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Pin Adi King Of The Sri Lankan Media

By Pin Adi Nayake

RAJ-PUL PIN-ADI NAYAKE, Editor of the Daily News is in a class of his own, one must admit. His poison-pen outpourings, even directed at his own journalist Chairman, Mr. Bandula Padma Kumara and others of his tribe betrays a large chip on his midget frame.

Just last week he slammed Padma Kumara in a leader article asking why he didn’t apologise to President Chandrika Kumaratunga when he was charged for criminally defaming her as editor of Lakbima. He completely ignored Padma Kumara’s credentials as being in the forefront of the media campaign that led to the repeal of criminal libel – a law that would today haunt the likes of Raj-Pul Pin-Adi Nayake no end for his gutter, nay sewer brand of writing.

Then, this week, he betters himself by writing in the once venerated Daily News editorial about a web-site whose only crime was to publish a photograph of Raj-Pul Pin-Adi Nayake accepting a lap top (from which he spits venom) from his Lord and Pay Master at whose feet he must serve. Did it prick the pint-sized prick to hurt so much?

Doesn’t the management of Lake House led by Padma Kumara read what this deprived, depraved moron writes in what the rag has the audacity to brag under its masthead as “Sri Lanka’s national newspaper”. National newspaper, my foot. Taste and decency, my ass. There probably are still decent people left who read the Daily News for old times sake. Raj-Pul Pin-Adi Nayake’s personal ‘shortcomings’ (pun intended) is a sure fire fix to shoo them away.

Already the rag’s circulation has taken a dip since, in a fit of infinite madness, the government opted to take the once sacked drunk back to its fold. Pages are down to ten in the main section – probably keeping in size with the editor’s.

Raj-Pul Pin-Adi Nayake has a chequered and complex (pun intended) career. His known beginning was as a hack for President Premadasa under H.D. Mahindapala at Lake House writing critical commentaries against his current bosses in the SLFP. When Premadasa was killed Pin-Adi Nayake beat a hasty retreat from ‘Bera Gedera’ and took refuge at Wijeya Group where he was probably under a tight leash. When one of the few friends he has, Bandula Jayasekera became a somebody in the current President’s outfit, Pin-Adi Nayake was brought back to his own vomit at the ‘Bera Gedera’ and made an editor of the Sunday Observer before he was summarily sacked for sheer incompetence. He hadn’t quite mastered the art of running down political opponents of the ruling party – or had forgotten it.

His lucky stars saw bookie Thilanga Sumathipala start a newspaper and make what was arguably the most idiotic decision he made (ask him; he might confirm it) to make this jobless hack his editor. Pin-Adi Nayake took no time in ruining the paper with his ‘style’ of mud-slinging and poor Sumathipala shut down the paper even before it could sell 3,000 copies any given week. R.P. P.A. Nayake naturally began foul-mouthing his erstwhile boss and Jayasekera again came to his rescue to get him back to ‘Bera Gedera’ for the third time in his career. Where else but at ‘Bera Gedera’ can this warped, pocket edition nutter with nothing upstairs and nothing downstairs either survive, I tell you.

Not long ago, a newspaper referred to him getting a right royal slap at a lawyers dinner. Pin-Adi Nayake got the name from being a chronic, compulsive gate crasher of dinners for which he had to pay. His slavish addiction to drink was eventually his downfall. He complained to the cops that he was assaulted, but the cops charged him instead for drunken behaviour at a dinner where he shamelessly ate and drank without paying for it. The lawyer who slapped him of course was also charged. His crime? For jumping the long queue of people waiting to assault this small smelly fart, Raj-Pul Pin-Adi Nayake.

If you want to see him bumming drinks nowadays go to the Beach Wadiya. The small smelly fart is reported to be there on the free lap top given by his Lord and Master to spew hatred not just at his Lord and Master’s opponents, but more at the critics of the small and smelly fart himself.

*Writer used State run Daily News Editor’s Editorial language in this article

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