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Our Opponents Thought We Would Be Completely Destroyed After Easter Attacks: PM

Prime Minister Wickremesinghe took a jab at the outcry the Opposition has been making since Easter Sunday attacks, stating the opponents thought the government ‘would be completely destroyed after Easter attacks’.

PM Wickremesinghe made these remarks at an event in Homagama last evening, where he spoke on attempts made by the Opposition to consolidate power in the aftermath of a national tragedy.

“Our opponents thought we would be completely destroyed with the Easter Sunday bomb attacks. But we have the courage and the strength to face any challenge or catastrophe,” he added.

He also spoke highly of the development efforts undertaken by the UNFGG which he said has brought unprecedented development to the grassroots level. He says the current development drive even exceeds records set by previous UNP governments during 1974-1994.

“The Opposition says there is no government in the country. For the last 21 years when they were running a so-called ‘strong government’, they were unable to provide even Samurdhi benefits to deserving families…Whereas, the present UNP government has managed grant Samurdhi benefits to over 600,000 families within a year,” he added.

Having inherited a bankrupt country in 2015, the PM says the government has done a lot to rebuild the country and the economy and it is the opponents who can’t stomach the development drive who are critical of the government.

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