6 July, 2022


Namal Has No Inhibitions About Discussing His Lucrative Business Deals

By Rajiva Wijesinha

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha MP

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha MP

Enemies of the President’s Promise: Dopey 3

Namal in fact had no inhibitions about discussing with friends the lucrative business deals he was involved in. But it is possible that he did not think there was anything wrong with all these. Over the years a culture of close involvement of politicians with the business sector had developed, and the favours received from them were seen simply as tokens of friendship – as were the concessions and contracts the complaisant businessmen received. So Chandrika Kumaratunga benefited as President from the largesse of a businessman called Ronnie Pieris, who did very well under the regime, while another close friend who had worked for Emirates ended up, when he was appointed head of Air Lanka, as it used to be known, by subordinating it to that airline. Emirates emerged strengthened immeasurably by the partnership while Air Lanka lost much of the reputation and the reach it had earlier enjoyed. But these seemed isolated examples, and the connections to any incentives were never direct.

But by the time the Rajapaksa regime was settled in, the potential for business had expanded immeasurably, and Namal, with initially a lower profile than those holding executive positions, but with obviously the greatest influence of all, was soon rapidly befriended by many local and foreign businessmen. But as with the Packer deal, he could doubtless convince himself that he was promoting more economic activity in Sri Lanka, and that the country would also benefit.

Namal and MahindaAnother area in which his friends had a field day was the Stock Exchange, which it soon became known was being ruthlessly manipulated. The President’s essential innocence about this sort of thing seemed apparent when he appointed as its Chairman Indrani Sugathadasa, a former senior public servant of great integrity, who was also the wife of his Secretary Lalith Weeratunge. But before long she felt obliged to resign, and the President accepted her resignation. She had asked her husband before she resigned whether it would affect his position, and he had reassured her because he did not think he could contribute to the vitiation of her integrity. But, given that it was rumoured that Namal had played a role, on behalf of his friends, in making her position untenable, the matter obviously affected his own feelings and his potential effectiveness.

Mrs Sugathadasa was replaced by another figure of known integrity, a former Member of Parliament, Tilak Karunaratne. He was also concerned about education, and was a member of an advisory group I had set up called Religion, Education And Pluralism. After he was appointed, he suggested that we meet in the Security Exchanges Commission office, since that would save him the long journey to my Reconciliation Office which was near Parliament. I asked him then how confident he felt about his position, and the clearing up he thought was essential, and he told me that the President had assured him of a free hand to restore confidence. But within a few months he too resigned.

His successor was deemed more willing to oblige those in power, but even he, shortly after his appointment, was rumoured to have attributed a shaky transaction to the Secretary of Defence. The matter was hushed up, but it was a sad decline for Gotabaya Rajapaksa, whose reputation for financial integrity had earlier been above reproach. The association with Duminda Silva had dealt it a blow, but now it seemed that he too had systemic involvements with big business. This seemed further established with the incident at Weliweriya, where it was claimed that the forces had been called out at the behest of the Chairman of a company which was under criticism for polluting the water supply.

Ironically, there was no evidence that the company had deviated from safety standards, and Gotabaya’s view that the protests were orchestrated was probably correct. Entertainingly, if tragically from the perspective of the bereaved, the protests against the company had been promoted by Mervyn Silva, who was thought to be close to Basil as a leading politician of the Gampaha District where Basil had headed the poll for the government. But the initial qualms of the people about the water supply had not been addressed, while misleading information about the PH factor of the water in the area had contributed to anxieties which burst out in fervent protests. The decision then to deploy the army may have been made in the belief that, if protracted and violent, the factory would be damaged – but the upshot was that the factory had to move, given the resentment the deaths roused. That this was largely due to internal rivalries was symptomatic of how far the government of President Rajapaksa had moved from its initial unity. And the absence of any systems to look swiftly into public grievances made it clear that no one was interested in promoting the grass roots level consultations, with prompt redress for problems, that had been a cornerstone of the Rajapaksa manifesto.

