17 January, 2022


Navin, Dayasiri And Royal Turf Club Violate Public Property Act

Yahapalanaya Ministers Dayasiri Jayasekara and Navin Dissanayake along with the Royal Turf Club are in blatant violation of committing an offense against the Public Property Act number 12 of 1982 section 2, Colombo Telegraph can reveal today.

The violation falling under section 2 – ‘Mischief to Public Property’ is where the Royal Turf Club, a private enterprise registered under Act no 7 of 2007 Companies Act, is currently constructing an Equine Hospital and an Equine Pool on a property in the precinct of the Nuwara Eliya Race Course, where a purported Memorandum of Understanding has been obtained to rent only its premises for twenty four months.Rienzie Edwards and Minister Dayasri At The Races

Photo -Rienzie Edwards and Dayasiri – From the Royal Turf Club Facebook page.

The violation of this act is non bailable, and if anyone found guilty, would serve any a prison sentence of a minimum of one year and not more than 20 years.

The said MOU which is controversial by itself, has not followed proper legal procedures according to the treasury circulars, government’s rules and regulations and establishment code prior to it been rented out to Royal Turf Club. Besides no tender procedures have been followed, there was no government valuation report obtained for the value of the property to arrive at a rent as such as this. The monthly rent charged by the Sugathadasa Stadium Authorities for this invaluable property is only a paltry sum of Rs 110,000 a month. Further, this is an unsolicited proposal where even cabinet approval had not been sort prior to handing this property over to the Royal Turf Club.

The MOU was signed between Wijarathna Devagedara the Chairman of Sugathadasa National Sports Complex Authority and Suranjith Premadasa the President of the Royal Turf Club when Navin Dissanayake was the Minister of Sports.

The 64 hectares of priceless property that makes up the Nuwara Eliya Race Course still officially belongs to the Land Ministry of Sri Lanka. The property has not been fully transferred to the Ministry of Sports and is still pending. The said property had been gazetted and a cabinet approval had been obtained for the purpose of constructing a High Altitude Training Center for sports. This is the only project that the Ministry of Sports had sought cabinet approval for prior to it being rented out to the Royal Turf Club. The Ministry of Sports does not have the authority and cannot permit the Royal Turf Club to put up an Equine hospital or an Equine pool on this very same property, without obtaining separate cabinet approval for this specific project.

Meanwhile even the current President of the Royal Turf Club Suranjith Premadasa is also in blatant defilement of the Sports Law Act number 25 of 1973 and the sports regulations of Sri Lanka.

Suranjith Premadasa is the current President of the Equestrian Federation, a sports body which is under the sports law of Sri Lanka.

As the President of Equestrian Federation, he cannot in any private capacity be involved in the sale of anything pertaining to the sport he is entrusted to govern. The Extraordinary Gazette approved by parliament of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka – 15/01/2013 – section 15 . 1.(i) states any person would be in violation if “he is directly or indirectly involved in the manufacture, assembly, production, sale or distribution of sports goods, gear any item or equipment relating or such sport”.

This is where Suranjith Premadasa violates the Sports Law.

By its own admission at a recently concluded press conference conducted at the Hilton Hotel in Colombo on the 22nd of June 2016, the Royal Turf Club confirmed that they would be conducting an auction of thoroughbred horses on the 6th of August 2016 in Nuwara Eliya.

Even the Facebook page of Royal Turf Club posted the following message shortly after their press conference to confirm this:


Yet another first for Sri Lanka will be a horse auction! The RTC will be conducting an auction of new horses from India following the race meeting on August 6th. “We shall produce a catalogue with the breeding and racing details of all the horses who have been given a clean bill of health by Dr Mirza, who not only inspected them but also took x-rays of their legs and the auctions will be conducted under the strict supervision of vets as well as animal welfare authorities”, said Wood.

