26 June, 2022


MR Slams CBK For Revealing Army Sexual Abuse Against Tamil Women

Former President and Kurunegala district MP Mahinda Rajapaksa has condemned former President Chandrika Kumaratunga over her allegations that there was widespread sexual exploitation by the army against Tamil women in the former war torn areas.


Issuing a statement today Rajapaksa said: “the statement made by Mrs Chandrika Kumaratunga to foreign correspondents in Colombo last week to the effect that war widows in Sri Lanka now face ‘widespread’ sexual exploitation by members of the army among others, is a matter of grave concern. The rape and sexual exploitation of women in the war zone both during and after the war was one of the main unsubstantiated accusations made by two irregularly set up investigations against Sri Lanka within the UN system – the Darusman report of 31 March 2011 and the Navi Pillai/Zeid Al Hussein report of 16 September 2015. The latter report had a whole chapter of about ten pages devoted to the subject of rape and sexual exploitation. Now with days to go for the 34th Sessions of the UN Human Rights Council, a former President of Sri Lanka and a former Commander in Chief of our armed forces says that our armed forces are sexually exploiting war widows in the north.”

“What we have here is a former President of Sri Lanka and a former Commander in Chief of our armed forces echoing the accusations made by our enemies in what is obviously a deliberate attempt to vilify our armed forces on the eve of the UNHRC meeting. Mrs Kumaratunga holds the position of head of the Office for National Unity and Reconciliation (ONUR) which functions under the Presidential Secretariat and the statements she makes goes to the world as the official position of the Sri Lankan government. The Sri Lanka Army’s statement rebutting Mrs Kumaratunga’s accusations does not carry any weight. When a former President and commander in chief makes such a statement the person to respond should be the present President and the Commander in Chief. As a former President and Commander in Chief myself, I call upon the President to publicly condemn the statement made by Mrs Kumaratunga. The government should also seriously consider whether Mrs Kumaratunga is fit to be the head of ONUR as she is using that position to bring disrepute upon the armed forces of Sri Lanka.” Mahinda Rajapaksa further said.

Meanwhile submitting a report to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) on Monday, the International Truth and Justice Project (ITJP) has exposed shocking details of sexual exploitation by the army against Tamil women in the former war torn areas. The report accused the Sri Lanka military for holding women as sex slaves in rape camps.

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  • 70

    So MaRa justifies Army Sexual Abuse but this should not be made public since they are are War Heroes! Nice Logic.

    • 51

      I doubt if anybody knows the true colours of MAHINDA JAAPAKSHE…

      If batticalo incident came up – there the bugger himself paid a visit to the Managalaramaya to show that he is the leader to help them. That abusive monk created all the rascal issues two months ago, standing against the incumbent president, but former Leader had never thought about the greater mistake being done but went on with his low level fantasies.

      Our problem of the day has been nobody else, former leader MaRa and his abusive political behaviours.

      I believe it is high time, FCID to go into to the second round of the investigations, not being blocked the way they have been. Then we can succeed
      marginalizing this devious man and his acts.

      • 55

        Disgraceful man this Mahinda Rajapaksa!!

        If he is going to defend a few criminals and make the entire army look like criminals what kind of a leader and human being is this man!?

        It is men like him who protect a few criminals and tarnish the names of the people who have served this country with a genuine interest of creating a nation that all its people can be proud of…

        No room for criminals and those who continue to stir up ethnic discrimination and hatred like the Rajapaksas and their criminal network in our country….

        No more of this culture of protecting criminals (Game of shape)…

        Punish the criminals so that we can celebrate our true heroes who want to make a better Sri Lanka for all.

        Enough of these politicians and their devisive politics with an intention of exploiting the nation and its people only to fill their pockets…

        • 2

          This is a funny country. Gays want to make their rear a large hole. that should be legislated.

          These widow women have sex with who ever the men they get to meet. that is exploitation.

          They are widows and sex is a biological need.

          Can not these saints in open – if not all are the same – understand it

          • 13

            Who the hell do you think you are to pass judgement on what guys or girls want to do in their private life? Also what business is it of the state to make it illegal for them to do whatever they want?After all this is not a religious theocracy or is it? Percy joined all three bedrooms at Temple Trees to make one large harem for himself defiling public property and leaving it to the next occupant to undo the damage. Now he thinks he can come to the aid of his imitators within the army what a joke of a man.

