13 July, 2024


National Government: Presidential Election Betrayed

By Sumanasiri Liyanage

Sumanasiri Liyanage

Sumanasiri Liyanage

Spinoza once said, “those who laugh last, laugh best”. People who voted to defeat Mahinda Rajapaksa regime out of power on January 8 might have celebrated their victory. However, even before passing magical 100 days, many of them may be thinking the change is just a chimera. New Ministers, State Ministers and Deputy Minister were sworn in making the size of the cabinet of ministers to 44. If you add the number of state minsters and deputy ministers the total number may be closer to the number of ministers in the MR regime. As The Island reported, “The number of Cabinet, State and Deputy ministers rose to 77 yesterday as 26 SLFPers were sworn in before President Maithripala Sirisena at the Presidential Secretariat.” In this sense and in many others, MaithripalaRanil (that I call MR II) regime has no much difference from Mahinda Rajapaksa (MR I) regime. Even in the climax of war, Sri Lanka did not have a national government, nor during the Tsunami catastrophe. So one may justifiably ask: why now? For what? Prior to answer these questions, it is imperative to raise two points.

First, if we reflect on some of the views expressed by people who wholeheartedly supported Maithripala Sirisena candidacy on January 8, one thing is clear. All of them have already disappointed over the performance of the regime. The MR II regime has already shown political impotency, economic sterility and administrative incapacity so that it is highly unlikely to materialize what had been promised by Maithripala Sirisena during the election campaign. Although some prominent citizen oriented civil society practitioners hoped and expected that MR II regime would be essentially different from the MR I regime, in the context what has been happening now it is clear that more affinities than differences exist between the two. This convergence is clearly depicted by the formation of the so-called national government that is in fact a coalition between the UNP and the SLFP.

Maithripala and RanilSecondly, it is necessary to understand the nature of the MR I regime and its technologies and modalities of governance. Let me focus only on critical characteristics. Mahinda Rajapaksa preferred unipolar governance in a seemingly bipolar or multipolar political context. He did not want to crush the opposition, he in fact said that he stood for a strong opposition. Nonetheless, he used both the carrot and stick in order to weaken the opposition by inviting opposition members to the cabinet. He had occasional coffee with the leader of the opposition. The presence of formal bipolarity was not an issue for him. This technology of governance worked quite well with neo-liberal economic policies put into practice in a country in which democratic elections are a feature with of great importance.

Three demands that made Maithripala Sirisena candidacy attractive to a wide spectrum of peoples are: (1) relief from economic hardships (2) democracy and democratization and (3) good governance. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that these three demands were understood by different segments of society in different way. The way in which democracy and democratization was understood by the Internally displaced people in the North differed significantly from the way in which it was understood and interpreted by Colombo civil society. In spite of preparing 100 days or 180 days calendars, these three demand cannot be implemented fully within the neo-liberal economic framework. However, MR II like MR I has no option. The class configuration of the MR II regime may not be able to develop an alternative economic framework. Once again, it has resorted to loans from the private sector as well as from the international financial organizations. IMF has already warned that it will not lend money to this regime until and unless it shows ‘fiscal discipline’.

The formation of the so-called national government demonstrates how and in what way MR II regime has proposed its governance strategy. MR I weakened the opposition while MR II brought in both the government and the opposition under one rubric of the government, the President and the Prime Minister (Subha and Yasa as I mentioned in my previous article). So it was very logical to amend the draft bill of 19th Amendment specifically mentioning that the President would appoint both the PM and the Leader of the Opposition. As the Minister Rajith Senaratne informed us that the two parties would contest next election separately but to form once again a ‘united’ government reshuffling the members of the Parliament into government and opposition. Hence MR II is planning to strengthen the unipolarity that was one of the features of the MR I regime.

