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Monkey Le Not Sinha Le

By V Kanthaiya

Disclaimer – This article is about a particular group of people with visible symptoms of racial lunacy and does not have any intention of criticizing any religion or race. However the writer accepts the reader’s fundamental right to misconceive the idea of the article and express their resulting emotions on the comments section.

This incident happened when I was a kid. We had a lonely, old man in our village, his dog was his only companion, and that only companion died. After sometime, the old man started to show some abnormal behavior, something like of a dog. Some People said the dog’s spirit had possessed him, and some said he’s been bitten by a dog. The doctors said his change of behavior was due to his belief that he was a dog not a human.

Of course, you become what you think. For him he was a dog, he believed it and he lived his belief. The whole world told him that he is a human, a creature with some basic common sense and intelligence above other species. But the dog man refused it. He wanted to live like a dog and he lived like a dog and finally someone admitted him in the Manthikai Mental hospital and there he died like a dog.

Well, the saying history repeats, is a harsh reality and we observe in our monotonous day today life. But the phenomena I encounter now is something of a larger scale.

Now we see lot of photos on Facebook with the anthropomorphism related mental disorder among Sri Lankans, but at an epidemic level. It now seems that more and more people started to believe that they have the DNA of a panthera leo persica aka asiatic lion, not of a homo sapiens. Remember, I told you about the dog man of our village.

This article by Shohorab Ahamed discusses two possible aspects of the recent phenomena, that ‘sinha le’ could either mean blood of lion or the people of Sri Lanka. But there is nothing to confuse. It is quite straightforward, the word displayed is not ‘Sinhale’, and it is ‘Sinha Le’, which means blood of lion. After nearly ten months of the Birth and Rise of the Nugegoda man claimed by H.L.D.Mahindapala, It seems our Nugegoda man has started his lunatic rampancy.

The ‘Nugegoda man’ (the new kind of species discovered by HLD Mahindapala) who are famed for their gifted talent with spray paints, are based on the concept that they are the bloodline of Asiatic lion. To have a clear understanding of this concept, we need to go back to the ancient Rigvedic Civilization of india. My grade 7 history book (given by the government of Sri lanka in 1998) told me that the people who speak sinhala language originated through the sexual reproduction of an Asiatic lion and a princess. The story further goes on that the lion and the princess produced two children namely Sinhabahu and Sinhasivali. Later Sinhabahu killed his father, the lion and made Sinhasivali his consort and produced thirty two children and the first one of whom was Vijaya.

It is widely known how much powerful the sense of nationalism/racism/smart patriotism is. But in this case, the same (non) sense has gone to the level of glorifying bestiality and incest, and there are people who repeatedly keep on saying that they are the product of these two, and are proud of it. I apologize if my words are provocative, yet I strongly retain my stance that this is the shameful reality.

Let’s think logically, is it biologically possible to produce a lifeform through the sexual intercourse of a lion and a human being? Everyone knows that it is not possible, yet no one dares to step forward and call this Mahavamsa story a myth, because this can shatter the entire belief, the nationalism/racism/smart patriotism of a particular society in Sri Lanka is built upon.

Every nationalist/racist/smart patriot has one common thing; that is inferiority complex. It tantalizes him/her to find every possible reason to feel him/her better than other human beings. This is not limited to a particular people of this country. This is a universal syndrome. This had been the reason for Nazism, this had been the reason for holocaust and this had been the reason for Rwanda genocide. This inferiority complex called racism/nationalism/smart patriotism is the initial symptom of a greater spree of civil unrest and killings.

I as a person representing the human beings with common sense, have come out with an appeal to the people who believe that they possess the ‘Sinha Le’ (Blood of Lion), and who are proud exhibiting about it.

‘Dudes, anthropologists have identified that Chimpanzees and Bonobos have the closest DNA similarity with the humans, and NOT Asiatic lion. It is further revealed that we all had descended from a common great ape called Hominidae. Therefore, logically you have to change the slogan ‘Sinhale Le’ into ‘Monkey Le’ since we all, regardless whether we are Sinhalese, Tamil or Muslims, have inherited the blood from our common ape ancestor. This will make more sense and build unity among Sri Lankans, and also will help people not to judge you as lunatics’

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