1 June, 2023


Political And Religious Extremism Threatens Peace And Harmony In Sri Lanka

By Ayathuray Rajasingam

Ayathuray Rajasingam

Ayathuray Rajasingam

The rise of extremism and violence against minorities signals the threat to peace and harmony. Compromise has no place within the philosophy of religious extremism. The noble philosophy of the religious teachings are blind folded when extremism march towards its goal of destruction. Recent conflict between the Buddhist extremists and the Muslims in Sri Lanka have demonstrated that human values are fully ignored and the laws of jungles prevail with the entry of political and religious extremism.

The ongoing tussle between the Buddhist extremists and the Muslims have demonstrated religion as a cruel killer, and not as a healer. Both parties have failed to see that religion has the force of compromising towards each other to endorse harmony with other communities embracing different faiths. The behaviour of both factions deviating from the concept of righteousness, have only demonstrated that they were preaching false religions, similar to some type of Cult organizations. Cult organizations and religious extremism have the same characteristics of a violent organization. Those engaged in propaganda of false religions failed to realize that realization of the divinity is the purpose of life which is the essence of religion and that it does not consist in erecting places of worship merely to show that this is a land of a particular faith. They failed to see what religion is about. Religion is the manifestation of the divinity already within man. The idea of realization is common to all religions. This is where religious extremists make blunders and mislead the people.

Gotabhaya with BBSVarious people from various countries with difference languages and culture search for God in pursuit of peace of mind. It is at this juncture the question arises as to how the mind roams about in search of God. The search for God revolves around the issue of spirituality.  Places of worship represent as the meeting places where people could direct their minds towards God by way of meditation and the priests and preachers are there only to guide.

According to Lord Buddha ‘Goodwill toward all beings is the true religion; cherish in your hearts boundless goodwill to all that lives’.

According to Swami Vivekananda ‘There was any religion or yours, my national religion or your national religion; there never existed many religions, there is only the one. One Infinite Religion existed all through eternity and will ever exist and this Religion is expressing itself in various countries, in various ways.’

Religious extremists in Sri Lanka have to pay more attention to the statements of Lord Buddha and Swami Vivekananda. It is time to realize for all religious extremists to realize that all religions are like a garden of different flowers where each religion retains its unique nature as stated by Swami Ramakrishna Paramhamsa.

Fanaticism denotes lack of tolerance. The idea of extremism is linked to politics while the idea of fanaticism is linked to religion. In the case of BBS, they are filled with excessive and single-minded desire for an extreme religious or political cause. After the defeat of the LTTE, Sri Lankan ruling politicians have become warmongering sadists and appear to follow the path of political fanaticism as occurred in Russia, China, Cambodia, Ruwanda, Iraq and Libya, resulting in the death several millions of people. However, in Sri Lanka it appears that both political and religious fanaticism are blended together. The behaviour of the BBS demonstrates that political fanaticism is itself religious fanaticism. Their action has the force of nullifying the civil liberties which are enshrined in the constitution.

Though it appears that the Muslims have never openly antagonized the Sinhalese, the failure to speak up against terrorism makes the Muslims to isolate themselves from the mainstream society in all aspects, which is known as self-alienation. If they fail to speak up, they will wake up one day to find religious fanatics own them and the end of their world has begun. Peace loving Muslims should not pay attention to the religious fanatics who threaten our way of life.  Moreover, the economic opportunities created in the Middle-East paved way for a new brand of imported Islam. The religious perception of the Saudis and other Middle East countries influenced their isolation from the main stream society. The self-alienation of the Muslims appears to be a new development, signalling the deviation of the country on the wrong direction – a fact suspiciously viewed by the main stream society when it comes to national events. For instance, Muslim schools operate on a different calendar though there were separate schools for Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims. Such a concession to the Muslims which was granted in 1950, was not a far sighted thought when considering the turn of events. Such a concession nullified the interaction of the Muslim with other communities, because at national events Muslims fail to hoist the national flag in front of Mosques and schools. One ponders about the contribution of Muslims at national events. Prior to 1970 and after 1970 after the introduction of Wahabbism, a difference in their dress code can be seen. One ponders whether such an attire has anything to do with Islam. Such a sudden change compelled the Muslims indirectly and gradually to voluntarily alienate themselves from other communities. Perhaps this was the situation in Myanmar (Burma) where the Buddhists had viewed the Muslims with suspicion on account of the sudden change with the introduction of Wahabbism.