Can the so-called national government ensure democracy, good governance and relief for poor classes? In my opinion, the JVP Parliamentarian, Sunil Hadunneththi was absolutely correct when he told that this is an attempt to hide some of the malpractices and corruption of the politicians of the previous government and to prepare the condition for UNPers to engage in the same practices. The cabinet system of government is preferred against the presidential system of government primarily because the later brings in multipolarity into the system of governance. Democracy also needs independent MPs who do not belong to group politics. These two conditions were erased when the Second Republican Constitution of 1978 was enacted. JR had absolute majority in the Parliament while his successors had to maintain the majority in the Parliament by throwing carrots in the form of minister posts. It began with President R Premadasa. Maithripala Sirisena is adopting a different methods by bringing in both the government and the opposition under him using not only the Constitution but also the Constitution of the SLFP. Hence the national government is a naked attempt at redesigning neo-liberalist rule.

Soon after the announcement of the so-called national government, business community appears to have responded favorably. Ceylon Finance Today reported: “The formation of a national government as reported in the lead story of this newspaper on its yesterday’s (Sunday, 22 March) edition will augur well for the economy, market sources told Ceylon FT.

A national government will give the needed political stability to attract that much wanted foreign direct investments (FDI) in to the country, the sources said. That will lend stability to the beleaguered rupee, currently buffeted by depreciating pressure due to a combination of import demand, foreigners exiting from the government securities market and Government of Sri Lanka’s (GoSL’s) foreign debt servicing commitments.”

*The writer is the co-coordinator of the Marx School – e-mail: sumane_l@yahoo.com

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    A week after the new government was elected DailyFT editorial January 16, 2015 states that: “Economics of the 100 day program: Word of caution on populist measures” In summary, this editorial questions the practicality of 100 day program and most importantly how long the government would hold on to this promise.[2] It has only been few months since the new government has been elected; however, there is an unusual amount of changes in our political landscape.


    I use latter (Bosnia Herzegovina government politics) as an example on how SL politics is so unpredictable. SL Politicos typically don’t stick to what they say; thereby, I was very concerned about 100 program’s “populist measures.” The Guardian, October 8, 2014, states that Bosnia Herzegovina the world’s most complicated government. There are three presidents governing the nation and the political structure is beyond the understanding of a layman. [1] There are no set rules in this game, thereby, my opinion is that Bosnian politics is like the wild west.
    I believe that because there are no actual set rules in the political system in our country, it could be considered a watered down parallel of Bosnia. Most importantly, with a national government who is going to check behind the UNP’s shortcomings? [5] I believe that the fact of the matter is Sri Lankan politics have made things unnecessarily complicated. Why make things unnecessary complicated when there is no need to. Our Politics is not supposed to be rocket science!


    Some of us voted this government solely based their campaign theme of good governance, but I believe that we voters were naive think this way. It is an important polarizing issue, but a government without pilferage is practically unachievable in Sri Lanka. As potential voters, good governance is a polarizing issue that obscures us from other important factors like Indian influence.

    Our political parties have alliances that make this political system extremely complex. People change their political party in very casual manner. There are people that have changed their sides many times. That is why the complexity of Sri Lankan politics would baffle one’s mind. Are we another Bosnia in the Indian Ocean?

    For example, Daily Mirror editorial March 23, 2015 notes that 19th amendment is likely to be passed with much more than a two-thirds majority, possibly even something close to a unanimous vote. Confidence of the central bank is tarnished to a level that one previous Central Bank Governor compares it to the pervious LTTE bomb attack. In other words, this is a major blow to the newly elected administration. Yet there is no one to criticize. Another example is when the Colombo High Court postponed the case against Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake who has been charged with allegedly facilitating money laundering, for March 4. However, there was absolute silence on March 4 about Karunanayake. At least there was no mention about this in public media.

    what happen to the two main political parties? and the good governance promised by the new administration. Now every politician is asked to join the Maithripala Sirisena alliance. Who is there to even criticize that this is a one party when there is no opposing political party. I recently saw an article that said according to democracy there should be checks and balances, but i think it is the unbalanced power that one not notice. People are watching like some entertainment and they are forgetting the fact that the parliament is now a 2/3 majority for the governing side. In laymen terms, they could effortlessly have a unanimous vote should they seek one. The opposition can’t be the governing party, the challenger can’t be the defender, at the same time. It just don’t make sense. How can Angelo Matthews be the captain of both teams at the same time.

