15 August, 2022


NCM Victory & The End Of Yahapālanaya?

By Laksiri Fernando

Dr. Laksiri Fernando

Although the no-confidence motion (NCM) brought against the Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesighe, has been decisively defeated largely because of those who brought it were more culpable of corruption and misuse of public funds, the moral authority and legitimacy of both the PM and the Government are largely tarnished. Perhaps this pyrrhic victory of the PM would mark the end of Yahapalanaya in various meanings and for various reasons.

Betrayal of Accountability

Yahapalanaya or good governance first and foremost means accountability. If there is no one in the government, the President, the PM or any other Minister to undertake the responsibility for what happened under their political command, then that administration does not have any legitimacy to call itself ‘Yahapalanaya.’

It is true that even prior to the NCM debate, there was opportunity for the parliamentarians to freely debate on what has been termed as the ‘Bond Scam’ and come to their conclusions. There was a Presidential Commission Report available. As usual, those debates were largely dominated by political agendas, rhetoric and political point scoring. However in respect of accountability, it should have been the task of the Cabinet, headed by the President to discuss the magnitude of the matter and determine who was politically responsible for the irregularities and in fact corruption, if the PM denies that he is innocent and not responsible. To all our knowledge, there has been no such a discussion in the Cabinet and no pronouncement by the Cabinet spokespersons like Rajitha Senaratne on the subject.

The ‘Bond Scam’ is not something that the country can easily forget about. It will haunt the PM, the government and the country for many more years to come. It is not about a petty official swindling public money. This is about Treasury Bonds auctioned by the Central Bank, the bank of the banks of the country, amounting to colossal amounts money. It is not once, but at least twice that the ‘insider trading,’ the ‘manipulation of auction amounts’ and ‘favouritism’ had happened. The end result has been the enrichment of family, kith and kin and their business interests.

It became also revealed that the main beneficiary, Arjun Aloysius, favoured the then Finance Minister, Ravi Karunanayake, with a Pent House. He had to resign after the revelations. He apparently had more gentlemanly quality than the PM. The PM may say that he was unaware of the first transaction or fraud in February 2015. But can he say the same for the fraud in March 2016?

Whose Responsibility?

The principle of accountability does not go by the notion of criminal or legal responsibility, but by the moral and political responsibility. Even if the PM is not criminally or legally responsible for the Bond Scam, he is politically and morally responsible. Otherwise, how could good governance or democracy operate? If he is not responsible, then who is responsible? The whole Cabinet, the President included, should be responsible. So far no one has even apologised for what has happened. There is some truth in what Kumar David wrote in his usual column to The Sunday Island on 8 April, despite showing his arrogant antipathy against non-elite groups in society.

“I believe that Ranil could not have been ignorant of Mahendran’s corruption but preferred to look askance. Political pundits think they know why. The UNP was not rich and the grama sevakaya did not have two kopeks to scratch his bottom with before January 8. It is alleged that Mahendran lent funds to match a small fraction of the Rajapaksa loot and RMB donations. It is then alleged that the scam was the way in which repayment was engineered. If this be true it does pose something of a moral dilemma.”

Swindling of public funds for party purposes is equally bad as for personal or other purposes. There are strict legal prohibitions on these matters in other democracies. Sri Lanka is also known for foreign funding, or should I say ‘international community’ funding, for election purposes! It may be true that the return of Rajapaksas would be a greater evil than the bond scam. But that cannot justify the protection of bond corruption or other corruption, if we are committed to good governance principles. There is more time for the presidential and parliamentary elections.

It is not the non-protection, but the protection of bond scammers that would lead to a possible Rajapaksa return. I am particularly saying this to the misguided civil society organizations. 

Limits of ‘Regime Change’

The experience of the past three years shows that a mere ‘regime change’ is not good enough to ensure democracy and good governance in any tangible measure. The changed regime should have the commitment and competence to ensure what is expected. One may even argue that although there was a change of government, there was no change of the ‘regime.’ The regime in this sense means not only the government, but also the principles, the norms and rules governing that government. That is why the name tag Yahapalanaya or good governance came to be attached to the new government or the governmental change. 