Though the President must in the end take responsibility for the failure to live up to his ideals, the fact is that he was now operating in a world very different from the simple understanding of politics that he had evinced in his own career, and which he had inherited from his father and his uncle before him. Mahinda Rajapaksa was the first elected leader of Sri Lanka who did not come from the Western Province, and his commitment therefore to rural development was unique (though it must also be granted that President Premadasa before him, from the Western Province but a relatively deprived background, also understood and worked on the need for equitable development). But he left the bulk of activity in this regard to Basil, who concentrated on cement rather than people. Gotabaya, though devoted to his soldiery, sometimes thought security required repression of people who evinced hostility, even of the mildest sort. And Namal, who should have been most concerned with the Rajapaksa legacy, was emphatically a child of Colombo, devoted to the concerns of the rich with whom his closest associations were.

Mahinda Rajapaksa had perhaps been lucky in that his mentor had not been able to gain him admission to S. Thomas’ when he moved to Colombo. He had been told by the then Warden of the College that it was too late to bring the boy into conformity with the culture there. But Namal’s admission to that elite establishment was facilitated in the nineties and, though he did not shine in school, and was indeed considered a simple but decent youngster, he absorbed a culture which was by then orientated towards the consumerism of the West. The magnificient collection of watches that Namal possessed, brand names in styles and colours to match whatever else he might be wearing, was perhaps the most important symbol of what his education had given him

But what was more important than such tastes was his ability to finance such tastes. My own understanding of how the young man operated developed when I was told by Arjuna Ranatunga, former Sri Lankan Cricket Captain, how Namal had sought to profit by investment in cricket. Arjuna had been an SLFP Member of Parliament, but he had left the party in 2010 to support Sarath Fonseka, so it is possible that his story was coloured by his political position. But he had generally had a reputation for integrity as well as strength of character, and I had found him a committed colleague at the Committee on Public Enterprises, where he had also evinced a strong social commitment.

He had been particularly scathing in the examination of Sri Lanka Cricket, where his brother had been the Chief Executive while also working for the Carlton Sports Network. His questioning made it clear that the award to that Network of telecasting rights for cricket matches, a particularly lucrative contract, had been irregular. But Arjuna also noted that the losses Sri Lanka Cricket was making was because of massive expenditure to build up stadiums for the World Cup in which we had been co-hosts. His point was that this was unnecessary, because when he had been in charge of Sri Lanka Cricket he had reached an agreement with the World Body that the facilities we had did not require massive upgrading for the purposes for which they would be used.

Later he told me that the President had wanted him to build a world class cricket stadium in Hambantota, his own District, the list of representatives for which in Parliament was now headed by Namal. Arjuna had told him that such expenditure would be a waste, and that it made more sense to develop facilities in schools in the area to train up youngsters. The President had seemed annoyed, but he had evidently taken to heart Arjuna’s point that, while the country should not spend on this, he was prepared to work on it if there were an investor – for Namal called Arjuna up soon afterwards to say he had one available.

The problem was that, when Arjuna had told him it would cost about 15 million dollars, Namal had asked him to say it would be 30. Arjuna stuck to his figure when the man was brought to see him, and the man had seemed interested, but said he wanted to be sure Arjuna remained in charge. But Arjuna said he could not guarantee that, given his political commitments, and the investor lost interest. But the stadium was then built, at massive and unnecessary expense as Arjuna described it.

The President doubtless went ahead with the project because of his devotion to his home District. He had already had a harbour built there, which made a lot of sense given that it lay on well used sea routes. Though there were problems connected with a rock that seemed an obstruction, those could doubtless be overcome, and in time the harbour would probably prove a sensible investment.