In addition, after the attack on Twin Tower, it was common in Muslim countries (also in Sri Lanka) that Imams at Mosques were using sermons to promote Jihad. Such sermon will deny the hope of winning the hearts of law abiding citizens. They brain wash the young into supporting violent extremism. Apparently Muslims are not happy in their own countries, but are happy in the Western democratic countries. But Islamic terrorists want destruction in the Western countries.

There is a saying ‘if there is a beginning, there should also be an end’. Accordingly, if an individual starts committing acts of unrighteousness, he will also have to find out an end to justify his actions whether it is destructive or constructive and face their consequences. Similarly, even Imams using sermons to promote Jihad or promote actions of Islamic terrorists, should first realize the fruits of their actions in brain washing innocent Muslims into supporting violent extremism. It is the Muslims who will have to re-visit their extremism in the best interests of the country. Similarly Buddhist extremists using emotional slogans will also have to think of their actions when taking the law into their hands. Both factions will have to renounce their egoism which will eventually destroy themselves. Such emotional slogans will never win the hearts of law abiding citizens.

The behaviour of Religious extremists promoting and/or instigating destruction of properties and places of worships of other faiths cannot be justified. Such cowardly behaviour of religious extremists are detrimental to the best interests of the country. A man’s consciousness is distracted by senses and eventually lead to egoistic thinking or selfishness. The unstable minds of the BBS and the suspected Muslim politicians characterize their egoistic thinking and desire ridden actions. It is the lofty religious values which can help to expand human consciousness resulting in the renouncement of hatred and cultivation of love and compassion that will lead to peace and harmony as stated by Dalai Lama.

After the defeat of the LTTE, sporadic incidents in the Eastern Province and the recent incidents at Aluthgama and in other parts, speak of the ugly face of religious extremism. People of other faiths have never destroyed places of worship and killed their people. They do not even call for Jihad and death to all Infidels. Briefly Islamic terrorists failed to ask ‘what they can do for humankind before they demand humankind respects them’. This has been the outcome of Wahabbism. Simultaneously, the creation of BBS for political gain has also brought tension and conflict in the country resulting in damages to property and lives. There is also suspicion whether the creation of the BBS was to promote family bandysm of the ruling politicians on the pretext of attacking the Muslims.

Religious fanatics can only create conflicts and tension among the communities which is not a healthy sign for any country practising pluralism. Such man made conflicts can only be solved through human effort, mutual understanding with a sense of brotherhood.  It is noteworthy mentioning that Canada which was insignificant about 150 years back today gives due respect to other faiths and is considered as a developed Nation, observes the path of Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha and Swami Vivekananda. But it is unfortunate to observe that Sri Lanka which boasts about 2,500 years of Buddhist heritage failed to observe those paths at a time when Buddhism is considered as a religion which teaches people ‘to live and let live’. The difference between Sri Lanka and Canada depends on the attitude of the people, moulded for many years by education and culture. In Sri Lanka both the Buddhist extremists and Muslims want to take advantage over everything and everyone. As a result their attitude can only push the country backward.

After the 2nd World War, wars have been fought to remove the obstructions for the restoration of righteousness. Victory in wars are not celebrated for suppressing the legitimate rights of the minority communities. Wars are fought to avoid the conflict arising from demanding for equality of rights by the minority communities. Tension can be defused by way of peace and exposing the merits of righteousness. This is what happened when Emperor Asoka realized his fault after listening to a sermon by a Buddhist monk. But today the rise of Wahabbism and Buddhist extremists have shattered many countries including Sri Lanka and posed a threat to peace and harmony.

The message of all Prophets and sages irrespective of any Faiths or Religions are same. First and foremost thing is that an individual should acquire a deep knowledge of his or her own religion, before understanding another religion. Thereafter an individual should understand each religion in its own distinctiveness and assess its own contribution to the unity of mankind. Every religion has universal human values and basic message for human beings.