There is no doubt that the people’s expectations of the new government or change were quite high given the dramatic manner that the January 8th change came about. There are civil society activists who rightly blame and criticise the government for not fulfilling the political reform agenda of the President and the UNFGG. What is mostly forgotten however is the promises given both by the President and the UNFGG leaders, the PM in particular, in uplifting the people’s economic standards through tangible and equitable development. 

Yahapalanaya or good governance was basically a concept put forward by the UNFGG (United National Front for Good Governance) which was in fact inscribed in its own title name. Therefore, most of the blame for its failures should go to its leading party, the UNP, and its leader, Ranil Wickremesinghe. What Sirisena promised was ‘Compassionate Government’ and a stable country. His manifesto also gave much prominence to the need of fighting against corruption and to take appropriate action against all wrong doers. Therefore, the appointment of a presidential commission on the bond scam was in line with what he had promised. What was lacking however was to appoint another or a parallel presidential commission to investigate the past corruption.

In contrast, the UNFGG manifesto while castigating past corruption of the Rajapaksa era, was conspicuously silent on the bond scam which had already taken place under the UNP’s ministerial responsibilities. It is intriguing to note what the UPFA manifesto said about corruption. While acknowledging that the previous UPFA government failed to ensure transparency in its development projects, it promised to investigate and expose baseless allegations! It was also the UPFA position that the wrongdoers should be punished under the existing law. However, there is no difficulty in deducing that the UPFA, even after the defeat of the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime, and now under the leadership of Maithripala Sirisena was directly and indirectly trying to safeguard the past practices.

National Unity Government?

It was in President’s manifesto that the concept of a ‘national unity government’ was first put forward. I am not aware who in fact initiated the concept. The Prime Minister Wickremesinghe also was floating the idea of a Lichchavi system for a quite some time. There must have been some consensus on the matter between the two. However, the concept of a national unity government never appeared in the UNFGG manifesto or the UPFA manifesto at the parliamentary elections. President’s prior idea was to invite all parties to form a government and not just two parties. This is the idea he is still echoing, although such a broad grand coalition is now quite unrealistic. It was also his 100 day program that said “Following that election, the Prime Minister will be appointed from the party getting the highest number of seats at such election, with a Deputy Prime Minister from the party getting the next highest number.” This however never happened.

The two manifestos of the UNFGG and the UPFA were quite apart and mostly opposed to each other except in ritualistically highlighting the need for democracy, reconciliation, constitutional reforms and anti-corruption. The three areas where the policies appeared to be diametrically opposed to each other were on national security, foreign relations and economic development. While the UPFA was giving high priority to national security, the UNFGG emphasized more on Sri Lanka’s international commitments. On foreign policy, the UPFA’s orientation was directed to the East while the UNFGG wanted to restore and strengthen the relations with the West.

The different strategies on economic development perhaps were the most conspicuous. The UNFGG committed mostly for the urban sector, the western province megapolis as the centre, emphasizing the priority for the private sector, liberalization of the economy through free trade agreements and FDI etc. In contrast, the UPFA was talking about economic development through continued infrastructure development and strengthening both the state and private sectors.    

It is a known fact that both the UNFGG and the UPFA could not obtain clear majorities to govern the country on their own, and such was the need for a national unity government. This was possible under the leadership of the President and for that purpose a 10 point MOU was signed between the UNP and the SLFP (not the UNFGG and the UPFA) for two years initially, but the alliance continued fairly smoothly until it became ruptured in recent times even before the NCM. The reasons for this rupture has not properly been explained to the people and the country by the President, the PM or any other leader.

A careful analysis of this MOU shows it contains more of UPFA/SLFP or President’s policies than of the UNP/UNFGG, particularly in respect of economic development, foreign policy and even on constitutional reforms. When it talks about a social market economy, it is qualified as “one directed under the overall control of the State with the objectives of giving concessions to the people through price control and consumer protection.” Some of the propositions can be called not only welfarist, but also broadly socialist. However none of these were properly implemented. It is undoubtedly a controversial question who breached this MOU?

