5 March, 2024


Muslims Condemn Abuse And Threats Against Women From Within The Community For Advocating MMDA Reforms

A cross section of Muslims have banded together to unequivocally condemn the recent threats against women activists who have been involved in recent campaigns to reform the Muslim personal laws.

In a statement issued today, signed by over 100 Muslims from Sri Lanka, comprising of professionals, academics, including Lawyers, social activists, teachers, lecturers, corporate leaders, journalists, authors, researchers, and mosque trustees, said that “We the undersigned Muslims categorically condemn the abuse, threat and intimidation perpetrated by some within the community against Muslim women activists who have been involved in recent campaigns to reform Muslim personal laws.”PAKISTAN-UNREST-WOMEN-MARRIAGES-CHILDREN

According to the statement, women activists across Sri Lanka have come under threat, from some Muslim individuals and groups, in the last few weeks for advocating changes to the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA). “Abusive anonymous phone calls warning activists to ensure their wives, sisters and daughters refrain from pursuing this campaign have been received by family members of women activists. Muslim women activists have also been named and abused in social media campaigns. These attacks, abuse and intimidation are organised and targeted against specific women’s rights activists,” the statement said.

“Such targeted and organised attacks against Muslim women activists are unacceptable and must cease immediately. We as Muslims have always condemned the use of violence, threats and intimidation. We stood united against such intimidation when used against members of our community by nationalist Buddhist groups and will therefore not accept the use of such tactics by members of our own community. We continue to assert Islam is a peaceful religion, tolerant and accepting of diversity, and will resolve differences through peaceful means,” the statement said.
The statement clarified that women’s groups have not suggested the Muslim Personal Laws to be repealed, but have only emphasised that they be reformed to protect the rights of women and girls.

“We recognise differing views within the community on the extent of reform, but there is broad acceptance that the law has to be reformed. We therefore call on all religious and civil society groups within the community to come together and engage in wide ranging discussions and so we may reach consensus on the nature of the reform.

Finally, we recognise the yeoman service done by these women activists who have tirelessly struggled for the rights of Muslims at great risk to their lives. They have dedicated their lives to help uplift sections of our community and have campaigned and advocated for minority rights, freedom of religion, political, civil and socio-economic rights of Muslims,” the statement said.

