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Pictures: Anti-Hate Vigil Campaigner’s Personal Safety At Risk; ‘My Daughter’s Safety Also At Risk’ – BBS CEO

By Colombo Telegraph

“I would like to inform you that BBS has not taken any steps to make any threats . None of our office staff have involved in this. I also witnessed about using some photos by some third parties. Some use our logo and making various comments. We have  requested all of them to stop using our logo. You can see that on Facebook. ” Dilanthe Withanage the Chief Executive Officer, Bodu Bala Sena told Colombo Telegraph.

Dilanthe Withanage

Withanage made above remarks when asked the personal safety of anti-hate vigil campaigners.The people who showed up for an anti-hate vigil last week are now being threatened. Their personal information including private photographs were stolen and circulating via Facebook with threatening remarks.

Dilanthe Withanage said; “Five months ago also we have observed that Facebook was used by some youth in this country    without any control or ethical manner . That’s why we had to put a poster on our official site. We do not maintain any FB or Twitter accounts officially. I have observed a number of such pages exist and we have requested them to stop. As a person who was responsible introducing ICT into the School Curriculum I am very concern of ethical use of ICT and Social Media. I had a lot’s of fight against some these youth groups.”

“Soon after the incident I complained to Bambalapitiya Police and requested to investigate about how the national anthem was distorted and who is responsible to take legal actions. At the police station I received a number of calls threatening to my life and BBS. Today some one informed me in one of web News Sites comments were given referring to my daughter who is studying at an International School. I have written in 2010 in Irida Lankadeepa Newspaper a Column where I criticized ” Unethical & Unproductive use of ICT by Youth calling them “e-Rasthiaydu Karayo ”  and in one column with a self criticism of sending my kids to International Schools. My daughter is nothing to do with my work and vigil . I and family also have some fear now with such comments. Some of the leading members of Ulama Organization in SL knows clearly how I  am working with them not to have any communal issues in Sri Lanka. Most of the allegations against BBS are false and people are talking without proper knowledge and information. We invite all who are calling us terrorists  to have a professional dialogue with us We are very open and we are not hiding.Every week meet media and they know how democratic we are. Of course some media cover us with hidden agenda.” he further said.

We publish below a few screenshots of the stolen pictures. Please note – we have edited the pictures.

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