Without going into much details, the point 8 of the MOU can be highlighted. It is a one sentence clause that emphasises “Important economic policies and programmes should be decided by the Cabinet.” Irrespective of who was right or who was wrong, a main controversy recently between the President and the Prime Minister was about the alleged ‘kitchen cabinet’ that the PM was supposed to be running in the form of an Economic Management Committee. Therefore, it is no surprise now the national unity government is in tatters. There is no much point in now talking about a cooperative coalition after three years. The horse has already bolted.

NCM and Disarray of Yahapalanaya   

The TNA leader, R. Sampanthan, has skilfully highlighted many inconsistencies and contradictions in the wording of the NCM. The purpose very clearly was to safeguard the PM and the government. Irony however is that he is the Leader of the Opposition! Overcoming many radical sounding statements by some backbenchers, the UNP and more broadly the UNFGG, except Ven Athuraliye Rathana, have manged to consolidate and defeat the NCM. The constitutional leftist, Jayampathy Wickramaratne, who secured a parliamentary seat through the UNP or probably through Ranil Wickremesighe, voted against the NCM pretending he is defending the President and the government! His murky legal arguments were most hilarious.

The most puzzling question is how did they all manage to get the moral courage to defend Ranil Wickremesighe who in simple logic of good governance principles is politically responsible for the bond irregularities, not to talk about a bond scam? How come we talk about a Yahapalanaya under such circumstances?       

It is mostly the JVP who appeared to have taken a clear moral and a principled political stand on the NCM. There is no much point in talking about the dubious political motives of the JO, while they had every right to move such a motion under usual parliamentary procedures. Whatever the wavering, conflicts, indecision or discord, there was no option for the SLFP, in my opinion, other than either to vote for or abstain from the NCM. After that, they (at least the Ministers) don’t have a right or moral possibility to remain in the government, not to speak of collective responsibility of the Cabinet. Such a behaviour would be mere hypocrisy even on the part of those who abstained, unless resign from the party and join the UNFGG or the UNP. The SLFP is now again split in the middle. The winners seem to be the JO thanks to Wickremesinghe’s bond involvement. 

It would have been better for the country and the people, if the President, the PM or the UNP could have managed to take an appropriate decision on the matter before allowing it to go for a showdown. The usual practice in democracy is for the politically responsible person, in this case Ranil Wickremesighe, to graciously resign. Isn’t  there a person other than RW who can hold the position of the PM and the leader of the UNP? If not, it is a sad predicament. It appears that Sri Lanka or the present government is far away from Yahapalanaya. It is time for the civil society organizations and activists to think afresh other than tagging to the bond scam.      

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  • 7

    Ranil is not honest leader at all Neither MS is. All are corrupt leaders for them post is more important than Sri lanka.. They will make Sri Lankan as Somalia of Asia soon. The country can not take all loans and interest payment to China. China will buy more land in Sri Lanka soon. China is dangerous to Sri Lankan than any country in the world . It is robbing people of the world by giving loan and interest . once you do not pay it them interest for loan you have made to sell your land. poor Sri Lanka ? how long we keep doing it.

    • 4

      I agree that both Ranil and Sirisena were full knowledge of the Bond scam and all the scams happened during the previous regime. Rajapakse regime used the war victory with the LTTE to escape from any action taken against the previous regime. This government try to escape from the bond scam because of the failure to take action against previous regime. At this point any action against Ranil will bring back Mahinda. There is no alternative to Mahinda. The misuse of power by Sinhalese politicians has a history and the only excuse given to Sinhala masses is the false propaganda about threat from Tamils and Muslims against Sinhalese. Will the Sinhalese understand that the westernised Ranil and Mahinda motives?

  • 8

    We can write and write and write here till hell freezes over but nothing much’s gonna change …….

