23 June, 2024


New MP Vehicle Allowance Bonanza: Maithri In Point-Scoring Exercise

While expressing his concern only over the cost of taxes that the government will incur from the vehicle allowance to be granted for 58 MPs, President Maithripala Sirisena appears to be attempting to score points by informally agreeing to ‘bribe’ Parliamentarians in his attempt to further secure their support.



According to a leaked letter, Sirisena’s has at no point vehemently objected to the allowance as a whole but had instead expressed his concern over the tax components in the allowance. The Rs. 590,000 allowance will increase to Rs. 700,000 a month per MP due to the VAT and NBT taxes. The total cost of the new allowance is expected to cost the country Rs. 2.4 billion.

Further, in the letter, Sirisena had highlighted that the proposal should be reconsidered specially as the taxes was high and as per the calculations the cost per kilometer was around the range of Rs. 250. Sirisena, however instructed that there should be transparency in such initiatives.

Citing the proposal by Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake, Sirisena has said, “With regard to the above matter by the Finance Minister, the rent per month for each vehicle will be Rs. 590,000. When you add VAT and NBT, the approximate cost per each vehicle will be Rs. 700,000. This means that the approximate cost per each kilometer is Rs. 250 as per the total cost of the monthly allowance. I believe this is very high, therefore, I suggest that this proposal be submitted for deliberations to the Economic Affairs Ministry Committee,” he said in the letter.

Earlier, the Friday Forum in a statement issued reminded the President and the government that they were not elected to further their personal, political or other agendas which has nothing to with the voters or in the interest of the public. “Interests of political parties, or their individual members or supporters, must not be placed above the public interest, if commitments to good governance are to be taken seriously and fulfilled. The President and the government were not elected to further personal, political or other agendas which have nothing to do with voters or the public interest,” the statement said.proposal-by-finance-minister-ravi-karunanayake

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  • 17

    Politicians are there only to make policies and not drive around the country. Yet, we have about 4000 politicians including those in municipalaties.

    Why Sri lanka needs this many politicians and this much driving. they need tax free luxury four wheel vehicles. they need to lease vehicles. they need helicopter helps and so many overseas travels. Even then country lives on debt.

    • 8

      Politicians should be forced to take public transport and the country needs to invest in decent public transport.

      If at all, politicians should get a Maruti Suzuki 800 ONLY.

      Like the Pharmaseutical corporations the automobile industry is merrily selling Audis, Mercs, BMWs to corrupt politicians and piling up the national debt in Sri Lanka.

      No Sri Lankan citizen should pay any taxes to the Ranil-Sira Jarapalanaya government that is stinking and sinking in corruption.

      Ranil and Sira have been emulating MR’s example and have institutionalized a culture of IMPUNITY and IMMUNITY for politicians for their Financial Crimes of the UNP and SLFP who are a corrupt caste of leaches and looters.

      • 0

        Hi: Modaya [you are really great] for exposing the corrupt leaders ruling this country SLFP/UNP partners in plundering the country. To please the MPs wage increase [ from who’s money – it should be from the plundered and looted money from the Central Bank Scam etc and not from the poor taxpayers money.
        Both UNP/SLFP afraid to arrest Mahinda/Gota for fear that Mahinda will spill the beans.
        People are now fed up of their promise of good governance and now it seem to be worst then Mahinda regime plundering the country
        Crooks flock together.

  • 9

    There is a hisotry with Ranil Wicrakmsinghe who has helped criminals, killers, drug lords and commercial frudsters.

    Maithripala sirisena is another “borukaraya”. He just talk but does nothing. He himself established a foundation in his name in order to avoid legalproceedings for bribes and corruptions. Every minister has a charity organization which they get bribes into the their charity fund.

  • 6

    So Sirisena first ensures no Rajapakshe will ever be punished. All cases slowed down and stalled. Not even the murders need to be punished. Then he lets the Rajapakshes undermine his government in every way possible. Then when they are about to use their loot to lure MPS to their side aimed at overthrowing the UNP government he agrees to this bribe on top of all the other bribes such as vehicle permits which make MPs overnight millionaires. It would have been better if the people elected a real buffalo from Polonaruwa.

  • 10

    The way this work is,
    Sell the permit
    Buy a car under friend or relative,
    Rent it by himself!
    Let yahapalana suckers pay the rent to the mp!
    Easy peasy, japaneasy

    • 0


      the problem is in srilanka there are no law provision to stand against if those permit holders would go selling them. Of course, if they dont want, they can sell them further. Almost all high senior MPs have done this over the years.

      This has nothing to do with Yahapalanaya, Mr Srinath Gunaratnam.

      You may be twisted today, having heared that Rajakashe COUSIN – one another shark is reported to have arrested by CID.

      Tomorrow will be the day, that Udayanga former Ambassador to Russia would be arrested.

      So do you think if your ATHIGARU was that CLEAN and WONDER making man, how could he go this much wrong ?

      May be he bought you too a flat in the UK for your servile nature… Please be real man, before attacking to Yahapalanaya.

      We are not satisfied the speed of Good governance, but it is 100000000000 times better than the days your athigaru ruined the nation.

      • 0

        We shall see, If Mahinda has stolen, May he go to jail!

        it is 100000000000 times better than the days your athigaru ruined the nation!