The undersigned said that they will not support or condone violence, abuse or intimidation in the name of Islam. “We ask those involved in such acts to immediately stop it and engage with this reform process in a democratic and consensual manner,” the statement added.
Signed By
1. K Nihal Ahamed, HEO;
2. Zahabia Adamally, Disability rights advocate;
3. K. M. Basheer Ahamed, Attorney-at-Law;
4. M.M.M Ajmal, Chairman, Social Education Development Organisation;
5. A. Alavudeen, Social Activist, Kinniya;
6. Enaya Ansar, Mawanella;
7. A. Arif, Federation for Social Upgrades, Mannar;
8. Rifaya Aroos, LLB;
9. Ferial Ashraff, former minister;
10. Abdul Halik Azeez, Researcher;
11. A Azmin, MPC, Northern Province;
12. Dr. Fazeeha Azmi, Senior Lecturer, University of Peradeniya;
13. Yazmin Azeez, President, Reach Lanka;
14. Zifna Borhan;
15. A. W. M. Buhari, Social Activist, Muttur;
16. Azra Abdul Cader, Researcher;
17. Fathima Cader, REACH;
18. Sabrina Cader, Researcher;
19. Fathima Razik Cader;
20. Ameer Faaiz; Attorney-at-Law;
21. Shenoza Feroz, REACH;
22. Aneesa Firthous, Social Activist and teacher;
23. Rushdie Habeeb, Attorney-at-Law;
24. Hyshyama Hamin, Independent researcher;
25. Mohomed Shihan Haniff, Company director;
26. Dr. Farzana Haniffa, University of Colombo;
27. Anberiya Hanifa, Muslim Women’s Research Action Forum;
28. Shafinaz Hassendeen, Muslim Women’s Research Action Forum;
29. Naseem Hassim, Past pupil, Muslim Ladies College;
30. Zeenath Hidaya, IT Professional;
31. Dr. M.S.M Hijaz, MOH, Wattala;
32. Ameena Hussein, Author and Publisher;
33. Zahra Imtiaz, journalist;
34. Zeeniya Iqbal, Past pupil, Muslim Ladies College;
35. Hasanah Cegu Isadeen;
36. Jausha Ishaq, REACH;
37. Dr. Zulfika Ismail;
38. Prof. Qadri Ismail;
39. Adnan Issadeen, Software Engineer;
40. A. A. Jabbar, Muslim Women’s Research Action Forum;
41. Farzana Jabir, REACH;
42. Mifthia Jalaldeen, REACH;
43. Ishan Jallil, Action Against Apathy;
44. M. M. Jarees, Social Activist, Mullaitivu;
45. M.J.M Jawrsz, Chairman, Green Social Service Organisation, Vavuniya;
46. M.I.M Jebeen, Engineer, CEB;
47. Nizam Kariapper, Attorney-at-Law and Deputy Secretary General, SLMC;
48. T.M. Kubais, Social Activist, Mullaitivu;
49. M. L. Lafir, Chief Trustee, Mohammadiya Thakkiya Masjid and Chairman Muslim League, Jaffna District;
50. Ramzeena Lye;
51. Dr. Kanzul Mahrifa, Vavuniya Base Hospital;
52. Rohina Mahroof, Women’s Organisation for Social Resolution;
53. Jansila Majith, Women’s Rights Activist;
54. S.H.M Manarudeen, Attorney-at-Law;
55. Florine Marzook, writer;
56. Dr. Farah Mihlar, Academic and researcher;
57. Noor Mihlar;
58. Zainab Miskin;
59. Buhary Mohamed, Women’s Rights Activist;
60. Naina Mohamed, Chief Trustee Mohideen Jumma Mosque, Velanai;
61. Roshan Mohammed;
62. Nawaz Mohamed, Kattankuddy;
63. Rizvina Morseth;
64. Himaya Muhshin, Past pupil, Muslim Ladies College;
65. Nazli Munnawar, REACH;
66. Munza Mushtaq, Journalist;
67. Bethoon Naina Marikar, REACH;
68. Mohamed Nalar, Accountant, New Zealand;
69. Farhana Nalar, Business Development Manager, New Zealand
70. Abdul Cader Nasiyathumma, Monaragalla;
71. Aisha Nazim, Journalist and writer;
72. Bilal Nazim;
73. Nushka Nafeel, Journalist;
74. M.M.M Nifahir, Chairmen Centre for Information and Guidance;
75. I. L. Niraz, Trustee Mohideen Jumma Mosque, Velanai;
76. Sumaiya Pallak;
77. M. M Rahman;
78. Raseen Raheem;
79. Sharmeela Rasool, Attorney-at-Law;
80. Faheema Razik, REACH;
81. A.R.A Ramees, Rural Development Foundation, Vavuniya;
82. Nisreen Rehmanjee, Accountant;
83. Fazeena Ruzain, REACH;
84. Dr. Marina Reffai; Al-Muslimaat;
85. Farrah Saldin;
86. Amjad Saleem;
87. Sandra Sourjah;
88. Ermiza Tegal, AAL;
89. M.U.M Thahir, Chief Trustee Mohammadiya Thakkiya Masjid, Jaffna;
90. Ziada Tokhi, Melbourne, Australia;
91. Fareena Wazir;
92. Faizun Zackeriya, Muslim Women’s Research Action Forum;
93. Rizana Zackariya, Teacher, Australia;
94. Aysha Zackariya, Producer , Melbourne , Australia;