    Since 1948 Sri Lankan constitution has been amended 18 times. Since 1789, the Constitution of USA has been amended only twenty-seven times. Like the number of cabinet ministers during Rajapakshas, are we in for the Guinness World Records?


    The answer is that politics in Sri Jayawaradhanapura Kotta has a culture of its own. Although, the president is from a humble background the political environment makes him like the elite. This is true for everyone else.
    It is not the “people’s government, made by the people, made for the people, answerable to the people.” The government of this nation is made for the few politicians in the top that hate to let go of their hunger for power. Else, Mervin Silva would not be a parliamentarian at this moment. From family politics of the Senanayaka’s to the harthal of 1953, this is pure self interest. We all know about it, but sadly we the people have to watch this mockery happen helplessly.

    1.) http://www.theguardian.com/news/datablog/2014/oct/08/bosnia-herzegovina-elections-the-worlds-most-complicated-system-of-government
    Presidential election 2015_ Key lessons.pdf

    2.) http://www.ft.lk/2015/01/16/economics-of-the-100-day-program-word-of-caution-on-populist-measures/?fdx_switcher=true

    4.) Behold! A new Sri Lanka – EDITORIAL, http://www.dailymirror.lk/66947/behold-a-new-sri-lanka-editorial

    5) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Presidency_of_Bosnia_and_Herzegovina

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      Has this women Chandrika have no moral value at ALL? SB who said he will undress her in public a month ago is a Cabinet Minster. Desperate, desperate efforts in the light of huge momentum by Mahinda.

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      “”There are no set rules in this game, thereby, my opinion is that Bosnian politics is like the wild west.””

      English alone does not help- you must appreciate culture with a bit of their dialects to know when they are lying low or pulling your leg.

      The wild west knew where they were heading when they saw the spanish ships taking horses and bringing back gold to be traded in the orient unlike the little Japan sold.

      Dudley awarding citizenship to Pakistanis saying they are north Indian does not make The Muslims of Lanka Ottoman but Sirimavo wooing Nassar of Egypt makes the Muslim and Sinhala a supporter of Pan_Arabs the present day terror outfits.

      The Ottomans/ Turkey is generations away from becoming European Union.-
      Austrian-Hungarian- Germany culture is different not the UK fanciful soup of stiff dog collars even in bed.

      Bosnia was created to further cement European union.(WW1 & WW” was ignited in the Balkan valley)

      While Tito ruled all was fine- that is rule which takes generations to erase because of the deep ottoman mentality.

      You say cheese to the Bosniaks and they are non conformist but once you turn around they are the same Turks as of old fashioned uncivilized mentality-

      2014 riots in Bosnia and Herzegovina

      Tuzla Government building burned on 7th of February.- Burning cars near the Presidency building on 7th of February. On 4 February 2014, the anti-government protests dubbed the Bosnian Spring, name taken from the Arab Spring, began in the northern town of Tuzla. Workers from several factories which were privatised and which have now gone bankrupt united to demand action over jobs, unpaid salaries and pensions.[108] Soon protests spread to the rest of the country with violent clashes reported in close to 20 towns, biggest of which were in Sarajevo, Zenica, Mostar, Bihać, Brčko and Tuzla. [109] The Bosnian news media reported that hundreds had been injured during the protests, including dozens of police officers, with bursts of violence in Sarajevo, in the northern city of Tuzla, in Mostar in the south, and in Zenica in central Bosnia. Hundreds of people also gathered in support of anti-government protests in the town of Banja Luka.[110][111][112]
      The protests mark the largest outbreak of public anger over high unemployment and two decades of political inertia in the country since the end of the Bosnian War in 1995.