It is time to realize that we belong to each other, though we embrace different faiths. A smile is a common language of love and not hatred. As the Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregation, Lord Jonathan stated ‘God has provided one world with many faiths in which we all have to co-exist’. What is required is an interfaith movement to raise consciousness about the need for tolerance and mutual understanding between different cultures and religions. The urgent necessity is to establish an Interfaith Foundation is to defeat any religion being a militant in its nature. The issue is whether adequate measures be taken to ban all organizations engaged in spreading false religion to mislead the people, with the view to lay the foundation for the formation of an Inter-Faith Foundation.

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    all these advises to Rajapakses are like beeri alinta veena wathanaya karanawa wage. (playing music to deaf elephants.)

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      Ayathuray Rajasingam –

      “The ongoing tussle between the Buddhist extremists and the Muslims have demonstrated religion as a cruel killer, and not as a healer. Both parties have failed to see that religion has the force of compromising towards each other to endorse harmony with other communities embracing different faiths. The behaviour of both factions deviating from the concept of righteousness, have only demonstrated that they were preaching false religions, similar to some type of Cult organizations. Cult organizations and religious extremism have the same characteristics of a violent organization. Those engaged in propaganda of false religions failed to realize that realization of the divinity is the purpose of life which is the essence of religion and that it does not consist in erecting places of worship merely to show that this is a land of a particular faith. They failed to see what religion is about. Religion is the manifestation of the divinity already within man. The idea of realization is common to all religions. This is where religious extremists make blunders and mislead the people.”

      “‘Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”-Steven Weinburg

      1. Religion is the Opium of the Masses- Karl Marx.

      2. Steven Weinberg


      His views on religion were expressed in a speech from 1999 in Washington, D.C.; see also Quotations related to Steven Weinberg at Wikiquote:

      “‘Religion is an insult to human dignity. With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.”[14]
      He modified his comment in a later article derived from these talks:

      “Frederick Douglass told in his Narrative how his condition as a slave became worse when his master underwent a religious conversion that allowed him to justify slavery as the punishment of the children of Ham. Mark Twain described his mother as a genuinely good person, whose soft heart pitied even Satan, but who had no doubt about the legitimacy of slavery, because in years of living in antebellum Missouri she had never heard any sermon opposing slavery, but only countless sermons preaching that slavery was God’s will. With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil — that takes religion.”[14]
      He has also said:

      “The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it (also) seems pointless.”[15][16]
      He attended and was a speaker at the Beyond Belief symposium in November 2006.

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      Ayathuray Rajasingam –

      Sign the petition



      Why this is important to me

      To STOP further GENOCIDE in Sri Lanka against its peaceful Muslim community similar to the Genocide unleased against them on 15th of June 2014, in southern Sri Lanka. 90% of the people of Sri Lanka are AGAINST this racist violence but NO ACTION is taken by the Government which indirectly supports this groups racist actions and agenda.

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    Ayathuray Rajasingam

    You have insulted the Muslim community of Sri Lanka by writing: “The behaviour of both factions deviating from the concept of righteousness, have only demonstrated that they were preaching false religions”.

    Unless you are deaf and blind, these are the most cruel attributes to describe the most peaceful, law abiding, Muslim community in the Country. You are also a liar.

    If you are an honorable person, you will apologize to the Muslims community of Sri Lanka which has been traumatized, vandalized, robbed, set fire upon, and killed by the Budhist extremists.

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      I guess he HAS read Shenali Waduge’s article, and he could well be more informed than you are.

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        Shenali Shill Waduge is a liar. She is a Shill.

        See the lies, the reconstruct of the Alutgama incident., after the fact. She is a liar and has no shame. She is a para-from South India.

        Test her DNA. It will prove.

        A Van becomes a three wheeler.

        a monk was assaulted etc.

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      Perhaps you are not aware that two groups of Muslims in Kathankudi acted in no less abhorrent behaviour than the BBS marauders. One mosque belonging to a sufi sect was demolished by another Muslim mob practicing god knows what form of Islam.

      We all know about the bloodlust of Sinhala Buddhists but if the Muslims were in the majority in Sri Lanka things would not be any better for the minorities.

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    This writer has his blinkers on and is completely off the mark in his analysis of the Muslim factor, be it in SL and Int’l arena. He has skewed all the facts, probably due to ignorance or with a motive to denigrate Muslims to being some kind of stupid people. With so many inaccuracies in each of his statements regarding the Muslim factor, he has only managed to open up a can of worms.