95. Maryam Zachariya;

96. Shimal Zackariya, accountant, Melbourne ,Australia;
97. Dr. L Zubair, Visiting Lecturer, University of Peradeniya;
98. Rizana Zubair, Teacher, Melbourne, Australia;

99. S. M. Zubair, Retired teacher, Akurana.

100. Mirza Ameen -Past Pupil of Muslim Ladies College

101. Jezima Badurdeen- Past Pupil of Muslim Ladies College

102. Fawzia Jamaldeen- Past Pupil of Muslim Ladies College

103. Mehrun Preena – Past Pupil of Muslim Ladies College

104. Nafaha Nazeer – REACH Lanka

105. Honeida Packeer – Women’s Association of Sri Lanka Malays(WASLAM)

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Latest comments

  • 15

    In the name of Allah and the prophet Assalaam Aleikum,

    Thank heavens that Donald Trump was elected President of the United States and his team includes people like Stephen Bannon. The influence of the Trump team will expose radical Jihadism for what it really is.

    Very soon, child molestation in the name of Muslim marriage law will be indefensible. Sri Lanka public opinion is gaining momentum to set captive girls and women free.

    Also, let us eradicate that black garb known as the abaya. What a demeaning piece of clothing that is forced upon women to subjugates them into submission!

    • 4


      Believe me, Trump will do nothing against radical Jihadism as this man is more concerned about changing things within his country, and less focused on what is happening in the world, nor do those radical baaastards are concerned about Trump. Whatever, is win has created a lots of uncertainty among Sri Lankans and Indians, especially.

      Yes, if married, there is no word of molestation. But removing law alone would not ensure child molestation ends. It has to be in the minds of the people. We have seen and heard in Sri Lanka monks molesting children in the temples, sodomizing young boys, fathers raping daughters, grandfathers raping grandchild, young boys raping women as old as 80, why, did you see in the
      news paper recently a son raped his mother? And a grandson raping his grandmother? and the list goes on and on. And you know which community is leading in these crimes? Have those acts been legalized in that community’s religion? Of course, No.

      Whether there is a legal provision or not, matured minded, educated, mannered and cultured human wouldn’t go for those. That is the reason you don’t see Muslims in SL, there is no cases of older men marrying very young girls, despite there are laws.

      When a woman in Black Habaya, she looks sexy. You want to see real demeaning dress on women? Try TheHub DOT com under SL section, you see a lot of ugly, unhygienic watti-ammas looking women wearing Bikinis/thongs and posting for Hubby’s request, because their Husbands want other men to see and momment on their crow looking wives. Ha..ha… See how they submit and fulfill their hubby’s desire with a totally unmatching thongs and bikinis…what a shame…

      • 7

        Let the men wear this hijab for a change…

        • 1

          Talking ‘Women’s Rights’? Lol. Hey man, it is not, that men wearing women’s dress and vise versa.

          It’s about:
          bodily integrity, free from sexual violence, to vote, to hold public office, entering into legal contracts, equal rights in family law,
          for fair wages, reproductive rights, to own property, to education.

          Don’t look at Taliban or ISIS or AlkaedaAl Queda or any customary law and decide that Islam doesn’t respect women. Take any Muslim countries that is doing much better than SL and see how many of notions mentioned above are true there. Women is those countries are actually free from sexual violence compared to SL or any other better countries.

          With Qu’ran, Women generally gained greater rights than women in pre-Islamic Arabia and medieval Europe.

          Muhammad (PBUH) “can be seen as a figure who testified on behalf of women’s rights” – Professor William Montgomery Watt in Wikipedia.

        • 6


          Good idea; wrap Muslim men in black cloths and let their wives and daughters to be fashionable and if interested marry 4 husbands.

          Let them run businesses and molest male customers to make Sinhala women furious.

          See the possibility to fix wombs to men and make them pregnant every year.

          (That’ll civilize Muslim men).

      • 3

        Mohamed Sahib, Marhaba!