          • 7

            jim shitty all along I knew you were dumb but I just found out that you are a perv as well.

          • 0

            it is a funny country. onks wants their back hole big. That is ok but its not ok for other SSinhale to experience what the monks are experiencing. other sinhale also have the same biological need as monks

          • 0

            And you have it all along with Rajapakshes. You are totally disgusting, please avoid going to bathe in the ocean please… LOL

            LGBT are also human beings while living on the west, we have LGBT colleagues almost in every walks of life.
            What matters is the person, no matter, they are LGBT or straight so long the person remains human, I dont care.
            I think it is the culture we have to sow in the racial racals filled srilanka.
            I am ashamed to call me a born sinhalaya, but JIMSOFTY, Srinatha, Sach, Sumanayaars are the majority of srilanka. They cant see beyond their nose. They will never make it in this life.
            Minorities of our kind that tolerate human beings, will have to suffer, – that is sad.

            God bless srilanka.

            P.S If my son would have a gay, I would not want to slaughter him. I have to accept his sex orientation.
            Even penguines and monkeys are identified by researchers as they too have same-sex relationships.

      • 2

        I have no doubt, if I would have been the EXECUTIVE president the elect, I would not wait to use my executive powers to investigate all the billion grabs of former President. I would not care even if the party would have been torn, what matters is to serve promised justice to the people. Rebuilding the party will follow with people becoming very clear the gravity of harm being done by former adminsitration.
        Now as prima facie evidence make it very clear, all what have been publishing by the current rulers are much less about the multi profile crimes and abuses had been perpectrated due to lank of sensitivity but only to their pocket filling agendas.
        What we face today, are the consequences that the current government failed to address immediately after they were elected. Had they all been on the agendas for they were elected, people would have been happier by today.
        Instead of doing so, to have chosen to allow highcriminals to roam and scot free the town has created all pains by today.

    • 33

      Nation’s rabble rouser number 1 is in action as usual.

      Business as usual, no matter people would have been harm, but his political gains should work….. SO DEVIOUS men are the curse of this country/nation

    • 41

      The day Rajapakshes are hung by their balls, the day we the peace and harmony lovers will start the journey.

      FCID, please gear up and give it a priorty. We have no more patience.

      These men belong to prisons – if I perpectrated a high crime, I have to face it. Like wise, Rajaapkshes should be jailed for all the harm being done by them. No more special treatments can be acceptable.
      Else, they may create further problems. It is certain.

    • 28

      Former President and Kurunegala district MP Para-Mahinda Rajapaksa, aka MaRa

      RE: MR Slams CBK For Revealing Army Sexual Abuse Against Tamil Women

      Para-Mahinda Rajapaksa, in case you do not know and blind, CBK is a woman. Yes, she is a Para-Sinhala woman, but she feels for her Para-Tamil cousin women.

      CBK also knows the difference between right and wrong, criminal activity and legal activity, law and order and illegal activities, civilized behavior and anarchy, Mara, MaRa behavior

      Being a soldier, does not give the right to rape Tamil woman. This is against the Sri Lankan Criminal code, Against the army regulations, and the Geneva convention. These are War crimes. Those who were found to be guilty should be punished.

      You are depending on the Modayas, Fools, and Idiots to buy your argument. Given that the average IQ of Para-Sinhala as well as the other Paras is 79, you may still find some takers.

      In the meantime, people should sing the song:

      MaRa MaRa ChaTu MaRa
      MaRa MaRa AmaNa MaRa
      MaRa MaRa HoRa MaRa
      MaRa MaRa MiNi MaRu MaRa
      MaRa MaRa DhushaNa MaRa

      • 4

        So basically the fact is under Yahapalana government there is no rule of law?

        Ask uncle Ranil!

        Why are you keep calling Mahinda, did you just wake up from a wet dream?

        • 0


          “Why are you keep calling Mahinda, did you just wake up from a wet dream?”

          Mahinda was called Para-Mahinda.

          Did not wake up, because could not sleep, as Para-Mahinda is not sleeping yet, and still day-dreaming.

