2 December, 2023


Mr. President; Leave Us Lasting Legacy – Defeat The ‘Deep State’

By Arun Kumaresan –                                                                                                                        

Arun Kumaresan – Air Vice Marshal (Ret’d)

“You can’t get rich in politics unless you are a crook”  ~ Harry S Trumen

Trust this finds you well amidst a busy campaign schedule.

Supreme Court has now defined the duration of your tenure. There were critics who were attempting to make an issue on a matter that you had the legitimate right to refer. Unfortunately, the outcome did not receive any applause in the context of ‘Good Governance’ from those who would have otherwise capitalized to discredit both the Supreme Court and you (the executive) in the event the decision was 2021. The outcome shows how far we have progressed from an era of past when; an ex Chief Justice later apologized in the public with regards to the Tsunami funds case and another pleaded to remain after Jan 2015 as the head even promising to give verdicts to the whims and fancies of the rulers. This outcome is ‘Loud and clear’ – there had been NO backroom maneuvering under Yahapalanaya and Independence of Judiciary has been absolutely safeguarded – The credit should go to you and in this instance the PM too.

The very fact you leading the nation through a ‘unity government’ is itself a challenge. Irrespective of the claim by UNP that they who made you the President should be taken with a pinch of salt; the fact was the UNP did not have a credible candidate to defeat MR. This was the case earlier too, as they sacrificed their stake and pitted former military chief to contest the former President. Hence, whilst you can be grateful to UNP; the said inadequacy in their part only enabled you for what you are today. The claim by some; he or they invested Rs 500 million for your campaign, if so, was in the belief of establishing “Good Governance”. That was to be the “Return on Investment’ and definitely not through earning Billions unethically. Hence, you can still be supportive to the unity government but only for the right thing.  UNP too should be grateful to you for sticking your head against all odds as if RW had consented, it would have been the doom for UNP and more importantly the death knell for RW. UNP & RW too have to be grateful to you.

Mr President, it is time you reconcile what the unity government under your stewardship and PM has achieved. Certainly a lot; but another lot remains to be done. I think you are amidst a political campaign towards February 10th to solidify your position in the party. This is absolutely necessary, as few (not all) from SLFP who joined to form the unity government is with a past of ‘not so good histories’. They are pulling your leg in the belief to get the former regime mates to form a government. They neither are not doing this to protect you, your party nor in the best interests of Good Governance. Hence, positive results will help you personally. Then comes the few corrupt UNP elements, some already have been exposed and such elements are bent on defeating the purpose of Good Governance in order to earn for their unborn generations and cover their sins.

Mr President. This is the main challenge you are faced with the corrupt mafia that has taken the stranglehold of the nation. I will use the word “Deep State”. This is a term used in American politics and if put in context; “Deep State” – a informal association of elements of government and parts of top-level finance and industry entities that functions cross party lines and effectively able to govern Sri Lanka without reference and consent of the duly elected representatives thro’ democratic processes; and has the ability to maintain influence and grip with any party that forms the government; with a sole and primary purpose to financially accrue wealth. The creation of the Deep State role in politics crept in post 1977 with the mega development projects and procurements by state commenced under the ‘open economy’ era and augmented by the military procurements. During each regime change, which came in with the promise to investigate past corrupt practices became willing victims as they were bought by the ‘Deep State’ entities. This enabled the past crimes to be brushed under the carpet.

The Bond Scam is a typical example. Mr Arjun Alousiyas’s call record gives the empirical evidence to the operative pattern of the similar deep state entities. Mr President, you will also know the attempts that were made by so called advisories who performed in the parliament against the said scam; who behind doors surprisingly sending messages and requesting you not to publish the PCoI findings as pre conditions for larger deals in the (SLFP) political arena. There are numerous other episodes; one such led to the resignation of the Minister of Justice, who was the PM’s nominee until recently in the constitutional council. The “Deep State” has also been working behind the scene to destabilize you and I am sure it would have been bought to your attention by both; formal and informal information collectors.

