29 June, 2022


No National Justice Without International Pressure

By Tisaranee Gunasekara

“Anoint a villain and he will prick you.” – Rabelais[i]

The punishment might not be commensurate with the crimes – murder and gang rape.  The sentence might get commuted; there might be an outright presidential pardon; an appeal might produce a more unjust outcome.

Khuram Shaikh

Khuram Shaikh

But at least for now Sampath Chandrapushpa Vidanapathirana is behind bars. True he may receive most favoured treatment in jail or spend his time comfortably in the prison hospital. But the main thing is that he was convicted, sentenced and imprisoned. Some justice has been done, at least for now. And hopefully the verdict will give a modicum of peace to the grieving family of Khuram Shaikh and to Victoria Tkacheva.

But the verdict provides no hope for Lankans. For Lankans, it does not mark a turning point nor signals the beginning of the end of impunity. The verdict is a singularity, which has no effect on the way Lankan justice works for Lankan citizens. If it proves anything, it proves that impunity has become thoroughly encrusted and that national justice is possible only with an extraordinary amount of international pressure.

Sampath Chandrapushpa’s real error was not that he murdered and raped. His real error was that he murdered and raped non-Lankans. Had Mr. Shaikh and Ms.Tkacheva been Lankans, there would have been no case and no conviction. Sampath Chandrapushpa would still be the favoured chairman of the Tangalle Paradesheeya Sabha, free to inflict his brutal violence on the hapless populace. In fact impunity may have prevailed had Mr. Shaikh not been a citizen of a First World Country. Even then justice moved at glacial pace. And there was blatant political interference, such as when the Ministry of Defence got Minister Dinesh Gunawardane to inform the parliament that according to ‘police records’ Ms. Tkacheva was not raped[ii]. (Will some opposition member query from the Minister of Defence and his fraternal secretary on what grounds that palpably apocryphal statement was made, to the legislature, no less?)

Mr. Shaikh’s brother, together with his parliamentarian Simon Danczuk, mounted and maintained a superlative campaign. Ms. Tkacheva refused to be intimidated and told her harrowing tale to the world with courage and dignity. But the Shaikh family’s dedication and Ms. Tkacheva’s bravery may not have sufficed, had it not been for Mahinda Rajapaksa’s desire to become the king of Commonwealth. Presidential venality provided a window of opportunity for the UK to demand justice for its murdered citizen. Until then, as Mr. Shaikh’s brother said, “Everything was against us.” But at the Colombo Commonwealth, Prince Charles and PM Cameron raised the Shaikh case privately and publicly. After that, as Mr. Shaikh’s brother said, “There was no hiding place”[iii].

The Shaikh verdict is a very welcome one. But it also serves to demonstrate the helplessness of ordinary Lankans and the hopelessness of the current Lankan condition. When victims are Lankans (as is the case almost all the time) privileged criminals will continue to have plenty of hiding places. And justice will not be done.

Infected by Impunity

In the small and sparsely populated village of Uri, in Karainagar, Two little girls (aged 11 and 9 years) were allegedly raped by several navy personnel, for eleven days.

The horror reportedly came to light when school authorities asked the parents why the girls were not coming to school and the parents said that the girls left every morning to go to school. The alleged perpetrators serve in Navy camp in the area. According to the 11 year old victim, “the suspects had given her chocolates and biscuits and befriended her. The victim had said her nine-year-old cousin, who walked with her to school was also sexually abused on multiple occasions”[iv].

International community is uninterested in the case. Tamil Diaspora is busy chasing grand mirages to do anything about the antithetical ground reality in the North-East. There is no one to mount a campaign for the victims in Western capitals. Instead there are attempts to silence the families. “When Dinasena Rathugamage of BBC Sandeshaya talked to the parents and relations about the incident, they said they cannot say anything because a group has threatened to kill the entire family if they speak out”[v].

Last week, one of the child victims failed to identify the suspects produced in court by the Navy. Was it a result of the threats? Or is the Navy hiding the actual suspects? After all, despite tremendous international reportage and British pressure, it took quite a while for Sampath Chandrapushpa to be arrested, let alone charged.

As Charles Saravan pointed out, “Other incidents involving adults, most often women, pass unrecorded for several reasons. A complaint can be made only to the army who are, invariably, the perpetrators: sheep complaining to foxes and wolves about attacks by foxes and wolves. This, in turn, results in bullying and with punishment of different kinds. Why complain when there is no hope of justice and every possibility of further harm?”[vi]

That is the reality of the North and parts of the East five years after the war ended.

