17 May, 2022


My Sri Lanka In Crisis

By Feroze Shamsudeen

A recent holiday back to my (once) beautiful Sri Lanka proved to be a journey to hell. I wanted to cherish the dreams of my childhood in what was once the paradise on earth but had to return to my second home deeply disappointed and angry.

My childhood seems like tales from a fairyland. Sri Lanka has changed. Racism, violence and hate have become the norm in Sinha-le Sri Lanka. The Tamils have been crushed and humiliated after the brutal war victory and now it’s my community, the Muslims that are targeted. No one trusts each other in Sri Lanka anymore. Children no longer play cricket on the streets, TOGETHER. They are ethnically divided even in sports. 20 years seems like two centuries, to come back to a land that was once heaven on earth.

The much-hyped government of good governance that was elected in January 2015 with the promise of peace, tranquillity, and dignity to all Sri Lankans has become a pawn in the games played by some extremists.  These include some saffron robed racist bigots who probably are on a paid mission to bring back the former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to power.  A left over suicide bomber of Velupillai Prabhaharan may be needed to settle this threat once and for all for the 6.2 million voters.

Maithripala Sirisena, the current president could have stepped in where Mahinda Rajapaksa failed to be the bridge between communities after winning the protracted civil war, which liberated the Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims. I see Maithripala playing the racist card and hoping to become popular. In my opinion, he is turning out to be the greatest racist of them all when he got Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe to elevate the sadist Galagoda Atte Gnanasara Thero to the same level as that of the Mahanayakes in meetings at the presidential secretariat. My guess is, he would soon outdo the Rajapaksa dynasty. What a sad end to the promised Yahapalanaya.

The once respected Mahanayake’s too have started prostituting in politics probably fearing a threat to their comfort zones. They too want this land for the Sinhalese. The saffron politics is becoming a tornedo. Ashin Wirathu, the face of Buddhist terror has already paid a visit. Aluthgama, where my aunt lost everything seems a precursor. The international Islamic Terrorists, like ISIS, Al Qaida, Taliban, Boko Haram etc.. will soon be at our doorstep at the invitation of some bloody extremist Muslims. The saffron brigade is opening the doors for them that could lead the country to another 50 years of armed conflict.

The Wattalapam loving neighbours I grew up with are no longer our friends. The school that I attended is as strange as it could be, because they would no longer take any from my Muslim community. The mosque that was part of my childhood does not welcome me any more because it has been taken over by a few fundamentalist ideologists, the females in my extended family I knew so well will not speak to me anymore, because they have been forced in to exile behind a black veil by their fanatical men. Religiosity or at least the outward appearance of it seems to be visible everywhere amongst my Muslim community. The mosques are fuller, but there seems to be no serenity, the women are well covered but seem to expose their nakedness in humanity, our children are segregated, most of them schooling in exclusive Muslim schools or the so called International schools set up by rich illiterate businessmen. The kids in these schools have no opportunity to be friends with kids of other ethnicities.

What has gone wrong with my beautiful country? I forgot my dream holiday and started talking to my once brothers and sisters from the different communities. I realized that quite a few of them do not believe that I belong to them anymore. My 20 years in greener pastures have deprived me of my country, culture and traditions. I started believing that I am an alien in my own country.

I started loafing around in the Malls of the new elite shopping centres that have sprung up during the last 20 years. Many of the window shoppers were Muslims, easily identified with their Islamic clothing covering their ever-emerging bulge. I was wondering whether I was in a mall in Dubai. I soon realized that the only entertainment these women have is window-shopping in their spare time? There was the conspicuous absence of the Mullah clothed Muslim men, but there were plenty of good-looking Muslim boys in designer clothes and flip-flops, flirting around with young women. I couldn’t figure out whether they were after the Muslim girls or not as their eyes were set on scantily dressed women. Most of them spoke English with a foreign accent convincing me that they were the kids of the nouveau riche Muslims who have attended international schools. They probably have left their traditional shop keeping and are ready to leap into the corporate world of entrepreneurship.

