7 July, 2022


MR Manifesto Turns Out To Be A Flop

Despite postponing the launch that was scheduled for yesterday to re-write President Rajapaksa’s manifesto, ‘Mahinda Chintana- Lowa Dinana Maga’ that was abruptly launched this morning, has turned out to be an absolute flop.

Mahinda ElectionsSources claim the launch of ‘Mahinda Chintana- Lowa Dinana Maga’ was earlier scheduled to be held at the BMICH on Monday but was postponed for this Friday (26) instead. The preparations and drafting of the manifesto had been placed under the charge of Youth Affairs Minister and SLFP frontliner Dullas Alahapperuma. The decision to postpone the launch had been reportedly made after President Rajapaksa as well as his close allies felt agitated upon perusing through common Candidate Maithripala Sirisena’s manifesto that was released last Friday (19).

However, upon realizing that it would miss the postal voters if released this Friday, a hasty launch had been arranged for this morning.

Despite ranting about former President Chandrika Kumaratunga‘s delay to attend events, journalists who attended the event said it commenced about one and a half hours later than the scheduled time. Due to the severe disorganization, the manifesto copies had been distributed among the party members, local government officials, party leaders, senior state officials, artistes and journalists present at the occasion straight out of the printing press and only the Sinhala copies had been made available.

Even after the attempt to re-write the manifesto for it to be on par with that of the common Opposition candidate, the manifesto does not seem to promise much. However, a pledge has been made to develop Space technology in Sri Lanka.

Although no mention has been made about constitutional amendments or the abolition of the Executive Presidency, during his speech at the launch President Rajapaksa had made a mention of his intention to introduce a new Constitution.

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  • 35

    Space technology? So basically to satisfy a so called prince millions would be wasted? Lets first start with simple things… How about land and water before we fly into space?

    • 38

      President Rajapaksa’s youngest son is a student of space technology. Why should a poor country like Sri Lanka which is living on foreign loans and remittances from the poor maid servants from mid-east spend millions on space technology? Just to satisfy one of his sons, Mahinda wants to bring space technology?

      • 13

        MARA looking for hiding place in the spaces.

      • 0

        I think this school boy needs some real life practical experience before allowing him national assets to play his batman fancies. Put the boy under the wing of some experienced people or send him on an apprenticeship under his uncles airline. MR must be an idiot not to understand that serious people must be put in charge of serious programs. What a joke is this?

    • 6

      Rocket Rohitha was to do a big show before after getting a lease space on a Chinese commercial Rocket and then act it was developed by him and spend so much state resourced into that.

      • 2

        Matilda Wallepol,

        The Chinese rocket was a private company operation and the satellite launched is working fine for Sri Lanka.

        Your comment shows that you are no “rocket scientist”.

        Stick to “hiramanaya” please, thanks.

    • 2

      “…has turned out to be an absolute flop.”

      Why do you say that? Where is the evidence?

      Don’t insult the reader’s intelligence CT (assuming you wrote it, in the absence of a by line).

    • 4

      RE: MR Manifesto Turns Out To Be A Flop

      “Despite postponing the launch that was scheduled for yesterday to re-write President Rajapaksa’s manifesto, ‘Mahinda Chintana- Lowa Dinana Maga’ that was abruptly launched this morning, has turned out to be an absolute flop”

      Here is a preamble for the Medamulana MaRa Manifesto.

      As a long and violent abuse of power, is generally the Means of calling the right of it in question (and in Matters too which might never have been thought of, had not the Sufferers been aggravated into the inquiry) and as the Medamulana Mahinda Rajapaksa hath undertaken in his own right, to support the Parliament in what he calls theirs, and as the good people of this country are grievously oppressed by the combination, they have an undoubted privilege to inquire into the pretensions of both, and equally to reject the usurpation of either.

