30 September, 2022


Multi Billion Tax Revenue Fraud By Yahapālana Group Exposed

By Nagananda Kodituwakku

Nagananda Kodituwakku

Nagananda Kodituwakku

Wickremesinghe administration when keep on increasing tax in various forms, urged people to bare it, claiming that the new administration cannot run the government business without adequate funds in the treasury blaming MR regime. Since then people were burdened with more and more tax charged on every commodity, including hospital bill payments.

Yet, it has been revealed that the new government that promised clean corrupt free administration dubbed ‘Yahapalana’ is committing worse crime than Rajapaksa regime, keeping the people in total dark.

All 225 MP elected to the parliament in the General Election held in August last year, including those who were rejected by the people yet nominated as MPs through the National list, have been issued with a tax free permit by yahapalana administration to import a vehicle (petrol or diesel) upto the value of US$ 62,500.00. These permits have been issued with no limitation on the engine capacity and there is no restriction whatsoever on the transfer of vehicles imported on these permits to any.PM Permit

Followed by the granting of this windfall, Finance Minister, Ravi Karunanayake issued a special gazette notification, exempting all levies, normally 300% on luxury diesel vehicles imported on these permits, that comes to about 30 million rupees or more.Tax Exemtion Gazette

Now it is learnt that there is a huge demand for these permits, which goes for between 20 million to 22.5 million in the open market, as there is a total tax exemption, except mere Rs 1065/- charged for processing data by Customs.

Strictly, this is a day light robbery of public funds, (tax revenue) which falls within the definition of offence of corruption, as every member of parliament who sells their permits commit the offence as soon as they abuse the public office to favor themselves with an unjust enrichment by defrauding the tax revenue.

Yet, cruelest part is that the Corruption Commission under Yahapalana government is not prepared to enforce the law against this day light robbery ‘as the loss cause to the government by the sale of these permits is due to the implementation of the government policy’ that is pickpocketing of tax revenue by the so-called people’s representatives, who promised corrupt free administration to ever gullible people of Sri Lanka, but do exactly the opposite.2015-03-04- Ltr by Corruption Com

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  • 30

    so what is the fuss all about.Just increase the VAT to cover it up.Nothing to worry till the next election in 4 years time no.Eat,drink,be merry(kaapalla,beepalla,jolly kerapalla)and drive in bomb proof rs 300 mln cars.

    what naga does not understand is when you get a loan use it unwisely because after you enjoy and go some other poor sod will have to deal with the creditors.

    and look at the natural resources we are endowed with.The oil,gas,precious metals,minerals,forestry,fish.we can always pay those loans one day.

    jolly,jolly,jolly,jolly,jolly,jolly kerapalla,baila,baila,baila dance dance

    • 17

      Nagananda Kodituwakku –

      Yahapalanaya- For Us- Says 225 MPs.

      For You we give you more VAT – Says 225 MPs.

      Wait 4 more years for the next set of Crooks!

      Have you thought of Immigrating?

  • 22

    It’s grossly unfair for anyone to decry this minor concession granted to the elected and non-elected representatives.

    It’s only just rewards for the selfless hard work they do day and night. There is no other group that work so tirelessly for the betterment of the country and all its inhabitants.

    Why begrudge a little luxury? I hope this will enable them to serve the people even better.

    • 34

      No Sri Lankan politician needs or deserves a gas-guzzling, 4WD luxurious vehicles to serve the public.

      Start by taking John Amaratunga’s taxpayer funded limo.

      Provide them with eco-friendly, reasonable, hybrid or battery driven non-polluting vehicles. With reasonable comfort and reliability. If mobility is required to carry out their duties.

      Ownership must remain with GOSL. Should be taken back the day after they leave office.

      This dutyfree permit is magnet for corruption. A big reason why corrupt political families never leave politics. Also why they are willing to kill each other to win a nomination for election.

      These vehicles are hated by the people. Who are forever stuck on stinking public transport.

