18 May, 2022


Pathetic Plight Of The Ordinary Man

By V. Anandasangaree

V. Anandasangaree

V. Anandasangaree

My Dear Prime Minister,

I wish to draw your kind attention to my letter dated 13th June, 2016 addressed to His Excellency the President captioned, “War victims need financial assistance” a copy of which was sent to you. In that letter I had suggested the reintroduction of the supply of food items under the ration scheme, either free or under subsidy, to the deserving people. I wish to mention here about the request I made to the former President soon after the end of the war in May 2009. I requested him to locate a place under the control of the government to accommodate the vehicles such as Lorries, tractors with trailers, cars motorcycles, vans etc belonging to the war victims of Vanni. With security provided for the owners of vehicles to visit their areas, to identify their vehicles and to take them all to the common place or places ear-marked by the government. Unfortunately no one responded to my request but if responded almost all the vehicles worth several billions of rupees could have been saved. The money spent in resettling the internally displaced persons could have been very much less than what was spent and sufferings of the people would have been considerably reduced. Now as it is even eight years after the end of the war, the people are living like beggars.

Merely because no one is making representations on behalf of the IDPs, it does not mean that they are living in comfort. The assistance coming from the Diaspora is not reaching those who deserve help.Velikamam North Tamil families

Hon Prime Minister, the ordinary man on the street is fully aware as to what is happening in the country and also about the functioning of the government. I learned through the papers that you have waived a large sum of money import duty of a luxury vehicle, imported by a Tamil politician. The Tamil people who cast their votes for sentimental reasons are very furious about it. Please imagine the feelings of a voter whose family lives on the verge of starvation. I suggest that the members of Parliament could be gifted with Indian vehicles as you did during the time you served as Prime Minister earlier when members of Parliament received Tata Safari and Scopio vehicles.

The sufferings of the Plantation workers can be compared with that of the internally displaced persons. No one can dispute the fact that almost everyone in this country had, in one way or the other, been affected by the war. But it varies in degree. I reiterate that the only solution to solve numerous problems the people are facing is for the government to take over some of the problems and find solutions for them.

I humbly appeal to you, to have the courage to introduce new measures to urge the people to live economically. Identify the category of people who are not in receipt of sufficient income to feed the members of their families. Introduce the ration system for such people including the Plantation sector. A certain quantity of essential food items should be supplied to such families either free of charge or at subsidized price. This is the only way you can please the poor people who brought you to power. Till the country’s economy improves please avoid exemptions and waivers of taxes and such other similar matters.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely

V. Anandasangaree – Secretary General- TULF

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    Mr Anandasangaree
    Is it for real as of all the above sufferings by the IDPs are true ? what the hell are the Tamil Politicians have been up to??
    Lining up their pockets like the Politicians in the South??
    The Government should have seen to the IDPs first and foremost and given them houses and helped with some kind of employment.
    Are we to believe that the international community and the UN had been Duped by the President and the PM??

    In the mean time the Colombo slum gangs are given houses , schools and jobs in the North to steal from the natives under the noses of the Army and Police I guess.
    There we go again.
    Wonder what KAS WOULD SAY NOW , Probably would conclude with a kind of conspiracy theory by Mr A. and no pity for these people.

    The promise by the present government and the past government of one Nation is all a HUMBUG.

    Uncaring Buddhist Nation and Religion what comes to my mind.

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      Dear V. Anandasangaree

      “Is it for real as of all the above sufferings by the IDPs are true ? what the hell are the Tamil Politicians have been up to?? Lining up their pockets like the Politicians in the South??”

      “War victims need financial assistance”

      Yes. But who is getting the assistance?

      1. LTTE Gold and Loot stolen from the Tamil People and taken from the Tamil speaking Muslims, were stolen again by the Rajapaksas.

      2. The other stolen funds of the people were also stolen by the Rajapaksas, and stashed away offshore.

      3. Some of the stolen funds were given to Tissa Attanayaka, the former general Secretary of the UNP during 2015, in a UNP “buyout”.

      4. Last week, some of the stolen funds were given to President Mairipala Sirisena, to scuttle the investigations by the independent commissions in investigation the corruption, and criminality of Gotabaya Rajapaksa and cronies, essentially a “buyout” by the crooks and criminals.

      So, this is the reason why there not much finds available to help the IDP’s. The irony is that now the DP’s and the other citizens have to pay more in taxes.

      Welcome to the Land of Native Veddah Aethho, occupied by the Paras from India, Bharat, Damba-Diva.

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        V. Anandasangaree –

        RE: Pathetic Plight Of The Ordinary Man

        How is the Ordinary man treating the other ordinary man?

        How is the “Upper” caste Ordinary man treating the other “Lower” Caste ordinary man?

        How is the Ordinary Jaffna man treating the other ordinary Jaffna man?

        See the Video below.


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      The Government should have seen to the IDPs first and foremost and given them houses and helped with some kind of employment.


      Tamils are doing the best way to settle Kallathonic who migrated during the LTTE times.

      Provide them houses and employment too.

      What a luxury for new Tamil migrents because they are tamils.