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    From Bandu de Silva

    What has happened under the name of the National Govt? Old cronies are back. Isn’t it clear that the newly installed govt is fishing for numbers by bringing in old cronies from SLFP by offer of Ministerial posts? The same game MR played is now played in a different way.Who paid for the considerations which were offered like for instance in getting Tissa Attanayake to MR’s side? Only Nimal Siripala who was the “Kapuwa” will know.

    Restricting numbers in the Cabinet is now a forgotten thing.At the same time the govt is getting ready to drop small partners like JHU if they would not toe the line on Constitutional amendment. Sarath Fonseka’s party is already withering with Arjuna going over to SLFP and emerging as Attanagalla organizer. S/F has been made a Field Marshall. That may be about the most he would get by way of pay off.

    “Politicians will be politicians” as The Island commented editorially today.My old school friend Somapala Gunadheera’s article today in the Features column of The Island is also good read. It should not be missed.

    I am also reminded what a top SLFP politician told me sometime after being in the opposition with President Chandrka loosing the election and Ranil forming the govt.
    “Bandu Ayya, Apita mehema inna behe. Apata sepa vahana saha anith sepa pashasukam ona. Api kohomahari meka kada gannna balanawa”.

    I note that he has now come to the top rank of SLFP and has Prime Ministerial ambitions for himself and has not gone with those who were waiting for an opportunity to cross and now done so.

    Let me close quoting [a reconstructed verse ] from Sarachchanndra’s Maname
    natakaya which is appropriate to the political Nadagam we are witnessing.

    “Nae lovee un [sepatha] – [emehikama] mis suva dena”

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    “Even in the climax of war, Sri Lanka did not have a national government, nor during the Tsunami catastrophe. So one may justifiably ask: why now? For what?”

    At those times Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism was unyielding.

    I have a suspicion that the international community has advised both the UNP and the SLFP to come together and solve the ethnic problem taking into account the aspirations of Tamils who fought a bitter war for liberation.

    They might have also been warned that if they don’t, then Tamils have a legitimate democratic right to go on their own.

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      Unable to write anything without using the terms Sinhala Buddhist chauvinism, Thiru threatens Eelam.

      What is it the Tamils really want? If you ask one of them they will say “We want our lands back. We want equality in employment, education, opportunity and language rights” They are asking for a secular, democratic republic.

      Now the ‘Sinhala Buddhist chauvinists’ haven’t got these rights themselves. They too are oppressed by class, caste, the powerful, the politicians, the police, the English speaking elite etc. So what chance in hell do the Tamils have?

      So Thiru you had better start cleaning your shotgun ready for the next Eelam war, after which CT can write your obituary.

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        There are many like “Thiru” in the North but the others don’t speak English.

        It would be interesting to study the psychological and social profile of “Thiru”. The results might help to solve problems between the different ethnic groups.

        • 5

          Heretic, Taraki,

          The problem is in your minds, not mine: Your minds are so soaked in Mahavamsa that your beliefs are colored by it; all that you perceive are distorted by such beliefs.

          In sum, you are unable to perceive reality clearly in its details, or even accept reality when enlightened Sinhalese intellectuals such as Sharmini Serasighe points out the historical truths of oppression of Tamil in Sri Lanka for 67 years.

          In such a setting how can anybody expect you to accept the bitter truths?

          So, whenever I point out the bitter truths it hurts your bloated egos so much that you spit venom on me like cobras!

          • 1


            Is your comment really intended for Taraki and ME? Maybe you haven’t read any of my comments or fail to comprehend them?

            “So, whenever I point out the bitter truths it hurts your bloated egos so much that you spit venom on me like cobras!”

            What I have read shows you spitting venom instead of pointing out bitter truths.

            How about some constructive dialogue with others? Do you manage?

        • 8

          “There are many like “Thiru” in the North but the others don’t speak English.””

