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Open Letter To EC & IGP; Give Every Voter A Security Detail

By Kusal Perera –

Kusal Perara

Kusal Perara

A news report in the English print media today (04/12/2014) said, defected government MP and former deputy minister Duminda Dissanayake’s 20 member security detail had all been transferred out to rural police stations. Seriously, this number is unimaginably a XXL number for any politician now. This also means, well over 100 such ministers, deputy ministers and “Kangani” MPs attached to ministries are running about with such or even heavier security details, some not just with armed police, but with special military squads too. It is a legal fact, transfer of public servants after an election is declared officially, amounts to a clear violation of law. Yet it happened before, especially in the police department and would happen again. The Inspector General of Police (IGP) remains directly answerable for all such violations and so should the Elections Commissioner (EC). He of course would say, the law does not give him enough teeth to bite the issue whole.

Added to the issue of violating law during elections, there are two other politically important issues, the two top officials cannot avoid by saying, “We are independent. Can’t answer political issues”. They cannot dodge these issues as they emerge out of their disregard and negligence in holding on to law as independent public officials. Their disregard in allowing the regime to violate the law for political and personal gains.

IGP PoliceFirst comes the issue and more relevant and directed to the IGP which is, “What threat do these politicians have now, to go about with large contingents of security men?” Armed security for politicians was accepted without questions when the LTTE was targeting politicians, especially key ministers. With the war declared over and the LTTE crushed and wiped out, all barricades and check-points on roads were regarded a hindrance and removed. Absence of the LTTE threat in day to day life thus demands the absence of armed security in public life. Why should these ministers and parliamentarians go about with armed escorts now? Is it not the responsibility of the IGP to raise the issue of men with arms, now in public life? Is it not the responsibility of the EC to tell the Minister of Defense (irony is, the minister is not only the President, but the presidential candidate too) to at least remove armed security men from politicians, from the day of nominations ?

Second and the more brutal issue is the serious discrepancy now, a disadvantage and a threat to peace and fair play during elections, in allowing ruling party politicians to hold on to heavy security details, while removing such from defecting and or opposition MPs. This is not to say, allowing security for the opposition makes it a level playing field. It may at the cost of human lives and chaos, with retaliations and counter attacks every where. But such is not what is required in a functional democracy. In a functional democracy, elections run on the principle of equal and peaceful opportunity in competing. Therefore the issue raised here is the brutal advantage given to ruling party politicians in subverting elections to their advantage through armed might, where no opposition can be raised against such armed interventions. A scary issue, the two top officials most important in ensuring a free and fair election will have to address and address soon.

It is no secret that even wives and children use official security details or some of it, for their own private work. Six men of PR Minister Mervyn’s security detail were arrested over the fracas his son is accused of in a night club and not for the first time either. Use of armed security backed by army deserters and private security men in such brawls are no isolated events. They are frequently reported and forgotten too. During elections, the same takes place, as was evident in the killing of Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra. That again is no accident or isolated tragedy. Ever since the infamous Wayamba elections that was ugly, uncivilized and savage too under then President Kumaratunga, ministers were directly involved using their armed security men and goons too. Voters in most parts of this country ever since have seen and lived through thuggery led by ruling party politicians in all elections. Udathalawinna election violence in 2001 December where 10 Muslim men were gunned down for which then Deputy Minister of Defense Anurudha Ratwatte, his sons Rohan and Chanuka were indicted is enough and added proof, in how armed security is used for violent electoral advantage.

With heavily politicized law enforcement, ministers and deputy ministers totaling over a hundred now, will have the freedom to go about with armed security, as they wish. That would give the ruling UPFA an undue advantage in controlling and coercing districts, when election campaigning starts proper, after nominations on 08 December 2014. Arms and armed men with ruling party politicians will therefore decide not only how free and fair the election would be, but perhaps also what the final result should be.

IF this situation is allowed to continue and would surely go violent as momentum gather in campaigning, the IGP and the EC will have to ensure the safety and life security of all 15 million voters, who they expect to go to polls in the morning of 08 January, 2015. The question is, do these two men holding the most responsible positions in an election, want the voter to risk his or her life going to polls ? Does the EC and the IGP wish to say elections were successfully concluded with heavy polling and therefore is free and fair ? If they do, then they will have to provide security to every single voter. Not just on the day of polling, but from a few days before to ensure the voter is safe to go to polls. That, if ministers and parliamentarians are allowed roam at their free will, with dozens of armed security men.

We thus come to a situation that’s fairly predictable, where armed men and ministerial security will play a bastardly key role in this election. A situation that needs immediate and sane intervention from all quarters. Most importantly from the IGP and the EC. I wish they would, despite the difficulties they will have to face.

P.S – It is also the responsibility of the citizenry led by academics, professionals and social activists to flag these issues and bring pressure on both EC and IGP to act proper and to lobby opposition politicians to raise issue with all relevant officials and decision makers. The issue of a violence free election depends on how much the people would want such an election and how far they would go in ensuring their own right to participate in a free and fair election. Things just don’t happen in this paradise isle.

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    Good advice wasted on deaf ears . It is also like pouring valuable water on a. duck’s back.


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      Kusal Perera –

      If you can’t do the Common sense Phamplet, please talk to JVP. They are very effective.

      Manoeuvre to stop political debates on TV


      The President, who publicly announced that he possessed files of all ministers and MPs of the government, has said in a cabinet meeting held yesterday (4th) that a media operation exists to severely criticize the government.