Palestinian writer and poet Mourid Barghouti said, “What is asked of us today…..is to coexist with their tanks in our bedrooms! Show me one person in this world…who can live with a tank in his bedroom.”[vii]

What is demanded of Northern/Eastern Tamils is to live with rape, imprisonment and murder, with injustice, insecurity and fear.

What is the norm in the North is yet not so normal in the South. But this is the general national direction.

In the South, killers and abductors of political opponents and media personnel roam in freedom. The most recent police failures included the curious inability to arrest those who were threatening the president of the country’s Bar Association. Custodial torture is almost normal. As a very recent Sinhala victim of police brutality said, “We were also forced to admit falsely to alleged crimes. They threatened us to not go to even a hospital adding that they would shoot us and throw us in the Ocean after taking us in again. For one month and 10 days we could not go to the hospital as a result.”[viii]

Though more than a month has passed since the Aluthgama violence, the high level investigation promised by the President is still non-existent. Meanwhile Galagoda-Atte Gnanasara Thera continues to sow his toxic seeds, unhampered by law.

Colombo’s hapless poor continue to be evicted, under cover of beautification. In her piece ‘From Shanty to Home: Myth vs. Reality of Colombo’s Urban Regeneration Project’, Iromi Perera comments on the UDA promotional video which depicts the victims of the mass eviction programme as beneficiaries[ix]. This practice was honed to perfection during and post-Fourth Eelam War. Now it has come home to the South.

This week the regime decided to conduct a national inquiry into alleged war crimes. This is obviously to evade the UNHRC probe. The national inquiry, if it actually happens, will be purely a result of international pressure.

The Shaikh verdict and the decision to conduct a war-crimes probe are exceptions which prove the rule – in Rajapaksa Sri Lanka international pressure is a precondition for national justice.

[i] Five Books of the Lives, Heroic Deeds and Sayings of Gargantua and His Son Pantagruel

[vii] I Was Born There, I Was Born Here.

[viii] Disgusting! Suspect wants water – Police Sgt urinates in his mouth – Ruwan Laknath Jayakody and Saman Waduge http://www.ceylontoday.lk/51-68647-news-detail-disgusting-suspect-wants-water-police-sgt-urinates-in-his-mouth.html

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  • 15

    Thanks Thisaranee.. But even if you try to show the truth and justice in different angles or very simple ways, most of S-Sinhalese won’t realize it. Simplest fact like “If Khuram & his girls friend happened to be your fellow Siri Lankan countrymen, those murderers and rapists won’t go through judicial process”..Don’t you Majority Sinhalese feel annoyed? … ” What? “Mata Ahune Nahe” S-Sinhalese would say….
    So what Thisaranee write here would become “Beeranta Vina Wadhanaya Kirimak Wage !!!”……

    • 16

      In the land once proudly called the Dharma Dweepa (land of justice) only international pressure can bring about justice now.

      The rulers since independence from Britain have turned the land over 66 years into a lawless land:

      What a great achievement, and it speaks volumes about the excellence of our leadership material!

      How many countries can claim such merit, but the miracle of Asia, a miracle indeed.

      • 12

        Sri Lanka can more aptly be called the Adharma Dweepa today.

      • 5

        The sentence was a symbolic and cosmetic one to silence the UK
        and any other country or group complaining of the wonky Police and judicial system here. It was, in a way, a high profile case, with a wide British audience. Vidanapathirana will live an almost normal life, though occasionally in the prison hospital and behind bars. But his violent way of politicking will continue, with patronage you know from who? Be sure GL-pappa (endearingly called so by Sajin Vaas) will come out with his tooth-paste smile in the world capitals and say
        “see we have punished the rascal and given him the maximum. The law and order process under the Rajapakse regime is alive and kicking” But the yakkos know the real story.

        As ole Abe said “you can fool some of them, sometime….”

        In real fact, for Tamils then and for Sinhalese and Muslims now, it is the law of the jungle. If and when will the change come?