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    Mr Anandasangaree, I hope that your polite appeal will be heard by PM. All the appeals made by the Sinhalese to the Prz and PM had fallen in deaf ears so far. Expensive vehicles have been imported at an immense cost to the tax payers, and some of the beneficiaries have already sold their allocations to private dealers and pocketed the fat profit. This is the nature of our corrupt and dastardly representatives of the people, those who make a big noise of helping the poor during election campaigns. But in reality, they make the poor scrape the street for some grains of rice, while those that have more than enough to eat and enjoy life, them continuing to feed on the poor and needy.

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    Why can’t these guys just retire even when they are voted out multiple times.

    Hope his son does not turnout to be like the father.

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    The problems facing all the people in the country are huge. These problems are made worse by the corrupt and inept Yahapalanaya government that you are making your appeal to. It is the Sri Lankan style of politics. Promise everything before elections and forget everything after elections except to accumulate wealth and power. So your appeal, no matter how humanitarian are going to fall on deaf ears – sorry to say.

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    Anandasangaree , yesterday’s politician has plenty of time these days to keep writing letters to all and sundry.Yet at elections he loses his deposit! Don’t these people know that there is a a time to give up? In Canada ,his son an MP is almost ending his career hardly before it had run its course, and Tamil voters are making comparisons of like father like son!! Anandasangaree junior is poised to lose his eat at the next elections as more voter savvy Tamil politicians take centre stage.Both father and son are on a one way street to political doom.

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    The yahapalanaya government has not got its priorities right. Granting permits to import luxury duty free cars to MPs has resulted in some MPs making tons of money by selling their permits. All are involved in this racket cutting across party affiliation. What will be the reaction of those people who live in poverty? It is strange that this government too is insensitive to the plight of the poor people.

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      No duty free car permits should be given to anybody.
      Stop all these free gifts. Everybody should be equal. The ministers should be made to pay taxes too.

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    So it is not your plight and may be a blight

  • 3

    What an innocuous , meaningless, totally useless letter ! He is probably jealous of the man who got a duty free car and wants one for himself !

    Where is Sri Lanka’s Trump ?!!

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    Mr Sangaree must understand that the problems mentioned is common to all people of the country and we are in the third world what does he expect?Look at some parts of India and we are no better and this neglect has to racial barriers.
    I noticed that the Tamil people are doing well here in the island and abroad,with respect to we, the lazy lot and whoever comers out of the Sinhalese people is put down by the politicians and the cruel system they have set up since independence.He could get much help from the Tamils living abroad who are very rich and give us a bit as well.
    Many cultural and religious constrains embedded in the country is creating the problems as mentioned here.We are no better than the people in the Tamil Nadu.

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    What is the purpose of publishing this letter?

    You say that the diaspora is not doing enough! What has that got to do with the

  • 1

    So Mr.A, now you have the full freedom to speak up and against the got too.
    Yes in 2009 you appealed to the then president but what happened between May 29th,2009 and Jan 4th,2015 ?

    It is sad you still want Rajapakses to come back to power. It is clear you are working towards that.
    Please learn from Lord Shiva who learnt from his son Lord Murugan. Gary will be able to teach you many things.

    It looks like you learnt all these dirty tricks you are doing from the old LSSP.

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    President Mahinda Rajapakse’s well intended post war efforts of reconstruction of the devastated infrastructure, building roads, schools, restoration of the Jaffna Library, and above all facilitating democratic elections to the Provincial Councils, in a short time at that, have not won the hearts and minds of the people in the North; it seems obvious by the plight of the ‘Ordinary Man’ Mr. Anandasangari is referring to.
    This ‘Ordinary Man’ is suffering in the whole country despite their relief from the LTTE shock. In hindsight Mr. Anandasangari seems ideal to lead and uplift this ‘Ordinary Man’ in the North.

  • 7

    We hear everyday that the north and the east are being economically uplifted.

    Yet, here is a reality check from Anandasangaree. 7 years afer the end of war, IDP problem is still a festering soar. Intolerable. How and why?

    If we had a leader of conscience, he would ban all luxury vehicles issued to useless, corrupt politicians overnight. In solidarity with people who live on the verge of starvation.


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    I humbly appeal to you, to have the courage to introduce new measures to urge the people to live economically.

    Siddharthan is not the one made you to lose the election and get out of TNA. It is your this kind of behaviours did the voters hate you. Your apparent jealous making you write against one man. Once in awhile if your jealous pile make you to rise up, does that means you care about IDPs? Can you tell how much of austerity your son is practising in Canada? How many of the IDPs children have gone to a Western country to study law?

    Duty free Vehicles are allowed for all politicians. Is that a very urgent thing in the current country’s situation? You did not ask about it until now, after all it has been going on the political talks for months. In the South, who already have two three vehicles are selling their permits. Even the bribery commission director is involved in that racketeering. Siddharthan bought it and so far using it. It is not even his money. Most of it was coming from generations ago. Why shouldn’t he buy a vehicle he like if he has legally earned money and he is not misusing the permit?

    Stop your ugliness. You want to talk about the plight of IDPs? Then be a sincere man. Don’t reduce the pain of thier plight to your cheap politics.

