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People Haven’t Given Us A Fair Mandate To Combat Corruption: Former Auditor General & Resigned JVP MP

People have not given a fair mandate for the JVP to combat corruption in the country, former Auditor General and JVP National List MP Sarathchandra Mayadunne said in a special statement to the parliament.

Sarathchandra Mayadunne

In what became an inaugural as well as farewell speech Mayadunne said that the polls results at the last general election once again showcased that the people still do not have enough desire to get rid of the corrupt culture which prevails in local politics.

He posed the question whether the Sri Lankan electorate at large was bold enough yet, to accept intellectuals like him to wage battle against corruption and malpractices.

Speaking on his surprise decision to first accept and then resign from the national list slot, Mayadunne said that his decision to resign was an independent one.

He said that the JVP had urged him to stay. He went on to thank the party for keeping faith in him even though he was an outsider.

Mayadunne chose to focus on corruption in his entire speech and went on to state that although the President in his speech in Parliament recently had stressed his determination to create a country sans corruption, an analysis should be done on how far people have accepted this fact.

A visibly disappointed Mayadunne went on to say that in this backdrop he was of the view that his role in parliament could be limited, as people has not shown enough faith in changing the current petty political culture.

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