    • 8

      We are a country of coconuts.The developed world is
      enjoying the benefits of “virgin coconut oil” while
      we the producers use commercial product in our
      kitchens.Virtually no technology involved in making
      “virgin coconut oil.” Every home can make it.It’s
      just a matter of giving proper publicity with some
      demonstration.Job done.Rajapaksas only focus is
      borrowing and wasting on Tamashas!You don’t even
      have any knowledge or experience of making a much
      used sewing needle but talking about “space.”
      Stupidity at its zenith!Politically these fellows
      are in open mental hospital!

  • 32

    The manifesto doesn’t say white the new constitution is about. I think it would be something like;

    If I win the election I will abolish all future elections. Elections are a drain on the resources of the country. People are tired of elections. So no more elections.

  • 35

    What happen to MR’s previous Chintana manifestos? Did he keep his promises? He thinks Sri Lankans are stupid to believe him again? This racist, corrupt, dictator must be defeated on January 8th and make Mr. Maithripala Sirisena our next president!!!

    • 7

      Yes, He thinks the buddhist are stupid, That’s why they are easier to be tricked to believe what he is saying, Suddenly when MR talks about terrorism propaganda again in his stage they’re praising him like a King.

  • 19

    A spurious “secret agreement” purportedly signed between Maithripala Sirisena, the common opposition leader and Ranil Wickremesinghe the leader of UNP is put out in the glare of wide publicity by the Rajapakse mudslinging unit using the UNP dissident Tissa Attanayake. This fake agreement letter/document with signatures of Maithri and Ranil, has been prepared by the Rajapakse’s mudslinging team led by Dallas and Heeralu Herath along with former UNP General Secretary and Health Minister Tissa Attanayake.

    • 11

      At the first when Tissa published the agreenment, I noticed this agreement is fake, Because i know that RW will never lie like MR. Tissa has forged the signature of Maithri and RW from the original agreement which was published to public and then Tissa created them from it.

      Now the UNP has filed the complaint to Police to arrest him for the fraudulent document that used Maithri and RW’s signature without their further notice.

    • 2

      So why does not Ranil and Maithree denounce it?
      No one has gone to courts against Tissa?

  • 18

    even he does not know what is on it. It was done by one of his Mps.. He could not do it on time.
    it was too late. His government is disoriented now. it is falling and falling now.

  • 0

    All candidates print manifestos. Ultimately it is the printers who earn money and voters only hope and pray.

  • 0

    All those who caught fish while the ship was a sailing are now deserting it since it is obviously sinking. The captain is a pathetic sight slouched over rum and railing. His lieutenants a sorry sight a shortage of space ships bewailing.

    In the hold, behold the hidden team a huddle. The psychotic psychos who made this big muddle, led by the deranged red joker who built the deep state and drove with his mad doctoral plenipotentiary prate, now creep to the fringes of friendships debate with offers of advice holding out empty plates.

    Consensus it seems has finally emerged that Cuba for capitalism be geared so that those who saw shades of Guevara in Ma-Ra may find themselves soon the guests of good China a bidden to bring their friend gamers along and make of the new Macao a song.

    And so the madness shall go on.

  • 9

    What kind of idiots run this Government. Here the poor people in the majority cannot afford 3 meals a day.Yet they talk about spending scarce resources to get involved with space technology to satisfy the whims and fancies of a hair brained idiot of a son “Rocket” Rohitha.Lets get involved with renewable energy research, Genetic Engineering to produce better crop yields, Vaccines to combat viral diseases like Dengue Fever,Mosquito vector borne disease Control. Better and more efficient Information Technology research .. Fund the Universities not useless Defense Colleges to enhance their research and teaching programs. these are only some of the priorities that we need to Finance.Cut out the shocking wastage of money undertaken by the President and his entourages of hundreds to International Meetings, and Pilgrimages using the National Airline like as if it his private property.Hope that the election on Jan 8th will bring a government that is more democratic and cut out all this waste..