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    Mr Sangaree

    Shed your communal appeal and stand up to serve poor masses of all Sri Lankan communities,I think you have character in you to be a leader to Sri Lanka not just to Tamils.

    The situation in the south is also not any different, Mothers jump to rivers with their children!

    It is not the federal or unitary state that is going to feed people, Getting development work carried out to develop the country and striving to bring back the rule of law.

    People cannot talk about devolution on empty stomach!

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    War victims need financial assistance”

    Even during the war, ananda Sangaree got reward money $ 100,000. He id dnot give a penny to those refugees. He should have givven some of that money because he received it because of Tamils.

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    The Tamil people want to forget the bitter past and lead normal lives. The government tells that they have liberated the Tamils from the clutches of the LTTE. What is the use of the military victory if the Tamil people in the North are denied their normal lives? This is a very serious issue. The Tamils would be led towards a catastrophe if they do not arise and raise a voice against this Sinhala-Buddhist administration. Harassing the Tamil people in the North who have already undergone immense trauma is against national unity as well as humanitarianism. What right has the government to terrorize a community that lives in the same country?

    The entire world is talking about the past Tamil genocide, war crimes, human rights abuse and crimes against humanity but nobody is talking about the present, the retaliation/revenge and human rights abuse that is taking place right now in the North, the innocent Tamil people who are silently suffering in the hands of the government that wants to convert the whole country into Buddhist and eventually Sinhala. What the previous Rajapakshe regime did openly, the present Yahapalana regime is doing silently.

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    Though in this photo, Anadasangaree shows an innocent and very cunning face.

  • 1

    This is an Eye Opener for sure,

    So IDPs are as bad as our Dalits in the South..I kinda like this dude,

    They don’t have houses , no land, no jobs, and don’t even get any dosh from the filthy rich Diaspora..

    What happened to those thousands of acres of land which the TNA got from Batalanada Ranil, after the Yahapalanaya kicked in?.

    Who own them now?.

    What about the Millions of Dollars , Croners, Pounds and even Ringits which the GTF, TNGTE, BTF and a myriad of other Eelaam outfits used to collect and receive even now?..

    Who got them?.Or get them ?..

    Finanally who is the Tamil Politician who received that mega Million LKR Tax exemption from Batalanada Ranil and Galleon to import the luxury Vehicle?.

    I thought TNA Politicians are anthropologists who give money to the poor and do not take it from them, unlike our Sinhala Politikkas like Senasinghes, and the Mahavamsa Field Marshalla..

    I am told the TNA leader Mr Vellala Sambandan gave his luxury Merc to our one time Dalit protector Prince Kumara, for him to travel in comfort to Kotte to draw up Batalanada’s Federal Thing.

    What a contrast between Prince Anura and this dude Anada Sagaree?.

    BTW could it be Mano Ganeshan?..

  • 0

    Southern govt politicians lack backbone that is why this kinf of con people can continue to exploit people. Otherwise, this guy ,live in the south with army guard during the war. Now, war is over he comes and talk about Tamils. that is also he caught line from Ranil.

    UNbelieveable, bankrupt news blogs publich these. These people continue the exploitation and cheating people.

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    Dear Anandasangaree

    You have rightly raised the issue of Tamil MPs selling their duty free car permits.

    Some of these TNA MPs who went to Parliament promising a settlement of the Tamil problem before the end of 2016 have made good money selling their duty free car permits allegedly for sums between 25 million to 35 million rupees.

    Nagananda Kodithuvaku has confirmed that two of these TNA MPs come from the North. Colombo Telegraph published his story naming 20 MPs of the present Parliament who had sold their duty free car permits.

    The two Tamil TNA MPs are MP Sreetharan representing Jaffna district and MP Sivamohan representing Vavuniya district.

    Both these TNA MPs have not opened their mouths to deny this. How can they deny it because Nagananda has obtained confirmation from the Department of Motor Traffic.

    Unfortunately, none of the Tamil newspapers in Sri Lanka or internet based Tamil media have exposed these two TNA MPs Sreetharan and Sivamohan.

  • 0

    Today’s Island report says not two TNA MPs but three TNA MPs have sold their duty free car permits.

    The third TNA MP, according to Nagananda Kodithuvakku and Island newspaper, is the TNA Batticaloa district MP Gnanamuttu Srinesan. He was a tuition master who got elected from the Batticaloa district on the TNA list at the last Parliamentary election. He was an unknown quantity and TNA put him on the nomination list for want of good candidates in Batticaloa.

    Regrettably Batticaloa district had been continuously electing MPs of the calibre of mono-lingual Chelliah Rajadurai. That tradition continued at the last Parliamentary election with all three TNA MPs elected from Batticaloa district happened to be basically colourless and ineffective guys, same as Rajadurai. At least Rajadurai was a powerful Tamil orator but these guys are not even good Tamil orators. One of the present three is a Paeyaati (Kapuwa or Kattadiya) who recently came to limelight because of his association with Siva Sena, the Hindu Army. I heard that even TNA President Mavai Senathirajah calls this Batticaloa MP as Paeyaati.

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