the wine swilling chauvinist who brought great calamities through the partition of India. Each person has his own views on these matters. But, do not confuse them with the rights of the Tamils.

    Equally, the right of return of the Muslims of Jaffna must be recognised. The rights of the Muslims of the East must be conceded. We have our own problems. It is not necessary to befuddle it with what happens in India where Muslims themselves fight violently with each other over festivals like the Ashura. India is a large country with huge problems. It has the second largest Islamic population in the world. It does not have a perfect record but at least it strives to ensure a modicum of equality and strives to be a secular state. Let not some prejudiced thinking detract from such facts. It is too early to recover the Vaasi Pathata Hoyya mentality yet when the doings of the BBS are fresh in our minds.

    • 9

      Ponkoh Sivakumaran

      “The return to the traditional Muslim role of the lackey of the powers that be is evident in this piece.”

      What do you call Douglas, Thondaman, KP, Karuna, VP (who worked for both Premadasa and Mahinda), Minister Swaminathan and others who serve the present government, ……….. ?

      “Jinnah, the wine swilling chauvinist who brought great calamities through the partition of India.”

      Some Hindians think it was the best thing ever happened to Hindia. Otherwise the Hindian’s would have to deal with Pakistani chronic problem in their own Hindu land.

      ” India is a large country with huge problems.”

      Some Indians say Hindians are indeed the problem.

    • 11

      Hear! hear!

      This article is another example of some Sri Lankan Muslims, this writer in particular, to portray all world affairs through the prism of an aggressive Sri Lankan Muslim agenda based on alleged persecution.

      Modi is the elected leader of India and as the most powerful regional leader and our closest meighbour, he has legitimate views and suggestions for Sri Lanka. Those need to be anaysed and respected from a broader standpoint than Muslim rights alone.

      • 8

        Latheef Farook,

        “Under the circumstance the need of the hour for Sri Lanka is to protect its own interest while seeking to build good relations with a neighbor who turned the island into a killing field.”

        If you curse Modi and India only you and your people will suffer.

        A crow cursing the cow will not make the cow die – so goes a Tamil proverb!

        There is nothing called ‘Sri Lanka’ to protect its own interest: There is a Sinhala nation, a Tamil nation, Muslims, and Christians; they have their own specific interests.

        The Sinhala political leaders ruling the country since 1948 never built a Sri Lankan identity with the agreement of all the communities inhabiting the island.

        If Modi is willing to help Tamils regain their rights lost to the Sinhala majoritarians, Tamils will always be grateful to him.

        If Muslims want him to help them they should approach him instead of bringing his past and castigating him.

        Hasn’t Hakeem talked to Modi recently? He could have told him what you are saying here.

        You seem to be concerned about bringing justice to Muslims’ sufferings in India, but not those of the Tamils here!

        Allah helps only those who ask for help.

        • 5

          Tamils in Sri Lanka SHOULD be manage by India.
          We the Sinhalese DO NOT want anything to DO WITH YOU.



          Good Luck

          • 3


            “I WISH the day the TAMILS ARE MANAGED FROM NEW DELHI.”

            Tamils are already being managed by Hindia. Hindia believes Sri Lanka is a Sinhala state of Hindia. Haven’t you learn anything from the past history? If you haven’t its too bad.

            It would be useful if you knew the words to Hindian National anthem:

            Janagaṇamana-adhināẏaka jaẏa hē bhāratabhāgyabidhātā!
            Pañjāba sindhu gujarāṭa marāṭhā drābiṛa uṯkala baṅga
            bindhya himācala yamunā gaṅgā ucchalajaladhitaraṅga
            taba śubha nāmē jāgē, taba śubha āśiṣa māgē,
            gāhē taba jaẏagāthā.
            Janagaṇamaṅgaladāẏaka jaẏa hē bhāratabhāgyabidhātā!
            Jaẏa hē, jaẏa hē, jaẏa hē, jaẏa jaẏa jaẏa jaẏa hē..

            Here is the English translation:

            Victory to the ruler of people’s mind and dispenser of India’s destiny. Thy name rouses the hearts of Punjab, Sind, Gujarat,Maratha,Dravida,Odisha and Bengal; It echoes in the hills of the Vindhyas and Himalayas, mingles in the music of Yamuna and Ganges and is chanted by the waves of the Indian Ocean. They pray for thy blessings and sing thy praise. Victory to the saviour of the people and dispenser of India’s destiny. Victory, victory, victory to thee.