        You may seen that 32 Sri Lankan muslims have joined ISIS as announced by the Justice Minister. There may be more, who knows. However, that is not the only concern among the Buddhist of this country.

        By getting girls married soon after attaining puberty, you get them to produce children and thus increasing the number of muslims at a faster rate than other communities. That is how the muslim population has doubled in Sri Lanka over 30 years.

        So, the expansionist modus operandi of muslims are two fold. One the one hand wage Jihad and conquer through war and terrorism. On the other hand, populate as fast as possible. Both are means of conquest.

        Thankfully Donald Trump has seen this but the Sri Lanka politicians have not. Do you expect the majority community not to react to this? The rising of the Gnanasara brand of Buddhism is a natural reaction.

        • 2

          Mr. Mahavansa,

          If 32 or even more Muslims joined ISIS, what can we both do? Let the authorities take the right action. They got to do their duties and that is why we pay our tax money to the government.

          For the rest of your bla..bla… I got only a simple reply, that is, ‘LOL’.

          “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience” – Mark Twain

          There is no cure for stupidity. Your case shows worse symptoms that it is a combination of Stupidity + Phobia + Fan of Gnanasara and DT.

          And MR is hunting for people of your caliber.

          Good luck with sympathies.

    • 1

      RE: Muslims Condemn Abuse And Threats Against Women From Within The Community For Advocating MMDA Reforms

      What about America? Do they have a Child Marriage Problem? Child marriage is part ogf the issues. The others are women’s rights.

      America’s Child-Marriage Problem

      IN the United States today, thousands of children under 18 have recently taken marital vows — mostly girls married to adult men, often with approval from local judges.

      How is this possible? The minimum marriage age in most states is 18, but every state allows exceptions under which children under age 18 can wed.

      The first common exception is for children marrying with “parental consent.” Most states allow children age 16 or 17 to marry if their parents sign the marriage license application.


  • 3

    RE: Muslims Condemn Abuse And Threats Against Women From Within The Community For Advocating MMDA Reforms

    “A cross section of Muslims have banded together to unequivocally condemn the recent threats against women activists who have been involved in recent campaigns to reform the Muslim personal laws”

    “The undersigned said that they will not support or condone violence, abuse or intimidation in the name of Islam. “We ask those involved in such acts to immediately stop it and engage with this reform process in a democratic and consensual manner,” the statement added.”

    Thank you taking a stand against the Wahhabil Salafi, and Clones Tribal Postilion so that they can continue to advise and discriminate against Sri Lankan Muslim women.

    If they do not like it, they can move to Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan, where they follow the Devil, Iblis, Satan.

  • 2

    Bravo! The undersigned

    ” We continue to assert Islam is a peaceful religion, tolerant and accepting of diversity, and will resolve differences through peaceful means,” the statement said.”

    “The statement clarified that women’s groups have not suggested the Muslim Personal Laws to be repealed, but have only emphasized that they be reformed to protect the rights of women and girls.”

    Do not let the Muslim girls and women be deprived of their rights, and the Devil, Satan, Iblis following Wahhabi, Salafies and their clones intimidate.

    The Problem is with the Wahhabis, Salafis, Najdis, ISIS and Clones who follow the Devil, Satan, Iblis. These Satanis have hijacked the ordinary Muslims, and they want to kill Sufi Shai and other Muslims and others.
    Scholar from al-Azhar: Wahhabism is a Satanic Faith, the Horn of the Devil that Muhammad Predicted


    • 2

      Treatment of Women by Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism and Islam,

      Women have Sin. Women is owned by men. A different perspective. 1400 years ago Muslim women were relatively better off than the others. Today, the Muslim women have fallen behind, relative to the others, thanks to the age of reason, enlightenment and secularism.

      When will the age of reason and enlightenment arrive for Muslims?