My Biryani and Watalappam loving Sinhala “uncle” next door is now a big racist. He sees us Muslims as Islamic fundamentalists or extremists and feels that the Arab world has financed us to colonize Sri Lanka. He thinks that my Muslim sisters are breeding children like rabbits and not registering their births even though his daughter and my sisters have only two kids each. He thinks my brother has multiple wives, as he has never seen my sister in law’s face. She even covers her eyes with a net veil, a real ninja for sure and my bloody brother can take any women along the streets in that attire.  My neighbours do not have access to our house as they used to when my father was alive because of the fundamentalism of my brother. Their late night political discussions with strong cups of coffee would never come back to our generation. We have become distant and lost.

I was bored, depressed and angry for coming home. I pulled out the duty free scotch that I bought for my eating-drinking uncle Farook and forced myself for dinner with this lovable character. He has three beautiful daughters who I believe are to be amongst the best human beings, but they are still single past their 30s. Their mother died some 10 years back of cancer, and my uncle who was a devout husband hit the bottle more by the day. For my Muslim community, he doesn’t belong to the current day Islam, so it would be difficult to find Muslim suitors for my beautiful cousins.

I opened the bottle of scotch for him (I am a teetotaller) and asked, “what’s all this racism that has set in”. He said, “BULLSHIT, the Sinhala Buddhists are probably the most humane race on earth. Its all because our buggers in Mullah clothing and women in Ninja dresses. Just look at your sister in law. That is the curse that has befallen us. It’s these Mullah buggers who have made all these ‘ableeq’. Almost every one of them has more than one wife and they want to hide them behind the bloody face cover called Niqab. The eyes of these buggers pop out at the sight of a Redda Hetta Manike, but want to hide the faces of their women. The mafia called ACJU headed for the last 21 odd years by the biggest extremist of them all, Mufthi Risvi is the biggest despot of the community. There is probably no other Muslim despot who has ruled his kingdom as long as this sadist. They dabble in everything Muslim from halal food to pedagogy but don’t know Islamic governance. This bugger has not been chosen to lead by Islamic principles but by ballot fixing and bribery. They are the cause for all our problems in Sri Lanka. They are the ones who are taking our Muslim community to the Stone Age. This has triggered off violence against us, the traditional Muslims. Yes, that is what this new Anagarika Dharmapala – bloody racist,  Gnanasara calls us, Traditional Muslims.

The fourth glass of scotch brought back the history of the contemporary Muslims. Now, with a slight stammer, my uncle Farook started. “You remember, Uncle Somasundaram from 36th lane? He was also a good friend of your father. He phoned me from Canada and asked why our f… mullahs went to Geneva against the Tamils. You see, that Risvi and his Mullah lot were kissing the ass of Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the brother of Mahinda Rajapaksa. All these fellows were taken on a luxury trip to Geneva for the Human Rights session to support the Sri Lankan Government. He was given a duty free car permit to import a luxury vehicle. The Tamils, curse us from that day onwards because we betrayed them and supported the genocide of over 300,000 Tamils. Gotabaya also played the Buddhist extremists against the Muslims and since then, fellows like this stud, Gnanasara started dancing to the tune of Gotabaya and his bunch of murders. Our Mullahs are accused of getting millions by John Keells Susantha and the Chamber of Commerce to give up halal. That CIA agent, Millinda Moragoda was behind this. Risvi demanded and got millions as compensation to support his Mullahs who would be out of work at the Halal unit.

They are the ones who support him to lead this Muslim religious mafia. This Mufthi bugger tried kissing Ranil’s backside, but Ranil has better men. Now he is supporting Mahinda Rajapaksa to come back to power, so that he would be showered with more privileges and probably another duty free permit.

He is also leading the division of Muslims by objecting to the reforms proposed to the Muslim Marriages and Divorce Act. Our Colombo ladies claim that they have been fighting for this for over 30 years. Quite honestly, I don’t care a damn about some of these loose women who want to be on top of the men, but by doing this, Mufthi is distancing the Muslims from the UNP, claiming that the UNP is working to an Israeli/Western agenda. Mahinda Rajapaksa, the racist might get back on the saddle.