          O yes from Abinish or adamana the Coconut Head that reciprocates in Singaylish.

          Stupid piece of meat.

      • 5


        If you are not happy with my comments, ask Sharmini Serasinghe or Tisaranee for the historical truths.

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    Liyanage’s previous article mentions problems of, and solutions to, the problems in provincial councils. These deserve inclusion in the new constitutional amendment.
    The attempt at a ‘national government’ may be successful by uniting the two large divisions of MPs.
    But, parliamentary elections may precipitate rivalry.

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    What is wrong in the formation of a national government in the present circumstances. They need to get the constitutional amendments in the present sessions of the parliament. Further, the present government has also to bring to books the main culprits of the previous regime during the next few months and then proceed with the parliamentary elections and get some decent people elected after discarding all the rogues from the previous government.

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    The quote from Srachchandra should have been :

    “nae lovee un [sepa vena]- [emathikama] misa suva dena”
    (there is no other comfort in the would like a Ministerial post”

    My good friend Sarath Amunugama is very familiar with Sarachchandra’s Nadagama. see his “Maname Mathakwee”.He will appreciate what I have said.

    Some people like Sarath, Fowsie, SB, Mahinda Samarasinghe and Pavithra are notorious for “pilmaru.”

    Let me recompose another old folk poem to describe our politicians:

    “Wala wele walawalwala loolloo- walawala wele wee wewwe wa[h]lloo- wala wale walawwe lee loloo leelilu- koy partieth ada inne wawulloo”

    A common characteristic of these nocturnal creatures is they shit only through their mouths.do the politicians also do it any other way?


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    A national government is welcomed in times of war or conflict but at all other times, for the sake of good governance, an effective opposition is sacrosanct. The author, Sumanasiri Liyanage is spot on in many of his assumptions. Despite this government’s overtures to attract foreign investments, we see them draining away and our Stock Exchange in the red since their election. It is also highly unlikely that any of the Rajapakses will be made accountable for any of the alleged corruption charges as shown by Ranil W. already intervening in the case of Gotabhaya Rajapakse being charged.

    • 5

      “”A national government is welcomed in times of war or conflict but at all other times, for the sake of good governance, an effective opposition is sacrosanct. “”

      The west has proved it time and again that democracy and freedom is part of their culture.
      The poorest president in the world lives at Uruguay at $1 per day with his 3 legged dog.
      They are European and have learnt to blend with the 2 giant neighbors yet be independent, minimum corruption and have a decent standard of living.

      Surinam as reeling like lanka after nationalist took over and got rid of the Dutch technology. Just like the west supported libyan moderates or Afghanistan.

      Keep smelling the coffee you prepare- for there are no takers.

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        Great analysis..

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    This ‘National Government’ was actually the last option. There are many reasons for this.
    1) After defeating Mahinda Rajapakse and forming a new government, the UNP was expecting to control policy and decision making since the UNP was the main party to contribute towards Maithripala’s victory.The UNP was expecting a situation where Maithripala Sirisena would be completely dependent on the UNP. They also expected a split in the UPFA with a potential leadership tussle between Mahinda Rajapakse and Maithripala Sirisena. However, when that did not happen, and Maithripala Sirisena assumed leadership of SLFP, the plans started unravelling. By taking leadership of the SLFP, Maithripala Sirisena gained a strong political footing for himself which enabled him to make decisions in contradiction to the UNP at certain times.

    2) Cost of living was a major factor in the Presidential election campaign. This government did introduce an interim budget which was supposed to provide relief to the masses in a real meaningful way. Yes, they did reduce the price of fuel and lp gas cylinders. This was a real reduction in price. However, the prices of those other items which were reduced through the budget were not reflected on the ground. As of today, there is no real reduction in prices of consumer goods and grocery items. This is bound to have an effect on the popularity of this govt. among the massess.