      Banning this corrupt permit must become a major a slogan. No other way.


      Do not expect much when we have Ravi K as Minister of Fianace though. UNP is taking us for a ride. Civil society must intervene to scrap this scheme.

      • 14

        I heard what John baas said last week. Please give him a 3-wheeler to conduct his business, that is more than adequate. After all, his policy for putting up import tax has already emptied the roads of non essential 3-wheelers. Just give him some of his own medicine.

      • 12

        Ben Hurling,

        “UNP is taking us for a ride”

        When have we been not taken for a ride; albeit not in a gas-guzzling, 4WD luxurious vehicle?

        YouTube —> Politicians express views on vehicle price increase

        Great facial expressions, tone and modulated voice, Ravi talking of John Amaratunga, but SB takes the cake; such sweetness!

        We may not have great leaders but rejoice we are blessed with world-class talent that would surpass Hollywood or Bollywood any day.

        Lee Strasberg would be rolling with envy!

      • 1

        Well said. People must be educated to know that it is their tax money that is wasted by these so called peoples representatives. It is we who send them to parliament and we must decide what is good for them and not the other way about. This should come to an end soon.They have been hoodwinking the masses for too long. Learn from our neighbor India.They don’t waste public money like this

    • 8


      the resuls speak for themselves.People have not had any relief due to the so called hard work you mention from these politicians.They are working hard alright,but for themselves.Earlier the blame for 2 long years was the war.Now they blame each other.Do you reall think this quality deserves tax credits too.

      • 2

        should be 27 long years,not 2.Typho error

    • 15

      “up to the value of US$ 62,500.00”

      Now, finally, Sarath Fonseka can buy his Merc. Not enough to stretch for a S-Class but at least an E-Class or a CLS. Finally he will have a set of wheels befitting his title and achievements. Anything less, he wouldn’t be able to do his duty by the people.

      Doesn’t matter if it’s a gas-guzzler, the common man can always tighten his belt for our heroes and saviours to at least enjoy a little luxury and prestige.

      The common man is too common. His lot in life is to be the beast of burden for heroes and saviours.

      Will the day ever dawn where we wake up not looking for a Messiah to pull rabbits out of a hat?

      Has there ever been an exemplary SL leader? Why are we still looking?

      Only good old Mr Udurawana got it right!

      Are you mad or am I mad?

      Both respectively.

    • 6

      ”It’s only just rewards for the selfless hard work they do day and night. There is no other group that work so tirelessly for the betterment of the country and all its inhabitants”

      Mr Nimal Fernando, is it Sri Lanka you are talking about? If I am not mistaken, more than half the Parliament consists of thugs & uneducated yobs while the rest are educated crooks. So the selfless hard work & tirelessly working for betterment of the country is a load of crap or is it a cynical comment on your part?

    • 3

      Policy must be applied across the board; one policy for the people and another for the parliamentarians was the downfall of Mahinda’s regime.

      Mahinda wanted us to tighten our belts while he fattened himself and his brothel keepers. So RW and MS must tread very carefully.

    • 8

      nimal Fernando
      Thanks Nimal had a good laugh have you consider stand-up comedy.

    • 1

      are you serious or are you being sacastic? If the former then you are a fool or maybe a close relative of someone in power. If the latter then please indicate that so people won’t think you are a fool.

  • 14

    Sri lankans, including me will never learn from their mistakes and will definitely sacrifice their valuable “chandeh” during the next election (be it Presidential or General) to the next rogue who comes with a “kata kaneh” smile on his/her face… it’s a bloody shame that we as citizens who elected these miscreants cannot do anything about all this.

    • 10

      “”it’s a bloody shame that we as citizens who elected these miscreants cannot do anything about all this.””


      the easiest for humans is to criticize from opposing podium.
      but it calls for knowing, doing.

      imagining human systems??

      come out of your nut shell and say something like how about this way?

