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Pieris Take On His Removal Is Like A ‘Harlot Extolling Virtues Of Virginity: Mangala

Mangala Samaraweera says that former de-facto Chief Justice Mohan Peiris’ concern on ‘maintaining the dignity and decorum associated with the office of the Chief Justice’ is similar to a ‘harlot extolling the virtues of virginity’.

Mangala Samaraweera – External Affairs Minister

The External Affairs Minister made this statement today in the Parliament, in reference to the statement Peiris had issued to the media concerning his removal as the CJ. The Minister has further stated that upon bringing international disrespect and condemnation to the judicial system of Sri Lanka through his scandalous appointment two years ago, it is ironic that he should now shed tears for the pristine purity of the CJ’s office.

In his statement before the parliament, Minister Samaraweera has further stated that since Peiris has criticized the way in which he was removed from the office of the CJ, describing it as an ‘unconstitutional process’ then Peiris should similarly be well aware of the degree of unconstitutionality of the eviction of the legitimate CJ whose seat he took up and functioned.

The Minister has also posed the following questions in response to the statement issued by Peiris:

– Did Mohan Pieris give any thought to the sanctity of his judicial office when, on 14th apparently in the company of Gotabaya Rajapaksa, to join President Rajapaksa and his immediate family in celebrating the Sinhala and Hindu New Year, and join in feeding milk rice to each other at the auspicious time?

– Did Mohan Pieris think it was part of his job description to become a member of President Rajapaksa’s entourage on an official visit to Italy and the Vatican in September last year?

– Did Mohan Pieris give any thought to the public perception of the Supreme Court when he begged for a diplomatic appointment from the executive branch of government?

– Is driving down to the home of a presidential candidate on election night to provide him with legal advice (as he claims he did) part of the duties of a Chief Justice?

Furthermore in his statement Minister Samaraweera has noted that allowing the unconstitutional appointment of Peiris and permitting him to remain as the CJ would have been a significant hindrance, in a context where a credible judicial system is needed both for domestic healing and to prevent international intervention.

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