I agree, we must bring reforms against polygamy and child marriages. You know, uncle Deen’s daughter from Mount, Sherine? One of these fellows got a big dowry and the house. He was married to her for 5 years and they had three children. Then, one day, he had told her that he is getting married again and left. He didn’t even divorce her. This girl has no one now and no alimony or childcare allowances. All what uncle Deen possessed was given to this bastard. Some of these Mullahs want to marry girls as young as 12 years old. Bloody perverts! Those days, they used to abuse all the young boys in Madarasas like what Ganansara types do in Buddhist temples, but now they have got the taste of young pu…..! They can have fun legally for a few years with some young blood, give them a few babies and leave them in the lurch, as the Muslim women do not have rights to ask for alimony or even a divorce. The fundamentalists control the Quazi system and they are all males. No women can complain about her sexual needs or impotency of her husband. A man can just throw out his wife by saying “TALAK” three times. So our fellows can take many wives, and throw them out as and when they want. So, they want to keep these archaic traditions that are not truly Islamic. Islam has placed the Muslim women at the highest pedestal, but these mullahs misinterpret and treat them worse than slaves. That is the curse that has befallen the Muslims in Sri Lanka. We lost our peace and the friendship with the Buddhists. We lost our Sinhala neighbours because of these religious bigots.

How about this new fellow Ganansara? Oh, forget him. He is a politician and modern day mercenary like any other opportunist. I hear he is an eating drinking man like me. He was fined Rs. 10,000 for drunkard driving. Imagine a man in cīvara, drunk and driving! I also hear he has a women and child in France. He cannot be as bad as we hear. He doesn’t want to live in the temple and behave like a traditional hamuduroo. He wants the life of a Mahanayake with luxury vehicles, public and political recognition and above all lead a good life – wine women and song. See, I have this fellow dancing in my phone, which is also on YouTube.

He has chosen to incite hate against the Muslims like Anagarika Dharmapala, SWRD Bandaranaike or Cyril Mathew because that will keep his coffers filling. Our fellows have fallen in to his trap. He is a smart ass who knows what to say when and where to incite hate. He has also managed to split the Muslims by calling them traditional and new Muslims. The divided Muslims are providing him the ammunition to fire all around. There was a Muslim Hajj operator who went and complained to him because some Muslim minister bugger had played out his Haj quota. What a bunch of hypocrites. These Muslims are the ones who are divided on ideology and are funded by the Wahabi Islam from Saudi Arabia who are forcing archaic values. Now, the Shia’s also have come in with the support of Iran to propagate their brand of Islam. We had the Borah’s who are Shias but now we also have Sri Lankan Shia Muslims.

Tragedy stuck the Farook family, Uncle Farook died two days later. I probably lost the last logical Muslim I knew. He got a Muslim burial at the Dehiwela cemetery in an unmarked grave and no one objected. I am not sure what caused his sudden death, as he looked hail and hearty. But one thing is for sure; he was very uncomfortable with the extremist Islam he was seeing amongst the Muslims. May Allah forgive his sins and grant him a decent place in heaven, because he was a good human being with a huge heart.

I am not sure how many more of “Uncle Farooks” are still alive in the Sinhala, Hindu and Muslim communities. They are a dying breed that love this country and will not compromise on the principles of humanity and justice.  What can we do, other than try to follow in the footsteps of the dying breed of uncle Farooks that would bring mutual respect amongst all religious and ethnic communities in this pearl we call home, Insha Allah. I have decided that I shall not return unless the Muslims reconcile with our Buddhist brothers and sisters. Ma‘a Assalama.

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    I am a second generation Sri Lankan Tamil. I actually think that Sinhalese have a point when they say that they feel no-one supports their ethnicity or culture – I mean the Tamils have Tamil Nadu to support them.

    I would rather the government focused of human rights (sexual minorities, police authoritarianism, etc…) and tried to integrate the island more into ROI. The Tamils should be allowed to politically overlap with Tamil Nadu.

    I don’t try to force Tamils and Sinhalese together. I think Tamils should be allowed to retain their identity and political ties to Tamil Nadu, while the Sinhalese should be given support from the Government of India in order to protect their ethnicity.