There was less optimism about the new airport that had been built in the Hambantota District. Though a second airport was a good idea, its siting left much to be desired, since it was far from the coastal areas that it should have serviced if tourism was a priority. And no effort had been made to develop the infrastructure in the area and ensure good reason for passenger planes to call there. So the few that had started operating there gave up, and within a couple of years there were no regular flights there, except for some Sri Lankan Airlines flights that called there en route to or from Colombo, an exercise that was wasteful of time and money.

When to this was added a stadium in the District, it was clear that sentiment had overcome rationality. But the added problem, about the additional cost which Namal’s involvement seemed to entail, was probably not something for which the President could be held directly responsible. It was clear however that his excessive indulgence was proving particularly hard on the country.

And whether Namal understood the requirements of the country, as opposed to his own, seemed in doubt. One of the saddest stories about him was that he had not been worried about Sri Lanka losing the vote in Geneva in 2012, since that could be used to win votes at elections in Sri Lanka. It is difficult to believe that he could have been so callous about the forces who would be the victims of the Western attempt to pin war crimes charges on Sri Lanka, but it was argued that that might explain the own goals the Sri Lankan team engaged in, ignoring the strategy of our Permanent Representative, Tamara Kunanayakam and her efforts to build up defences internationally. Sadly, within a couple of years of Mahinda Rajapaksa being elected to his second term, decisions seemed to be in the hands of those without the capacity to plan or think beyond their own interests.

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    When will this end?

    • 16

      “Namal in fact had no inhibitions about discussing with friends the lucrative business deals he was involved in. But it is possible that he did not think there was anything wrong with all these. “

      I think they the Rajapakshes cant differenziate what belongs to them the family and what to the regime ? They may feel all the state and people s assets belong to them – just because MR is the incumbent president. This has lot to do the way of his thinking – he is obviously not taking anything serious specially when it goes with human rights and the related. At the time his admin had to make decisive decisions, there he though made – Army leader and the other forces worked on elemination terror. But in the end he grabed the credit, also because of his idiosyncratic nature similar to what being explained above.

    • 12

      Actually this is clear to the nation – even if Mahanayakes begged Namal not to continue with Car race in Kandy, they nevertheless went on with… that proves against that both father and son have not learnt to respect law and order – respect and dignity… born rascals – they have got this in their blood… it is the mistake of people allow this kind of rascals to be the leader of them. Sadly, The bad side of so called democracies.

      • 12

        “Sadly, The bad side of so called democracies.”

        Democracy is a western concept that originated from Greece.

        The west is Christian and that means Charity for all irrespective of faith.

        Yours is begging bowl Buddhism- Now uduran kana kattiya (pluckers paradise)

        The Tibetans run schools and don’t beg or take commissions on government contracts.

        there is nothing wrong with democracy but it does not fit you now that the Brits who built your infrastructure and economy are gone- you forcefully took over all private and sterling companies. Apey Anduva Apey Ratte !
        Jolly boys and 600k sihala women in the medieval middle east sex on demand.
        You folk have no shame.

        • 5

          A number of typically stupid statements given by Taraki’s mentor here:

          1. Democracy is a western concept that originated from Greece – Utter bullshit. India since prehistoric times has had democracy in the 16 mahajanapadas. It is a pure sign of intellectual slavery to blieve, like this pondan is doing, to attribute everything “good” to the so-called West (that includes the eastern most countries of the globe, Australia and New Zealand.

          2. This fool needs to learn that Christianity is an Eastern religion, grasped by the declining Roman empire to hang on to power using the wave. Idiots like Javi think Christianity originated in the West!

          Then he, representing the Kiri mandala mawatha mafia, goes on to abuse Buddhism.

          He is an utter Mlechcha low-life.

          Hope Taraki will soon reappear to take this javi with him!

          • 4

            Who is Taraki, who is this estranged JAVI ? Not many on this and other forums would understand the Javi#S comments.

            Both seem to be on an attacking mission to Low lives and village folks.
            Anyways, even rural people hate Rajaakshes today.
            It is all about principles and cultured personalities.