A source within the Royal Turf Club speaking on condition of anonymity said “The last races in Nuwara Eliya were absolutely fantastic. Our owner Mr. Rienzie Edwards managed to invite all the important people such as the speaker of Parliament Karu Jayasuriya, Minister of Plantations and Industries Navin Dissanayake, Minister of Sports Dayasiri Jayasekara, the Minister of Tourism and Lands John Amaratunga, the Central Province Governor Niluka Ekanayake, the Nuwara Eliya Mayor Mahinda Dodampe Gamage, the Ceylon Workers Congress MP Arumugam Thondaman and a host of important people. We had champagne flowing, music, fashion shows and it was such a gala event. The yahapalanaya Ministers have been extremely supportive of reviving horse racing once again in Sri Lanka ”.

When asked about where the funding came from, our source said “We really don’t know and we really don’t care. All we know is that our Sampath Bank Account in Nuwara Eliya is like a bottomless pit. If you look at the press conferences, the fashion shows and all the glitz and glamour, it costs a lot. We even flew in all the media on Cinnamon Air to Nuwara Eliya, we put them up at Grand Hotel and entertained them with all the luxuries and gave them unlimited whiskeys and wines. We topped it off by giving them Arpico Super Center shopping vouchers and they just gave us so much of media milage ”.

Meanwhile Rienzie Mahesh Kumara Edwards the owner of Royal Turf Club and his wife Purni Edwards were last year investigated by the FCID under the prevention of the money laundering act 5 of 2006 and its provisions. They were summoned, grilled, passports impounded and a case filed at the Chief Magistrates Court in Colombo bearing case number B34119/01/15 . The presiding judge Gehan Pilapitiya ordered the case file to be sent to the Attorney General’s Department pending his opinion to proceed. Approximately a year and a half on and it is reported that that file still lays dormant. It could be safely established that it may remain that way as long as the yahapalanaya big wigs continue to horse around.

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  • 6

    deal(wijedasa) Rajapakse must be the one instructed AG department to side track Rienzies’ FCID file for last one and a half years.

    • 7

      Two bad copies of “Wanna Be Brits”.


      Dear Dayawathie and Navin,

      Horse racing amounts to terrible crulety against participating horses. Look it up you stupid!

      Not to mention the environmental criminality involved.

      Think twice before you trumpet your fake Buddhist credentials again to the dumb Sri Lankan Gallery.

  • 3

    Another fines case of ‘aspaya gorn tick tick tick’.

    Aah sweet memories of a beautiful few acres of our Paradise. I remember the Nuwara Eliya of the forties and fifties……and the joyous celebrations for everyone during the days of racing. But the course inherited a curse when racing fell foul of the spoil sport Sangha in the late fifties. The once-beautiful land has been raped by market gardeners, and other unsuitable business ventures, and anytime someone tries to take it back to its past glory , efforts have been stymied.

    WHAT will the old fossils in the current Maha Sangha say about this revival of horse racing for the rich and the pretty? Where in the eternal cosmic cycle does this all fit in?

  • 4

    There you go..Thanks CT.

    Good to hear these dudes are doing it in style to relax, after giving Yahapalanaya to our inhabitants.

    How can a Premadasa ride Equestrian horses, unless these Turf Club dudes don’t know the difference between a Jock and an Equestrian rider.

    So Dayasiri Jayasekera is a Equestrian lover too..

    The way our Dalits booed him off the stage the other day, he might as well get a job there as a handler at least, to keep in touch with his Equestrian love after the next Election..

    I mean as a stable hand , it will be hard for him to shovel it, the whole day..

    Night Racing at least didn’t force our Dalits to sell their chattels and even homes if they had any.

    But this Turf business is going to take the Dalits to the cleaners and the bookies to HSBC .

    BTW , I wouldn’t be putting money on Indian thoroughbreds, even if they had any.

    I might seriously think of importing a real one from Australia who couldn’t make the cut there.

    Having seen a few running on the the Big Screen in Wellala gardens bucket shop, I am sure even the ones who wouldn’t be up to scratch there will leave the Hindians for dead in Nuwaraeliya.

    • 3

      KAS, very rarely am I able to agree with your insinuations, but in this case I have no hesitation to agree with you completely.

      I was looking forward to reading your insights on the other Article “Chandra Jayaratne Wants Sirisena To introduce A ‘Ministerial Code Of Conduct’”, but did not find any. Perhaps you may want to read the comment there of Nimal Fernando.

      For the sake of your own credibility, admit please that the Jarapassas were a cesspool; but the Ra-Siri combo in comparison is going to be hell itself.

