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OISL Has Led To Exploitation Of Conflict Affected Families: GL

External Affairs Minister Professor G. L. Peiris has criticized the OISL (OHCHR led investigation on Sri Lanka), stating its flawed processes have resulted in the manipulation of the suffering of conflict affected families.

Foreign Minister Peiris

He had expressed these sentiments during a meeting yesterday with the representatives of the OISL and Heads of Missions where he had expressed his shock at the alleged unprofessional conduct of those leading the investigation team while adding it is unacceptable.

Minister Peiris had also stated that the loopholes in the investigative process is being exploited to distort evidence submitted to the OISL and to deceive families affected by the conflict.

Furthermore, he had also criticized the absence of dates or venues of hearings scheduled to be held in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America – during which alleged victims living outside Sri Lanka are due to be accessed – in the public domain. He had gone on to state that the absence of such information has made it evident that OISL picks and chooses on which individuals to interact with in obtaining evidence, as they would give them access to the type of information they wish to receive in order to achieve a separate outcome.

Prof. Peiris had also accused the TNA for engaging in actions that seek to fabricate evidence submitted to the OISL during the meeting.

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