  • 12

    This government is a bundle of contradictions. The ‘National’ government by its very composition makes way for these contradictions. One step forward and two steps backwards! It robs us to pay ransom to a bunch ( most) of unprincipled crooks and shysters, we have elected to parliament. The result is a Devil’s bargain.

    I was surprised to find no mention of the quality of our politicians or on how we select our cabinet in other Lal Wijenaike Committee report. What is so sacrosanct about the Westminster system?

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 6

      End of the road August 16th 2017

  • 7

    Comment will be superflous. Res ipsa loquitur. Ranil, you remember the phrase? Perhaps, perhaps. You never were that bright in the lecture room to understand.

  • 10

    To these hard working M.PP a gift by GG is a mere Rs. Nine million for
    a Car, whilst forgoing a Salary increase?

    But what the Voters are more worried is the non-implementation of anti-corrupt moves, as these 21 allegations too should be added, as vital outstanding matters of GG:

    a) Computer purchases for Mahindodaya labs. in Rs. 5.87 Bil..
    b) Issue of 1000 diplomatic Passports during 9 yrs. of Rule.
    c) 3 PSD Officers: Brig.Capt.& Major in Money Laundering while under MR
    d) Tourist Board Officials Rs. 5.7 Mil. . transactions
    e) SL Insurance re involvement of a Doc. & ex-Minister
    f) S.E.Corp Rs.4.7 Mil. transaction
    g) Diary Printing by an ex-Minister Rs. 1.4 mil.
    h) D.A.Rajapakse Museum construction Rs. 91 Mil.
    i) Purchase of Gowers Pvt. Ltd. by a Parliamentarian
    j) 40 luxury vehicles rented by S.Eng.Corp.
    k) Rs. 3117 Mil paid by a Chinese Engineering Co. into 6 Banks A/cs.
    l) Commonwealth Games Trip of 140 persons& exp. of Rs.358 mil. thereof
    m) Rs. 12,500 mil. found dumped in Temple Trees during ec.2014/Jan.2015
    n) Prof. S.Wijeyasooriyas allegation re the sale & distribution of 40
    Kg. Gold, also Siriliya A/c.
    o) Air Force Commanders dealings in the hire of Helicopters to CrainLtd
    p) J.C.Weliamuna Committee Rpt. on Lanka Airlines still in the hands of the PM of SL.
    q) An ex-CJ admitting his lenient or corrupt (?) verdict on “Helping
    Hambantota” Case!
    r) An MR Co-ordinating Secy. holding multiple jobs arrested with 10
    Gold Biscuits,(1106 gm) by FCID
    s) “The Anti Corruption Committee Secretariat has referred 182 files received by it on large scale financial frauds and corruption to FCID of which 42 files have been referred to the A. G by the FCID say reports.” LT
    t) JVPs petition filed in Supreme Court re 193 charges against K.P. &
    his assets disposed during the past Regime
    u) Min. Rambukwella`s Rs. 20 Mil. Ex Presidents Fund plus Insurance
    obtained over Med. Treatment in 2012.

  • 8

    Its beyond a joke what this so called Yahapalana regime is doing. It is a scandal, a day light robbery and insults the intelligence of the average citizen. Yes come next election we would vote for the same or another a set of rouges depending on what pre election jollies and freebies are offered to the electorates. The country’s foreign debt is so colossal that no amount of tinkering by the CB ISSUING BONDS or by the treasury taking fiscal measures , would get us out of this financial burden for a long, long time. Where do we start?
    I have some thoughts but as Boris Pasternak had said that its best that one’s mouth be shout in times like this
    Suffice to say that, we as a nation have been living on aids and loans for a very, very long time. Dear Kodituwakku may need to resort to use an AK47 instead of the pen!. Joking apart, though the “pen is mightier than the sword”, in Sri Lankan context it is a waste of time

  • 6

    When Secretary Vajira Narampanawa imposes the condition that the CIF value of the car should be $64,500, he is not allowing smaller cars unless their values are raised to $64,500.

    A Secretary should know better how to draft a letter.

    Are these rally our best, selected through SLAS exams?

