25 June, 2022


Most Govt Ministers Own Ethanol Permits: Maithri

Common candidate Maithripala Sirisena has stated that a significant number of Ministers in the Rajapaksa regime own ethanol permits and it is the reason why they wish for President Rajapaksa to be re-elected.

Maithripala Digana 20122014 My3 FBAddressing a rally in Digana yesterday evening, Sirisena had stated that a large number of Ministers in the Rajapaksa regime own ethanol permits and are also involved in drug rackets.

“This is why they wish for MR to be re-elected and for the Rajapaksa regime to continue because a change of government would mean the end of their drug rackets,” he said.

However, he had also added that a faction of Ministers are also working to sabotage Mahinda Rajapaksa’s election campaign while remaining within the government.

“No other government has plundered the country in this way. Even those who are still part of the government realize it. That is why, despite remaining with the Rajapaksa regime theya re actively working towards sabotaging MR’s election campaign,” he said.

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    This reminds me why president himself turned up at the residence of Lanza at the time accusation charges were made against Lanaza ? WHo paid the helicopter tour if not tax payers of the island nation ?
    President has to respond to this and make it clear that it was not connected with his mega deals with culprits such as Lanza. What is the poltiical basis of Lanza ? I have never heard the word of them years ago, but them to have made billions within a short period of time – what brought them that rich ? What brought Mervin that rich ? What brought Mahindanada that rich ? All these questions raised my grand son ( 10 year old) day before yesterday, all those heard that had no answers. He had discussed the issues heavily as a little but powerful anti alcohol campaigner.

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      please watch the following


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      Another contradiction Mithree, like the abolition.

      How can the ministers want Rajapakse won to profit from ethanol and at the same time, work to sabotage him from within?

      Is this your return for them not joining you?

      Poor bugger, dudded like a dead fish.

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        “Faction of ministers also working to sabotage
        MARA’s election campaign….” is what he says.
        So,no contradiction here.But he definitely strikes
        back at those who agreed to join him and then
        changed mind,maybe for”benefits” or even other
        reasons.And it’s nothing new,the whole world knows
        that ministers suspected of having connection with
        the drug barons are not being exposed by this govt.
        Sirisena plays it right with his opponent.

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      May be distributor of those permits were handled by incumbent president himself.

      Else, I cant have any reasons why most of the cabinet ministers to own those permits or anyone here could please explain why ?

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    Mahida’s Thithata Matha

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    I don’t understand why Ethnol is considered something like a contraband.

    Its bio fuel sugar cane extract that results in low CO2 emissions. In Ceylon its considered evil for some reason.

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      Is it Mahinda Rajapakse who sells mathatha thitha.

      Ethanol is not contraband. but, why income from that is not used Alcoholic Anonymous like programs.

      Do you accept alcohol leads to many other social and family problems ?

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    MR as Chairman of C/W desires to be duly elected democratically – a wise
    move. If this is not to happen, as My3 thinks by disclosing inside facts as days near, MRs henchmen and cohorts WILL have to fall in line with Plan B – for their livlihood. Arrangements are takingn place for
    this at a space. Therefore MR will keep claiming that he WILL win.

    Only an overwhelming voter turn out can also prevent rigging etc. Hope
    the JVP understands the need for this specific support and be a part of
    the National Govt. with a claim to it.

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    You are wrong again Vibushana Putha… Ethanol is not a contraband, it is design for second grade MARA supported parliamentarians to earn some cash. NGO money is the contraband because politician don’t get their commission from this NGO dollars..

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    This man Sirisena has promised to abolish the Presidential system and introduce a parliamentary system within 100 days of being elected President at the very first meeting with the Press. That was when he was an absolute puppet of Ranil and Chandrika.

    Reading the face book and tweeter subscriber pole results and the work by Mangala’s gossip mongers, My3 is certain that he is winning and is trying to act as his own man. It is for that reason his manifesto has gone back on the promise of ceding real power of the Presidency to the Prime Minister.

    Remember exactly the same thing happened at the last stages of the 2010 Presidential elections when the then opposition candidate Sarath Fonseka, former Army chief lost his head and talk as if he has won the Presidency. The rest is history. I feel sorry for these type of egoistic and naive people.

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    “Ethanol permits” can be sold for fantastic profits – just like ‘duty-free’ car permits are, and have been, for past many decades.
    Nothing ensures allegiance to any politician at election time, more than money or means to make same illegally.

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    For a chap who writes so well I am surprised at your ignorance about Ethanol and the reason for its import.

    The Customs duty for it is dramatically lower than for Alcohol used in the production of liquor. This allows the liquor and tavern barons to distill at a huge profit. The user permits are obviously falsified because none of it is used for combustion purposes as one would expect it to be.

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    “significant number of Ministers in the Rajapaksa regime own ethanol permits and it is the reason why they wish for President Rajapaksa to be re-elected.”

    Could My3 says he would have remain in the government if he was given the permit? if he did not have had the ethanol permit, did he had any other permits?

    “Ministers are also working to sabotage Mahinda Rajapaksa’s election campaign while remaining within the government.” When the paltes are ready they can too come nd join MY3

    “No other government has plundered the country in this way.” When did it happened?

    All these rascal are real dogs. If they are powerful enough to do it to each other, where the people can stand in this?


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    Ethanol is mostly imported with fake documents saying less % of Alcohol.
    Say in the shipping documents say 15% Alcohol and then import with 95% Alcohol.

    Most of the importers are Johnnie/Arundindika /Wasantha in Matale/ Muralis brother etc.

    They all give a cut for the first family and infact a director of the Wasantha Perera in Matale Distillery is none other than Laksika Peiris the wife of Shashidra Rajapaksa.

    So Rakapaksa get like half or the profit and the rest is for the politicians.

    in 1 bottle of higher % of Alcohol can make upto 3 bottles of Arrack and see how much money is lost for the treasury from excise duty.

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