Salute you Mr President, you did not give in. It is time to act. Not against UNP but against all the corrupt who are controlled by the “Deep State”; may it be UNP, SLFP, NFF or JO. It applies to other parties too but they do not appear being part of at this juncture.

Hence Mr President, as the campaign ends please give urgent attention to the few important issues that are remaining, as itemized below;

a) Supreme Court’s decision has clearly stated the applicability of the 19th amendment. Hence, appoint cabinet and state Ministers not exceeding 30 and 40 respectfully.

b) Abolish the executive Presidency;

c) President of the nation to be elected by the legislature. ( stipulate a criterion)

d) Initiate judicial action against Bond scam fraud stars by appointing a dedicated team of prosecutors and law enforcement officials.

e) Present legislation to nationalize the Rs 12 Billion of Perpetual Treasuries’ deposited at CBSL without resorting to court action as recommended by PCOI. If this does not happen in your tenure, it will be safe to conclude that it will never happen and the money will be eventually returned even with interests under the clause or excuse due to ‘ no legal framework’.

f) Initiate judicial action against members of SLFP in government too as a matter of priority.

g) Employ forensic auditors to quantify the fraud of SRILANKAN ; from 2008 to date and establish a punitive commission to initiate action remedial action. Expose the losses incurred ‘loud and clear’ to the public.

h) Work with European Union(EU) on the infamous Airbus Industrie deal; to annul the contract due to its unethical & unfair sale by a consortium based (also using third party intermediaries) in first world nations to an aid dependent nation and recover all losses arising thereof. EU the so called champions of Human Rights should take up the case of grave violation of the rights of us by a consortium governed by EC rules and regulations.

i) Instruct Justice Minister to establish the dedicated courts without any further delay.

j) Form a team of MP’s with honorable pedigree cross party line inclusive of the opposition to monitor and report progress on corruption inquiries.

k) Instruct Governor CBSL to present the losses to EPF from 2008 to Jan 7th 2015 and publish the same and initiate drastic ‘one off’ action through a legislation to recover losses from the complicit entities.

i) Initiate action preferably under your personal supervision to bring to finality on the purported murders and disappearances.

Mr President, this challenging list, if you have achieved by 2020 , you will leave a ‘legacy’ only to be paralleled  to DS Senanayake & SWRD Bandaranaike. You would also have had the satisfaction of  dynamiting and destroying the “Deep State” and freeing the people of Sri Lanka and giving room and space for young honorable politicians from all parties to manage the nation based on the will of the people; not the “Deep State”

Mr President, my opening quote by American 33rd President Harry S Trumen, rings a bell with a statement you recently made at a rally; Quote – “…In my tenure as President, I will not only build a clean party, but also a clean government and a clean country…” It only misses one thing; whilst you will in fact not only clean your party but also will clean UNP and other parties. This will be the ever lasting legacy that will carve your name in our hearts to be ever remembered; for creating a new political culture; where – NO POLITICIANS WILL EVER GRACE THE LEGILATURE TO BECOME CROOKS AND NO MEMBER OF AN ELECTED OFFICE WILL EVER BE AGENTS FOR CROOKS.

Good luck to you Mr President. You are on your ‘Lap of Honor’. May the legislature will applaud you in 2020 to become the non executive President, as a mark of recognition for achieving the desired goals.

Best regards,

For and behalf of the humble peasantry

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    If you need to have clean politics.
    Vote JVP.
    That alone could do it.
    70 years a&e are not enough for these people to rob the national recourse of public…and fund .
    Vote JVP if you are honest

  • 3

    Arun Kumaresan

    The public racist Dayan has dropped this “phrase” in one of his earlier typing. You are late by four and a half years. your definition completely differs from his. Please see below for his description of deep-state:

    “The second is that devolution runs contrary to the Israeli model of settler-colonisation and close control that is the template so beloved of the security bureaucracy. That is the logic of Occupation as entertained by the ‘deep state’. In many countries the deep state uses civilian political and social movements as proxies and pressure groups to box in the elected civilian leadership.”

