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Pictures: “Reminiscence Of Mullivaikaal Massacre And Eelam Tamil Martyrs Of India”

By Special Correspondent – 

In remembrance of Mullivaikaal massacre and Eelam martyrs of India, World Tamil Confederation has launched a massive project involving over hundred sculptors in Tanjore. Tanjore in known for the sculptures of late Chola Emperor Rajaraja the Great and the stone built temple of centuries-old architecture still revered and visited by thousands of Hindus from all parts of India and the world. It is celebrated as world heritage site by UNESCO. It is also home to the ancient ‘Tamil Sangam’, (Academy of Tamil Learning), it became as important for its scholarship as for its religious heritage.

The memorial exhibition of Mullivaikaal massacre adjacent to the Bragadeeswarar Temple in Tanjore contemplates to keep the memory of those who were massacred alive. The depth of the desperation, the revulsion of violent deaths and the pain of suffering masses have been captured and depicted in sculpture forms. A visitor commented that the sculptures is so powerful they penetrate the conscious deeply and cries out for justice.

No one can undermine the power of the sculptures in Tanjore or Kilinochchi. The project purported to have been instigated by an overwhelming memorial sculpture of Sri Lankan Army on A9 in Kilinochchi. Who would have anticipated that it would provoke such contemplation among Tamils in India?

It is better for all that the reconciliation efforts are dispensed from the military and delegated to civil society and responsible members of public to own and advance the reconciliation efforts beyond current impediments. The transition from post-war to just peace cries out with birth pangs again and again but still-born without political solution.

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