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Our Brother Bharatha Killings: Unfolding Drama Of Getting A Quadruple Murderer Off The Hook

By Asela Premachandra and Sisters of Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra

“In the time of deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell

Latest news about deceitful health conditions of Duminda Silva is; He has been re-admitted to the Navaloka hospital due to his so-called negative health condition, just 24 hours after the news report that Hirunika is planning to go to courts to get Duminda’s bail revoked on the grounds that courts were misled at Duminda’s bail hearing with regard to his health condition.  So it is another day, another move by Duminada Silva, another blatant insult to the common sense of every Srilankan living in and out of Sri Lanka and another new low for entire judicial system in Sri Lanka.

According to so-called well researched statement issued   by Duminda Silva’s family what transpired on the 28th of April 2013 was a spontaneous reaction by his supporters with sheer exuberance to the news Duminda Silva has been discharged from the Navaloka hospital that day. They probably completely forgot to include following facts.

1. 24 hours after Duminda Silva is given bail due to his so-called poor health condition, it was reported that Duminda is suddenly well enough to leave the hospital and will be discharged on the 28 th of April.

2. Duminda’s brother’s media conglomerate repeatedly made announcement about his release from the hospital.

3. Thousands of SMS were sent asking people to come and greet Duminda.

4. People were given free transportation, food and beverages provided with Duminda’ pictures, banners and fire crackers.

5. There was absolutely no effort made to minimize public contact with Duminda. Contrary to that he was freely and enthusiastically moving with his supporters and giving media interviews about where he is going to stop first and starting his political activities in Kolonnawa.

6. After getting blessed by the President, defense secretary then he met senior police Officers and others in his residence all day long including giving more media interviews.

In their so-called well researched article went on saying that having seen the media clips (Duminada’s departure from the Navaloka hospital ) the doctors of  Mount Elizabeth hospital  warned the family their  concerns regarding his exposure to germs because of his delecate health.  Yet, Duminda had no problem touring  Kolonnawa  electorate over the same weekend greeting his supporters amidst the large amount of burning fire crackers and pyrotechnic displays and  inhaling burning sulfur and other harmful chemicals  exposing himself  to an  unhealthy environment . In that Statement,   many things were mentioned but they completely failed to  establish any evidence to collaborate Duminda ‘s behavior after his release from the Navoloka  hospital.   The legal argument they brought forward to get bail for Duminda was on the grounds of so-called his sensitive and poor health conditions which requires his undivided  family attention .

Since Duminda’s  heart is  set to serve “Have nots” (according to his family) it would be a great start for him to resume his politics by asking the President to conduct an independent public inquiry with judicial powers to prosecute members of the “stock market mafia” one of whom looted nearly quarter billion rupees from fraudulent NSB deal and amassed hundreds of millions of rupees through “pump and dump” stock deals at the expense of EPF and ETF which belongs to poor innocent people in  Sri Lanka.

It is a great insult to our intelligent people  of Sri Lanka to witness this ever unfolding drama of getting a quadruple murderer off the hook .

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