    • 3

      So how does army exploit?
      Do you have examples?
      Is it like in Vietnam by the US forces?
      Any facts. other than poverty drives women to SEX trade?
      What is TNA doing about the poverty of the Tamils,
      Are they trying to set up any industries with overseas tamils?

      Or are they waiting for their dream utopia where elite Tamils do the back side of the poor Tamils?

    • 2

      Maraya says, “””””Revealing Army Sexual Abuse Against Tamil Women”””,
      that means Jarpassa clan wants to hide the Armed forces war hero’s Sexual Abuse Against Women in sri lanka and abroad.
      ANE YAKO.
      “”Dee kiri walata Balaluth saakki denawa””””.
      [ cats are ready to give answers THAT there were no curd in the pot, for disappearance of the curd in the pot]t

    • 0

      Just imagine the manner how they pettah men killed even innocient people in hundreds in JULY 83 riots.

      Very same grass eating folks go after Mahinda Rajapakshe even today. No matter even their Lovely ones would have been abducted, tortured, sent missing or found murdered like the few cases well known to the people, but the very same folks do the same on non-stop way.. That is the reason why the kind of democracies to allow criminals to get elected and rallied round and destroy the nation.

      Just minority edcuated people have to suffer it within their lives not seeing any improvment of the society is reached. This is so agony. This is the reason why good educated people leave the country.. for better places.

      Media men, please wake up, dont fool the torn folks any further, think twice before being any news in favours of proved criminals such as Rajapakshes and the like men.
      My wish is to see these men to have been convicted for all high crimes they perpectrated, within coming months.

  • 33

    MR or any other leaders will not succeed covering army men s ill practices this way. As usual the most abusive former president back to his tracks to stand with criminal gangs. Even US army men, if they had been abusive, would have been subjected to investigations.
    I myself have met some notherners in europe that sought refugee claiming the harm being done by some army men on tamil women.
    Abusive politicians of the nature will always stand and cover it to earn respect from them too, but millitary itself will have to stand against the bugger, since the kind of rises can only live short.
    Fact is if anyone among Army or buddhist cleargy perpectrated crimes should equally be subjected to proper investigations.
    Let s get this clear with former Army men, that can then help all of us to get out of this. Just to attack any leaders that want to see various kind of investgation to clean the long standing real problems of the country, …. is an silly act.
    Authorities, over to you, MR has no what so ever right to cover up this way. His adminsitration has done all various abusive high profile act.. with his mediation and command as minister of defence. Allow his brother to do what he is right even letting some missing and murdered that way…explains us everything.

    • 29

      Simon De Silva

      What is MR’s message to women in general?

      We will not prevent women and children being raped nor will we punish the rapists in this island.

      Foreign women when you visit this thrice blessed island you should be prepared to accept rape as part of your travel package. Our rapists are also specialists in gang rape. No job is small for our rapists, if necessary our rapists visit you armed with weapons and politicians.

      Local women, as you know granting sexual favours are as necessary part of your live as earning merit for servicing the war criminals. If you cannot prevent it please don’t resist lie back and learn/pretend to enjoy it if you want to take care of your family.

      • 21

        He is no such sensitive – so long his focus is to rabblerouse the millitary. But what matters to me, is the grass eating majority folks would not care whatever harm being done to women, they just let rape even their wives by MR and his henchmen. That is the stand of the nation even today.
        There you will see how the folks have been bamboozled by Rajapakshe Mantra.

      • 3

        So how many rape cases by army?

        50000 as in Nanthikadal?

        Any facts? Evidence of systematic exploitation by army (not couple of soldiers)? Any policy document from army, verbal directives from top?

        • 22

          Your problem is you dont even allow to say that some army men were real rapists.

          We all know how they had been in Haiti island.

          We also how they the vandalists even if some brave men fought the war, dont see any mercy… These men have no disipline at all.

          I am talking only about RAPIST and the likecriminals.

          They are not the majority, but their harm done is huge… as you guys too do the same kind of crimes not even accepting that they were so criminals

          • 2

            Of course you can find rapists any army,
            Find them, Punish them, apply the rule of law.
            Couple of bad apple is not a reason to generalise the whol army who fought quite professionally at the later part of the war.