            • 2

              Dan Javi is the lowest of the Low intelectually. He cant stoop down any lower.

          • 6

            School Drop out weren’t you born 4 legged stay put in that shit hole.

            You have no substance- no grey matter just brawn thanks to our western guns.

            We like to see you as cannibals before we take over- see syria.

            If you get the chance to leave the country even on holiday you leave with your tail between your legs- try anything even in the west you end up mince meat.

            Now go wash that smelly ambude stupid beggar boy.

            • 0

              I have the feeling not anyone else, you Javi most likely be a school drop out… from what you write as your IDIOSYNCRATIC nature – nobody would get them really. Are you either sick or caught by a disease of rarity kind. I only respect you being against to ruling thugs, but your vocabulary often attacking specially rural folks and others for no reasons are acceptable to anyone.

              • 2

                “Are you either sick or caught by a disease of rarity kind. I only respect you being against to ruling thugs, but your vocabulary often attacking specially rural folks and others for no reasons are acceptable to anyone. “

                Who cares what villagers think- your action for 66 years is enough for the world to be aware that your wish of 2500 years must be granted- We like to make you the cannibals that you are- with mervin silva tying you to the tree and doing more. That is where our money goes!
                Money comes to you from the 600k sihala women you send to the medival middle east as maids into sex.
                `Dalit Bol silva` collaba colloth ekka ava tiyagande appa.(dont try that stunt with us)
                `Bol silva Nobody` live in a well like the classic gass gembo awaitng the rain- stay on the tree for that is your civilization- gamme godae first time on inter net of our invention not any fing chinese.
                BEGGING BOWL STAY ON THE TREE!!:)

          • 7

            “Hope Taraki will soon reappear to take this javi with him! “

            you seem to be a secret admirer of someone I have never seen and there is a tatte motte on this site like a tarava.

            If ever you get the chance to see me Spanish marine on call duty you would poop in your ambude imbecile pala the schedule caste.

            • 0

              “If ever you get the chance to see me Spanish marine on call duty”

              Always thought from your poofter comments that you could be a marine who knows only one way. Your facination by Taraki can’t be forgiven despite extreme desperation.

              Hope the day will soon come, when Taraki reappears for a back digging to commemorate all days.

              Despicable old fart.

              • 4

                Sounds like you got a rocker fart that has tickled your balls- very infectious like eeee.

    • 4

      Both are said to be local law degree holders…. I guess the basics of the laws should be generated in the mind sets of those who study such degrees as medical degree learners in general are seen to have very kind personalities. Rajapakshes beahve always otherway around. May be something wrong should be accompanied with their lives –

      • 3

        They don’t have degrees – they both went to Law College, which confers a professional accreditation to practice law, NOT a degree in Law.

        The father got in due to a concession offered during Sirimavo’s time, which enabled MP-s who were not ‘academically qualified or accredited’ to gain entry to Law College without meeting the normal requirements (I believe this to be GCE ‘A’ Level). Rumour has it that the father could not cope with the curriculum, so he got ANOther (said to be Jeyaraj Fernandopulle) to write his exams, and thereby passed. I am not sure if this is correct, but JF cannot answer because he died suddenly.

        The son was admitted (I don’t know whether he met the entry requirements) but come exam time, he was given a private, air-conditioned room, with access to a computer and God knows what else (!). He is said to have obtained the highest mark ever for the Law finals, which must make him absolutely brilliant or a bloody crook – you take your pick. Besides, the then CJ (Ms SB) personally was present at his oaths-taking, which was done in a private setting which was unprecedented in the annals of the Law College.

        Is it any wonder that they act like self-centred buffoons?

  • 4

    CC Sira’s Manifesto is out in Hyde Park…What an appropriate place..

    If implemented this Manifesto is going to change Srialaka for ever.

    People who helped plan . draft and fund this manifesto have done it in many countries.

    Will Ranil be our Nuri Al Maleki.?..