    ‘Though it appears that the Muslims have never openly antagonized the Sinhalese, the failure to speak up against terrorism makes the Muslims to isolate themselves from the mainstream society in all aspects, which is known as self-alienation’.

    This is absolutely untrue. Muslims in SL have always stood up against terrorism in whatever form or way, our Muslim leaders have always joined with the rest of the world in condemning it at every instance. Sometimes it could turn out that one man’s terrorism is another man’s freedom fight. As such, there may have been instances when it is prudent to be judiciously silent. However a blanket statement such as this, only send the wrong signal of SL Muslims being insensitive and live only for themselves in a cocooned society. Far from the truth.

    ‘the economic opportunities created in the Middle-East paved way for a new brand of imported Islam.’

    An unsubstantiated claim. No one has yet proved this to be true, based on facts and figures on the ground. How many went to those ME countries and returned as Mullas with Wahabi indoctrination. These are only myths and hearsays borrowed from Islamophobic websites, designed to destabilize and drive a wedge to divide the Muslim community to fight each other. The people know better and will never fall prey to such manipulations, as long as our Muslim Scholars (Ulamas) stay united.

    Of course you get students of Islam faith who study in foreign Islamic Universities set up around the world, who qualify and return to their native country. They have specialized in various fields of Islamic administration and as experience gathers, do great service within their communities. All what they know through their studies need to get filtered down to the grass root levels of Muslim society, which is no easy mean task.

    In short, Islam is a rich and pure, harmonious culture which is a complete way of life. Practiced according to true Islamic teachings and rejecting or preventing the infiltration of borrowed or foreign cultures alien to the religion. There is nothing violent or reactionary that is being promoted. Millions of Muslims around the world thrive peacefully within themselves and alongside people of other faiths in accordance with these teachings. These are not teachings according to Wahabism or babarism nor cannibalism. You can call it what you want, it does not belong to us nor is meant for us, Muslim consumption. It is only a ‘stick’ to beat us with.

    But what is referred to as Muslim terrorism and terrorist activities belong to a different breed of Muslims, just like what our own venerated BBS monks are doing to Buddhism. Misguided youth with deadly weapons in their hands. For instance ISIS consists of mostly foreign fighters, but have gained so much ground in Iraq, due to Nuri Al Maliki’s stand (a Shiite President) not to include any Sunni and Kurds representation in in cabinet, but to eat the cake all by himself. But hat is a subject which needs to be addressed separately, on what drives or motivates them, towards their goals and political ambitions, etc. I know I have digressed from the point.

    ‘after the attack on Twin Tower, it was common in Muslim countries (also in Sri Lanka) that Imams at Mosques were using sermons to promote Jihad’.

    What a horrendous thing to write. Everyone knows the entire world condemned it wholesale, and all Muslims distanced themselves immediately fearing an immediate backlash. Would anyone in his right mind call for Jihad at a time the world was reeling in the aftermath of purported Jihad that had just been committed. The word Jihad itself was condemned and considered a dirty word. Here again, the writer’s dangerous motive is patently clear, to bring in an American dimension to the issue, through hate propagation towards Muslims and the Islamic faith as a religion of a barbaric force. Of course there may have been a minority of Muslim Palestinian supporters all around the world who would have rejoiced, in reciprocation to the brutal treatment meted out to them under the support of American backing. A problem America chose to ignore, and veto UN sanctions against the oppressors, the State of Israel. But that is a different matter. However, no one is SL called for Jihad through religious sermons, and that is a figment of his imagination. I wonder if he attended one.

    Taken as a whole, this writer has distanced himself from reality by apportioning blame on the recent riots down south on Muslims as well. The whole world knows otherwise and have condemned the instigators as violent racist monks to have caused all the violence against innocent Muslims, through hate speech, burning and looting Muslim properties, killing 3 Muslims and 1 Tamil, and everyone know what didn’t happen, the police protection, The ‘ceremonial’ STF and Army standby and act in collusion. The facts obtained from video recordings, first hand experience of the violence committed by none other than a Parliamentarian is evident enough and cannot hide the facts.

