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New Report Exposes Systematic Persecution Of Tamils In Sri Lanka Through Torture, Rape, Illegal Detention And Killings

Six years after the end Sri Lanka’s civil war, a new report by the International Truth & Justice Project exposes the systematic persecution of the Tamil community through torture, rape, illegal detention and killings committed by the state authorities.

Yasmin Sooka – Executive Director – International Truth & Justice Project – Sri Lanka

Through careful research brought to life by the vivid horror of victim testimonials, the report, Still Unfinished War: Sri Lanka’s Survivors of Torture and Sexual Violence 2009-2015, shows how the use of torture and sexual violence is part of a well-coordinated policy, planned at the highest level of the Sri Lankan government and its security forces.

The report goes as far as to identify torturers and rapists. It also pinpoints 41 detention facilities, including secret camps, where victims say they were abused after the war. It lays bare the continuation of state-organised abductions, torture and sexual violence by the security forces long after the change of government in January 2015.

The victims’ stories are harrowing, many are deeply traumatised and continue to suffer mentally long after their detainment. Their families suffer too in the form of reprisals. More than a quarter of the 155 victims interviewed said that their close family members had been severely punished after they had escaped abroad.

The report warns the international community they will fail the victims of this conflict if they do not take action. It calls upon the UN Security

Council to refer its report to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court for further action against those who bear the greatest responsibility.

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