8 June, 2023


Mr. President, Are Presidential Commission Recommendations For Bed Time Reading ? 

By Ariya de Silva –

Mr. President much has been written by many on the imprudent step you took that has destablised and brought the country to near anarchy. It’s common knowledge that we have lost a fortune on tourism as we were identified as the best destination for travel in 2019 by prominent travel companies. Today we are a lonely country.

Maithripala Sirisena

A respected professional Dr W.A. Wijewardena has spelt out how personal vendettas should not take precedence over national issues hence its redundant for me to go into details. It is no secret that the our despicable elected representatives conducted themselves in an unacceptable manner and this was highlighted for a long time by the responsible media where both you and Ranil Wickremesinghe turned a Nelsonian eye to good governance.

It’s indeed something most unacceptable and cannot sanitise what you did by permitting mob rule on the 26th of October contrary to what you said. We trusted and installed you as the Head of State and never dreamt that you will let us down in the way you did. We were witness to how rowdies invaded and forcibly took over Lake House, Rupavahini, and ITN.and cannot condone this step you took.

Having watched a video where a much respected ex President Obama said lucidly that even a President is not above the law I thought of drawing your attention as a matter of utmost public importance since you are not above the LAW.

You appointed a Presidential Commission of inquiry with members of the Judiciary as Commissioners to probe the large scale waste and corruption of the previous regime in respect of many state institutions where BILLIONS were used by MR in his bid to win the Presidency having changed the CONSTITUTION which spelt out ONLY TWO TERMS.

Please see the recommendation of the Commission referred to in respect of the ITN where 225 Million was used by him..

The Presidential Commission of Inquiry on large scale acts of corruption (PRECIFAC), has concluded that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and three others were responsible for financial irregularities to the tune of Rs. 225m by the telecasting of Mahinda Rajapaksa’s election propaganda by the ITN channel during the General Election 2015.The Commission has concluded that former

President Mahinda Rajapaksa, former ITN Chairman Anura Siriwardene, former Deputy General Manager,

Marketing, Jayasinghe Arachchige Upali Ranjith and former Asst. Manager, Marketing, Duleep

Priyantha Wickremesinghe “have committed the offence of ‘corruption’ as explained in para 70 of the Bribery Act, offence of conspiracy to commit corruption and the offence of aiding and abetting corruption.”

The Commission has recommended that cases should be filed against these people under sections 113(B) and 102 of the Penal Code to be read with section 70 of the Bribery Act as amended by Act No. 20 of 1998.

The Commission also stated that the offence committed by Mahinda Rajapaksa is so grave that new laws should be enacted barring him contesting elections for life.

The Commission Report further states:

“It appears that the offence of corruption has been committed by the first party noticed (Chairman Anura Siriwardene) appointed by the sixth party noticed (Mahinda Rajapaksa) having treated the ITN, of which the government holds 100% shares, as his private property causing a loss to the government. “The sixth party noticed (Mahinda Rajapaksa) has in the same manner committed the offence of conspiracy for corruption.

“The third and fourth parties noticed (Upali Ranjith and Dilip Wickremesinghe) have committed the offences of corruption, aiding and abetting corruption and conspiracy to corruption at different times.

“People who have committed these offences cannot be expected to render any service to the country or its people.

“Therefore, this Commission is of opinion that it is not proper for politicians convicted of these offences to be appointed as people’s representatives in the legislature or as officers in statutory boards even after seven years of their being convicted.

“Hence, this Commission recommends that laws should be enacted to disqualify these convicted people from being appointed as people’s representatives or even applying as candidates to be appointed as people’s representatives.”

Mr President in this backdrop you have failed to act on the recommendations of the learned judges and have made matters worse today where anarchy is at the door.

You are not above the law so do not provide an open licence to those found guilty to loot state resources once again with the many indicted rogues to face a general election on a future date.

If you fail you will be responsible for a calamity of unknown proportions looming large and suggest that you resign immediately as we who installed you have no faith in you anymore.

We desperately need to protect democracy which was on the verge of disappearance We 62 lakhs voted for you to ensure good governance and prosecute those who robbed the state where you faithfully agreed to do. There are many cases lined up from December onwards and immediate action is needed to arrest this unstable situation.

We do not want to protect Ranil or the UNP .

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    Ariya De Silva: I heard eventhe western agent BASL (lawyers) want the President out.

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    Today we are a lonely country.

    People need change & appointed you as a president and dumped the votes trusting change & revesing the peoples choice and presenting to avoided leaders. Pakistan have tried it by appointing new leader. the job as politician is to give the people roots to grow/jobs and wings to fly. How many days wasted in parliament and many are approving public funds this its self is more damage than any other damage in the country. many are trying oceanic migration for permanent settlement still no solution of Dual Minister.

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    “The Commission also stated that the offence committed by Mahinda Rajapaksa is so grave that new laws should be enacted barring him contesting elections for life.”
    Batalanda Commission recommended to strip Ranil’s Civic Rights for his involvement in torturing and killing of thousands of youths. Yet he became the PM. This is Sri Lanka.
    President Sirisena, Ranil came to power using you promising to eradicate corruption but he got involved in robbing the Central Bank twice. Those who know the contents of the reports of Presidential Commission say there is enough evidences to put Ranil and several UNP politicians behind bars. Keeping to your promise, why not ask the courts to take this case and give the verdict.

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    There is hardly any point in trying to make this so called President to make him understand the damage he has done to this country. It’s not the matter whether MR or RW is the suitable candidate for PM it’s simply respect for law and democracy which this President does not understand. Is ego is larger than him. Unfortunately he does not have the required IQ or insite
    to foresee the effects of his decisions. He is still the kid who burnt his father’s paddy field just because he was reprimanded. Any psychiatrist will tell you that this is maladaptive behaviour. Same thing has happened now he couldn’t tolerate RW, he set fire to the whole country.

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    In the letter Ariya de Silva says ~ ” ……ex President Obama said lucidly that even a President is not above the law……”.

    In SL, the ‘Law and Order’ is very low – just about the level in the then Wild West. This was not achieved with fast gun slinging but by introduction of a culture of corruption/nepotism/impunity. This helped ‘Law & Order’ to self-destruct to near anarchy.
    A circle of elites have climbed above the law. Right now there is a home vs home match to decide the tallest above the law.
    By the way, the Armed Services always considered themselves above the law..

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    In front of the personal benefits of the power (particularly financial) democracy, rule of law, people are nothing important. This is the history of Srilanka without exceptions. Will the democracy give another chance of Presidency to Sirisena or Mahinda? Will the democracy earn the richest person in the country? No. When 50% of the Sinhalese are not bothered about democracy, why should Sirisena or Mahinda to bother about democracy?

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    “The failure of this Commission of Inquiry highlights the fact the Sri Lankan government lacks the resources and the will to provide real accountability for human rights violations,” said Yolanda Foster. “It proves a real need for an international, independent mechanism to investigate the allegations of war crimes and grave human rights violations committed by both sides during the last phase of the military operations against the Tamil Tigers.”

    Amnesty International’s report into Sri Lanka’s Commissions of Inquiry: “Twenty Years of Make-Believe: Sri Lanka’s Commissions of Inquiry” can be found at http://www.amnesty.org/en/library/asset/ASA37/005/2009/en/c41db308-7612-4ca7-946d-03ad209aa900/asa370052009eng.pdf,

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