        • 0


          The armed struggle of LTTE,gave strength to a racist
          govt.Although the govt maintains throughout that it
          was not an armed conflict against ordinary Tamils,
          the case they put in front of the Sinhalese was quite
          opposite.And the way they behaved and still behaving,
          five years after the war is,enough proof as to how
          they want to keep the majority against minorities,for
          their present and future politics.Attack against the
          Muslims demonstrates their objectives.Since 1915,we
          see a steady increase in their display of hatred
          towards the prosperity of other communities and the
          annihilation of LTTE by the army has been looked at,
          as if the whole world fell under their feet and that
          nobody should tell them anymore what to do in Srilanka.
          They suddenly overnight became a superpower,imitated
          superpowers in the case of local Muslims,like the west
          targeting some Muslim countries while maintaining good
          relations with the rest.Got the help from Pakistan and
          Iran against the LTTE and before long,turned against
          local unarmed Muslims just out of clean hatred.This is
          a new trend to Sinhala politics,bite the hand that
          feed you.Almost every single Sinhala family has a man
          with army training and will show his muscle at any
          unwanted situation to anyone.Sinhala insurgency didn’t
          create such a situation and as a result a jungle law.

      • 3

        Just before CHOGM:
        Victim: First World citizen

        “Attorney General Palitha Fernando PC speaking to the Daily Mirror said the department would take all efforts to ensure justice was meted out. We will leave no stone unturned in ensuring justice and a special prosecutor will be appointed to prosecute this case” he said” – Direct indictment to be dispatched by AG on Tangalle PS chairman, 16 October 2013,

        Victim: Lankan

        ”The case of Ganeshan Nimalaruban, a Tamil prisoner whose death in prison evoked local and international expressions of concern last year was taken up on October 14 before the Supreme Court and the de facto Chief Justice, Mohan Peiris, refused to grant leave to proceed in the fundamental rights case. The de facto CJ refused to observe the normal standards and procedures regarding leave to appeal cases on fundamental rights and the matters that the court should look into before making an order” – SRI LANKA: In Ganeshan Nimalaruban’s case the de facto CJ holds that inquiry into a prison death will encourage prisoners to riot, 15 October 2013, http://www.humanrights.asia/news/ahrc-news/AHRC-STM-186-2013

    • 8

      [quote name=””]And there was blatant political interference, such as when the Ministry of Defence got Minister Dinesh Gunawardane to inform the parliament that according to ‘police records’ Ms. Tkacheva was not raped.[/quote]

      Shame on you Minister Gunawardena.!
      You will rotten in hell for trying to cover up rapists.

      • 5

        Dinesh seemed to have stitched the wound. He and his fun loving siblings are a shame to their patir Philip Gunawardane.

    • 4

      Tisaranee Gunasekara –

      “The punishment might not be commensurate with the crimes – murder and gang rape. The sentence might get commuted; there might be an outright presidential pardon; an appeal might produce a more unjust outcome.”

      “But the main thing is that he was convicted, sentenced and imprisoned. Some justice has been done, at least for now”

      So, this is justice for rape and murder?

      In Many countries, they would be killed, and in in Saudi Arabia, the heads would have rolled.

    • 3


      Conversation with Eric Solheim, a Norwegian

      “For sure we funded BBS.”

      Erik Solheim ‏@SolheimDAC Jul 15
      #SriLanka downward spiral. Excellent summary of present situation in the island by @taylordibbert at Foreign Policy: http://ow.ly/3ncCBT
      Expand Reply Retweet Favorite More

      Amarasiri ‏@Amarasi69467474 Jul 17
      @SolheimDAC @taylordibbert Mr Solheim Did Norway Fund BBS with Norwegian, Israeli and American Christian Fundamentalist Money? Yes or No?
      Expand Reply Delete Favorite More

      Erik Solheim ‏@SolheimDAC Jul 17
      @Amarasi69467474 @taylordibbert For sure we funded BBS. As we have always funded LTTE, Mahinda and ths islamic jihadists in #SriLanka.

    • 1

      Tisaranee Gunasekara –

      US should push prosecution of individuals in Sri Lanka – Congressional Caucus hears


      Good move in accountability.

      Read on from the Link

      The US has the opportunity to prosecute Sri Lankan war criminals and place sanctions on Sri Lanka, the Congressional Caucus on Ethnic and Religious Freedom in Sri Lanka heard at a discussion last week.

      The caucus held its second such event on Capitol Hill last Wednesday.

      Speaking from the discussion panel, Co-Editor-in-Chief of Just Security and Professor of Law at New York University School of Law, Ryan Goodman, urged the US to take concrete actions in working towards prosecutions of individuals and placing sanctions on Sri Lanka.