    • 4

      Modi was responsible for his passive non violent Hindu murder of over 2000 muslims in Gujarat. Stop your hindu based biases. You accuse Sri lanka of being biased against your Tamils but when the amazing duality in Indian behavior towards minorities are exposed, you try to defend that crap. STOP IT. We love to eat beef and we love to be ourselves and pray 5 times; you love to worship Lingams and multiple gods and so does Buddhists. This is about FACTS in India. Hindu right wingers have forcibly converted Christians and Muslims. NOT A single buddhist or muslim in sri lanka has forced you Hindus to convert.

  • 13

    Latheef Farook I sure you know a way to go back to Meca.

  • 12

    I think there is no need to separate Muslims and Hindus on a religious basis. Both are Tamils ans speak Tamil. Christians too are Tamils and Sinhalese also. Muslim is a religion or a Race.?

    • 9

      Muslim is neither religion or race. It just means ‘One who bows down to God’. Majority of them are Tamil speaking Islamists while a few are Sinhalese speaking Islamists. Is Latheef Farook favouring Democracy or Theocracy? Federalism is an aspect of Democracy.

    • 2

      Islam is the religion Muslims practice Islam, hence Muslims are a race…

  • 12

    Perhaps in his recommendation Modi was focusing on the Tamil question. Bensen

  • 15

    “”..millions of In Indians employed in the gulf remit between 35 billion to 490 billion dollar annually to India…””

    Clearly the prosperous Arabs value their servants and guest workers more than they worry about showing a bit of solidarity with their beleaguered brother Muslims in the sub-continent and Sri Lanka.

    • 7

      Spring Koha

      “Arabs value their servants and guest workers”

      You are being too kind to those employers of Middle East Medieval Kingdoms. Servant and guest workers? The women of the house prefer Sri Lankan slaves to housemaids from Morocco and Chile.

      Please read:

      Jealous Saudi wives want maids from Asia including SL

      Saudi wives will not allow housemaids from Morocco and Chile into their houses on the grounds they are beautiful and not as patient as Asian maids including from Sri Lanka, a newspaper says.

      Sabq, an Arabic language daily said it had spoken to many women in the world’s largest oil exporter following rumours that the government intends to open the door for hiring domestic workers from Morocco and Chile for the first time.

      “Most of them said they reject this decision. Some of them said they do not want these maids because they are not as patient and hard working as maids from the Philippines, India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka,” the paper said.

      “Others admitted that they refused to hire them as many Saudi families are already suffering because of pretty maids. They said they just do not want to suffer from the same problem on the grounds maids women Morocco and Chile are beautiful.”

      The paper quoted a domestic workers’ agent in the Kingdom as saying he had already been contacted by women asking him to ensure maids arriving from Morocco or Chile are not beautiful.

      “We have started to face some funny situations since reports floated about an expected government decision to admit domestic workers from those two countries,” said Eid Abu Fahd, director of a maids’ hiring office in the Western Red Sea port of Jeddah.

      “Some wives have already contacted us to say that if their husbands want maids from Chile or Morocco, they must first see the maids before accepting them. Their main condition was that these maids should not be pretty.” (Emirates24/7)


      Now you know why they prefer a Sri Lankan disposable slave to Moroccan beauty.

      • 6

        Native Vedda

        Thank You for updating me on current happenings in the Middle Eastern domestic market. From my sparse knowledge of South American women, I can confidently predict a shock for the Mrs and fireworks for the Husband. Or, will it be the other way round? I think they will then revaluate the kind and patient Asian women that they have bullied these last few decades.

        Ofcourse, I have, for a long time, rued the situation that our women have had to seek employment in the Middle East at the widespread cost of domestic problems at home. Our social fabric has suffered immeasurably from this long standing situation.

        I look forward to the day when our women folk can find satisfactory and suitable employment at home.

        • 4

          Spring Koha

          “I look forward to the day when our women folk can find satisfactory and suitable employment at home.”

          I am with you. Its a difficult task for the state and its rulers who are committed to building an Aryan Sinhala/Buddhist state at the cost of immense and increasing social problems divert their focus and resources create more decent jobs at home. Note Sinhala/Buddhists are critical of practices in Middle East Kingdoms while they keep encouraging their women folks to seek misfortunes abroad.

          Don’t you think the Sinhala/Buddhists are being silly and hypocritical?

          What is your learned views on “what is to be done to alleviate maids of the Middle East?

