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Opposition Party Offices Continuously Attacked In Uva By Unidentified Groups In Unregistered Vehicles

The rampant election law violations in the Uva Province seem to escalate daily as election monitoring body – Campaign for Free and Fair Elections (CaFFE) notes that nine election offices have been attacked on August 29 and 30 alone despite calls made to Elections Commissioner and law enforcement authorities on the situation prevalent in the province.

According to CaFFE, four UNP offices and five JVP offices have been attacked and burnt on August 29 and 30 and three of them have been completely damaged.

Among the party offices that had been attacked includes:

– JVP office located in Unawatuna area in Buttala, Kuda Oya had been attacked and burnt on August 29 at about 12. 30 in the night

– JVP office in the Puhulkotuwa area of Buttala, Halmillewa attacked and burnt at around midnight on August 29 – the whole office has been razed by the fire

– JVP contestant Palliyaguruge Wijesiri’s office located in Moneragala, Maduketiya has been attacked on three instances so far by unidentified groups

– Several other JVP offices in Sevanagala, Hamburugala and Allekona areas attacked on the same day

– Offices of Opposition Leader of the Wellawaya district secretariat – UNP member Roy Kavinda attacked on August 29

– UNP offices in Malwattaawala junction, Anapallama and Kithukotte attacked on the same day

– Office of Moneragala district independant contestant W. M. Udaya Kumara locate in the Okkampitiya junction destroyed

During the past week alone,a total of 21 party offices have been attacked within 72 hours and the majority of them had been located in the Bibile electoral zone. Despite concerns raised by election monitoring groups over the prevalence of vehicles without garage numbers or vehicle registration numbers that have resulted in a climate of fear in the area, CaFFE notes that several of such vehicles were spotted by their observers on August 29 and 30 in four locations including Keppitipola and Bandarawela towns in Badulla and Wellawaya  and Bibile Medagama Bridge in Moneragala.

CaFFE also notes that despite instructions to maintain check-in registries for police patrolling groups, the instructions have not been followed by the law enforcement authorities as of August 31.

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