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New Constitution: Report Of The Sub-Committee On Fundamental Rights – Full Texts In Three Languages

The Report of the Sub-committee on Fundamental Rights has been submitted to the Constitutional Assembly for its consideration with the other five sub-committees reports.

According to the Prime Minister’s office sources, six sub-committees were appointed by the Constitutional Assembly to make recommendations on the areas of Fundamental Rights, Judiciary, Finance, Law & Order, Public Service and Centre-Periphery Relations. The Reports have not, as yet, been considered by the Steering Committee. The Reports of the sub-committees are submitted for the consideration of the Constitutional Assembly.

“While there have been many similar recommendations in respect of several important areas, as is inevitable, the Reports of the sub-committees contain overlapping proposals as well as differing proposals on certain aspects. The Steering Committee will consider the sub-committee reports and the views expressed thereon, in preparing its Final Report.” the Prime Minister’s office sources said.

To read the Report of the Sub-committee on Fundamental Rights click here

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