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Pampering Racist Hooliganism; Recipe For Disaster

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

There is deep disbelief and disappointment amongst people of all communities that President Maithripala Sirisena invited BBS General Secretary Galagoda Atte Gnanasara Thera for the heads of religious leaders meeting he summoned on 6 December 2016.

Some described this as an insult to religious heads.

This was due to allegations of violence, inciting Sinhalese against Muslims with false allegations, threat he poses to communal harmony and peace, his repeated despicable public statements insulting Islam and other such lawless provocations threatening to create a July 83 type ethnic conflict.

Rather than honoring and pampering, it is time the government fulfils its election pledge to restore law and order, virtually collapsed during Rajapaksa regime, and bring to book racist threatening to turn the country into a killing field.

The government cannot afford to be soft on these racists, suspected to have been used by political forces trying to topple the government and serving their foreign masters’ conspiracy against Muslims

These mercenaries have nothing to do with Buddhism and Sinhalese. They do not represent the mainstream Sinhalese Buddhists. Most people dismiss them as liability harming the image of Buddhism and mainstream Sinhalese.

By using worst form of derogatory language to humiliate Muslims, they had stooped to the lowest of moral depth in their drive to poison Sinhalese minds against Muslims. In doing so they have betrayed their claim to represent or safeguard Buddhism. Their lawlessness has reached such low that they even dismiss court order causing crippling demoralizing effect on peace loving people.
They claim that Muslims threaten Sinhalese and Buddhism. Throughout their more than 1000 year long history Muslims remained great asset to this country. During the Portuguese, Dutch and British imperial powers Muslims were hand in glove with Sinhalese kings defending the country. They were finance, trade, health and defense advisors.

It was their unstinted support expedited the country’s independence in February 1948. Racists who shout at rooftops have forgotten that it was the Muslims’ sufferings and sacrifices prevented the breakup of the country during the LTTE war.

Where were these so called champions of Sinhalese and Buddhism then?

Muslims ignored by successive governments and betrayed by their politicians do have immense burning problems. However they, as the most peaceful of the three communities, always seek peaceful solutions.

Their attacks on Islam, Allah, beloved Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH)and the community as whole show they have brought to the island the ongoing global Zionist Jewish conspiracy against Islam and Muslims implemented by United States, Britain, France and even Russia.

Many suspect that Israel and bankrupt politicians are behind the Sinhala racist mayhem against Muslims.

The agenda of Israel, god fathers of terrorism in the Middle East and beyond, has been to demonize Islam and destroy Muslim countries and slaughter innocent Muslims as they have done and , still doing, in the Middle East and beyond, since the collapse of former Soviet Union in 1989.

The agenda of Sinhala racist mercenaries remain the same. It appears as they claimed openly they too want Muslim blood and flesh as their comrades in Myanmar, led by so called Monk Wirathu, described as face of Buddhist Terror by TIME magazine, doing to Muslim there.

As it is Sinhalese and Muslims do not have any major issue straining their relations .There is hardly an issue which could not be sorted out by peaceful means unless racist politicians try to exploit such issues.

They also claim sole ownership to the island as if they were given title deeds of ownership by Prince Vijaya and Kuveni. They dismiss and threaten the others as non-entities. They also claim ownership to every mountain, every river, every valley and every rock except the air which they can’t prevent Muslims from breathing. They have miserably failed to learn any lesson even from recent history.

They were not talking about spreading the message of Buddhism or demanding the ban of liquor industry, gambling, prostitution and other such social evils. Instead they were only hell bent on attacking mosques. They know nothing about Islam, its peaceful message or about the Island’s Muslims.

Mainstream media, especially Sinhala language and certain section of English language, give wide publicity to their anti-Muslim slogans distorting Islam and demonizing Muslims as it has been happening in the West. These media sell outs never think of the damage they were causing to the overall communal harmony. As a result tension began to rise between the two communities.
During the Rajapaksa regime a new period of honeymoon began with Israel- sworn enemy of Islam and Muslims .It was during this period, during the first half of this decade, there emerged Sinhala racist groups. They had the full backing of the Rajapaksa regime.

As part of this warming up ties, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, his former defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, ministers and top officials visited Israel.

It was around this time that racist outfit Bodu Bala Sena held a function attended by then defense Secretary Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa to open an office in Galle at a building gifted by a German Jew who was also present during the function.

Now the question is why should a German Jew gift a building to a racist outfit and not to those genuinely involved in promoting Buddhism? What do the German Jew wanted in return? Certainly Muslim blood!

During the Rajapaksa government mosques were attacked all over the island. Muslim business establishments were burnt. Muslim businessmen were kidnapped and even killed. Then came the “Grease Yakka” mayhem attacking Muslim women while Muslim men were at prayer in mosques during the Holy Month of Ramadhan. They had the full backing of Rajapaksa regime.

There were more than 375 such incidents.This hooliganism continued until the organized attacks on Muslims at Alluthgama, Beruwala and Dharga Town burning Muslim owned houses, looting their valuable and even killing. These crimes were committed during curfew hours and the perpetrators remain free to date.

The two- Zionist Jews and Sinhala racists- have a common agenda. That is their hatred towards Muslims.

With the change of government on 8 January 2015 racists almost went underground while the UNP led government, continuing Rajapaksa policy, opened flood gates of good will to Israel which entered the country to implement its evil designs.

This was not unexpected as Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has been a strong supporter of America and Israel. His indifference to Muslim world is common knowledge. Relations between Sri Lanka and Israel began to flourish under the new government as never before .There were even reports that they were brainwashing and training people, under the guise of agricultural training, to continue their conspiracies against the Island’s Muslims. This continues because most people in Sri Lanka, from politicians to journalists and others, do not know the Zionist history, their criminal background and global agenda.

The government came with the slogan of enforcing law and order and bring to book those committed serious crime, large scale corruption, plundered nation’s wealth and destroyed overall administration including judiciary. Almost two years later today it failed to fulfill its pledges and many people accused of various crimes remain free and allowed travel about.

It was under such circumstance these very same racists began raising their ugly heads again threatening to wipe out Muslims and ridicule Islam in worst form of language.

Today they managed to build up a hostile environment towards Muslims. Like most of its promises government’s promise to ban hate speech too has not seen the light of the day enabling racists to run riot in the country.

Today they openly criticize the government and even Justice Minister Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe made a mockery of himself when he vowed to deal with them. Within 24 hours these racist went on demonstration in Kandy with slogans of hatred demonstrating their scant respect to the law.

Most Sinhalese in affected areas during attacks on Muslims during Rajapaksa regime pointed out that all the attackers were brought in from outside and they were not people of the area. This was true even in the case of attacks on Muslims in Dam bulla, Beruwala, Aluthgama, Dharga Town and all other places.

Perhaps they have their killer squads ready. They are provoking Muslims to respond so that they can unleash violence against Muslims and please their local masters who are, perhaps, using these racists to topple the government and their foreign masters who wanted to attack Muslims and weaken them as part of their global agenda.

These racists are not bothered about the consequences. Former diplomat and columnist Izath Hussain has warned of the unpredictable consequence in the event of an attack on Muslims. Under the circumstance it is left to the government to enforce the law and save the country before it is too late.

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