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My Role As A Spy In London For Sri Lankan Government: I Was Not Paid

By Glen Jenvey –

Glen Jenvey

My job for the first Secretary office inside the Sri Lankan High Commission which was in charge of military and police intelligence was simple! Most of the time I worked alone based in Wiltshire in the New Forest with trips up to London only if there was a meeting or demonstration held by the Tigers or reporting back to my Sri Lankan handlers in the Embassy.

After my first meeting with the office Head of the Tamil Tigers it was clear after meeting in a cafe just up the road from their then office at 211 Katherine Road Eastham London that the press statements, photos and videos he gave me revealed ? names or supporters in Sri Lanka, places  the Tigers held military strong holds, and many other daily information that needed to be countered. As the western media and MP’s was falling for their lies.

I arranged to become a junior press officers for the Tigers giving me access to every day’s press statement and more, it allowed me to also contact Human rights organisation and receive their press statements as well to monitor the lies being fed to them by the international political wing of the LTTE.

The video’s were even more interesting to military men it showed off their bases and secret tunnel networks and methods of fighting and training as well as LTTE members faces and that of villagers working with them. At a later date the daily faxes which were sent to me before the press, revealed these same villages and area’s had been attacked by Sri Lankan air force.

Press statements allowed the NIBS National Intelligence Bureau of Sri Lanka to arrest and question many Tamils who were linked to press statements being put out by the Tigers. At one stage I noticed in one set of statement from the LTTE masked men were pointing out people at a check point and arresting them and taking them away. This sometimes might of been down to some of the information I had pasted on.

Photo’s were also useful as they showed future military targets you have to remember I worked on and off for the Sri Lankan government for a number of years not months.

Filming demonstrations was also a part of my job in London close up’s of Tiger supporters faces to (ID) them to link them back to any known family who could be watched and if needed arrested back in Sri Lanka.

Contacting diplomats to see if they would host peace talks which led to South Africa’s first secretary contacting her government to the highest level just under the president who agreed to host talks between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan government, I saw an opportunity not requested by anyone, and presented it to both sides the LTTE had no choice but to attend as Nelson Mandela’s ANC government was at this time so respected around the globe it would of been a insult  for both parties not to attend or show interests, These talks went to Norway and there may have been some lives saved during this period.

But the LTTE used this as a time to insult the word peace and re-arm and train. their political wing was both useless and in my views were giving Sri Lanka so much information that could be acted on it saved millions of Dollars in military equipment, why I say this is because one day in the LTTE office Shanthan (Arunachalam Chrishanthakumar ) and the person who typed up the press statements Morgan were boasting to me how the LTTE were shooting down military aircraft? They went on to tell me that the aircraft flew over the same flight paths each day ,so the LTTE simply moved their anti aircraft guns under the flight path and shot them down. This was reported that day to Sri Lankan military intelligence the flight paths were never used twice for the safety of the pilots and of course equipment saving millions .

Another time Shanthan (Arunachalam Chrishanthakumar ) boasted how the Tigers would target prince Charles on a visit to Sri Lanka  this again was reported there was mass arrests on the ground in Sri Lanka before the Prince’s visit my boss was in fact in charge of security around Prince Charles visit, he had to make final arrangements at Buckingham palace with staff there, as any Head of State, Royal, Prime minister and other VIPs security is the responsibility of the host country as soon as the plane touches down on the tarmac. My boss became number two in charge of the NIBS for the whole of Sri Lanka. When I last met him in Bullar Road Senior officers mess.

Bank account details of the tigers in London was another thing I obtained for the Sri Lankan diplomats I worked for. It was quite simple in banking law in the UK if you write a cheque for say £5 to one of the Tigers many names or even left blank for them to choose which name, each cheque when cashed comes back from their bank stamped to yours? Which means you can ask your bank for a copy of the cheque given to the tigers revealing where and who cashed it even the account numbers. in some cases where the cheque was left blank it was put into personal accounts of the Tiger leaders and friends of mine who worked in banks revealed that hundreds of cheques for Tamil organisations to feed and shelter Tamil refugees were in fact being used as personal funds for the leadership.

The daily suffering on the Sri Lankan people was inside my heart and always will be. My two favourite places are Kandy and Romsey in Hampshire both home’s of the Queen’s cousin, Lord Louis Mountbatten, who was killed by a bomb blast on his boat in Ireland in 1979 by the IRA terrorists. Someone I respected very much.

Looking back as I saw the daily reports from the Tigers some were true, but most were false reporting to the media and supporters as I saw them written up inside Katherine Rd. The information I gave names, places, films, photo’s, press statements, attending meetings, filming demo’s, collecting book’s, meeting diplomats from other Embassies, and even feeding the Tamil people via the Red cross !Which is a long boring story but here a short go! John English desk officers for the British Red Cross at the time was getting reports that Tamils were starving in the North of the Island but could not send ships with emergency food aid in ,because the Tigers had sunk several ships, Unofficially it was my job to get the Tigers LTTE to agree to three Red Cross boats to unload and my Guarantee from the Red Cross to the Sri Lankan government that only permitted aid would be aboard the boats.

See being someone who knew of the suffering under the LTTE of the Tamil people I wanted to help and could so I did with my military bosses blessings. You have to ask yourself reading this;

Why did the tigers not feed their people?

Why did they not give my peace talks a chance?

The answer is simple like their political wing they were looking after themselves not the Tamil people. There is no reason why Tamils cannot join in the political process in Sri Lanka the LTTE guns have gone they have lost. People who worked for the Tigers, I’m not a traitor to the Tamil people, I’m in fact a Tamil whose family name is Ramalingachetty ,I never saw anything other than suffering for the people of Sri Lanka with the LTTE leader a fisherman low in caste and low in morals.

The Sri Lankan government payment to me was all I asked for! Those were my train fare and phone bills as they are a Commonwealth country and military families son’s in the UK will fight, Spy, and support peace for any Commonwealth country who needs it’s for nothing. Like so many helped the British during the Second World War.

If people have died due to my actions it is a part of war, but how many people died at the hands of the LTTE, the government has offered a hand to all Sri Lankans to rebuild their country, their lives, and homes. Tamils give peace a chance support your government ministers watch your families grow up in peace and remember the dead and in doing so never allow a gangster to rob you of your political freedoms again.

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