      Several manoeuvres have been launched by the government to stop political programmes telecast by private TV channels in an attempt to prevent severe criticism carried out by the JVP revealing frauds, corruption and irregularities of Rajapaksa regime. However, the President had made the statement as if he was not aware of these manoeuvres.

      The immediate cause for such a statement is the incident that occurred when Minister Mahindananda Aluthgamage, enraged by a question from a listener while participating in ‘Wadapitiya’ political progamme on ‘Derana TV, stampeded away shouting abuse at the listener and the TV channel. The listener, without mentioning any name, questioned regarding frauds and corruption of ministers.

      The President, taking advantage of this incident, had stated that a ‘media operation exists to mercilessly criticize the government’. However, it is revealed, through TV channels, that pressure is exerted for the managements not to get the JVP to participate in political debate programmes and it is possible that orders would be given to completely stop such programmes.

      The statement made by the President in the cabinet could be a warning

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      Kusal Perera –

      Please, please get this Common sense Phamplet get going get into the hands of every voter. Talkt to the Common Opppsotiom talk to JVP, and jut get it done.

      It may mean 1,000,000 votes against Meamulana, MaRa aka Mara.

      Here’s another election result.


      An Army operation to bring victory to Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa has been launched and the first office for the move was opened at Depanama, Pannipitiya yesterday (4th) night. It is revealed that the new programme has been launched as the machinery of the propaganda campaign of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa that had been planned deploying civilians has completely broken down.

      Colombo District has been divided into four zones under this new operation and three retired major generals and a major still in service have been deployed to the zones with four civilians to assist them in the operation. The retired major generals and the major still in service have been provided with special phones to carry out the operation.

      Kolonnawa and adjacent areas have been named Zone No. 1 and retired Maj. Gen. Wasantha Bandara has been appointed as its head. W.M.A.S. Subhas Weerasinghe has been appointed to assist the major general while the telephone number given to the major general is 0785214014. Kotte and adjasent areas have been named Zone No. 2 and retired Maj. Gen. Seevali Wanigasekera has been appoineda as its head. Nimal Somaratna has been appointed to assist him and the special telephone number given to the zone is 0777274014.

      Maharagama and adjasent areas have been named Zone No.3 and retired Maj. Gen. Palitha Fernando has been appointed as its head. One Chinthaka Suranga is his assistant. The telephone number is 0773243032. Dehiwela and adjasent areas is Zone No. 4. Its head is Maj. D.L. Attanayaka. B.A. Sanath assists him while the telephone number given is 0771088405.

      Meanwhile, it is revealed that the ultra modern printing press brought down to Welisara Navy camp secretly has been taken away as information regarding it had been leaked to the public.

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    Kusal Perera –

    RE: Open Letter To EC & IGP; Give Every Voter A Security Detail

    Excellent Point and Request.

    In addition , the Voters need to go in Groups with security details.

    Citizens need to band together for security.

    Kusal, can you do the Common sense Pamphlet in collaboration with the Common Sense Opposition and get the Pamphlet into the hand of each voter? In informerd voter is a better voter.

    PS. Please complete the Common Sense Pamphlet, and give a printed copy of the Common Sense Pamphlet to every voter. It is is duty of the common opposition to distribute. It is is the duty of Sri Lankan writers to write the Common Sensse Phamplet so that other can distribute it.

    PS. Given below is an outline. Time is of essence. Jan 8, 2015 is jut 33 days away.

    This is Election yo,me to get rid of Medmulana MaRa aka Mara.

    Every Minute need to be spent in exposing the MaRa

    You can get a Free Copy Pdf of the Common sense by Thomas Paine here.. http://www.forgottenbooks.com/search?q=Common+Sense+Thomas+Paine&t=books

    Why, January 8,? It is the Triple Point. The Day SWRD Bandaranaika was born, the Day Lasantha Wickramatunga was killed and the Presidential Election.

    If you have too much time over the next 35 days, can you please work on the Common sense Sri Lanka 2014 pamphlet and Expose the Mara dictatorship,

    Follow Thomas Pain’es lead of 1776.

    By Anonymous Author(s)

    Chapter 1: Introduction Common Sense Sri Lanka 2014 – Author 1

    As long and violent abuse of power , and as the President of Sri Lanka has undertaken in his own right , to support the parliament in what he calls theirs, and as the good people of this country are grievously oppressed by the combination, they have undoubted privilege to suppress and abuse the citizens rights given by the constitution. The cause of Sri Lanka is in a great measure the cause of all Sri Lankans.

    Who the Authors of this Production is, is wholly unnecessary to the public, as the object of Attention is the Mahinda Rajapaksa Family Dictatorship Doctrine and Proposed dynasty Itself. This Pamphlet has 8 Chapters by different authors. Use Common sense and make the choice between Family Dictatorship and democracy in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

    Chapter 2: Of the origin and Design of the The Democratic Socialist Republic o of Sri Lanka in general, with remarks on the Constitution. Author 2

    Chapter 3: Of Monarchy, Dictatorship and Hereditary Succession. Author 3

    Chapter 4: Thoughts on the Present state of Sri Lanka Affairs 2014. Author 4

    Chapter 5: Of the present ability of Sri Lanka 2014 with some miscellaneous Reflections since Independence . Author 5 Chapter 6: Rights of the Citizens of Sri Lanka. Author 6

    Chapter 2: Of the origin and Design of the The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in general, with remarks on the Constitution. Author 2

    Chapter 7: Dangers of Dictatorship Sri Lank 2014. Author 7

    Chapter 8: Bribery, Corruption, Nepotism and Crime Sri Lanka 2010-2014. Author 8

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