    • 4

      Just like your name states you are a Muttal . ” Sinhalese have a point that no-one supports their ethnicity or culture” Why should anyone support them? They should learn to support themselves. On the other hand they are very busy destroying the ancient Eelam Tamil ethnicity language and culture. The Sinhalese are a majority who are suffering from a persecuted minority complex and these sorts of majorities are very dangerous, they create havoc and mayhem in their region. Just like what the Serbs another majority with a minority persecution complex did in the former Yugoslavia. Tamils of Tamil Nadu have never really supported the indigenous Eelam Tamils or the Indian origin largely estate Tamils like you. They just mouth all sorts of platitudes during election times to win votes but reality don’t do anything. The population may be genuinely concerned but not their politicians and elite. They cannot even support the fishermen of Tamil Nadu. If there was genuine support the plight of all the Tamils in the island, indigenous and Indian origin will not be in this pathetic sate. Why should India give support to protect Sinhalese ethnicity? Explain Muttal. Why are the Sinhalese threatened by anyone? They are the ones who are threatening the non Sinhalese and even the Tamil Nadu fishermen and not the other way around. The Sinhalese have thrived without the support of Indians and if they need India’s support the entire island should become part of India. The Tamil and Sinhalese parts become two separate states in the Indian union and the Indian state can protect both. I strongly suspect that you are not a Tamil Muttal but a Sinhalese Muttal/Modaya.

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    Thanks for the writing Mr Feroze. I always wonder what happened to people like you in SL!

    I think as an act of revenge, Tamil community is silently watching our Tamil speaking Muslim community disintegrating into the Stone Age culture. What ever happened in the past is the past and if the Tamil community still want to teach a lesson to the unfaithful Muslim politicians in SL then the best option is helping our Islamic Tamil sisters to stay in school until they complete their high school education and help them to get a voice to speak up against their abusers in their own community.

    In our community, we created thousands of women’s rights champions. One example is the current NPC member Ananthy. Not a single bugger would even dream about messing up with her in any form.

    But Tamil community never helped our Islamic sisters to get their voices. It is time for Mr Sam and TNA to work on this critical issue in East.

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    During a period of 20 years, it is only reasonable to expect any community to have evolved to keep pace with changing environmental factors defined by social, cultural, political, economical and technological dimensions. So for Sri Lankan emigrants to expect things to be as they were before their departure to greener pastures is not just ludicrous, but selfish and self-centered. They expect conditions in their country of birth to have frozen in time so that they could experience the ‘good old days’ whenever they choose to return on holiday.

    Sri Lankan society has changed. Relationships between communities are definitely not what it used to be 20, 30, 40 years ago. One factor that had an enormous impact on this process is the 30-year terrorist war that ended militarily, but not politically, in May 2009. This major impact was that almost every Sri Lankan became more conscious of his ethnicity and religiosity, thereby creating space for religious and political personalities to emerge as ‘leaders’ of the different communities. These ‘leaders’ addressed the emerging ethno-religious needs of the people, which has led to the wide and deep polarization of all major communities.

    The emergence of Muslim political parties and the grip of iron that was gradually exerted on the Muslim community by a group of scholars are perfect examples of the events that overtook this community over the recent decades. In this rush for control, these honorable scholars forgot that the mere accumulation of knowledge does not necessarily impart wisdom on an individual. The less said of our ‘Muslim’ politicians, the better.

    Things will never ever be the way they were before. Rather than bemoaning the current state of affairs, emigrants from Sri Lanka should collectively contribute towards the processes of national harmony and reconciliation through empathy, understanding and compassion.

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      “One factor that had an enormous impact on this process is the 30-year terrorist war that ended militarily, but not politically, in May 2009.”

      Did the terrorist war include the period from 1987 to 1990? Have you completely forgotten the war conveniently?

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      you may be right.
      We would never be able to see things the way they had been few decades ago.
      Not just war changed the nation, but internet revolution and media too influenced the nation that much so that even blatants lies would spread so viral and as a result some politicians of Wimal buruwanse nature have achieved their goals. Most of th ind of opportunists, have only rabbleroused the nation for their selfish gains.
      I think looking back, it is no easy to believe how over 300 000 voters from WP to have voted for Weerawanse or the like men – that have nothing their heads but make efforts to spread lies for their selfish agendas. Born into JVP but to behave as if he is no second to any other capitalists going the paths of them is seen in Wimal buruwase course of politics.
      I wonder the failure lies on the people. We need to stand against MEDIA mafia in the country, and ask them to feed the people with facts and figures of today s context.
      Alone that matter VW issue, the way Media painted it was beyond all truths. As we ve been living in EU, know how much VW company suffered all these few months.
      They initially had talks with lanken Premier about a site, but later they had to change it. Idiotic lanken media men, abused the event to sling mud on Premier.. as no other would do. There, the truth should have been passed from lanken embassy to them. Directly. That was not maintained properly.