  • 8

    The massacre of millions of Hindus by the followers of Islam in the time of Islamic invasion of India is still very well etched in the minds of the Hindus. What is today Pakistan was a Hindu/Buddhist region and there are many websites that illustrate the world’s worst genocide that Moslem perpetrated in India. What is today Pakistan holds the treasures of Kanishka India, the seats of learning Taxila, etc. etc.

    The so called genocide of Moslems in Gujarat is like a walk in a park compared to the utter barbarism of Islam. You can see that in the acts of ISIS even today.

    Modi has a duty to protect India from Islam. He also has a duty to prevent a Moslem take over of Lanka by sheers growth of Moslems in numbers, with the Moslems creating families with dozens of children while Sinhalese and Tamils are doing with just one or two.

    • 4

      Jay Chambers

      “The massacre of millions of Hindus by the followers of Islam in the time of Islamic invasion of India is still very well etched in the minds of the Hindus.”

      The Hindus have already forgiven those invaders long ago. If you thought you could rekindle old animosity you must be moron living in the very ancient time, back to the future.

      “Modi has a duty to protect India from Islam.”

      You may have other thinks to worry about such as your income, age, health, loneliness, lack of social and life skills, etc.

      Modi has a duty to wisen up his own people, he thinks he knows how to. Leave Hindia to worry about Indians.

  • 7

    How about the rights of the Tamils who were killed by the Muslim collaborators, and the the people who were looted by the Muslim thugs who were part of the war criminals of SL.
    Yes it is true the Muslims were displaced in a very cruel way by VP and the Tamil community has apologized for that. Steps should be taken to resettle them.
    But the Muslim leaders don’t want to resettle them because this is a very good political prawn for them. They were in high positions with governments for so long even holding the ministry of justice. Why they have not resettled the Muslims. Now you blame Modi.
    Muslims polices are well known in the world. They want to be treated in a special way as special people , special culture, special rules etc because the are Muslims. But when it comes to treating others in countries where they are in power they are the most brutal and oppressive ones towards the forigners.
    Futher Latif is talking about many Muslims. SL Muslims Jaffna Muslims and so on. when are you going to talk about Muslim Muslim.

  • 6

    The Sinhalese and the Tamils share a common culture on most issues. Neither group share that with the Muslims. In point of fact Germany,France and other countries are getting concerned about the Muslims,and about what they are upto!

    The Indian Prime Ministers visit to this country has been a reflection of that ethos.

  • 5

    Muslims talk about Genocide when all over the world only thing That muslims do is Genocide.

  • 8

    Does Latheef Farouk remember that poor minor inexperienced Muslim girl form Kinya in the EP of SL who was sent by a Muslim employment agency by forging her birth certificate age, to slave in a Saudi house and was executed under the Zariya Law on the pretext of having killed an infant while feeding her?
    The government of SL certainly tried to save her.
    But did he or any Muslim in SL of importance strongly protest against that vile deed?

    Instead of commenting on Modi, will he comment on the wanton killing of innocent school children by the Taliban recently in Pakistan which does not believe in their right to education or the Bhokoharam in Nigeria kidnapping school girls?

  • 3

    “Isn’t this blatant interference in the internal affairs of his host -Sri Lanka”

    Does Mr. Latheef Farook’s above question/statement also suggest as an “interference in the internal affairs” had the premier Modi uttered something about/against BBS?

    Being a Muslim it is highly expected that Mr. Farook to be reasonable, fair and just(ice). When is it not an interference in the internal affairs of a country in the globalized world? Do we Muslims need someone’s interference in Syria to wipe out ISIS? Or if you like Asad? Don’t we need someone to interfere in Israel and settle the Palestine question? Are we not interested in anyone’s interference in Myanmar to tame Ashvin Virathu? Likewise don’t we need someone to address the long sufferings of Tamils in our motherland? If your answer is yes then your article does not serve the purpose, alternatively your choice of no(answer) degrades you very much.

  • 3

    One ISIL supporter speaking out his heart. All these Islamists have the same view. Latheef is no different – there is nothing called a moderate . These are rascals who sow hatred and vengeance to destr0y a nation . They can kill anyone and go behind in veils.

  • 2

    Finally we are seeing people like Rohan above waking up to the real intentions of these rascals. Lanka is only a few years away from utter destruction by the Moslem fanatics as they become the numerical majority. They are already the most powerful economic power in the country.

    Meanwhile the Sinhala majority is divided and fighting among themselves and so are the moderate Tamils. What a shame!

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