            • 14


              “Couple of bad apple is not a reason to generalise the whol army who fought quite professionally at the later part of the war.”

              Lets not discuss how professionally the war criminals killed/maimed/violated human rights/raped ….. subjected innocent people to indignity, …… from 5th April 1971. It is a long sad story, I bet you chose not to remember nor acknowledge the suffering of the innocent.

              Lets come back to rotten apples.

              Whose responsibility is it to identify rotten apple and what should one do about it in order to prevent further spread of disease?

              Think about it, though it is difficult give it a try.

              Some clues:

              Know your pest
              Eliminate hiding places
              spray trees with nontoxic horticultural oil


              Please stop giving us bull all the time. Just accept you are a public racist, which is more than enough an excuse for us to respect you.

              Nothing personal.

              • 3


                can anybody teach him the basics to Srinath ? He behaves as if he is born stupid.

                He sees just black and white only.
                Why the man even if he continues his stay in the UK, behaves so stupid is my million dollar question.

                Even a dog would see it right, if the dog would have been kept in a more democratic place, but the guys of Srinath nature, seem not wanting to see it right.
                This guy is said to be a retired person, but I wonder what he would teach to his offsprings and younger generations.

  • 26

    Does this smart ass patriot truly represent his constituency where there have been cases of war criminals taking advantage of women folks in the south too by simply being war heroes(?).

    These war criminals expect/demand priority service in public places. If this is allowed to continue somas, Gunaratnam …. all other smart ass patriots may be forced buy chastity belts for their women folks.

    Or may be medieval metal armors.

    • 19

      This smart ass patriot during his rule tried to hide the SRILANKAn Rapist Peace keeping Forces from the UN .

      111 Soldiers,1 Lt Colonel, 2 Majors were Repatriated from HAITI on disciplinary grounds. A single large Repatriation in the UN history for Rape Crimes.
      This man too should be charged for the crimes for aiding and abetting the Rapists by the UN.
      All those in present and past government too should be charged for DENYING THIS KIND OF INTERNATIONAL CRIMES AGAINST VULNERABLE VICTIMS.

  • 22

    If the allegations are true, why should they not be known to the world. The Rajapakses are war criminals. He is making a forward defence so that he does not have to face charges. Time will catch up with them. It took time to get at people like Pinochet and Charles Taylor but eventually they had to stand trial. It will be so with the Rajapakse briothers. They have to play the nationalist card to keep this event away from them But, the people in Sri Lanka have seen through these ploys. The sinhala politicians have beaten this drum for too long, kept the Sinhalaya in Mahavamsa shit and stolen public funds. A repeat of this is in no ones interest. Having a war crimes trial would be a good cathartic event that will enable a fresh start in the country.

  • 17

    Three years ago a video appeard of the SLA training some female Sinhala recruits.


    The SLA admitted it was genuine.


    So do we need to doubt how some Tamil women were treated?

  • 18

    MR’s ranting & calling upon the President to condemn CBK’s opinion proves his low level of intelligence in matters of State. Of course he is not alone, when there is Donald Trump, also brought in to power by the same voter mentality, who makes outrageous remarks but even in the US, UK, Israel or any other developed country, where the respective armed forces have been involved in conflicts, there have been rogue elements with ‘nationalistic’ pride who have gone on rampage, abusing, torturing & practicing vigilantism, yet, despite how unpopular it may be with some of the public, such accusations have been investigated & the culprits punished. In the eyes of the world, the armed forces of a democratic country are expected to be disciplined, otherwise it’s just a ragtag army of mercenaries, a disgrace to the country & particularly, to the Commander in Chief, who ever he may be.

    So is MR trying to save his own reputation by denying that such atrocities never happened, despite the facts brought to light? Or is he just dumb, still playing to the gallery in the hope of a comeback? MR does not seem to understand that not all soldiers are war heroes. There are inevitably deserters, vigilantes & those who profit from war, therefore, cannot be all universally categorized as heroes. The security forces are a pride of a nation & its leadership & as a nation, we should weed out the bad elements, not condone their lawless action. Justice needs to prevail even in war.