      ♥ Women In The Light Of World Religions ᴴᴰ ♥┇ Thought Provoking ♥


  • 3

    Well, I have read scholarly interpretations of the canonical Qur’an chapter and verse,

    -> 4:34
    -> 65:4
    -> 33:4
    -> 2:282
    -> 4:11

    I just cannot see how the laws can be reformed as per the Qur’an.

    I would invite someone from a Moslem background to interpret above verses to anything acceptable to them.

    • 1

      De Silva

      “I just cannot see how the laws can be reformed as per the Qur’an. “

      This is the dispute between Revelation and Reason, Observation and Data. The Ulema, and Mullah , depend on Revelation for their hegemony, and will not give it up, citing Revelation, irrespective of facts, like the Christian Church did centuries ago.

      The Bible and the Quran are frozen in time, unchangeable, as per belief. The Christians overcame it in the 16th century with the age of Reason and Enlightenment and Reformation.

      The Age of Reason and Enlightenment have yet to come to Muslims. They still believe that as per the Quran, the Earth is spread out like a carpet and the Sun goes around the Earth, as the Christians believed as per Joshua 10:13.

      New International Version
      So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged itself on its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar. The sun stopped in the middle of the sky and delayed going down about a full day.

      1 In 4 Americans Thinks The Sun Goes Around The Earth, Survey Says


      Stupidest Muslim Vs Neil Tyson – How ideology can ruin intellectual power

      Published on Nov 10, 2014
      This is not a debate between some Muslim and Neil Tyson. But this video shows the thinking of some very well educated 21’st century Muslim (I don’t know he is ignorant, stupid or dishonest. But he is one for sure) and Neil Tyson speaking in a lecture about how Muslims intellectual power ruined by an ideology.


      • 0

        Dont listen to Zaheer Nayak,. that guy is a kind of educated stupid, he is pushing everyone a side and aggressively trying to win Alla’s heart as the best of the best follower of Allah! so god will reward him with teen girls, wine, gold, pleasure and all evil stuff you want to avoid in this world,. So Allah will give all dirty stuff as reward in heaven,.

        So you help god to promote him to others, a task even Allah cant do of his own,. depending on USA & Jews technology like electricity, loud speaker, TV and Internet,.

    • 0

      Dear De Silva

      Please refer below links, you have the interpretation in both languages.




  • 7

    Good for all these Muslims to join together and stand up to intimidation and threats from those opposed to reforming primitive laws that do not help Muslim women. Obviously they want to keep the women deprived of help and any rights, and at the mercy of men, who most of the time abuse their powers and make any woman who stands up to them suffer in far too many ways. This country is multi religious, and the Muslim women should have the same rights as the other women, and this is not a privilege but human rights for dignity and a life with less suffering. The Muslim women in this country have no help, and deliberately kept down by many men in their community, and it would be these men who are up in arms about giving their wives, daughters, and sisters basic rights to survive any hardship. It would be wonderful if Muslim leaders in politics and business band together and support this cause.

    • 3

      Human rights activists, animal rights activists, women rights activists, gay rights activists and now we have “MMDA Rights Activists”.

      I am too for reforming MMDA. But this movement is powerless, useless and just showpieces trying to get some publicity. These are the so-called educated Muslim women who discriminate average poor Muslim women for social statuses.

      Shame on them that they could do nothing for years on the reformation of MMDA until EU came in. If they were that serious, they all should have done something more serious or protest on the roads rather than waiting for several years doing nothing until the reform is requested by EU for GSP+.

      As the article says, “comprising of professionals, academics, including Lawyers, social activists, teachers, lecturers, corporate leaders, journalists, authors, researchers, and mosque trustees”

      Where were these people before GSP+ story? Were they hiding in fear for SLTJ?
      If so, they would continue to hide in many other areas as well when there is no EU like comes in.

  • 7

    This is a bold step taken by the above individuals. We, as non Muslims, will always stand by you. Who, in their right minds, will want a 12 year old girl child to be married off, among other issues.
    Not so surprisingly we don’t find the names of any of our heavy weight Muslim members in the parliament… which would have gone a long way to help this cause.