    Pray to whatever your faiths are ……… that the guidance system of one of Kim Jong-un’s missiles go haywire and falls on the parliament and takes away everyone ……….. It may sound crazy but that’s the only way to wipe the slate clean and start anew ……….There’s no hope with this lot whatever color/side they are ………Zilch!

    • 0

      Nimal Fernando
      [Starting anew]
      have you lately looked at who might replace this lot of corrupt no hopers if all of them resigned or put in to jail tomorrow.
      Gravy train will be driven by a new lot of kith and kin of the same lot and it will be businesses usual. As for trust I wouldn’t trust any of them sit on toilet seat right way around let along running a country.
      I do agree of you sentiment writing will not change knout don’t think majority of the politician’ in Sri Lank have time to read because they are too busy in illicit wealth creation for themselves and for their family and friends. And the rest wont bother because they cant read or write.

      • 2

        “I don’t know what we want, and I don’t even know what will crop up. But all what we can do is pull out the weeds and eventually something we like will crop up.” — Dany le Rouge

        …………..That’s the only alternative left…………..

  • 4

    Mr Ranil,
    Now u r branded as a CB Rouge, and u r not second to MR. Its your duty is to resign from PM post and go home or anywhere u like very early without damaging to our Yahapalanya which is with lot of difficulties we the people of SL brought a Good Governess for the first time in our History. So pl pl pl burger off immediately.

    • 0

      Not only Ranil but also Sirisena should go. The question is who is next?

  • 5

    Mr. Laksiri: To speak of “End of Yahapalanaya”, there must have been a “Yahapalanaya”. Did we have that? In my opinion and experience, there wasn’t one such system of Governance. What I saw and experienced was systematic “Prostitution” of that word “Yahapalanaya”. So, in a way, to END this “Deceptive Yahapalanaya” Governance is a better thing to do, in order to preserve at least the DIGNITY of that word used in our vocabulary.

    • 0

      Douglas.Very true.I totally agree with you.

  • 0

    Is Ranil’s victory in NCM a real victory? He won because UNP MP’s and TNA which is the official opposition in the Parliament voted to save the ‘Maha Banku Mankollakaru’ (term used by ordinary folks) and SLFP crooks did not show up. Even though he won in the Parliament, he lost his credibility even among UNP supports. Earlier UNP supports could say Ranil is ‘Mr. Clean’ but no more after people started calling him ‘Maha Banku Mankollakaru’. Sinhala UNP supporters lost faith on him because of his deal with TNA to get their support to stay in power by any means. After 40 years in politics he will face the same fate like Robert Mugabe.

  • 0

    Long time no see Dr Fernando. We had been worrying about your health.

    WIth all is being entangled by today, yes, GOOD GOVERNANCE has turned its way paying a blind eye to all the pledges they made prior to get elected.
    We are very disaappointed the way Prez has been caught by MR kalliya by today.
    Now I have the feeling there should be something in lanken sorcery tricks… and Rajapakshe as a blind believer of all sorcerty to black magics should have recited a good mantra to change the brain cells of Mr Sirisena.
    On the other hand, Mr Sirisena is thought ripe in lanken politcs has no whatsoever real education and background to see how other folks would feel.
    He is just an another dried pumpkin I would say. Just stuck to their kind of thinking, nor has he got degree level education … no English, as is the case with colombo elites…. and today has been isolated to his kitchen I would say.
    Even a kitchen man could do lot more, if he has guts .. That Duterte too is not from elite but seems doing what he thinks is right in terms of that part of the world.
    So is also Turkish PM.
    And several leaders in like minded countries.
    Anyways, we are hopless and we wish any civil society leader to take over sooner than later
    Ballige Putha Rajakashe would do anything and everything to stand on this govt, .. and current govt is also no spined to stnad against him either. People as they have been eating THANAKOLA for 3 meal times, would also rally round to get MR led groups back.
    Then we will fully be lost.. acutally.
    What my wish pronounces is nothing ELSE; all forces to get together and put Rajapakshe unethical men in jails for their rest of life.