    There is one clear War Lord , already ready to take the North.

    Who will be the War Lord in the East.

    How many War Lords will the Southerners inherit..

    Is it JVP. JHU, BBS, Ravaya, UNP, SLFP,or DNA with the help of Rice Mafia, Sand Mafia and Drug Mafia ?…

    These are the issues which the Intelligentsia must explain to the Dalits in the South, who have been living peacefully for a while.

    Instead, this Professor has dedicated his whole life for a vendetta against Rajapaksa and his children..

    • 4

      Your comment proves that how uneducated you’re. Basically if we’re going to continue with this corrupted regime, this will make Sri Lanka and the economy even worsen. Thereby Maithripala and the United National Party-led strategy is simple to restore the true means of democracy and the rights of MP, Judge, Police and so on.

      Therefore this is not possible for single candidate to come up against corrupted regime that misuses the state funds, Government Officers which makes it more harder for single candidate to come up, Further the opposition’s strategy was to deploy the unity Government which brings all political parties together and overthrow this corrupted regime.

      Once the democracy is restored by the opposition candidate the Sri Lankan economy will continue fast growth which considered as legitimate way to develop the country without any corruption involved on the mega-projects.

      Think wise before you make comment on the opposition common candidate.

    • 10

      K.A Sumanasekera,
      “”How many War Lords will the Southerners inherit..””
      NONE AT ALL!
      I have witnessed first-hand harathal for Indira to come back to power when she sat on the pavement.- not just New Delhi but right through north India.
      I have witnessed first- hand harathal at Kathmandu to bring down the king.
      I witnessed first-hand the Velvet Revolution Czechoslovakia- peaceful
      I witnessed first-hand the July 83 riots.
      I witnessed first-hand Gulf War 1
      I witnessed first-hand English riots.

      I can tell you one thing Lankian folk are only good at attacking minorities on being backed by state apparatus/ international logistics.

      If the folk had any ba**s then during the Com wealth they had the golden opportunity to protest when Cameron led the break to the north – Kollo bayye saree potte pattau. (fear & hanging onto saree)

      You do not belong to a martial race and neither have you seen them fight at close range.
      Good luck!

      • 5

        And don’t forget the hero of heroes Gotabaya, after being cornered by the Tigers only once, and saved by Fonseka, ran away to America to hide.

        My little toe is more martial than [Edited out].

        • 2

          Gotabaya went to America long before the LTTE tried to get him, you stinking mess.

          You think you can fool Sri Lankans with these lies?

          Get Taraki again, re-Christen him with a new pen-name and try to make that “bath maruwa” the foreign affairs expert with US embassy help.

          Shameless low life.

          • 8

            “Shameless low life.”

            Kukul Chetty Anton Koon,

            So you keep on changing your e-mail address all the time but never your pedigree ambude. You are a school drop out sitting on your hands and swallowing from the rear- in the US known as Biscuit Boofer.

            Putin and Hindia just signed an agreement that the island shall be Sihala Buddhist State of Hindia- No chinese sub will come that way again.
            The Chinese on their part have 2 contracts for gas- one signed in oct just before Putin became president for $300 billion and a couple of months ago $400 billion in return the Chinese have to create all infrastructure in Russia so that they become self sufficient.

            When the chinese are paid in foreign exchange or barter they work double quick, But when its is a loan from China it takes time.This is what we saw at Nepal where ADB funded the roads and 5th power plant.

            There is very little you know to enter this forum its the batt parcel and polla that has driven you to write from butt and eat from your butt.

            No wonder you are Dalit kallathoni Anton the Chetty.

  • 13

    A father teaching his son rob is horrendous. If MR cant be a head of a family that sets good examples and values for his own sons, how can the people expect him to be the head of our country.

    Sri Lanka really needs to sit back and ponder the mistake they made in electing this man. Anybody can win a war by brutally disregarding human value and years of social impact. Then again does it matter to him??????