  • 4


  • 3

    Please ! A guy who talks about his gf and LV shoes will be spaced out all right.
    Family appears spaced out to too.

  • 9

    This man numerously promised for people but never fulfilled any of them.
    What he did is accumulated wealth and treasures for his own family.

    Remember his old Mahinda Chinthanaya… did he perform or accomplish or carry out any of those promises.

    Our War Hero Respectable General Sarath Fonseka completed his task as a Army Commander as he promised to public….This man and his brother Gotabaya stole and took the credit and Gotabaya published the book as Gota’s War.

    One of the henchmen who lick their……? wrote and published that book.

    Rajapaksa and company has completed only taking revenge from those who apposed them.

    Please do not believe and trust this man again.

    Be wise to get together and vote against him and select Mr Maithreepala Sirisena as a president for good Governance and betterment for the future.

  • 2

    *Isnt starting the function one and half an hour a flop. *Isnt not being able to provide the menifesto in other languages a flop. *Isnt issuing the manifesto othe very day of postal voting a flop? *Isnt not being able to match that of the main competitor a flop. *Isnt not being able to include a reply to the main focus of oppositions camp ie. aboloshing executive presidency a flop? *Isnt the inability of having a cheerful face in such an important function a flop?

  • 0

    I would like to know who wrote this article. MR’s manifesto is not a Flop! Not at all.
    I read the document and then watched the entire video clip. Honestly, it is a good 130 page manifesto written in beautiful and convincing Sinhalese! No wonder the organizers could not provide translations in Tamil/English immediately! It will take a good few hours for a qualified translator to do the job!
    MR has proven again, despite many weaknesses and shortcomings, that he is ready and capable of accepting the challenge and delivering the goods against any number of odds whereas MS has to prove asap with precision that he is capable of outperforming MR. The sub topic ‘Broad political reforms; New political culture’ is a direct answer to Common Opposition’s vague wording of abolishing/keeping/diluting of the executive presidency and other complex political reforms.
    However, people know that MS, even if he wins, is not going to be in the driver’s seat of THEIR BUS (this is a huge minus point for MS). The road ahead is bumpy and treacherous; tigers and other predators are not a major issue in the immediate vicinity but a sure possibility when the journey progresses. It is true that people have short memories but their memory of Tiger terrorism can not be erased easily. They don’t want nor trust an inexperienced, temporary driver nor a driver-couple who had almost driven their bus (with them aboard) to a tiger infested jungle hell-hole misguided by foreign hyenas and vultures, not so long ago!
    When the Opposition speaks only about the negatives, MR’s manifesto cum live presentation ceremony this morning is comparatively a positive step forward on his campaign. There is no doubt that MS’ team will have to work hard to counter the logical points put forward in MR’s manifesto! So far, they have not succeeded much! Whenever I look for a good counter argument from them they have either avoided it or covered it in vague and convoluted language! For instance, Tissa Attanayake submitted an agreement allegedly signed between RW and MS. Mangala Samaraweera and other pandits, instead of showing the genuine agreement, scream this is fake and a forgery! For heaven’s sake, show the original and dispel the doubt! Even Mr. Champika Ranawaka has lost his oratory skills! He now looks for words instead of words flowing to his tongue. All these signs show a disturbing truth to many in Sri Lanka, who are undecided; that’s that MS’ team is not a new team but an old team with ‘robbed’ labels and ‘hijacked’ slogans such as corruption, nepotism, good governance etc etc. For them, there is no common agenda within the common opposition (CO)! To be frank with you, to me and many average Sri Lankans the CO looks like a bunch of lost souls, high on grass and surrounded by several queue jumpers waiting to hijack a commuter bus!

  • 11

    Richmond Peiris, you sound like the state owned media!

  • 0

    Sadly, it is not a matter of “Evil vs. Good”, but instead, “Evil vs, Lesser Evil”! Where would you rather be – in the Frying pan or in the Fire!

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