      Professor Goodman said the U.S. should further promote accountability efforts at the UN – not just by supporting the investigation and sharing information it has with the investigators, but also by supporting the investigation in naming specific individuals responsible for crimes in Sri Lanka. Professor Goodman urged the U.S. to institute travel restrictions against key Sri Lankan officials, also calling for greater sanctions against Sri Lanka, suggesting that Congress invite the UN Panel to brief Congress after it finalises it report in April 2015.

      The professor noted that Sri Lanka’s culture of impunity breeds and begets further impunity and it is because there has been no accountability for past crimes, there is impunity for ongoing crimes today.

      He went on to stress that there was a “specific and exceptional opportunity” for the United States to prosecute Sri Lanka’s defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, since he is a U.S. citizen, as he is liable under the U.S. War Crimes Act of 1996.

      Professor Goodman also stated that immunity would not attach to Gotabaya, especially because he is a U.S. citizen. He said one cannot argue that this is the U.S. imposing its laws on other countries, because it was actually the opposite here, as “the U.S. has an interest in having its laws apply to its citizens, and other countries should not interfere with that.”

  • 4

    The problem with Tamils and their hoaxes is that when a genuine case comes along there is no more juice left to complain.

    Even real perpetrator gets away with blue murder because wild goose chases have resulted in listener fatigue.

    Its the cry wolf syndrome. I bet if a real genocide takes place tomorrow no one will bother to even look because Tamil hoaxes have lowered the power of alarm it used to generate.

    • 9

      “Its the cry wolf syndrome.”

      You are still hearing voices in your head.

      “I bet if a real genocide takes place tomorrow no one will bother to even look because Tamil hoaxes have lowered the power of alarm it used to generate”

      Please could you define genocide for the benefit of our ignorant fellow forum sharers.

      • 0

        Native, beware you are already among “in the company of the wolves”, don’t leave a space “Hunt them” like a valiant Veddah.

        Yo ho ho… and a bottle of VSOA.

      • 1

        Visubana plays the Saubala Sakuni aka Thelbala in this forum.

    • 3

      Why Vibhushana don’t see what was written about the rapist, Sampath ?
      eke valle poll?. (coconut in same bunch)

    • 4

      What is “Real Genocide”?
      Are there Half Genocides or quarter genocides? You guys never change, Buddha was wrong there. S-Sinhalese never change.. S-Sinhalese nature & thinking is “Anithyayi”.

      • 1

        No but there are bogus genocides, like the ones Tamil terrorists and their supporters claim happened :D

        • 6

          Siva Sankaran Sarma Menon

          “No but there are bogus genocides, like the ones Tamil terrorists and their supporters claim happened”

          We know every time you mention “Tamil terrorists and their supporters” you climax.

          For a moment forget about “Tamil terrorists and their supporters” claims what do you think?

          Did the armed forces and other armed non state actors commit any war crime and crime against humanity?

        • 2

          Chiv Bunker Sharmoota,

          You cry the same foul sentence over to the Jews and you will get a roasted backside.

      • 2

        Looks like the Tamil terrorist propagandists are very upset about losing yet another thing to whine and complain about.

        It’s just like the whinging that went on when Sri Lanka shut down the refugee camps and resettled the population – pulling the lungis off the “extermination camp” stories and revealing there was nothing to gawk at underneath :D

        • 1

          foot solider Blacker alias SSSM,

          [Edited out]


          • 2


            “foot solider Blacker alias SSSM”

            Self confessed grave digger.

            Where is he?

            Has he already jumped ships? Even his boss has allowed MR to set up “something” and lined up foreign advisers. Now what is going to happen to Sinhala/Buddhist non existent sovereignty?

        • 0

          Gawk underneath unlike the things you grope on someone to imbibe-with.