        Just go to streets and talk to a person, they will give you the answer, The economy is super duper now,isn’t it?

  • 7

    This man is totally lost; actually lost in the Yahapalana wilderness. Why can not he say ‘NO’ to this outrageous cabinet decision. He should have the ‘guts’ to do that.
    I feel sorry about his inherent weaknesses and inability to handle the workload that comes with the job. I don’t think he can read fast, grasp the crux of the matter quickly, and make the most suitable decision when advisers (many crooks) give tons of misleading alternatives. That’s why we always look for an educated, people friendly, honest, and straightforward soft but tough man/woman for this job. This man/woman should be able to be tough with the Tamil diaspora as well as the extremist Muslims and chauvinist monks. s/he should know how to tranquilize the extremists without antagonizing the parties they represent with various popular names/brands whether it is eelam, sharia law, or Buddhism.
    If somebody can handle it just like Mahinda did with regard to LTTE terrorism my next vote is definitely for him/her. Thanks.

  • 3

    Is this man laughing. hooting, barking or what?? See his mouth!!!

    • 3

      Looks like he is laughing hysterically – AT ALL OF US WHO VOTED HIM IN!

  • 4

    President Maithripala Sirisena

    RE: New MP Vehicle Allowance Bonanza: Maithri In Point-Scoring Exercise

    Now the people know who you are.

    In a nutshell, what we have is the deception of the 6.2 million who voted for Good Governance.

    The so called Yahapalanaya has turned out to be crooks like Mahinda Rajapaksa and cronies. The President has turned out to be a Turncoat, Traitor, Gona and Mala-Perathaya Sirisena by accepting Santhosams from the Rjapaksa crooks and Criminals.

    The President Sirisena, turned out to be a Turncoat*, Traitor**, Gona*** Mala-Perathaya**** Sirisena, who deceived those voters ands sold himself to the Rajapaksa and his cronies.

    Turncoat*: a person who deserts one party or cause in order to join an opposing one.

    Traitor** a person who betrays a friend, country, principle, etc.

    Gona*** Colloquial Sinhala, a Whore, to the Rajapaksa and his cronies, for the stolen billions.

    Mala-Perathaya**** Somebody who eats off the dead, like Sirisena accepting Santghosams, largesse, from the Rajapaksa killers, on the Mala-Peretha smile.


  • 5

    Does Sirisena and Ranil think that the public are such idiots?

    • 2

      Ranjan, looks like they took us for the ride, so yes, they think we are idiots.

      And what’s more, they may well be right!

  • 4

    Another of the Rogue of the past crooked regime the Ex High commissioner of the USA Jaliya Wickremasinghe close relative of MR Family had been arrested by FCID according to DN the srilankan Broadsheet ( well done DN congrats for publishing the story) allegedly for FRAUD.
    Have we heard this word before ?? FRAUD THE MAGICAL HOBBY OF SINHALA BUDDHISTS.??

    From the Previous Regime’s Highcommissioners to Ministers , MPs , the Lawmakers , the Educationists , the long list of Crooks goes on and on.
    All these Hambantota uneducated , uncivilised crooks were paraded in front line , now they’re paraded in front of FCID.
    Jump in the well??? In shame??

  • 1

    Very very Poor show Mr President. Just say no to this. Let the Hon MPs sacrifice a little. The cost his enormous and the country cannot afford it. Don’t you understand this Mr President and Mr Prime Minister?

  • 0

    Shall we categorize it as SLFP IN POINT SCORING EXERCISE. The SLFP morons always take the credit for GSP PLUS, EU FISHING BAN, VAT, BUDGET, and make the UNP Party as not people friendly.

  • 3

    Why do MP’s need a vehicle allowance after getting that duty free permit? They are given a duty free permit to buy a vehicle for their use and shouldn’t receive any other money for the same. What a load of crap is this…????

    • 0

      Upul you are right. It is indeed a load of crap.In addition to
      the above handouts, the PM proposes to give additional allowances
      to the MP’s while another minister wants the Insurance cover for
      MP’s increased to safeguard the health of the vermin !These are
      clearly deals which amounts to bribes to ensure support for this
      government to be in power.
      If the country is facing an economic crisis necessitating increased
      tax burdens on the citizens of the country, what should have been
      presented is an austerity budget.The PM , the President and the
      MP’s should also tighten their belts like the rest of us.

  • 0

    New UNP leader of MS want to remain power until six or five years in his FIRST TERM.

    He is looking for SECOND TERM sooner.

    He knows very well Bond scam is going to burden to UNP-Old Leader has live on his mercy.

    MS looking for Second Term!

    Second Budget is first step of his (MS) Second Term!

  • 1

    Selling Vehicles imported under Permits issued to MPs is an immoral act which is also an economic crime. Providing another vehicle to such MPs at public expense is an another grave crime which the Civil Society should seek redress from Courts of Law ! Weerawardena

  • 2

    Sri Lanka is doomed. I see no present politician or a political party capable of empowering people. All are involved including government, opposition, tamil muslim, buddhist etc etc political parties are just looking after themselves, their families, relatives and mistresses by robbing the country and its people. So so sad no future and the saddest thing is the so called learned and intellectual community are squabbling over taking sides just like the corrupt politicians not realising that the politicians are using them like brainless silly puppets.

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