  • 8

    Interesting the wife of SLMC Minister Ashroff has not signed this document?

  • 5

    The time is right for all moderate,decent, Sri Lankans to unite against extremism, intimidation, and corrupt politicians.

  • 9

    Where are the champions of Muslim rights, Latheef Farook, Izeth Hussain and his mate HLD Mahindapala, Marvan, …. ?

    The saffron clad thug Gnanasara should help liberate these Muslims from medieval Arab/Islam.

    • 2

      Dumb Native Veddo:

      the way you scream here, you have removed more than your end. Look like you are hurting.

      • 6

        Can you please translate this to English?

  • 7

    Muslim marriage and divorce act itself is an abuse and threat for women so how can civilized people let it continue in our country or anywhere in the world.

    We appreciate and salute those Muslim people who support reforming MMDA and condemn who are against reforming it.

    The best thing is letting Muslim women to reform it with no room for men to interfere with.

    There should be no room for polygamy and male dominance in the family and if women support to share a husband they have to find a country to import women as we have equal number of men and women (approximately) in our country.

  • 8

    Where are the comments from the Muslim community on this very important subject, their silence is deafening.

    • 2

      Patrick Rodrigo

      “Where are the comments from the Muslim community on this very important subject, their silence is deafening.”

      They have been silenced by the Ulema and Nullah.

      Very similar to the Sinhala Buddhists when they were attacking the Muslims and Tamils.

      This is called Tribalism, the behavior and attitudes that stem from strong loyalty to one’s own tribe or social group.

  • 1

    In the first place, are all of them in this group of 100 signatories aware of all the clauses of the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act, before they propose amendments to specific clauses it? Does it involve changes to any of the existing Sharia Laws? When Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’ala) has mentioned in the Holy Quran that He has perfected the religion of Islam and has destined it to all of mankind, then how can anyone propose changes willy-nilly just to satisfy their own personal agenda.

    • 5


      “When Allah has mentioned in the Quran that he has perfected the religion of Islam and has destined it to all mankind”

      Nobody can give anything to anybody forcefully,

      This is relevant to Allah as well.

      Though it’s perfect for you it’s not perfect to majority world population, so how can they accept it? How can you propose others to accept it?

      Your devotion is a fear, please give up fear; use your brain man.

    • 3

      I had a glance at the signatories. They have done enough work on Quran, Hadees and MMDAct to know whether it is in keeping with Sharia. They have written books and published articles. They know what they are talking about.

  • 8

    I am not against any religion but I am against those rules, conditions, and laws that come with certain religions that affect others directly.
    For example, Muslim religious laws and specially Sharia law is not acceptable in countries where other religions are practiced if certain behaviors associated with Sharia law followers directly affect the attitude and behavior of the citizen of those countries. This is normal. For example take a non-Muslim Western cultural practice among lovers: the phenomenon of public kissing! It is accepted in the cold West but not acceptable in India or Sri Lanka. Why? The cultures of the two countries are not in compliance with sensual demeanors of that nature in hot weather. If you love your better half, you don’t have to display it in public! That’s pretty gross! Just be patient until you go home or get into your car at least if you are really desperate! What’s this hurry in 35 degree Celcius?
    Most Muslims don’t understand this and they think they can do whatever they want when they land in another country! Allah may be a decent god of theirs but for God’s sake He is not the God of billions of others! Please understand it! I have my own God and that’s me; if I don’t plan my life and discipline myself no God can rescue me from disaster! If I don’t respect others no God can safeguard my rights to live as a human among other humans.
    Muslim women should come forward with intellectual Muslim men to counter the injustices meted out to them specially women and teenage girls (some who have not even attended yet!)

    • 1

      There are more people in the world today who have some belief in the existence of God than there are agnostics and atheists combined. When you add-up entire populations of Christians, Muslims and Jews in the world today (followers of a monotheistic God) they are in the majority, whilst the rest are a small lot an insignificant number. So it is the majority view that matters.