        • 4

          Siva Sankaran Sarma Menon

          “It’s just like the whinging that went on when Sri Lanka shut down the refugee camps and resettled the population”

          And now it seems LALITH WEERATUNGA,the Secretary to the President has found something to gawk behind all those innocent victims who were mercilessly massacred by the Human Rights charter thumbing armed forces. Hence he had set up “something” “to make further inquiries into serveral other matters specifically and generally referred to in the Report of the LLRC which require further inquiry,”

          “NOW THEREFORE I, Mahinda Rajapaksa, President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, do in pursuance of the provisions of Section 2 of the Commissions of Inquiry Act (Chapter 393), by these presents extend the scope of the mandate of the Commission of Inquiry appointed vide Gazette Notification 1823/42 dated 15th August 2013, to inquire and report on the following matters that have been referred to in the Report of the LLRC, namely :

          A. The matters referred in paragraph 4.359 of the Report of the LLRC. In this connection, the Commission is
          hereby required to investigate and report on the following specific issues :

          i. The principal facts and circumstances that led to the loss of civilian life during the internal armed conflict
          that ended on the 19th May 2009, and whether any person, group or institution directly or indirectly
          bears responsibility in this regard by reason of a violation or violations of international humanitarian law
          or international human rights law.

          ii. Whether such loss of civilian life is capable of constituting collateral damage of a kind that occurs in the prosecution of proportionate attacks against targeted military objectives in armed conflicts and is expressly recognized under the laws of armed conflict and international humanitarian law, and whether such civilian casualties were either the deliberate or unintended consequence of the rules of engagement during the said armed conflict in Sri Lanka.

          iii. The adherence to or neglect of the principles of distinction, military necessity and proportionality under the laws of armed conflict and international humanitarian law, by the Sri Lankan armed forces.”

          I wonder what is the purpose or what compelled the President to set up this “something” if there had been no violations of fundamental human rights.

          “pulling the lungis off the “extermination camp” stories and revealing there was nothing to gawk at underneath “

          You need to bend forward if you want to gawk underneath, you may have to learn some yoga postures, such as asanas as Pādahastāsana, Parsvottanāsana, Uttānāsana, ……….

  • 5

    Verdict so he can show up at Glasgow Commonwealth games?…the man loves pomp.

  • 9

    Actually Sampath Chandrapushpa Vidanapathirana, Maj. General of Namal baby’s Blue Brigade, is innocent and Law Abiding Local Politician who has plenty of Professional qualifications to become a President after Namal Baby’s forth term in the office.

    Sampath Chandrapushpa gave a special statement saying he didn’t involve in Murdering Khuram Shaike and Raping Victoria Girl but this Lady Magistrate never listen to it. As TG stated this matter was confirmed by non other than Boralugoda Sunaka Rajaya, Son of “Boralugoda Sinhaya” in our Supreme Parliament.

    Any way now what we have to do is to wait for our Sri Rohana Manaranjana’s “Janadipathi Samawa” and apply permanent visas in Australia for Sampath Vidanapathirana and his brave Companions. We are glad that Mr. Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison has decided to accommodate Sri Lankan Criminals in Australia as they have already Issued Visas for Galagoda Gandasara, No. 1 Criminal in Sri Lanka. We the tax payers will bear the cost of 2 Platinum Dinner sets for Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison as we always ready to bear the burdens of Politicians.

    As we advised earlier also after getting “Manaranjana Samaawa” don’t visit any tourist Hotel as we have news that western countries are trying to send their Ladies as Tourists to Sri Lanka to claim damages as victims as Victoria and Khuram Shaik’e family got Rs. 250,000/= each as Damages.

    Dear Sampath Vidanapathirana,

    You have plenty of underage Girls freely available in the north and all what you have to give them only a Chocolate and some Biscuits as done by our Ranaviruvo. You can choose the age sampath. Year 1 to 16 are available according to your choice. (Don’t worry Sampath, Naduth Manaranjanage Baduth Manaranjanage)

    To: Mr. Tony Abott,

    Sir Our Local Hero is going to get Pardon from our President. our President as Pure Sinhala Buddhist doesn’t like others to suffer and he will definitely pardon this young man who is close associate of his first Son Namal Baby.

    Sir, if you are really a true friend of Sri Lanka please grant Nanasara kind permanent Visas to Sampath Vidanapathirana and his friends. But sir, Please don’t forget to send him to Sri Lanka when our Saddarmadveepa Chakrawarthi declared any election.

    • 5


      Ella! Ella!!

      Enjoy your writing talent. Keep it up.

    • 5

      Thank you Lapatiya for entertaining us.

      The so called first world country politicians such as Tony Abbott, Scott Morrison are protecting and helping criminals directly. No one is there to point it out in those so called decent Western world.

      Australians must be ashamed to have politicians such as Abbott & Morrison as their leaders. Morrison accepted bribe from Gota and doctored the documents and paid peanuts as duty.