  • 5

    If anyone in UNP/PA government taking the citizenry for ride, why so called allied opposition is very much silent on this issue. It is a fact when all MPs are benefited in an issue not a single MP in the parliament will protest or talk against. We are the fools to elect those parliament MPs and send them there to share peoples’ wealth with out thinking the citizenry……

  • 16

    The majority of our 225 EmPee’s take a (silent) oath on election:

    To take as much as they can

    To screw the people as best as they can

    To never knowingly fail to enrich their favoured relatives and hangers-on.

    All this others are what makes Sri Lanka poorer. For the poor voter it is a case of ‘duppathage dukka, posathage pooka’.

    WE need more Naga’s to out and oust the bastards.

    • 14

      “”WE need more Naga’s to out and oust the bastards””

      As always the plantation worker monkey that became independent by fluke
      will try and try and try. then grin I got the sterling companies and my man no miss is catholic, CEO. No? It still sells best because of English nostalgia. I just met one of the English girls born there in the good old days of picturesque landscape into the tea house

      But that is not the only void in a nations economy, immigrants have to pay their way through at the bottom for the patient lot who are now in control of trade or the top to keep the new rich floating.
      civil savants have done their lot- chit for school, chit for scholarship, and finally a return chit for foreign service.

      CBK socialism ended with others Salli no malli no but monkey people hang on to community pacche.

      “”To screw the people as best as they can””

      the taker never feels sorrow or guilt but joy and wonder because he/she is anointed by the eggheads.

      Church goes are protesters (union std) therefore the pews are empty.

      Keep the pews empty, and be rich then the priest listens to you.

    • 2

      Spring Koha
      nice to be back isn’t it?

      “”To take as much as they can””

      Hop out SirMao regime of the communist,
      you will understand that the day SiriMao government was ousted the vehicle import licences were available via the all 90% of ME remittances from menial work- ME workers had permits which were purchased by wholesalers to auto spares Panchikawatte. The showrooms were filled with used unused Japanese etc. But the plums without taxes still garage number plate but collectors item were never much on the streets. saffrons dream cars- value added.
      later duty free shops of Colombo 3 was run with 60% of its business in this manner. ME returnees $$ swap.

      Pineapple: Annasi pazham.
      old man bokworm only 10 hrs of work.try this out this month and make some pocket money – you don’t get it second time.

      It’s selling price is 5 times your gampaha to madhu cost cif.
      pineapple (summer new delhi)In season ends june.
      Perishable 10 day ripen at home variety direct to delhi fruit & dry fruit importers. 1 container spring koha mark. don carol’s would smile.

  • 3

    I read a news item (reproduced below) in todays Daily News about our Hypocrite President. If he is disturbed about the damage drink and smoke cause to citizens health he has the power to ban and criminalize manufacture and distribution of both items. He won’t do that. Because he wants the maximum money from both. Also he is a VIP facilitator for both industries immensely benefitting from their largesse.

    During yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, President Maithripala Sirisena proposed to increase the VAT on cigarette up to the maximum level. He also directed the Finance Minister not to provide any relief for tobacco companies and also not to promote the tobacco industry.

    Following an issue which was discussed at a function President participated in the Morning, he has directed Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake to submit a full report mentioning reasons for not to increase VAT on cigarettes.

    Meanwhile, President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday vowed to submit an immediate proposal to the Cabinet with regard to the implementation of the correct tax on cigarettes. The President also said that around 25,000 people die of smoking-related diseases in Sri Lanka per year and Sri Lankans spend over Rs.500 million on cigarettes and alcohol per day. Unquote.

    • 4


      “f he is disturbed about the damage drink and smoke cause to citizens health he has the power to ban and criminalize manufacture and distribution of both items. “

      KASmaalam KASsumanasekera is looking for you. Forgot to tell you, he is hiding a Kerala machete behind his back, which is a family inheritance passed on to him.