  • 0

    IF you remember the past, There was some financial help via Belgium by an american tycoon. He came to Srilanka too. HE was none other than a man caleld A ECONOMIC HITMAN, He hd doe it in more than one country, HE gave the gvt money via Belgium. I heard he is not allowed to operatre form his naturalizd country. Instead he operares from Beligiuim. During the GSP thing, Ranil went to Belgium.Arjun Mahendran was recently in Belgium. No one knows how that moenywas paid back. Ravi KArunananayake is one who has multiplae Fincnacial fruad charges he is still in the govt. Besides, he changed financial regulations (Excange control Act which is supposed to acquit Money Launderers.Srilanka is supposed to be a Center for money laundering. EvenChampika Ranawaka expressed some idea like that. That particular group is said to be capable of introducing printed money into an economy and sabotage the economy which can help them to buy stock market cheap, business franchises (including real estate) cheap. It is said rightnow Sri lanka has real estate dealing all arer with money laundering, corrupt and criminal. Ranil says and MPs under him believes Ranil is an Economic expert.How can that happend when he did not PASS O/L. I am suspicious about that. I think Arjun Mahendran, Arjun aloesisus, all at the ssame place. YOu can get MA/MSc via post from developed countries. I do not know how Ranil passed O/L. A/L and the Bachelors. ITis no point fo talking NCM when Maithripala sirisena had waredn previously that WHAT EVER HAPPENS THE WOULD NOT ALLOW MAHINDA RAJAPAKSE TO TOPPLE THE GOVT. So, they will continue it for another three years. I think the west also wants it that way.

  • 0

    First bond scam happend before the general elelction. Maithripala sirisena covered up that Scandle because at that time the story was Mahinda Rajapakse would come back and impeach MY3. Remember at that time, MR moles were inside the Central bank. LAter Arjun Mahendranfired them. I do not think they are moled. they loved the country. Ranil is corrupt that is why he covered it for 3.5 years. CIABOC/PCOI reports are hiddren may come out before the next elelction. UNP fgovt ministers are corrupt. Ranil appojted corrupt SLFP politicians as ministers. The Parliament is a corrupt place and for dumb with high ego to make a buck and more. We can talk,that is all. I listended to people that we know as great talking. All BS.

  • 0

    Thwere was never a Yahapalanaya. Remember how Ranil said it would be Lichchavi-Malla tyoe kingdom. He would provide one millionjobs. they would procsecute thieves and FCID. Nothng happend.FCID has i think may be 100 files. Now, they say, MR moles ruined those files. So, why we need a govt if moles are doing the work. MY3 appointed so many corrupt politicians as NAtional List. Even his Party Secretary looks very corrupt. Ranil was no different. IT seems Corruption is Ranil’s forte. check whether he has made true any statement he made to the voters. HE had lied even in the parliament. but, their only excuse is MR would come back. but, Ranil do ot prosecute him. for sure, both RAW and CIS did not like MR coming. that has some connection.

  • 0

    The silver lining in the NCM is the failure of JO to oust RW. He is cornered. The only way out is to first establish as to whether the bond issue is a scam or not AND THEN to investigate the other scams – in that order..

  • 0

    After 2005 Mahinda Rajapkse win, people scolded theprevious president as CHORA RUJINa. but nothing happened becasue of tamils. Mahinda Rajapakse was the peak of corruption. It was simply a bi bunch of mole rats inside a grain store. Ranil talked about FCID and yahapalanay style. but, he did the bond scam evenbefore the general elelction which gave him 106 seats. what are you talking. where did the yahapalana being. Sri lankan media is well knownas corrupt and busy lieing to the public. diyawanna oya is simply peliya gods fish market. uneducated screaming and talking filth becuse they need money and they can eaily kill osme one. IT is Ranil who lied to parliament which is supposed to supreme body in the country. so, that is their forte. Ranil himself who said there are many in the parliament who do not understand what a bond is. Ranil lied even to them why ?