    I hope the country will come together to dispose of him and his family permanently.

    • 8

      “I hope the country will come together to dispose of him and his family permanently.”

      Its not easy because there are others to step into his boots at the drop of a coin.

      If this was possible then Mugabe would not be there.

      Saddam would not have lasted economic sanctions and neither would Syria.

      You need international help but it wont come easily because guys like this Rajiva have abused their positions and abused the west.

      You don’t have the blood to get an intervention which is costly and what do you have to sell?? Tea to the soviets and arabs.

      There is nothing called a free lunch at western capitals.

    • 2

      They all keep dipping their filthy hands into the cookie jar. Each one covers for the other, and are sometimes

      involved in the same crime. This is the result of nepotism. Neopotism should never be tolerated in a


  • 6

    So… basically, none of this is Mahinda’s fault. He’s the lost little lamb beset by wolves. Ok.

    Also, labeling the weliweriya protests as being ‘orchestrated’ serves no purpose. The fact of the matter is, orchestrated or not, these protests wouldn’t be needed in the first place if this country had a system of governance that actually gave a rat’s a*se about solving the nation’s problems instead of playing the “let’s see who can win the most elections” game.

  • 1

    All this whistle-blowing by Rajiva is going to cost votes from those who read CT and their friends – which will otherwise go to MR in the election.
    He must be aware & does not care a damn it appears – is he purposely “burning his boats”?

  • 6


    Were you guys not complicit in this? Your pal Dayan wrote a whole article and got that published across multiple media with different titles (his favourite strategy for publications) declaring that Mahinda was the best President the country could have hoped for – in absolute servile gratitude for extracting him from a teaching assistant job to the wine&dine center in Europe.

    If not for educated-idiots of your particular persuation, this regime would NEVER have had the arrogance or the courage to dare into such unholy, diabolical manifestation that is now making even you guys weep in horror! You should instead weep in shame!!

    Too little – too late dear boy. Yes indeed, boys are what you are — PhD not withstanding.

  • 2

    Does anyone knows what Rajiva is trying to say here?

    Everyone knows that the Royal family is illiterate, immoral people. They only care for them. Hope and pray that the people will use their common sense to throw the whole family out whole sale!!

  • 3

    Your recurring theme is that Mr Rajapaksa is not to be blamed for any of the monstrous actions that he has taken as president. If he could have been so easily misled by his closest family and friends, including a son nor far beyond his teens, he is not fit to be president. Bad enough he was, for two terms, so let us make sure he does not get a third term.

  • 2

    You know what, we should not be blaming this boy. Deep within Sinhalese culture is the acceptance and recognition of this kind of behavior beautifully expressed by the Sinhalese expression “Gama Kananva” – eating the village.

    poor Namal boy is following the cultural proactive of the Sinhalese. He is just following the family tradition and Sinhalese culture and the Family business that Sinhala Sri Lanka has become.

    Now this why you need some Tamils in the parliament. Because the Tamils will not put up with such crap.

  • 3

    All this is encapsulated in the Rajapaksa family motto ‘when you have the spoon in your hand, serve yourself well’.

    The King has always showed a penchant for indulging his sons, and they have not disappointed, turning out to be spoiled brats who must get their way. Still, they have some way to go to emulate other offspring of our political classes (Vermyn Silva, MyThreewho, Rambukpukka et al) who have turned out to be straightforward shits.

  • 5

    I cannot believe this turncoat Rajiva bugger. Bugger goes around the world defending this village buffoon MR all these years and now he writes negative comments about his paymaster, since there is a possibility this crook MR might lose the elections. Rajiva you are a joke.