    3) Ranil & Maithri were expecting Mahinda Rajapakse to lie low for a few years after his defeat. That would be a logical assumption especially after an electoral defeat. They did not expect mahinda to make a political comeback so soon. They also did not expect mahinda to have such a strong following as demonstrated by the bus loads of people who visited his home. This was also confirmed by the strong presence of supporters during the political meetings in Nugegoda & Kandy. The mahinda Rajapkse factor in any future election also pushed this government towards a ‘national government’. Most probably, a decision was made not to go for an early election and instead to implement the constitutional & electoral reforms. By this action, they have taken mahinda out of the equation for now.

    4) Corruption was also a major political issue during the Presidential election. However, this government has unfortunately failed in filing charges and prosecuting those corrupt politicians. Their inaction is bound to have an effect on the popularity of this govt. among the masses.

    5) The people were expecting this government, while reducing prices and minimizing corruption, to also continue developing the infrastructure and taking this country forward. They also expected this govt. to embark on new mega development projects and at the very least to ensure that those projects which were already started were successfully completed. However, what is happening is that most of the projects have been suspended. Also, there does not seem to be any foreign direct investment in the pipeline. Considering that the UNP is supposed to be pro business, unfortunately the business community has not placed much faith in the govt. as reflected in the stock market.

    Considering these factors and others like the Bond issue, this coalition government has much work to do. I don’t think there is much confidence to face an election in this present environment. A’national government’ was the last and only logical option left.

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    do not make any mistake.. this is real good governance. you give the people who went after your blood very high positions such as cabinet ministers with all perks. totally unbelievable. but with maithri and ranil everything is possible. see one day mahinda and duminda will be made senior cabinet ministers with ranils’/ maithris’ support.there will be other surprises. both would like to make SL a miracle of asia.all in the name of good governance. C’wealth is learning new lessons on good governance.

    • 1

      “”C’wealth is learning new lessons on good governance. “”

      Like your Chinamen story telling.

      The rustic pick_pocket technique by coconut_heads.

      you mean the plantation colonies of the white race still dependent on the export of products to the white west??

      East India Company was sold to Mr Patel who generally lives in the south of Spain.

      Like ICC the value is now with Modi rule.

  • 0




    • 1


      Singaylish then be like Lenin or Churchill

      Lenin, the greatest theorist of them all,
      did not know what he was going to do after he had got the power.

      The power of SARC region the the world map has shifted to India + Israel, both linked to China & Russia with contracts .

      Russia China Oil & Gas for wholesale market development all a Barter trade like with India/Russia or Iran/India. (without dollar conversion thereby losing 22.5%) is $ 1 trillion and ongoing.

      Perhaps very soon, the U.S.-dominated world order will come to an end.”

      Do you hear a Muslim voice in India, Russia or China well Obama is waning.
      the liberals and democrats are a misfit- its the tea party to lead from the front never janatawa- oyu are new crooks like boruwansa sobitha.

  • 0

    Well done fowzie!

    I guess there won’t any investigation into the oil hedging disaster under “Yahapalanaya” haha…

  • 3

    First they came for Indian Coolies,
    I did not speak out, Because I am not a coolie.
    Then they came for North-east Kallaththonies,
    I did not speak out, Because I am not a Kallaththony.
    Then they came for the Kaaththankudy Kalu thambiya,
    I did not speak out, Because I am not a Kalu Thambiya.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.
    -a song by a Sinhala Buddhist, double crossed by Sinhala intellectuals.

    Problem here is this is not MR-II. And the last one was not MR-I either. Last one was Old Royals and the this one is new Royals. It was not just MR was there in the Old Royals. Family + UNP and UPFA. This is Ranilpalana. That was Royal Ciththantha.

    Ranilpalanaya strongly holding the UNP’s top chair after 20 losses. Royal Chithantha has taken a step back after the first defeat and gave the UPFA chairs to somebody else.

    There is no meaning of connecting this with that.

    The innovations are pure and unique. There is no overlaying or intersecting.