    Why a TNA-run NPC is more positive than negative
    July 1, 2013

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    Every country has deep state or their country’s legacy. See how British Privy Council is protecting their BRITISHNESS. NEw countries have their hidden police states. so, if you are saying otherwise, you do not accept the Sri lanka’s long history, culture and civilization. PResident was hired by all the anti-lanakan forces in order to fulfill their wishes. It did not happen the way they expected. Ranil -CBK – Managala and many more in their are losing.

  • 4

    Great article, well-written even though it has given perhaps some undue credit to the President for in it’s ‘deep state’ for nothing.

    The suggestions are brilliant!

    However, none of the rest of suggestions will get implemented as soon as the suggestion b) (abolishing the executive presidency) was implemented. Nevertheless, time has proven that this President unfortunately in vein has no guts or capacity to implement any of the suggestions that you have made. Mark my word Sir – this will be another two years of ride muddling-through at the end sum up to nothing! That’s my prediction, and the general public will be the losers as always!

  • 3

    The only legacy he will leave behind is incompetence and impotence at the Presidential role. None of the election promises has been met, and now he is dilly dallying instead of locking up all he crooked and corrupt bank robbers. There is enough material in the report to do just that. If a common conman and fraudster was identified like this, by now he would have been shot by police claiming that they tried to escape while taking the police to show the loot.

    • 0

      A great article containing valid solutions, but considering the past record of performance by the President from 9th January 2015,
      I am afraid that due to his tube light tendencies and lack of political vigilance any or even a few items in the items listed by the author from (a)-(i) would be implemented.
      That will happen in SL when someone like Mandela or Ho Chi Min appears on the horizon.
      The deep state in SL has powerful means like orange robes, the PTA,
      military might, kept media and a complacent judiciary to look after it’s interests.

  • 2

    MS was on the other-side for ages and certainly would have known SL had a “Deep State”.The bond issue surfacing within days of the installation of the United National Front for Good Governance (UNFGG) is an indication of how deep the ‘Deep State’ has pervaded.
    We have reached the stage where the loyalty of the armed services and police is in doubt. The prosecuting arm can be intimidated.
    The “Deep State’ must be dismantled. UNFGG was mandated to do this. MS must lead the way for the sake of future generations.

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    Sir, well said, In my opinion I never look for honesty and Mr Clean in politics, Because people with these traits will not survive the game of politics, What I look is the purpose for what a person is elected for and how true they are in fulfilling at least some of these during there time, It is the same expectation people have when they come to our work places,As a physician a patient always expect 100% or even more at times, to ensure their well being.If I apply the same yard stick I still have not come across one such state head since our so called independence. To my knowledge they all have been in politics to serve there own agenda with the help of the public who is very happy to be naive and ignorant ( not sure if some are pretending to be), The fun will continue as long people are willing to be pawns and act gullible.

  • 1

    Forget all the crap ,does anyone have any idea of how we are going to pay back our debt to the world of Rs.9.5 Trillion ! ? That is all that matters to me You don’t want to lease the dead loss institutions for a period so that it can be developed and the Country can get out if its debts in meantime. But you want the parasites to be fed at any cost .Here is one man The President sincerely trying his best .and without supporting him seems all are after his blood. No I say ,we have no way out unless there is a mass change if mind or a man with an Iron fist takes over ,but will he be like Lee Juan Yew
    I doubt

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    All your suggestion requires not a political head but a STATESMAN – have we this in MS (with or without
    Executive Presidency) No. Forget it. The Country will run in a Deep State with TV Moguls and henchmen
    at it continuously.

  • 0

    Here is a MS lackey who sees nothing wrong in bringing defeated candidates to the Parliament through the backdoor in the name of good governance, doubling the number of provincial council members at expense of the public money & approving all illegitimate perks for parliament members and more to come for council members! Of course there many more. This lacky is targeting a dpl post somewhere.

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    “Oorukku upathesam unakkaladi” a Tamil saying- meaning
    What one preaches for the public is not meant for his wife.
    Maithree is essentially a politician then the President so what ever he ‘preaches’ to the people should not be Taken seriously by his family and friends.

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