      To make one thing absolutely clear, Sharia Law is meant only for Muslims to follow. Those laws are not meant to be enforced on others. Promiscuity and flirting, sex before marriage and living together is not allowed amongst Muslim men and women. This is where Sharia Law has laid down the rules. If a Muslim cannot live by the rules, or violates the rules of Sharia, then they stand to face punishment which is enforced as deterrent, carried out in accordance with the same Laws. Living off interest money is prohibited in Islam, but profit sharing is permissible, where the loss or profit from the investment is a shared responsibility to both parties. This is in accordance with Sharia Law. Women are expected to dress modestly to prevent enticement and men are expected to lower their gaze in presence of strange women. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? In Islam, abortion is prohibited except under extreme and exceptional circumstances under medical advice, such as in cases where mothers life could be in danger, etc. Other Sharia laws include prohibition of consuming and dealing in intoxicating drinks, abuse of drugs and consuming of products derived from killing of swine, gambling of any form, consuming carrion meat or meat of any animal not slaughtered the Halal way. In fact there are a whole lot of rules in Sharia Law, on how a Muslim must live his/her life to ensure that they are not a burden on themselves and to the rest of society. In addition to these are the strict adherence to prayers, five times a day, fasting during the month of Ramadhan, performing the Hadj pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina, at least once in one’s lifetime, giving away of a compulsory charity of 2.5% of wealth, from profit earned for a period of a year, towards helping the poor and needy, are all regulated through this same Sharia Law. It is not something you could ever dream of. There are detail laws on marriage and divorce, personal hygiene, cleanliness, role of and responsibilities for all Muslim women, men and children, etc., laws of inheritance if chief householder dies without writing a last will. In fact the whole gamut of life from birth until death is regulated through Sharia Laws. So how or why should this be objectionable to people of other faiths? Sharia Law is divine law and cannot be touched and amended. The only thing I see is that no other religion has so complex laws, and if there is something remotely like it, then it is man made laws put together, which which are invariably subject to amendments over a periods of time, and done according to please someone’s whims and fancies.

      • 2

        ‘So it is the majority view that matters’. I’m sure Gnanasara would agree.

  • 7

    Hats off the signatories! … Muslims must be pragmatic and not get stuck in their faith’s medieval rules. I don’t see modern day Christians going by the primitive “rules” of their Old Testament. Islam must move forward and promote its positive aspects rather than going backwards. I am an atheist but believe in peaceful coexistence between all faiths.

  • 2

    Where were the Muslim Signatories when BBS were attacking Muslims?

    When the going gets tough, the tough signatories goes shopping.

    When blaming Muslims, these Muslim opportunists come out of their woodworks to shed their croc tears.

  • 0

    As Muslims throughout the world will follow the commandment of the Almighty Creator, so we Muslims only follow what has been commanded, so Muslim women is commanded to conceal her beauty, even christian nuns wear the garb covering her entire body, so why are you worried about Hijab? Mind your own business for Muslims, it is the Quraan and the Hadees, to be strictly followed no matter what the consequences are. So we have our own Sharia Law, The Lawful and the Unlawful ( Halal and Haram) So you folks mind your own business in matters of sharia. Lo what our Lord Commands:-
    “And say, “The truth is from your Lord, so whoever wills – let him believe; and whoever wills – let him disbelieve.” Indeed, We have prepared for the wrongdoers a fire whose walls will surround them. And if they call for relief, they will be relieved with water like murky oil, which scalds [their] faces. Wretched is the drink, and evil is the resting place. (Quraan 18:25)

  • 1

    Really commend these brave Muslim intellectuals. More right thinking and peace loving Muslims should join them in condemning the cowardly acts of few extremists. For those stupid people who say that this law etc are only for Muslims and Muslim women, I quote Martin Luther king Jr “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”.

  • 0

    [Edited out]

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