  • 3

    Spring Koha

    I thought you are enjoying your well earned holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 0

      Yes Sir,

      I am sending my comments from the ‘land of the free and the home of the brave’ where the final super Tuesday is coming. The people of this amazing nation have put their formidable political class on warning, and the ‘outsider’ Mr Donald ‘I’ll do it my way’ Trump is riding high. The outcome is uncertain.

      Yes, Native Vedda, you can take boy out of Sri Lanka, but you cannot take Sri Lanka out of the boy. Soon after prayers, I spend 45 minutes on that Land like No Other’. A case of mixing the sublime and the ridiculous.

      • 0

        “”Soon after prayers, I spend 45 minutes on that Land like No Other’””

        Prayers!! Both the crusaders in the island tell their prayers which has been aptly copied by the Buddhist.
        donkey’s bray This land is your land This land is my land,….
        This land was made for you and me,That side was made for you and me.
        Is this land made for you and me?
        So the chaos?.

  • 1

    It is clear we are reaching the end of the road – economically. Whether the final rites were performed by the crooked Rajapakses or any other it is plain the economy is in tatters. The Yahapaalanayas have no other sources to impose their taxes on to keep the ship of state at least without sinking immediately. Don’t blame the IMF/WB for imposing harsh conditions. They will do it for Greece, Brazil, Venezuela or whoever who are condemned to resort to the begging bowl.

    The next stage is the spiralling of prices of essential food items and other daily necessities. Successive governments virtually killed the people with repeated enormous taxes on fuel/petrol/diesel, unbearable electricity bills. Recently we saw Green Chillies fetch over Rs.1,500/kilo. In Venezuela – flush with oil revenue until that idiot Hugo Chavez came in and ruined the economy – food queues are seen all over the country. A hamburger in a fast-food joint that was sold for US$1 is now priced at US$170. Lufthansa, a popular airline in and out of Venezuela for decades has pulled out because the Venezuelan Govt refuses to recognise the earlier US$ parity with the local worthless currency. The Venezuelan regime owes Lufthansa millions of dollars.

    I am not hoping for this but I am afraid, unless divine help intervenes, Sri Lanka will go down the same road. A hungry and hopeless People will be forced to take to the Streets. From Sirisena’s perspective it is good strategy to “bribe” the 225 MP’s with luxury car permits and other goodies. The next Revolution is almost here. The worst scenario is, like in once-rich Syria, our people might have to flee to Tamilnadu out of sheer desperation – a reverse journey by Kallathoni. Who expected millions of Bangladeshis to break into Calcutta in the early 1970s.


    • 2

      “”Who expected millions of Bangladeshis to break into Calcutta in the early 1970s. “”

      Thursday 28th April Samanta hurriedly flew into Washington recomended the bridiging $1.5 billion American IMF loan on behalf of Obama Hussain. that nets in $2.2 billion- american jack boot the savior from poverty. Taxes are internal income on outgoings. while this is FDI for balancing repayments, adjusting inflation and stabilizing the SLR.

      don’t worry has a life for the foolish buddha the idle buddha.
      its running as per American schedule but its overtaking.
      casinos, sing song houses, harems no go streets.
      brisk Yankee bay business. the Pakistanis love it.

      Philippines has survived, Thai’s escaped the full wrath.
      The Japanese islands Oh the little children.??

      The island is a survivor like Afghanistan and would survive as tourist destination (drugs casinos, money laundering away from nepal) and cricket fanatics.
      Island is not as bad as Bangal as yet.

  • 4

    Mexican Ambassador to India don’t use a car. She has a 3 wheeler with with diplomatic license plate.

    Why can’t the majority of the SL members of parliament if not all, follow a same or similar way. At least for a limited period of Time say 2 years.

  • 5

    Mr Nagananda Kodituwakku

    You may be a lone voice but don’t give up the fight. Sri Lanka needs more people like you to eliminate corruption, cronyism & mismanagement of state resources. Maybe there will be a day when a fairer society will prevail in SL but its a distant dream. Unless there are educated & competent people in Parliament, it will be business as usual with yobs & thugs & their cronies running the country, making laws & rules for their benefit.