    Last one dismissed one CJ. appointed one illegal CJ at the end. This has already dismissed Shiranee Bandarayanake and Mokan Pieris. Already Appointed a puppet. Further, “best is yet to come”! Even “MR Double” is not suitable name.

    Ranil made false propaganda about the Chinese contracts. Ranil, the Sinhala Intellectual Sinhala Intellectual cheated the Sinhala Buddhist. Now the truth is coming out. Lankave’s new Royal can find a loophole in the contract and stop the buildings coming up. But the land is owed by China(CCCC). That will not be reserved. The sovereignty lost on that is for ever. China always has a right to build something on that as per the Lankan environmental laws allow. But the Old used this to fool the International Community as rebuilding the North-east. Old one shut off the Tamils without dual citizenship. This one invited and putting them inside. There is no parallel and comparison between the two. Palanaya and Chiththantha are patented technologies!

    This cannot become a national government because some UNP and some UPFA went together for perks. If that is the case the old one was at least three times National government compared to this. The Old Royal had 75 UNPers in that. For long time Old had full JVP faction. There is no JVP faction, leftist and TNA in this. Just 26 SLFPers went to an un-elected government for minister posts. That cannot make this as a national government.

  • 3

    In spite of the new ministers added the total number of ministers and deputy minister comes close but does not exceed the Rajapakshe days. So instead of beating about the bush please use some common sense and ask your selves why this had to be done. The central platform that MY3 used to come to power is a abolishing of the presidency a cause initiated by the Venerable Sobitha Thero. TO do so the 19th amendment has to be passed. To do this a 2/3rds majority is required. Where does one get this 2/3rd majority if all the jokers of the old parliament keep pulling in different directions and attempt to water down the amendment? The simple answer is you bribe them in true Rajapakshe style. These new ministerships will last no more then about 40 days. Which is just enough time to get the job done and go for elections. The problem with this writer and many others like him is that he cannot bear to see A government led by the likes of RW succeed. Therefore every possible new development is spun to make the government look bad. This writer for example will never admit the extent to which the Rajapkshes have twisted and corrupted the entire government service. He expects this interim government which set itself up for a mere 100 days to wave a magic wand and make all the ills of the last decade or more to disappear over night. If not they are politically impotent, economically sterile and administratively incapable to use his own words. This nothing but winging in the hope that his former lord and master may return.

  • 2

    The country is in good hands though not necessarily the best. Mr. Liyanage, wasn’t MR’s plan to spring a 3rd term after being elected, a greater betrayal of a presidential election?

  • 1

    Sumanasiri Liyanage is well known Trotskyist oriented anarchist by -adventurist writer who is running so-called Marxist school.
    He( SL) cannot realized which is differences and identify that MR 1 and MR 11 on policies matters even now.

    MR 1 is national and democratic politician ,who work on behalf national Capitalism and its democracy. He united Island of Sri lanka
    Policy that against war tone politics is critical war by MR 1.
    MR1 ended War 2009 May.

    But that War launch by UNP 1977-1994 and CBK-SLFP 1994 to 2004 had been denied accountability cost of war, while UNP and CBK that ignore lost of cost of war in amounts are billions of US dollars.
    The policy of war is that policy of Neo-Liberalism of dominations Imperialism by USA, UK and EU. The writer discard idea that UNP, and CBK -SLFP action on neo-liberalism, act of by violence had been created to Lumpenzation of Democracies in Sri lanka, since 1977 to 2004.

    Even writer totally omitted war footing politics lost of life of both parties and war damages to national economy by MR11 policies. And presently installed MS puppet regime 2015 January 09, policy that is tile with Indian, US and UK.

    MR1 and MR11 are dramatically an opposites policies in their nature classes, missions and Demcratic tasks in present context of democratic politics is concern.

    MR 11 is nothing else is typical puppet regime of BJP led RSS agenda of Indian expanaism, in South Asian region that back by US Pivot Asia hegomoinism ideology.

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