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Necessity To Neutralize The Islamic Terrorism And Sri Lanka’s U-Turn

By Ayathuray Rajasingam

Ayathuray Rajasingam

Today the Islamic Terrorist Organizations are a threat and challenges the stabilization of democracies. The fund spent by the terrorist organization are mainly from the proceeds of the sale of narcotics. The ultimate goal of Islamic terrorists is to establish Sharia Law and throw a challenge to democracy all over the world. Nevertheless peace could not be found in Afghanistan, Saudi, Somalia and Yemen where 100 % of the population are Muslims. Radical Muslims intimidate and spew hatred and satisfy their blood lust by killing less radical Muslims for various reasons.

The deplorable condition in Islamic countries saw a large number of law-abiding Muslims seeking refuge in Western countries, where they had adapted themselves to Western democratic ideologies having recognized the principles of equality, while retaining their cultural practices. They co-existed with other communities peacefully. However, the recent development of the establishment of ‘no-go-zones’, colonized by Muslims in Europe and other countries that practises pluralism sends the message that some undesirable elements promoting violence have crept in, which saw the September 11 attack on the Twin Tower, bombings at the London Subway, Mumbai, chopping of an innocent soldier in UK, derailing activities in democratic countries and recently the deaths of Canadian soldier Nathan Cirillio and Warrant Officer Patricia Vincent had again sent a message that savage ideology stimulates terrorism. As the war with the terrorists is a battle between the visible and invisible, one ponders whether these ‘no-go-zones’ are a breeding ground for the operation of these Islamic terrorists.

One of the purposes of the United Nations is ‘to achieve international co-operation in solving international problems of an economic, social, cultural or humanitarian character and in promoting and encouraging respect for human rights and for fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion’ as specified in Article 1 (3). This provision is further strengthened by the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights by which there is an obligation for all governments to investigate and punish non-governmental acts of violence or discrimination that interfere with the freedom to embrace one’s faith or religion which is assured. The magnitude of threat by the Islamic Terrorist Organizations demonstrate that they have failed to realize or deliberately ignoring that the universal freedom of thought, conscience and religion is established as part and parcel of the customary international human rights law.

Upon an examination of the provisions of the UN Charter and the Declaration of Human Rights it is clear that terrorism has no place for transgressing on one’s civil liberties.

Yet the growth of Wahabbism and the birth of the Islamic Terrorist Organizations with their savage ideologies pose a challenge to the democratic principle of equality. Terrorism has the force of dividing the society arising from the creation of mistrust because it had taken many innocent lives. These Islamic Terrorist Organizations had spread their wings to all Muslim countries and third world non-Muslim countries, and have also begun to knock the doors of the Western democratic countries. However, the US, UK, and Israel stood as a checkmate in preventing the continued persecution of non-Muslims by the Islamic terrorists.

The problem with the Islamic terrorists is that they fail to realize that religion is a personal matter and that it should not interfere with one’s civil liberties. The disturbing factor is found in Quran (Sutra, Verse 33) which states that it is the duty of every Muslim to fight those of a different belief until only Allah is worshipped around the world. Have these Islamic extremists ever realized that all religions are like a variety of flowers in a garden called earth. It appears that the strategy of the Islamic extremists is to keep the Muslims not to interpret or allowed to translate from Arabic and that the call for fighting and killing is Allah’s words. When spreading fear and horror and killing innocents, their version is that they are following Allah’s words without a clear interpretation. If the interpretation conveys the meaning that the call for ‘holy war’ denotes love which has no bound, then it will conquer all hearts (instead by the sword), then Islam becomes a religion of peace and will be applauded. The words ‘holy’, ‘peace’ and ‘love’ are inter-related, but not with the word ‘war’ which has a tendency to promote hatred. Hence in the absence of a meaningful interpretation of the rigid principle enunciated in the Quran, the Muslim extremists become themselves instrumental for Islam’s reluctance to compromise or co-exist with other faiths. Thus they become self-alienated and engage in activities that are suspected to be Islamic related terrorism. All religions preach that the taste of life is love. In the absence of a meaningful interpretation, the uncivilized and cowardly behaviour of the Islamic Terrorist Organizations signals whether Islam is a religion of peace or conquest when extremists are bent to impose their ideology.

The basic tenets of Islam and culture are a threat to political, personal and religious freedoms and from the inception itself children are brainwashed and never allowed to re-think. If they convert to other faiths they are threatened with death which amounts to transgression of an individual’s personal freedom. Transgressing on an individual’s right with threat to life amount to savage ideology. It is the transgressing on the rights of others by the Islamic terrorists that is likely to place some Muslim countries on the brink of a new war with the democratic countries.

Everyone has a right to live on this earth created by God with the absolute freedom to embrace their faith of their own choice. God never discriminated people as to who should live and not live on this earth. What is essential is co-existence. Civil liberties are the live-wire of democracy. It is unfortunate that Islamic extremists hate democracy and insist on theocracy which is a form of government where a country is ruled by a group of people who are believed to be guided by God like in Iran, where a ruling body on religious basis is implied. Theocracy is not a form of government where the governing body is chosen by the people through a free and fair election. In democracy people are free to express their views whereas in theocracy people fear to express their views because it is backed by its military wing. Principles of natural justice has no place in theocracy and justice cannot be expected in theocracy. Denial of justice to the housemaid Rizana was a case in point. Inequalities is given prominence in theocracy between men and women and even between Muslims and non-Muslims. Theocracy is in direct conflict with the constitutions of democratic countries.