  • 3

    This guy is supposed to be a professor!!!? Most schoolboys in good schools would have heard the expression, “the buck stops here” but the good professor and his mate, “Dr” DJ, write these laborious critiques with the same discredited premise: (1) “MR is really a good guy but he’s surrounded by bad advisors and therefore he is not to blame”. The buck stops somewhere else. Really? So he can’t stop the rampant corruption around him including the extortionate demands of his son that the good professor relates and the trashing of the integrity of the stock exchange leading to the resignation of people of integrity? (2) he is powerless to curb the proliferation of gigantic hoardings with his perethaya image that leers at us all and sundry from all over the country? (3) he can’t tell the Defense Secretary brother that he is simply a public servant paid out of tax monies and that those tax monies are not to be used for politicking for his brother? and (4) he can’t sack the potty mouthed Education Minister for publicly claiming that Taliban type violence against women are acceptable?

    Perhaps the good professor and his mate either don’t want to have a white van visit them or they are buying insurance that they have a backside to go back to licking if the CC loses, but to inflict such tripe on us insults our intelligence.

  • 4

    Namal did not work in isolation as written here,father,family all benefitted,all knew the flow of cash.
    MR was no innocent rural bloke as pointed out here,just a rural rogue.
    On 9th Carlton house will go back to its real owners.
    Rupavahini will come back to the country.

    Namal had to be given his large cut which was then distributed amongst family.

    Rajapakse money rugger boys ate the rest.
    Basil & family eats
    Gota & family eats

    When a poor homeless man comes to money first buy/ask for (watches,clothes,belts,shoes)then ill gotten money buys land,then build palatial houses,then go for hotels,cars…ate Lanka until we suffocated.

    • 2

      MARA said he has the files.Yes,he has and he knows very
      well who’s doing what and that’s why he kept under his
      family’s control about 60% of the economic development.
      He didn’t trust anybody else for govt projects,why?Are
      they all thieves?If they are all thieves,what about the
      lot in the company of the thieves singing praise songs
      24/7.Belong to one of the two.There’s no escape.They all
      had only one thing in their minds.POWER and POWER and
      more POWER!What for?Just to enjoy luxury!Because they
      never tasted luxury before!They led the life of licking
      the hands for sugar with tea in the seventies.Ate Chinese
      white rice and kept running to the toilet non stop!
      Dressed in Chinese Kerosene oil printed clothes that
      fade in a week.

  • 0

    How about this Rajiva. “Worse is when an appointed MP defect, which is also programmed. Still worse are the liberals talking the virtues of democracy, travelled the world around on public funds and throw principle to wind. Nice to sit back and laugh at this western concept called elections in a democracy! Social Networks are fighting to restore its face! They are greedy to earn foreign trips and exchange – have pity they have to lead the life of the rich having limited skills.” -Gomin Dayasri in Lankaweb

  • 6

    MR is not a man who can impart the right values to his brood leave alone the people he is supposed to govern. He tries to project he is a true Buddhist. But what does he do? He has early education in a Christian school (Richmond), marries a Catholic woman (although there are plenty of decent Buddhist women around)and sends his three sons to a prestigious Anglican school for their education although there are many good Buddhist schools around. His actions are contrary to his words. To cap it all, he flies to an Indian Hindu temple (using state resources)instead of a local Buddhist temple to seek the blessings of the Deity. Is this the type of head of state we need? He is an embodiment of all that is undesirable and evil in this world of ours. Time to vote for a change and send him home.

    • 5

      As a Sinhala Buddhist, I am not against a Sinhala Buddhist marrying Hindu or Christian or Tamil or Muslim or any other so long as off springs are allowed to learn and respect our traditional values and allowed to think free and choose their own religion.

      • 7

        Stop planting leeks.
        Go to africa Mugabe land and marry a sihaya then you are the true tradition of maha hena wimal wannaya.

  • 0


    “instead of a local Buddhist temple to seek the blessings of the Deity.”

    I thought there were no deities in bhuddhist temples.That is why so many bhuddhists are praying in hindu temples.What is wrong in that?