      We retirees no doubt are having fun watching the antics of the despicable politicos; but let us also mourn the accelerating plunge of the country into Yamalokaya.

      • 0

        I gave you a “LIKE”…

  • 2

    ‘aspaya gorn tick tick tick’

    Isn’t this a line from a song? Does anyone know the rest?

  • 2

    For the multi billionaire in the picture life seems to be one big party with no end insight . The other man is just a ‘ wannabee ‘ who is living his dream .

  • 4

    “The presiding judge Gehan Pilapitiya ordered the case file to be sent to the Attorney General’s Department pending his opinion to proceed. Approximately a year and a half on and it is reported that that file still lays dormant.”

    Surprise, surprise!

    When such ‘big money’ from suspected launderers is at stake, what does one expect, going from Yahapalanaya’s track record so far?

  • 1

    sour grapes all round, the racecourse was going to the dogs anyway, so hy whine and gripe when something good is been done. The old turf Club members had let the course go from bad to worse. before you lot go throwing stones at the people who are trying to do something, first throw out all the yakkos you have elected to parliament

  • 2

    What was this supposed to be again ? Good Governance Was it ? Hahaha ……. All those who voted for them can now go give yourselves a big high five!

  • 2

    “The yahapalanaya Ministers have been extremely supportive of reviving horse racing once again in Sri Lanka”. Of course most of the rogues of the previous government are with Yahapalanaya. Remember how Dayasiri pole vaulted from the UNP into the cradle of the MR Mafia and then jumped the MR sinking ship to a top spot on the Yahapalanaya government. Somehow these rogues will always be part and parcel of the high society.

    I wonder where BBS Gnanasara stands with regards to horse racing. Does he know the horses are whipped, made to undergo tortuous physical exercise and when lame or their use by date is over they are slaughtered and the meat often sold.

  • 2

    Royal Turf Club is business and does not come under the Ministry of Sport.It is obvious that firstly it was Navin Dissanayake and now Dayasiri Jayasekara who are milking Rienzie Edwards. They are also taking advantage of his financial fraud investigation situation and implying that they are gonna protect him. Sunday papers says that US $ 40 million is going to be pumped into to RTC account to develop racing. People sadly are been hoodwinked to believe everything RTC says and does just because monies are thrown lavishly. Where is the accountability for these monies? Dont be fooled people, this will all come to an end soon. Until then enjoy the free champagne and indulge in all the fun and frolic. Raj Rajaratnam and Allen Stanford are now in US jails for money laundering. This type of behaviour displayed by RTC officials is very similar to what and how those two also lavishly threw about their monies.

  • 3

    Free Loader Dayasiri wouldn’t know the front from the back of a thoroughbred.

    I was soooo happy when he was hooted out of that meet.

    It is a clear sign that our Dalits are getting ready for the Mini Election.

    Those monks who promised to stop Dyasiris ever stepping foot there again, is even more pleasing with the Mega Election coming sooner than later.

    I hope he will get a stable hand job at least, to keep enjoying the horse flesh.

    His boss Batalanda Ranil said he is too busy arranging the Electoral boundaries at the moment, and haven’t looked at expunging Buddhism from the Constitution.

    May be Batalanada is organizing a gerrymander to accommodate all his Boys in one safe area to get them back on board.

    Could Dayasri end up next door to Batalanada’s god son Rajitha Junior in Gamapaha…

  • 2

    This upstarts background does not do justice to the sunglasses he is wearing. This is the caliber of our politicians!

  • 1

    Horse racing is animal use for entertainment.Trainers and jockeys veterinarians keep injured.Even the winners like Charlatan become losers.When they stop winning racers or become injured owners don’t want to pay for a horse who doesn’t bring in any money.Many end up in slaughterhouse or put them to sleep.
    Fashion industry,Gambling,alcohol industry definitely benefits. This is referred to as the “Sport of Kings”
    Politicians,celebrities,investors,powerful men and women,horse owners are the people who will support and enjoy.
    Horse racing is not good for Sri Lankan Buddhist society.This is just a another instance of animals to make money?
    Yahapalanaya government must bring rules &regulations and control or put a stop to this immediately.

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