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My Dear Daham Aiya

We thought we had heard the last of Maithri’s offspring after that but we were wrong. A few weeks ago, there was a hue and cry because your sister presided at some official meetings at Polonnaruwa. I don’t know why she did so, but I am sure there must be a reason in ‘yahapaalanaya’ for that.

Unlike her, Daham aiya, we were glad to see that you had offered us an explanation for your trip to New York. In your facebook page you told us that you accompanied Maithri only because your mother was not attending- and how you were representing the youth of our country at the UN.

That is very thoughtful of you, Daham aiya, to tell us why you went there and how you brought fame and glory to our country. Namal never did that. A little question bothers me though: had your mother attended, would she have sat with the Sri Lankan delegation at the sessions of the UN? I think not.

Daham aiya, you don’t need to worry too much about what people are saying about you right now. If you continue what you are doing, by the time Maithri finishes his term of office you could be like Namal. Why, with a little bit of luck, you could even end up like Uncle Mervyn’s Malaka aiya!

Maithri, before he became the boss, pledged that he would be different which is why people voted for him. He also told us that, unlike Mahinda maama, we were free to point out issues to him, if we thought we should. I hope he still believes that. Just so you know, that is why I am writing to you.

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