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My Child Will Go To School When President’s Granddaughter Goes To School

By Grusha Andrews

Daham Sirisena married today at the Colombo Hilton, instead of the Shangri-la, which was the originally intended venue that was damaged at the Easter Sunday bombings. Yes, the same Easter Sunday bombings that President Sirisena, the father of the groom was thrice warned of. Which he chose to neglect, because, after all, his family and his grand children were fine and safe, weren’t they? 

There was no reduction of the pomp and fanfare at the wedding of Daham Sirisena. Sirisena who went to Thirupathi with his family to obtain ‘blessings’ of the Thirupathi God for this wedding went on a solo trip to Singapore.

This wedding is being celebrated in all its opulence, noise and music whilst 250+ dead souls are hovering in the air. These dead souls include the souls of 45 innocent butterfly like children, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. 

There were 250+ uninvited guests at Daham Sirisena’s wedding. Above the wedding ceremony hall at the Hilton, the souls of the victims of the Easter Sunday attacks must have floated over the heads of the mortal guests below. They must have sighed at the unspeakable injustice of the conduct of a negligent, callous President who thought it fit to roll before Thirupathi God forsaking the securing of his people.

These souls must be sighed at the brutality of a negligent, cunning Prime Minister and his imbecilic cousin state minister of defence who did not have the brains nor the integrity to sand up to the tragi-comic President when he kept them away from the National Security Council of six months. Six months!

These perished souls and those they left behind were forsaken by their God, in God’s house. They were blasted in to smithereens, to small pieces of flesh, fat, guts and bones. 

These perished souls were forsaken by their President, the cold hearted, brutal murderer by proxy who let this tragedy happen. 

These perished souls were forsaken by the Prime Minister, the cold hearted, brutal murderer by proxy who let this tragedy happen due to his conceit, inactivity and political calculation. All he was doing was to mark time till the next election. 

These perished souls were forsaken by the despicable professional political brutalists, the Rajapaksas, who established, supported, funded, and protected Wahhabists in the east. They are brutal murderers by proxy. How Gotabaya Rajapaksa declared his candidacy for president literally over the pulped pieces of flesh and blood of the victims of Easter Sunday says it all. 

These perished souls were forsaken by the Muslim politicians and Ministers who are complicit in the fostering of terrorism and Wahhabism in Sri Lanka. They are brutal murderers by proxy. We know their names. I cannot bring myself to type those names. They don’t deserve their names spoken. They are worse than the terrorists.  

However heart breaking, the dead are now dead. 

What about the living? 

The government is urging us to send our children to school. There is so much discussion amongst the citizens and on social media about this matter.

I am not sending my children to school.

I’m waiting for Harin Fernando’s children to come to school. 

I’m waiting for Duminda Dissanayake, the newly emerging ‘patriot’ to send his daughter to school.

Most of all, I’m waiting for President Sirisena’s grand-daughter studying in Visakha Vidyalaya Colombo, to come to school.

She has not.

Where are all these politico children and grandchildren?

When the President is satisfied that his granddaughter is safe to go to school, then my children are safe to go to school. In the past before the technology of land mine detectors, sheep were first sent to the battle fields suspected to be laden with land mines. When the sheep run on the landmines they would blast the sheep in to pieces. The infantry soldiers will walk that field only after those sheep called “cannon fodder” had cleared the land. 

My child will not be cannon fodder to make it safe for President’s granddaughter. My child will not be a guinea pig for security experimentation for Harin’s son, Harin’s daughter, Duminda’s daughter, and Ruwan Wijewardene’s children. These brutal politicians, all of them murderers by proxy, will not use my child to be used as a “soft blast target’ to test if the country is ready for their ‘precious’ children and grandchildren to go to school. 

Take note, citizens, Sirisena’s grand-daughter has not come to school. 

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