    You can use Bhuddhas teachings to become a much better person and at the same time go to a temple or church to pray to god. Bhuddhism complements the other religions like butter to bread.I too go to a hindu temple to pray and also learn about Lord Bhuddhas teachings.

    Bhuddhism is the only religion i feel that is not in conflict with other religions at all.You can practise as a bhuddhist and at the same time practice as a hindu or christian/catholic.To practice islam might be a bit difficult because you will have to ditch some of Lord bhuddhas teachings because tolerance was high on his list.

    As for marriage,you are marrying another human being whom you like ,not his or her religion.I could not care a tosh whether my son or daughter marries someone of another ethnicity or religion as long as my children continue to be tamils and hindus.Does that make me any lesser tamil or hindu?You sound old fashioned.This is the 21st century remember,and you better modernise your mind to suit it without one leg in the 20th.

    • 2


      Bhuddhism is the only religion i feel that is not in conflict with other religions at all.You can practise as a bhuddhist and at the same time practice as a hindu or christian/catholic.

      Try saying the above to BBS and I bet you wont see the light of day when yo leave the Vihara.

      To practice islam might be a bit difficult because you will have to ditch some of Lord bhuddhas teachings because tolerance was high on his list.

      Are you referring to beheading.

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    Re your claim that “Mahinda Rajapaksa was the first elected leader of Sri Lanka who did not come from the Western Province,” how about W. Dahanayake?


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    come on now Prof – is it really fair to blame young Namal for the stock exchange fiasco?
    The lady who had spent a whole career in the vastly more decent environs of the plantations bureaucracy, was suddenly dropped onto the laps of the Colombo stock exchange mafia who by then had got used to having their own way. The unhappy outcome was inevitable and the mafia won the day.
    Nevertheless, MR did right by her in the end. She was appointed to another regulatory body and on bank boards. VIP positions held by her family members were not adversely affected in anyway. The final result was a win-win situation for all concerned, with all insults and grievences duly swallowed and forgiven- although the usual mischief makers tried their best to create a new martyr.
    How anyone can foist all this on Namal is truly baffling.

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    Rajiv, Every essay that You writes shows clear strokes of a white washing brush or shoul I say pussy footing brush to cast sympathy on MR to redress him as a poor victim of wrongdoers within his very close family circles, brothers, sons etc. This is so blatant with your grandstanding tone and revelations of your close relationship and personal association with various people. In spite of your declaration of support to Maithree Sirisena, you seem to be positioning yourself to be in no loss for yourself either way. The essence of all your essays is poor MR is actually a noble man with good intentions for the country. True, he was such a man as a young politician when he was not the absolute decision maker and the President. All this changed the day in 2005 when he orchestrated bribing LTTE to prevent the Tamils in North and East from voting. This the most heinous treacherous crime MR alone was responsible …. Was he an innocent victim by fraudulent Basil or Emil Kanthan.. Now, has MR used his absolute executive power to investigate the accident? (Assassination) of Sooriyarachchi , the MP, the former Minister , whome none other than MR himself sacked. Sooriyaarchchi was killed just two days before he was to present documentary and other proof of the case of bribing LTTE to secure MR’ s election win in 2005. Then there has been a litany of assassinations, threats and intimidation. MR himself verbally abused Lasantha, the editor of Sunday Leader , and finally ensured he was assassinated. What about the impunity given to the LTTE masterminds Karuna and KP. is MR an innocent victim of these heinous acts of treason as well? I think it was in 1983 or so that MR was brought to the courts for killing two people and attempting to kill another. Simply, the truth is as in any business, the bucks stop with the Executive President and any crime, corruption, treason or misappropriation which take place in any of the areas of governance he has concentrated in his own hands. none but the incumbent only should be held responsible for. That is why Rupert Murdoch alone had to answer for all the acts of crime that his News Limited and News Corp had committed in the UK. So please stop pussyfooting around MR, he alone should be held responsible for acts of crime and treason, including those initiated and carried out my his own family members , kith and kin.

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