  • 0

    Thanks Dr Laksiri for stating the obvious about Dr Ranil and his Bond mates .
    Dr Ranil winning the NCM is good for the country.
    Now Dr Ranil can pick extra 16 crooks to complement the existing ones as big ass ministers.
    All wearing Green.
    Sira wouldn’t have to chair the Cabinet anymore with all that big stack of Files in front of him.
    Dr Ranil has a maximum 12 Months to deliver his promises.
    He can’t find excuses Nor can he give excuses. anymore.
    Can he do it?.
    Specially after Mr Sambandan and Abraham added extra Ten Demands to the existing ones, which Dr Ranil and Maggy promised. signed off on and delivered to Mr Sambandan before Feb 2015.?.

  • 0

    Point1: No confidence motion was brought in on Kandy Muslims riots.
    Point2: No confidence motion was brought on CB Looting.
    There is nothing to talk about Point 1.Yahapalanaya (especially Ranil) is not the one should have stood on trial for Kandy riots by NCM. That is thief prosecuted the bystander as standing and watching, not acting. Yahapalanaya, hiding the truth, took the heat only to save the war heroes once again. Muslim Ministers are not ready to work on the minority problems, which major Sinhala Parties are using for election victories. They like only to play their double game on the expense of Tamils. It may work for ever, or may fail very soon. But it worked in Kandy riots too. Other than that, practically only one Joint Comedy Muslim MP signed the NCM and he went absent for voting. Generally, Muslim Ministers stayed with Ranil, yet one of the possible reasons could be because he is still in power.

    The CB looting took place before parliament election. It was said for long time that both lootings was known to EP. Further, during election, he selected and picked up only PCOI report. To prevent discussing in Parliament, he dissolved the parliament when DEW’s COPE’ report was released. D.M. Jayaratne’s team did not protest about the Minority government’s stealth games. Beyond Old Royals’ war crimes & corruption, Jayaratne was involved in serious allegations. They remained as the cat emptied the milk bottle during the minority rule. When August 2015 election took place nobody brought it out; neither SLFP nor UNP MPs. UNP won and formed the National Unity with SLFP. Past three years there was practically there was only cover-up attempts by all, other than Handunnetti’s commission. It appeared like it had gone under carpet. But hypocritically Chandra Jayaratne like people kept string it up on Colombo media, outside of UNP-SLFP’s Yahapalanaya.

  • 0

    Noticeably, the official opposition was on offhand approach. There was selection defect on Opposition TNA, to get into that problem. CC for EP was supported by all minorities (TNA too) and UNP. Based on that, EP invited all parties to be in the Unity National Government. JVP, who opposes UNP and SLFP rigidly, supported CC on one single issue, dethroning the Old Royals. Then they stood alone in Parliament election. They cannot be in Unity Government. President did not oppose UNP strongly, but Old King did and failed. Still the SLFP leadership was with New King so the Unity government was formed. TNA slipped through the hole because TNA faced serious contest, especially, in the North so had told that it will join only if first its grievances were relieved. By this time, TNA was already fooled on 100 days program, showing the parliament election as the reason. They passed only 19A, but postponed the Secret Solution, and saying once election is won they would take care of the CC promises. TNA was fearing of its constituents and skeptical of the Sinhala Parties’ Promises, so, even though willing to join the Unity Government and get a Paperboy Minister Post for Sumanthiran, at the last minute it backed off. The communists were not willing to work under Ranil. So this created a situation, TNA, JVP and Communists contesting for LOP position. The position suited for only to JVP because they are only one opposes UNP and SLFP. Unexpectedly Old King too sat on the opposition benches by the degeneracy of the downfall in the second election. This melodramatic sulk was misinterpreted by SLFPyers those who were not given Minister Posts and they too defected to opposition benches with Old King. He only wants his family with him, so It was a like and dislike for him still now.

