28 February, 2024


Namal Calls For Probe On Police Attack On FSP Black Lives Matter Protest – Cops Say No Way

Police Spokesman attorney at law Jaliya Senaratne has publicly turned down a demand by the Prime Minister’s son about conducting an investigation into the conduct of police officials disbanding the Frontline Socialist Party Black Lives Matter protest at Lipton Circus.

“I strongly condemn the assault on protestors and call for it to be investigated,” Namal Rajapaksa the Hambantota District MP said in a widely publicized Tweet.

However the Police Spokesman in an interview has flatly refused to conduct a probe insisting that the police officials who arrived on the scene to stop the protest had committed no wrongdoing.

This is despite widely shared visuals of a young female protestor being bodily thrown into the back of a police truck. The woman has suffered a spinal injury and is currently receiving treatment at the Karapitiya hospital. The Police Spokesman also refused to conduct an inquiry into the officer who brutally man-handled the female protestor saying she had “kicked out” when she was being lifted into the truck.

The Spokesman said that no one could resist arrest and if they do so the police have every right to use justifiable force. “That force is not limited by any law” the Police Spokesman said.

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    In America a black man was killed by white police brutality. Because it is an American issue and America claims it protect democracy, human rights and equality, it easily spread all over the world. In Europe, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Korea…….. The world police found difficult to maintain law & order during the protests, though many were peaceful demonstrations. But when the Black Life Matters came to Lankawe, where Sinhala Buddhist Life Only matters, it has become a multicolored political opportunism for 2/3 majority.
    We said this many times here. It is the Lankawe “Pinching the Child and Rocking the Cradle, the Aappa Diplomacy.
    Recently there were three protests in Colombo; first two by FSP; One is in front of American Embassy and the other one was about bringing back covid-19 stranded travelers, in front of MFA. One more was in front of Chinese Embassy by an NGO, claiming Chinese irresponsibility and inaction to contain the pandemic within its localities. Police took initiation to block the protests in front of Embassies with an explanation of Covid-19 social isolation orders. Police successfully blocked the protest in front of Chinese embassy. It had obtained the court order to block the one in front of American embassy too. Still SFP went ahead with its plan.

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    It was Demulu Comedian Communist Kumar Gunaratnam’s FSP was protesting in front of American Embassy the other day. The police wanted to have superiority, so it implemented the court order it had obtained. Embassy didn’t mind of that, though.
    Under Old Royals dictatorship, in 2012, two lefts (SEP) activists (Sudarshan and Murugananthan) were pasting notices in Jaffna for a protest rally that was about to take place next day. They suddenly disappeared and nowhere to be found thereafter. FSP still didn’t don’t mind about it. Gunaratnam is married to Australian Sinhalese lady Dr. When he was white vanned by King, She used Australian government to pressure and have Ultra JVP Gunaratnam released from the secret place he was hidden. When Corona -19 started, Royal Government had issued special permission to Chinese envoys and tourist to come and go without inspection. There were many other illegal entry cases were reported. Last week an American Indo-Pacific Command officer came to Lankawe. The matter is secret. Whom she met and what places she was visiting were not known. But Airport officials insisted on her undergoing 14 days isolation or their test and treatment. Under some circumstance, not given out to public, it was not acceptable from American side and Lankawe released the envoy on their own responsibility.

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    This is a serious issue for Lemon Puff Weeraya who was caught in Airport for Pass Port frauds in Yahapalanaya time and Ranil got involved to have him released from Airport. This was not new in Yahapalanaya time. A plane carrying Chinese and Singapore Businessmen came to Colombo and left thorough an airbase in China Bay. It was not known to public from where that plane came or where was its destination. Many times Russian Antanov -125 landed in Matala Mahinda Bachan Naked International Airport on high secret mission. Another time there were talks about some American Transshipments to Diageo operation were being transported through Lankawe were held back at Airport by Mrs. Charles, a customs officer of that time, now soon to be resigning NPC governor.
    The norm in Lankawe is when there is something about America or West the Communists start to carry their umbrella. That is what Gunaratnam group also doing now. This is not related to the racial issue being fought over in America under the name of Black Life matters.

    There is racism practiced by private citizens in America. This is similar to the caste practices of Jaffna, i.e. though it is illegal, private citizens’ practice not knowing to law-but well known to public.

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    This son prince is a guy who is bared to go USA, related to his family’s war crimes and their resistance to investigate. Now he is saying the police has overstepped in dispersing the protesters who were banned by the court. Yet so far he has not taken any pain to explain, if police was too much in dispersing the banned protests, why his uncle has deployed Army all over country. Why is he used military to control Covid-19 and have spread it to them too, instead of using Medical staffs. Why did he impose curfew and arrested almost a 100,000 civilians, who had lost jobs and income, were just trying to find some means to eat? Where were all these virtuous births of Buddha’ reincarnation all these time while Lankawe was earning one of 22 countries who use rape as weapon. Is this guy thinking if each Royal family member played a different game, the world which is containing only children and they all will be fooled?

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    now that the polling date has been fixed the synthetic horu boru lawyer has got the jitters.
    he knows very well fao a fact that with the present happenings in the sad sorry rajapuka creation of a hell-hole the upcoming colours for his colours are not good.?
    so scapegoats have to be quickly found, the triad armed forces will be the next with their draconian dictatorship following them will be the saffron amude clad racist Lord Buddha’s uncouth unsavoury flea-ridden mangy mongrels and in an anti-climax the Yakko masses themselves for not being loyal blindly following orders slaves.
    if not for the cursed coronavirus, I would have made it a point of travelling to the motherland to help the UNP along with the TNA to have a resounding victory and chase away forever and ever these crimes tainted rajapuk’s along with their fellow goons.

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    Does it mean that Mahinda Rajapakse Family (not Gotabaya Family) lost their say including fundamental rights with Gotabaya. It is same that an ordinary policeman saying to Prime Ministers son (hopeful next President of Srilanka) ” we don’t bother you anymore”. Who knows that even Mahinda Rajapakse loosing his total grip after the election?

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      may well be an another attempt of them to be seen as clean. But would people be that stupid to get caught by the easy tricks being played on them on an don. ?
      I wish I could read the thoughts and minds of GOTABAYA today becasue we dont hear much form him – other than once in 2 -3 weeks time. Either he s fed up of all or well be, he is not the same person as had been prior to his election. This syndrome was also the case with SIRISENA after becoming the president.

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    Politicians’ public statements can never be trusted..they’re invariably designed to favour them in some way, and nothing to do with a moral stand or aspects of justice..

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    Namal Calls For Probe On Police Attack


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    I have no proof of what I am about to say. Going entirely by the CT report will the Police have the brass guts to turn down the Ex-MP son of the PM summarily? I don’t think that the Police has become that Independent in this country. If the Ex-MP were to call for an investigation at this stage, chances are likely that it is for political advantage and those who are hurt are going to side him. The possibility is that his utterance to call for an investigation and the Police to refuse the same appears to be a hand in glove operation where the Police is willing to be the bad guys, for possible promotions in the future. Who knows?

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