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Pictures: Who Will Get The Rolls Royce Ghost Cars After The CHOGM ?

By Colombo Telegraph

“Who will get the Rolls Royce Ghost cars after the Commonwealth Heads of State Meeting? Bet the Rajapaksa clan is at the head of the queue and the poor tax payer and money set aside for development of the land will be utilized to run these cars for the rest of their days” an anonymous, widely circulated email asks and predicts.

Meanwhile, the United National Party (UNP) Friday urged the government to investigate the import of a ‘Rolls Royce Ghost’ luxury vehicle.

UNP parliamentarian and economist Harsha De Silva told a news conference that the entire transaction needed to be investigated because of the discrepancy between the price listed by the Rolls Royce Company and the price stated in the Customs declaration.

“The Customs has released the car after a payment of Rs.61 million by way of taxes on the declaration made by the importer that the luxury vehicle cost only US$175 000. But the Company says otherwise. It states that the Rolls Royce Ghost car costs nearly US$350 000, which means that the tax has to be twice the amount paid. We are not complaining or saying that anyone has stolen anything, what we are asking is for a transparent investigation into the matter,” Dr. De Silva said.



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