    Ravi K has increased the duty on vehicles to pay for the luxury cars of the Politicians. Doctors & Govt. officials are also benefited to keep them happy but it is the rest of us who have to pay for all the perks of a privileged few with ‘stealth’ taxes, such as increased VAT, NBT etc People should be remunerated fairly for the work they do but why create a privileged class with ‘permission to print money’ because that is what the permit system does.

    Ravi K in his infinite wisdom has apparently lowered the import duty on electric cars but these cars have a limited range of about 70 miles which becomes less if more power is used in overtaking or climbing hills, yet there are no public charging places, even in hotels, if going on a long journey? Besides, the electricity generated by the national grid is largely by coal fired power plants which also pollute & is barely adequate for domestic consumption. So why encourage pure electric vehicles? If these vehicle come with an engine, not to power the vehicle but to charge the battery while on the run, will it be considered as a hybrid (technically, a hybrid has dual power sources) & will it fall into a higher duty category? The lowest duty imposed is apparently for Fuel cell (Hydrogen) vehicles but so far only Toyota & Hyundai are offering such vehicles commercially but in limited numbers as they are still in development stage & costs over £50,000 in UK. Once again, where can the hydrogen be refueled? By increasing the duty, older cars well past their life are on the roads longer but instead of getting rid of these bangers which pollute more & are more expensive to maintain with frequent repairs, & encouraging new cars to be imported (or assembled locally) to benefit from newer technology, in terms of running costs / economy, pollution & safety, SL is going backwards with a large population of cars well over 10 years old.

    Is the Finance Minister trying to fool people, ill advised or just dumb? Whatever the reason, Ravi K is not fit to be Finance Minister & we need to continue lobbying to get the right people in to Parliament if this country is to prosper.

  • 3

    ‘You too Brutus ‘ is the slogan that that people wish to curse this govt. This is a “One Time’ govt. and unfortunately we will have to wait another four years or less to select the next set of crooks but must give the devil its dues if the media is playing a double game,
    engaging in anti govt.propaganda. This is the only country in the world
    which plunders the finances of the country to bolster the rich and the powerful and balancing it by taxing the poor, boldly in full view of the people’s eyes. The politicians know very well that the age old tradition of the Sri Lankan people is that they are gullible and they do not vote on policies of the political parties but on religion & on communal lines and they can be easily stirred up during election time with communal slogans.

    There is ample chance for a third party like JVP to grab power,if they
    form a coalition of left leaning parties and the the minority parties, carefully handling the sensitive subjects of religion & language and
    devolution of powers to the regions.

  • 0

    i have perused the article of Mr.Nagananda kotituwaku and the comments criticising the duty free permits given to parliamentarians.I believe that some of the criticism is valid and therefore i’am going to appoint a committee to look into this matter and submit a report to me.On receiving the report i will be tabling it in the parliament and request the speaker to have a vote for a motion on this very important subject.If the motion is passed the MP’s will all assemble in the cafeteria and a further loose motion will be passed w/o fail.

    Thank you for the interest shown on this matter


  • 3

    This is the reason why the reg brigade is critical that this MS-RW government is as corrupt as the former in all of their dealings. Same kassippu (and not wine) in a new bottle. Remember the Sinhala saying “unnuth ekkai, munnuth ekkai” meaning previous lot and this lot are the same. All these tax increases were done with an ulterior motive to favour a certain group of politician and their henchmen. Any country that has a genuine plan to reduce vehicles on the road make improvements to existing transport while planning for mega transit project on the long haul. Also impose heavy tolls to use the roads for vehicles carrying few passengers and offer alternate transport by coaches, buses, trains and passenger ferry.

  • 1

    John mama justifying for the price increase of vehicles, just imagine a man of over 70 yrs taking 2 Viagra for a s400 where he would end, the story will slowly come out soon.stay tuned

  • 1


    It is time you realised that our politicians and the entire system of governance is f….d.

