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Of Leeches, Blood Suckers, Vavulas And Opportunists

By Percy Gajanayake

The common opposition government looked strong and stable when they started. Although Mr. President seems committed and sincere, the common platform appears cracked and shaky which the MR group is trying to thrive on! Firstly the different groups have different agendas! The UNP will love this victory by proxy, and try to edge out the others! Already we are not sure of the position of Gen. Fonseka and CBK, Ven Sobitha or some Muslim groups etc? Any idiot should know that the UNP would never have come to power for decades (to come) if not for the common platform! MR group knows it.

It is not SIMPLY removing the RRR FAMILY from their seats that matter, but understanding that they are still alive and kicking. First understand that they have their relatives and friends who are temporarily dangling from their power bases. They still have officials who were (are) corrupt and made money for the family while pocketing small (relatively) change, other officials who made money or wielded power! Names like the despicable Kshanika Hirumburegama is sitting tight on Rajiv W‘s lap while FUTA is screaming without any response. It was interesting to see the smiling Hirumburegama at the Independance celebration. Some of the secretaries and Samurdhi officials are wolves in sheep’s clothing. The former NCPA Chairperson was reappointed after she worshipped the Minister and influence from a lawyer from Polonnaruwa. Fortunately sanity prevailed and was removed. However, she is still giving orders to some of Namal‘s Nil Balakaya appointees and a NCPA lawyer as to how it should go obviously for the benefit of MR towards 100 days!

The Commissioner General of inland Revenue, Ms. Manchanayake a close Gamini Senerath associate whose husband allegedly deals with Gamini Senerath’s/MR’s ill gotten money was appointed over seniors overlooking cabinet papers, before the election, which apparently was not an official appointment! What was the gift Gamini Senerath gave her daughter as a wedding present? A gift like what Duminda Gave Gota‘s son! A consultancy given to a lady an associate of PB Jayasundera in the Tax office still prevails??? What is our Ravi K doing about it???

What has happened to secretaries and officials who even got on platforms or arranged meetings to ‘MEET THE PRESIDENT’ at dinner or breakfast meetings at venues like Hilton and Galadari / Taj like 10 days or so before the election? Are these meetings legal under election laws? Who paid the bills? Ministries or Divi Neguma loose cash? Are these officers legally and officially accountable? Are the relevant Ministers, PM or President going to order investigations? Or are we going to sweep it under the carpet and allow the rot to restart?

Some trade unionists working in government especially in the Health sector openly canvassed for MR. They probably have their files with SB or tax files to hide!!

All these guys and gals are still hovering around ministers sucking them to the extreme! ‘yes sir/madam no sir/madam three bags full!’ We have seen this before and will see it in the future. One thing is for sure! These Leeches, and Vavulas (bats) will hang on to anything that suits them, opportunists who will suck blood irrespective of the colour of the skin black, brown, white or yellow as long as there is blood. On one hand these blood Suckers are so ‘flexible’ and may be suitable to all politicians, since they will/can do similar dirty /corrupt things for the new ministers??? Think of these same guys who were UNP stalwarts in the yesteryears, then overnight became CBK henchmen and then MR, and now MS!!! These lizards also change colours like politicians: no wonder one of the same kind.

Are we serious about ‘YAHA PALANAYA’? Or is it just a 100 day honeymoon wanting an orgasm for those in governance? Are these people calculating the odds? Are we seriously thinking and planning for at the end of 100 days? I pity Mr. President, he has to be a great juggler to manage all these balls! I hope he is not depending on Ranil and Co. alone? Already some ministers are talking out of tune, forgetting unity!

Whatever said and done MR got 55% of the Sinhala Buddhist vote! In the General Election MS & Co. will not get Tamil and Muslim seats! Then MR will be a winner with or without the minorities who will then try to get their pound of flesh! The 55 % Sinhala Buddhist vote has to be reduced! Exposure of corruption alone will not shift the vote! Proving it and sending people to jail in 100 days is not possible! All those who did not jump because of files cannot be prosecuted for the contents in the files or how can Mr. President get a 2/3 majority? Of course the big diehard sharks don’t matter they have to be prosecuted! What about people like Basil, Namal, MR and the rest of the family?? One can afford to get rid of Sudu Putha alias Duminda. Mervin is trying to play it safe. Is he he going to be a Crown Witness??

Don’t under-estimate MR and Co. They are now free to strategise with vengeance! They have money to buy people! Already new web sites are popping out against the government. OVER TO YOU MR. PRESIDENT! But don’t block those sites!

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