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    Feroze as a Sinhalese who had many Muslim friends as a child I cannot agree with you more.What is more heart warming is your simple admission that the inflammation was initiated by none other than Muslims .
    It is sad that Muslims are changing radically in SL.They shared our values many centuries and all of a sudden under whoever s influence things are changing .More mosques are coming up .East is becoming s little Arab colony .wilapaththu is being destroyed to build more Muslim
    Habitats .This has created lots of anxiety among Sinhalese population and the growing ethnic tension between is due to that .People like your uncle Farouk will be an extinct species among your people .Instead more fund mentalist hyper religious bearded men will stalk though the streets .The liberal minded Muslims will struggle to find their place as you have struggled and Sinhslese will be more racist and country will be pushed to be polarised more and more .Where are we taking our beautiful country towards.I am terribly sorry for what is happening around.

    • 2

      Prasad and Feroze Shamsudeen,

      Yes, Feroze Shamsudeen has clearly narrated the PROBLEM being faced by the traditional Muslims who have common sense, and how some or many of them have been transformed by Saudi Wahhabi-Salafis and their clones, that that has impacted BOTH the Muslim community and the larger Sri Lankan non-Muslim Community. The Muslim women, and the larger Muslim community and the country are the losers.

      Who is gaining? The Devil, Satan. Iblis following Saudi Wahhabi-Salafis and their clones such as ISIS Taliban etc., and the Muslims are becoming stupider, and the Mullah and Ulama are having a good time, controlling the Muslims. Example MMDA.

      Al Azhar Scholar: ‘Wahhabism/Salafism is a Satanic Faith, the Horns of Satan’


      So, the Sri Lankan Muslims by following the Satan’s agent Saudi-Wahhabi- Salafis, will end up in Hell Fire, after they lose reason and intelligence. In the meantime the Sinhala “Buddhists” will lose their intelligence and reason, and deviate from true Buddhism.

      That is what the Satan and the Mara wants.

      So, What is the SOLUTION? Expose, Expose and Expose, the idiots.

      Is the earth spread out like a carpet? Does the Sun goes around the Earth? Evolution?
      The Saudi-Wahhabi Salafis and their clones say so.


      Saudi Arabian cleric Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari has claimed that the Earth is stationary and the sun rotates around it in a speech he gave to students at a university in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday. The claims have since been mocked by Twitter users and Cambridge University scientists alike. We take a look at video of the Muslim cleric’s attempt to debunk the rotation theory

      Muslim cleric says that the earth stands still and the sun goes around the sun.

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    Bravo!. You have hit a century in comments, and close to the next century.. It very rarely, some of the opinion articles and news articles hit a century in comments.

    So, please do keep writing.Do not let idiots and imbeciles distract you. The land of Native Veddah Aethho, currently occupied by the Paras, needs you.

    Let’s hope that we need not wait another 20 years for your next article.

    By the way, perhaps, you may be able to write the Sri Lankan Common Sense Pamphlet, like what Thomas Paine did for America in 1776.

    Common Sense (pamphlet)


    Common Sense is a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine in 1775–76 advocating independence from Great Britain to people in the Thirteen Colonies. Written in clear and persuasive prose, Paine marshaled moral and political arguments to encourage common people in the Colonies to fight for egalitarian government. It was published anonymously on January 10, 1776, at the beginning of the American Revolution, and became an immediate sensation.

    It was sold and distributed widely and read aloud at taverns and meeting places. In proportion to the population of the colonies at that time (2.5 million), it had the largest sale and circulation of any book published in American history. As of 2006, it remains the all-time best selling American title, and is still in print today.

    Common Sense made public a persuasive and impassioned case for independence, which before the pamphlet had not yet been given serious intellectual consideration. He connected independence with common dissenting Protestant beliefs as a means to present a distinctly American political identity, structuring Common Sense as if it were a sermon.] Historian Gordon S. Wood described Common Sense as “the most incendiary and popular pamphlet of the entire revolutionary era”.