    See where you got to with all that effort with regards to the utterly corrupt practice of National List MPs. We, the public of Sri Lanka are now burdened with a cabinet of topclass fraudsters. The pliant court systems also failed you.

    So let us both go somewhere and open a bottle of gal. We can’t afford pol anymore, we have to pay the increased VAT to sustain the corruption of Yahapalanaya.

  • 2

    Its no use being cynical and just say, “wait four years for the next bunch of crooks” This is where CIVIL SOCIETY must peacefully get on the street. Not the Ranils, Rajas, nor anyone. The ordinary men and women who are caught between a rock and a hard place. Get out while you still have time. Press hard and the rock and the hard place will crumble.

  • 1

    Civil society organisations and others should assist this gentleman and stop this corruption. All duty concessions for vehicles to politicians and government officers should have reasonable limits in the CIF value and the vehicles should be only for their use and if sold within five years should be confiscated.

  • 1

    Indian ministers OWN low priced cars, though a few of them are millionaires.
    And, they are driven in government vehicles which too are not luxurious.


    Our politicos have pampered themselves.

    The refusal of FCID to prosecute sale of vehicle permits because these are enabled by “Government Policy” is hilarious but tragic because of the fact that most citizens cannot afford to purchase even cheap cars and many more endure the terrible ordeal of travel by dilapidated buses and exorbitantly charging dangerous three wheelers.

    • 1

      they have always done it because of socialist mania and no imports of anything.

      while Lanka with a begging bowl have lived the life of wonder- importing via the 90% revenue from house maids.

      Its how the quick sand would reach the neck that matters now.

      the Americans are really caring for the sinhala buddhist muslims.

      while the British are pointing fingers at bangala terrorism.

  • 1

    JVP has four MPs. They of course won’t be benefited privately by selling these permits. All proceeds (20m x4 = 80 m) will go to the party fund.

    Still the fraud is a fraud whether it is used for private benefit or for the benefit of the party.

    • 1


      Irrespective of whether the individual MP takes the money or the JVP if these fact Car Permits given on trust are “sold” to outside parties this in itself is a fraud. These permits are made available to MP’s to facilitate their orficial travel within the electorate in the service of the people. If the vehicles are used for any other purpose, or by others than the MP concerned, this will be nothing but cheating. The MP’s concerned must be taken to task.

      A.D.J. Perera

      • 0

        “Billions squandered from Tax revanue by MP s car permits”

        In the past when duty free car permits were allowed for doctors
        They could not transfer the cars for 5 yrs. Now MPs cars can be transferred immediately allowing MPs to sell the permit for a colossal sum. So the people who want cars import
        the on MPs permits. The government loses the duty again.
        This is encouraging the daylight robbery.

  • 1

    Who is responsible for this? We are the idiots who elected people like Ravi K. He increases taxes to suit the importers after taking commissions. He also wants to get a commission on a fighter jet values at 400 million according to some website. IMF gave Rs. 1500 million to settle our loan installments and this fellow is going to take 400 m on just one item alone. He has employed about 75 people at the treasury without any transparency and without any qualifications. Is this the transparency, accountability Ranil and Maithree talked about it at the time of the election. Shame on Ranil who acts Deaf and Blind just like his predecessor DB Wijetunga. Ravi K has appointed his BIL as General manager SL Insurance. His qualification: O.L. or lower and being a retired policeman! So much for Yahapalanaya. Where is Sarth Wijesooriya, Uyangoda, and other activists?

  • 0

    Let me tell this guy about the acts of MR regime. They gave permits to buddhist priests teachers government servants and a host of other cronies of theirs

    Add that up you will find that it will run in to millions of Dollars

    What do you think of the 800 million rupees Dimu took and the 200 million taken by Keheliya. That is 1 billion rupees how much flood relief could have been done for this amount.

    Mr. Kodituwakku you will be able to convice 3 wheeler drivers but not us

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