  • 0

    Communists, who vigorously wanted to capture the opposition was pointing Old King as the one asking for it. Son Prince is extremely novice. Bother Princes not in Parliament. For Old King, breaking SLFP and accepting LOP position was dangerous as Ex. Secretary Kerry who put together the SLFP-UNP was still in power. But the Communists willingly accepted Old King as their leader and named them as Joint Comedy Club, under him. So, seeing the opportunity and fearing to take up the Paperboy Ministry, TNA asked for LOP, opposing Comedy club. Karu Jayasuriya, who favored Old King, not the communists, but was handicapped by the Foreign Governments active in the National Unity government to resolve the Tamils problem with a Secret Solution of 2/3 majority. At the end he too descended towards TNA. TNA who wanted to be in the Yahapalanaya, now given the LOP, opposing the SLFP MPs who are under the fostering of Old King – not an official leader. If the Foreign National were not in there, the world have seen satirical comedy of the century been established by Karu by appointing Old King of SLFP in Yahapalanaya as the LOP, where SLFP- President, SLFP-Cabinet SLP-Parliament ruling coalition and SLFP-Opposition. This is how JVP, the real opposition to SLFP and UNP, missed the LOP. As professor mentioned, losing Ranil is not sure of better or worse, but not based on that, TNA’s object was not catching and prosecuting Ranil. Neither the two Tamils who did this for UNP, but it commonly mention for statement purposes that the CB mishandle-rs should be prosecuted. Mahendran and Aloysius were/are only friends of Old Royals, New King and Ranil. So doesn’t hurt Sampanthar to mention that in a statement. Earlier, during election time, EP interpreted PCOI accused only the employees, but openly said Ranil was not in that, though Ravi was censured.

  • 0

    Chronologically mentioning with absolute accuracy is not the purpose of this story telling. Further attempting to collect documents and doing in that way will not contribute anything extra here. This is only to look back at the events on the event of learned professor’s opinion wiring, not to prove or disprove anything. So missing and mistake are only readers’ responsibility.
    Old Royals cautiously stayed out of CB accusations. Their friendship with those Tamil employees was one reason and the other was PRESIFAC (I don’t know what it is), which EP withheld, obviously to save Old Royals from a NCM based on that.
    Other than Comedy Club and Colombo Media, Old Royal Family was not very enthusiastic on those reports (PCOI & PRESIFAC). But New King and Ranil used those reports in way that they would lose and Slap Party could win, only as a show to UNHRC. But after the election, Comedy club twisted the PCOI to accuse Ranil. This is where Old Royal allured into trouble. Earlier, Old King had openly discounted Aloysius’ crime. He did know the bonds, beyond Sri Kotta’s electricity bill, it was badly needed to fund the bankrupt government to prevent the $18B not submerging to surface. Neither China nor IMF would release any penny that time. Yahapalanaya was too young, one month old, to judge if it were a rat snake or cobra. Yahapalanaya asked for Rs1B and it was said it would be badly undersubscribed and the tender would fail. But Aloysius raised Rs10B, helped to hide Yahapalanaya’s bankruptcy, acquired by the earlier bad deals and help to pay Sri Kotta electricity bill too. So digging these out in Parliament by Joint Comedy was uncomfortable issue for Old King. GLP’s LG election made easy fame for Old King, but UNP minister Udaya tortured Old King for nothing. So, it was defeated for everybody’ victory, Thero, Learned professor, Old, New, Ranil, Udaya, Communists, TNA…. .

  • 0

    What is so hard to understand? The so called “Yahapalanaya” failed to live up to the Januray 8th 2015 mandate. Simple as that. In-fact, all they did was paved the way for the rise of the Pohottuwa. The only successes “Yahapalanaya” can talk about was the 1990 ambulence service (thanks to India) and the 19th amendment. Not killing journalists and allowing freedom of speech is not a success. Those are inalienable rights granted by the constitution to the poeple of this country. “Yahapalanaya” morons claiming they now “allow” freedom of speech and we should be thankful is utter bulls-it because those “rights” granted to all citizens and we don’t owe “Yahapalanaya” anything for that.

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