  • 1

    a recent article by a western researcher on SL muslims ststes that the the antimuslim feelings among singalese are mostly due to the SL muslims who are deviating from south asian culture and embrasing middle eastern culture which is not necessarily islamic. while they live in SL they should not be overtly behave like foreigners in the name of religion. this point is elaborated by him by giving the usual examples; dresses , building mosques, growing desert trees in the east etc,
    personally i do not go along with this line of argument. i wish to go along with the thought that minorities have made use of the opportunities emerged from JRJ’s open economic reforms that the sinhala dhanapathi class gave full support to the anti tamil and anti muslim feeling for their benefit. i think originally this idea was put forward by Dr.N.gunasinge , a marxist scholar. (see lanka quardian back numbers 1980s.)it is well known that more than 90 % of the public service is dominated by the majority and therefore minorities have to take advantage of the OE policy.

    • 2


      “a recent article by a western researcher on SL muslims ststes that the the antimuslim feelings among singalese are mostly due to the SL muslims who are deviating from south asian culture and embrasing middle eastern culture which is not necessarily islamic.”

      Why? Because the average IQ of the Sri Lankan Muslims is around 79, just like their fellow citizens. Furthermore they are mixing up Islam with the Arab tribal cultures, and the Arab tribal cultures have super imposed themselves on Islam.So, they are associating everything Arabic both in language and culture to be Islamic. They forget just like many others, that the Muslims and the Christian Arabs call their God, Allah.

      Some Mullahs, Ulama and Imams takes it further, saying that those women who wear the saree will end up in hell fire. The Sri Lankan Muslim women and girls are subjected to tremendous peer pressure , by the Mullahs and their cohorts.Saudi funded and trained Wahhabi-Salafis who follow the Satan-Devil-Iblis are the worst.

      According to Islamic Theology, the Wahhabi-Salafis will end up in Hell Fire along with the Devil, Iblis, on the Day of Judgement.

      Devil, Iblis in Islam.



      ;Scholar from al-Azhar: Wahhabism is a Satanic Faith, the Horn of the Devil that Muhammad Predicted


      How to debate with the so called Salafiyyah

    • 3


      ” i think originally this idea was put forward by Dr.N.gunasinge , a marxist scholar. (see lanka quardian back numbers 1980s.)it is well known that more than 90 % of the public service is dominated by the majority and therefore minorities have to take advantage of the OE policy.”

      This was the main reason for the Tamil insurgency, but the SL Muslims have a culture of trade rather than education and govt, service, unlike the Tamils. However, a small fraction of the bright Muslims do get educated and get into different professions, even though the avenues for them have been limited, somewhat due o language and discrimination barriers.

      Yes, it was and is the ” sinhala dhanapathi class ” who have most to gain by discrimination against the Tamils and the Muslims. Unfortunately, the sate will not implement the country’s criminal laws.

      • 0

        This guy needs to rally around the Wahabi fundamentalists and get his backside examined. If he cannot see the change in Muslim attire, he must be a blind and oh god, this guy must be one of the stalkers of teenage pussies not top notice the bulks that mover around in black tents in the super malls of Colombo.

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    Feroze Samsudeen, you left Sri Lanka around 1997 when the internal war was still there. This was the hay time of refuge seekers trying to get into developed countries and may be you are one of them. If you can wear western attire why can’t those who wants to follow Muslim attire cannot do so. You say shopping malls look like Dubai with full of Muslim women wearing hijab. What a third rate fabricator you are, you think we don’t visit malls. The fact is you can see only a handful of women in such attire. As far as relationship is concerned it same as olden days except with some racist. There are no extremist Muslims. The reason your drunkard uncle couldn’t give his three beautiful daughters in marriage because he would have demanded few bottles from the bridegroom. Otherwise I don’t see any problems. Maithripala is a gutless leader but if he carries out the administration, law and order without fear he will definitely get few hundred thousands more votes. You say now exclusive Muslims schools but didn’t you see such schools in Sri Lanka before you went abroad. What about the government exclusive Muslim schools, Tamil schools and Sinhalese schools. International schools do not run on exclusive basis but their target is more students. This is the first time I am hearing mosques and families does not welcome their fellow Muslim. You must be a worst person than your uncle for them to loathe you so much and reject. You visit Muslims and Sinhalese houses vice versa during their festival and see what passes as festival foods between them. Racist bastards with their false propaganda trying to divide communities. Compared to them you are not better with your bull shit writing.

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    This guy Ralliu needs to really rally around the Wahabi fundamentalists and get his backside examined. If he cannot see the change in Muslim attire, he must be a blind and oh god, this guy must be one of the stalkers of teenage pussies not top notice the bulks that mover around in black tents in the super malls of Colombo.

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