Terrorists failed to realize that uncivilized acts of bombings at schools, markets, bus stands, beheading, stoning to death, etc which are a daily occurrence in some Muslim countries, are savage ideologies that overshadows the good aspects of a religion. Their language appears to be destruction. The Islamic terrorists should act in a manner towards some contributions like the Jews that are beneficial to humanity. Extremists forget that they are living in a changing world and their ideologies amount to fanaticism and a threat to democracy. Religion never teaches people to love death and teach hatred. The fear is whether third world non-Muslim countries would be targeted by these ideologies. The third world countries have been silenced by raising the cries of ‘racism’, Islamphobe’, ‘bigotry’, etc so as to facilitate the terrorists to continue with their barbaric acts unchecked. This is not hate propaganda but the truth, in good faith and for the benefit of mankind. In a way Islam has been hijacked by the Islamic extremists as some writers maintain. This has become an unfinished symphony to counter Islamic terrorism.

It has been a practice that Muslims demand for their religious privileges in democratic countries which practices tolerance and diversities. One of the demands is Halal as a result Muslims are given employment – an indirect way of gaining employment for Muslims in addition to the social benefits received by them from the western democratic countries. In the same breath, it becomes vital for broad-minded Muslims to address their mind whether there is any justification in the persecution of Christians in Muslim countries practising theocracy.

The impact of Wahabbism saw the rise of Muslim fundamentalism with the formation of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress. Kattankudy and Beruwela was seen as homes as well as their hub for its activities. It was a mere opportunity for Whabbism to firmly root itself in Sri Lanka during Chandrika Kumaratunge’s regime. Moreover, the arrest of Potta Nauffer, who shot dead a Colombo High Court Judge for refusing to grant bail in connection with illegal trafficking of heroin, raises suspicion whether the Islamic Terrorists Organizations has spread their wings to Sri Lanka. His activities in illegal trafficking of heroin when a Muslim Minister was holding an important portfolio, compels ordinary citizens to view with suspicion whether a clandestine terrorist organization was being funded through the proceeds of narcotic’s sale. Similarly, when Muslim clerics were applauding Bin Laden for attacking the Twin Tower in mosques after the prayers in Colombo, none of the Muslims dared to condemn his cowardly act where more than 3000 were killed or repeat such exercise in Western democratic countries, also raises suspicion whether it was the after effects of spreading its wings to third world countries.

Apparently Sri Lanka blundered itself when Sri Lankan President stretched a friendly arm to Libya’s Gadaffi, having known his contribution towards terrorism, are incidents of encouragement to Islamic Terrorist Organizations to spread their wings. They spread their wings to third world non-Muslim countries in a systematic and calculated manner with the view to show their hatred towards the Western democratic countries through third world countries. The blind tactics of the Islamic terrorists eventually ended up with the Muslims as refugees in Myanmar and Thailand. However, Sri Lanka did a U-turn when the BBS launched a protest against the Muslims and the Rule of Law has become a questionable issue, all of which point to the clumsy handling of Islamic terrorism.

What is surprising is, most of the young Muslims are driven into the Islamic Terrorist Organizations after being attracted by pleas for a caliphate and are heading for Syria to join with the ISIS as they feel they are under a religious obligation. They are under the impression that the creation of a Caliphate would accomplish their dream. This led to the suspicion whether the young Muslim girls are been misused by these Terrorist Organizations to achieve their evil motive, the facts of which are been demonstrated by statements from Muslims who have escaped. If Muslims are really keen on righteousness and adapt themselves to democratic ideologies in terms of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Charter, they should stage protests against the calls of Islamic extremists and give prominence for co-existence with others. The silence maintained by Muslims in other countries including Sri Lanka, raises suspicion whether it is the result of spreading the wings of Islamic Terrorist Organizations. Muslim extremists must re-consider that they cannot be a self-alienated race anymore and begin to realize that  each individual is unique and recognizing other’s differences along the dimensions of race, religious and cultural beliefs, political ideologies, etc, and moving beyond tolerance, if they are to co-exist with others.

All religious founders have taught and practised non-violence. As all souls emanate from the Supreme Soul known as God, no individual has the right to take another individual’s life. It is God who has the right to take an individual’s life when such individual engages in unrighteousness. God is merciful. Ideologies of every faith should focus on human values. A specific ideology should not stand in the way of an individual’s right. This is the underlying principle of every religion. Without knowing the nature of God and the concept of righteousness, beliefs of Islamic terrorists that acts of violence are ordained by God and that martyrdom is the course of struggle against infidel leads to paradise are misleading. If however, the Islamic Terrorist Organizations continue to engage in acts amounting to unrighteousness, then it is certain that these Terrorist Organizations will be instrumental for the Third World War., like the First World War being ignited by the assassination of Prince Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie at Sarojevo.

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