18 May, 2022


People Unable To Celebrate New Year Due To Sirisena Govt Actions: MR

While criticizing the various corruption charges that have been made against him and some members of his regime, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa says the arbitrary actions of the present government that have resulted in a halt of the development activities initiated during his tenure, has put hundreds of families in dire conditions, unable to event celebrate the upcoming New Year due to poor economic conditions.

Mahinda's New year 2014

Mahinda’s New year 2014

Referring to the allegations made by Minister Kabir Hashim last week concerning several infrastructure projects initiated by the Rajapaksa regime, MR’s office has released a statement in which he has said the present government’s habit of making accusations has reached such absurd levels that they have even started finding faults with standard practices followed, labeling them as financial misappropriations and abuses.

“The government should think of the future of these people without wasting time spinning tales about the past,” he said.

The former President states the various infrastructure projects can be manipulated in order to make it seem as if corruption has occurred as for the for a layman with no knowledge of the complexities involved in handing out the contracts, it can seem convincing.

“Unlike matter like sugar or dhal, road construction projects do not have generic market prices. Every project is unique and the expenses can differ due to various factors,” he has noted in his statement adding, “The present campaign carried out by the government to paint a wrong picture about the development projects initiated during my tenure might create a negative impression in the minds of the masses that would be detrimental to the future of this country.”

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    Humbug MR never dreamt he will lose and he will be in this situation. He and his family as well as his henchmen. Hooray to MY3 and honesty

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    MR,I noticed that you are denying all the charges.That is expected from you and your cronies.Why don’t you sue the BOI that investigated and throw aspersions on your BIL,NAMAL,YOSHITHA and all.I am sure a fair hearing would be given.The CJ, Sarath Silva even regretted to have cleared you about Sunami funds.You should have been arrested by then.This is mother Lanka,which has given you the life.You have done irreparable damage.Just enjoy your retirement and the looted money until KARMA catches with you.Indian astrologers predicted a year ago that you would lose last year when you were going strong.if you want you consult them.The tears of 40,000 widows is real and you and your family cannot run away form that.You wait and see your future generation will also pay.

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