    • 21

      His low levels intelligencia is becoming clear to the grass eating folks that nevertheless stood by him.. no matter high profile frauds had been the case by his single handed mediation. Alone that SAITM issue – there it is reported that 500 billions worth loans facilities had been provided to the institute, but the institute was not even got approved by the state medical council. So was the case with MATTAla AIrport, just to have it named after “mahinda raja” he avoided most essential feasiblity checks before going to build it. All in all, his half brain seems to have misguided him, except the issue elemination of terror from the country. I now believe, latter was ” an all – or- not” issue, that why he succeeded it, even an idiot with zero knoweldge but being admant that way, could achieve it, but that ot be taken as the licence to rape the nation the way he andhis men have done, should not be resepcted by anyone with alittle brain.

  • 7

    Now everyone is shedding crocodile tears over Tamil women and children. Nobody talks about LTTE comfort women, Tamil women and children suicide bom.bers, Tamil terrorists women, Tamil…, Tamil…., Tamil…., etc.

    Still Tamil women are assaulted by TAMILS.

    LTTE ‘Ponnaya’ terrorists were hiding behind the skirts.

    There are Illegal Shariya courts in Kattankudi that only punish women.

    The following should not happen in Sri Lanka.

    • 1

      Read the book by Thamalini, That explains how women were explited from all corners, Sexual, Menatal, verbal….

      People in Tamil condemn these women LTTE soldiers as some inferior polluted out casts! And they ask to stop exploitation.

      What has TNA done to help these women? found any jobs? therapy? other than selling their misery for the utopia peelam.

  • 14

    CBK is a woman. Why should she not expose sexual assault of another woman? Accusation by MR is oppressive,racist, unpatriotic and stupid.

  • 9

    What are the differences between JR and MaRa and between MaRa and CBK ?
    (A) JR said in 1983 ” “I am not worried about the opinion of the Jaffna (Tamil) people now. Now we cannot think of them. Not about their lives or of their opinion about us. The more you put pressure in the north, the happier the Sinhala people will be here… really, if I starve the Tamils, Sinhala people will be happy… .”

    (B) MaRa isdoing what JR did in 1983. JR wanted the support of the majority community to stay in power . MaRa is using the same tactis JR did.

    CBK who brought in MaRa as a presidentional candidate in 2005 and made him win is being insulted by MaRa.

    Also MaRa is putting a wedge between MS and RW.

  • 4

    LTTE members all crying foul !!! Can’t accept deafeat – such bad losers !! Sorry LTTE boys you have no basis for crying foul considering all the deadly deeds you did. You brought death and mayhem to a peaceful country sullied its name stopped its progress all in the name of senseless greed !!! Go boil your ugly demented heads!! !

  • 2

    Incest is a custom among some Tamil castes. High caste Tamils rape low caste women servants. Related news reports available if you check.

    So, what is wrong if these widows sleep with a man.

    It is the wife of the man who should get upset and not the widowed politicians probably had concensual sex so many times and no one accuses sexual exploitation of the man.

    • 0

      [Edited out]

  • 3

    CBK and her office have denied the statement causing this furore.

    During the past regime, there were news that Dr Navi Pillay was a terrorist sympathizer (and by implication a terrorist). She was supposed to have laid wreaths at certain sites. UNHCR denial appeared in overseas media but not locally.

    The influence of the earlier regime on the Lankan armed services is evident.

  • 2

    Sri lankan politicians are not classy ones at all. They all play cheap politics. Every time when they make a statement it is party politics to gain some votes to him or in this case just to make him popular again among the forces.

    Otherwise, when he was the president, he exploited the war victory for his advantage. but, he did not do many things he could have done. that is why Disabled soldiers have to protest even todate.

    Here the story it is two expersidents and two former supreme commanders whio accuses and who praises the forces that served under them. What kind of leaders they are.

    • 0

      Why dont you use the free education in the country funded by Tamil tax payers.

  • 8

    Your head line “MR Slams CBK For Revealing Army Sexual Abuse Against Tamil Women” is misleading.
    By using the term “revealing” you try to tell the readers that MR knows that abuse happened but CBK is being slammed for telling so. In no where in MR’s statement as published in your article is slamming CBK for “revealing”. CT need to stop being biased altering what is said. Now, I suspect CT in the earlier article may have reported falsely, what CBK really said to the foreign correspondents. If I am wrong, please publish the transcript of the exchange between CBK and the foreign correspondents.

