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Old Left Or Dead Left – Betrayal Of Sri Lankans

By Members of the Sri Lankan Spring

Tissa, DEW and Vasu

The Old Left movement comprising mainly of the Lanka Sama Samaja Party (LSSP) and Communist Party (CP) was initiated in the 1930s to fight colonial rule and associated exploitation of the working class. Today the key custodians of these parties which began with noble ideals have sacrificed the key principles upholding the ethos of Socialism.

Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Tissa Vitarana and DEW Gunasekera have betrayed the people and socialist principles in the most insulting manner, which have driven away the little support they enjoyed in the past. In fact these double tongued, so called men of calibre, act out the drama in any way that is beneficial to them. Even going as far as using certain platforms that are not politically related to justify the behavior of the current regime, thus ridding themselves of any chance of  “guilt” of abdicating responsibility towards the people.

This trio of a fully educated lawyer, a partially qualified one and a scientist of repute should have some finesse and principles, when compared to most of the jokers in parliament. They are also comparatively wealthy belonging to old landed families in comparison to the “noveau riche or trying to get rich by any means” parliamentarians. So why  bumsuck and sacrifice their principles by aiding and abetting bad governance?  Is it for the benefits  and perks they are receiving and the resultant comfortable  style of living or for the political prominence they receive easily as they could not achieve this through their failed political  parties that are out of sync with progressive thinking, serving the needs of a modern society?

These leaders were really nurtured for socialist leadership by countries such as Cuba and Russia who invested in training, education, trips for exposure  for such leaders. These supporting  countries and the international socialist movement too have been betrayed by them.

But the greatest disservice has been a dereliction of duty by the people and the mechanism for good governance. In the recent struggles, many which occurred under the current regime where were these saviours? They would not give a statement nor speak up for the  rights of fisher folk nor for the Free Trade Zone workers nor for FUTA nor for undue process in the current fracas between the judiciary and parliament. In fact many statements are made to justify why such struggles should not happen or are not necessary and that the government is taking the right stance. Of course they have to remain in government. Occasionally a small phrase of support to the oppressed would be given in order to be on the fence saving themselves on both sides.

It would be assumed that  this so called intelligentsia within parliament, coming from the intellectual left would have really stood up for the independence of the judiciary. But the last straw was DEW Gunasekera asking Chandrasiri Gajadeera to sign the blank paper of the impeachment motion and quietly slipping away without signing it himself. The subsequent withdrawal of signature does not count after the deed was done. The irony is that especially this trio of which two have a legal background did not stand up for the independence of the judiciary, let alone all the other lawyers in parliament.

What perhaps is the most tragic abdication of responsibility is the recent cold blooded killing in the Welikada Prison. The prison comes under the purview of Chandrasiri Gajadeera of the Communist party in his capacity as Minister of Rehabilitation and Prison Reforms. He holds one of the only two portfolios given to the communist party. What steps has Minister Gajadeera taken to bring justice in this situation? Of course there is speculation that orders to kill from a “list” of certain selected prisoners have been given by the ruthless and chilling Gotabaya Rajapaksa, contrary to all other interpretations given by the media.

What has happened with the comprehensive COPE report that was prepared by DEW Gunasekera after investigating 229 public enterprises? Amidst giving statements and interim reports on a number of issues such as Greek bonds, DEW acknowledges that to take COPE further the committee has no power. Well what is he doing about this?

Vasudeva jumping ship on issues is the “peice de resistance”. What is hs stand on the impeachment. Comrade Nanayakkara of the  legal profession. Do you believe in Latimer House or Medamulana rules? This has never been answered clearly by Mr Nanayakkara. The reason for staying with the government is said to be part of a plan to rise as progressives against the imperialist. Yet by staying within a government that is supporting racing cars over hand tractors, city beautification vs protection of railway crossings, building malls instead of developing schools, supporting Sinhalisation in the North and East, supporting a sinking Airline called Mihin Lanka and many other white elephants of the Rajapaksa regime, it is unclear if he understands the meaning of progressive vs imperialist. Is this the Vasudeva who went to court to save the Sri Lanka Insurance Corporation?

It is high time people realize the duplicity of the Leftist comrades of the dead left and left them severely alone to go to their grave together with their lack of principles. They should be severely sidelined and not given undue prominence as nothing has of value has been delivered to the people for many years.

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