      Morrison, its not Gota’s father money. Its Srilanka’s Tax payers money. Your Wife must have liked that Noritake platinum plated dinner set.

      Shame on you Australian Embassy. The difference between your politicians and our family rule is, your’s are white and plain looking, ill-favored and our (cursed) family is unrefined, uncouth, black & ugly, otherwise they are the same.
      oh well your’s speak Aussie-English and ours speak filth & sign language.

  • 3

    Please could you define genocide for the benefit of our ignorant fellow forum sharers.

    Well, if Vingeswaran, the legal luminary or Navi Pillai could not say it out loud why are you challenging it? Do you know more than them?

    • 2

      If a Tamil cries genocide it means something good.

      If anyone else cries genocide it means something horribly bad.

  • 5

    Vibushana, I feel sorry for you that you get so much thumbs down for your comments.


    PLease refer MP Theva for further elaboration you……., I don’t want to say it, for the sake of comment etiquette.

  • 3

    OJ Simpson killed the Missus and got away.

    Baydon Powell’s grandson killed his Missus in North Australia and got only 15 years,

    Tangalla Politician and his naughty mates get 40 years RI from Srilankan judges.

    Beach side land there are changing hands among the British at USD 800,000 to 1 Million for 100 perches .

    International pressure must be surely in action in our Motherland.

  • 1

    “In the small and sparsely populated village of Uri, in Karainagar, Two little girls (aged 11 and 9 years) were allegedly raped by several navy personnel, for eleven days”. This came to light only when the parents were asked why they had not been attending school. There are numerous cases like this that do not come to light due to various reasons such as considerations of disgrace etc. These are some of the reasons why the CM of the NPC had on numerous occasions requested that the military occupation be withdrawn. He also objected to the appointment of the war criminal Chandrasiri as governor of the north These requests have been conveniently ignored.Bensen

  • 0

    This is a good conclusion to this matter and we can all be glad that justice was meted out.

    However, Lankans should not be distracted by all this and focus laser-like on the issues of Jihadi Islam. I saw this very revealing message from a Sinhalese on another website which gives the truth about Islamic terrorism in Lanka.

    [Edited out]

  • 2

    In this corrupt lawless Banana Republic which serve and protect only criminals, do not be surprised if these criminals are pardoned or released sooner, in time for the next election. God save former Democratic Sri Lanka and a Statesman take over.

  • 2

    TG is crying so much for this individual. She did not cry at all when LTTE was killing soldiers and civilians alike in Lorry -loads.

  • 2

    It is about time that we too create our own Muslim Diaspora to establish close rapport with Senior Counsels and business leaders in strategic positions. Reps of world famous Organizations and governments of both Western and Middle Eastern countries holding post, in order to raise issue and put maximum pressure on this misbehaving government, when it starts using various proxies to incite hatred and cause violence against peaceful Muslims living in SL. A mass exodus of Muslim refugees can also be expected in the future when these bigots make it intolerable for any minorities to live peacefully and with dignity in this country. This is bound to happen and we need to be ready to handle the influx with support from the a well connected Muslim Diaspora of International repute. We cannot trust our government to be fair and just in dealing with its citizens when it comes to minority issues.

  • 0

    This is the truth about Law and Order, Justice in Sri Lanka. Even Ven Sobitha Thero has been issued a warning that he will become another Fonseka. Meanwhile Gandasara and Acolytes roam free.

    Still no findings in the No Limit arson case. Is it because paramiltary personnel were involved as rumoured. Cheap Justice will say ‘Only God in Heaven Knows’.

  • 1

    It’s interesting that “Tisaranee” didn’t mention anything about this bit from one of the articles she cites:

    “Last week, a Kegalle district primary school principal was arrested for sexually abusing eight schoolgirls. The father to two children, 52-year-old Swamivelu Sukumar is accused of showing pornography and then on several occasions sexually abusing the victims aged between 11 to 13 years.

    The principal was apprehended after a child who had dropped out of school confided to government officials that the reason she was no longer attending school was because the principal was ‘hurting’ her.

    These are not the first complaints lodged against Sukumar; In 2012, when he was a principal at a different primary school in Aranayaka, the zonal education office had received an anonymous phone call complaining of sexual abuse perpetrated by him.”

    Doubly so since it’s the first thing in that article – and the bit she did pick out is right at the end, so presumably she didn’t just miss it because she stopped reading half way through :D

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