    • 3

      Thank you. In a nutshell, the headline of this story is “Revealing”. It should have read “Alleging”. CT too like many media outlets sensationalise events but, this time is an attempt to fabricate and mislead the readers. It is possible that a handful of Sri Lankan soldiers may have committed offences against civilians. The Sri Lankan forces are a better outfit in this regard in comparison to those of UK, US and India; the worst of them being the Indian forces. Indian forces committed rape en mass, theft, looting of property in the North and East of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan military is an exemplenary unit and will stay in the North, East or wherever they are needed. CT and its pro LTTE readers will get used to that soon.

  • 0

    Now with days to go for the 34th Sessions of the UN Human Rights Council, a former President of Sri Lanka and a former Commander in Chief of our armed forces says that our armed forces are sexually exploiting war widows in the north.”

    Is this another GL’s draft?. If so, the truth is, these guys still having nightmare of UN Electric Chair. So worried about 34th session? These guys do not want to believe when New King, Ranil and Magala say that they beaten back the UN Electric Chair.

  • 0

    “MR Slams CBK For Revealing Army Sexual Abuse Against Tamil Women”

    Former Chief Rapist absolving his satellite rapists!

  • 2

    Even the great Dutu Gemunu would not say this. It would be recalled that a section of the Sri Lankan army stationed in Haiti for international peace keeping had to be recalled for acts of sexual abuses.during the Rajapaksa Regime. Jarapaksa himself would not have understood what he was supposedly writing.Bensen

  • 0

    Yes, Rajapaksa is crazy.
    When our leader Prabha was alive our LTTE raped sinhala girls in eastern Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka army cannot match that. Go to hell Rajapkasa. You can’t beat us !!

  • 1

    Mahinda & Dayan,

    People chased you out and why can’t you leave the people of the country live in peace? You are the one who went to UN against Srilanka military accusing raping Sinhala women. Can you remember?

  • 0

    Reading from the pages of all war time Journalisst and pages of history it is no secret that wars and armies of occupation lead to unwanted violence against Women .May be it is commissioned army of the nation or the army of the militia of rebels , the conditioned mind to kill the enemy is often not disciplined and looting and raping happened and it is a fact swept under the metaphorical carpet .Woman are doubly vulnerable .Women who are cherished and cared for in the homes of people in normal circumstances are left open to abuse when their brothers fathers and husbands are lost to a war . . Women and kids are traumatized in many ways , when suicide bombs go off targeting males enemies they suffer .Women as Mothers have to endure the decisions of sons being taken away from home as Child combatants .What can the women say when wars are planned mostly by men for power and some misplaced ideal whipping up fear of the unknown or unseen enemy .. CBK as a woman who suffered has taken up the cause of the women and who else will do it for sometimes rape is an abomination that happened in Bosnia , in Ruwanda and so many places in the ME and is just looked at as a war time incident as long as its ‘them’ It is not one ethnic group of women who suffered it may tilt the scale to one side but many suffered in the far off villages silently enduring hardship so it could be rape there too even one is one too many ,.. ..and war is indeed an evil and the War Memorial days bring back harsh memories for those who suffered and the names of those dear ones are not on a plaque but is forgotten abandoned like those rusting was weaponry left behind .

  • 1

    Has he forgotten what his Brainless harsh Brother Gota said, and ordered his men, Just after the War in May 2009. He wanted these shameless security personals to enjoy the helpless young Tamil women in the camps and living alone in the North of the Island, and to make the Palks straight sea red with the Blood of Tamil men.
    This Bandit MR used his fathers name, by chance he became a MP. At School he was just a foolish bandit, His IQ was between two planks. It is Chandricka’s fault making him the PM and accepting his nomination to become the tyrant autocratic President. He made the precious Island into a Banana state. Don’t take him seriously..

  • 0

    Pathetic headline by Colombo Telegraph……what is there to reveal?

  • 0

    The reality of it all is I cannot imagine a Sinhalese army personnel touching a Tamil woman even with a barge pole when it comes to sex let alone rape. This is all false propaganda made up by the terrorist leaders and their supporters to invalidate the war win by the Rajapaksa regime.

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