    One lie is enough to blot out the whole article as rubbish, just as much as one drop of urine in a bowl of milk is enough to discard it as contaminated.

    • 1

      Error Correction, should read:

      The facts obtained from video recordings, first hand experience of the violence committed, revealed by none other than a Parliamentarian himself, is enough evidence to prove the facts.

    • 2

      The writer has condemned the acts of both the BBS and some Muslims. But can you give reasonable & justifiable account for the following:
      1. Do you deny that arms & ammunitions were not transported to Eastern Province when Minister Ashroff was Minister? Are you aware of a meeting for promoting an Islamic Movement that was held in Hotel Tapbrobane in Colombo after Chandrika assumed power? These are not healthy signs for a better Sri Lanka.
      2. Why was an honest Sinhalese Police Inspector transferred to Eastern Province from Colombo when he was about to arrest the three Muslims at Slave Island, in connection with an attempted murder of a professional in 2005 upon a discovery of Islamic Movement, which was operating and had links in Colombo, Puttalam, Batticaloa, Negombo? The Muslim Minister had apparently told the Police Inspector not to lay hand on the Muslim suspects.
      3. Do you deny that some persons were monitoring the activities of the US Embassy from Hisbullah’s Ministry?
      4. Why was Kathankudy razed to the ground by the IPKF?
      5. How is that Muslim students gained more admission to the Law College (at a time when there were 6,000 students sat for the exam), and that too 22 from Rauff Hakim’s area?
      6. Do you deny that drug trafficking did not take place from Colombo harbour by Pottu Nauffer during the period of Minister Fowzie as Minister? Why was Pottu Nauffer given a 5-star treatment inside the prison, after he shot dead an honourable Colombo High Court Judge?
      7. How are you going to account for the arrest of a Pakistani National at Chennai Railway Station, who has travelled from Sri Lanka. How did he get his travel documents?
      8. Why did the shooting of Muslims took place at Kandy when Anuruddha Ratwatte was contesting the election?
      9. Do you want to deny that Muslims adored Bhikku’s dress in a protest at Kandy during Premadasa’s period?
      10. How is that Justice Marsoof delivered judgment against the Chief Justice Dr.(Mrs) Shrani Bandaranayake?
      11. Do you know how a Muslim Inspector ill-treated a middle aged suspect and others at Boosa Camp?
      12. Do you know how much has a Muslim Deputy Registrar of Persons earned for issuing a National Identity Card for unknown people and how he misused the staff? I understand Rs.25,000/= for a person at that time.
      13. How is it that no charges were framed against Minister Rauff Hakim in connection with the suspected death of Kumari?
      There are several instances. There arenews that even the Muslims have attacked the Sinhalese in Aluthgama-beruwela area & pictures of 38 Sinhalese houses were shown. The Buddhists want Sri Lanka to be Sri Lanka only and want to co-exist with others. They are not pick pockets. Let us forget the past and forgive and live as brothers & sisters.

      • 1

        Kuma all these allegations you refer to from the past, have nothing to do with the health of Muslims and Sinhalese relationship running upto the time of the recent racial riots down south. Why do you guys always keep digging up graves of the dead and buried, to justify events of the present. Some of it half cooked lies as is usually the case with you guys, some of which I am reading for the first time in my life.

        Alleged allegations of criminal activity such as drug trafficking carried out by individuals are being blamed on Muslims community as a whole, what a foolish way to apportion blame. Who do you think is behind drug trafficking big time in today’s context, including trade in blood ivory detained in Customs Stores. Go find out if you didn’t know.

        It is better for you to hang your head down in shame and accept that the Aluthgama/Beruwela/Dharga Nagar incidents were not in your name as Sinhala Buddhists, abd was caused by your own misguided youth, who were imbued with racial hatred and let loose to attack like mad dogs. Rather than trying to conjure up insignificant or unknown and unheard of ghosts of the past, to justify events of the present.

        Your call to forget the past and move on is easier said than done. There is still no guarantee as yet that this madness from Hell will not be unleashed again, and until or unless these groups are permanently dismantled, and hate and racial abuse is made a punishable crime, and until the perpetrators of these dastardly acts are arrested and brought to justice, I don’t see how we can ever get along well as we used to. More than anybody the top echelons of Government is to blame, and specifically the MOD Secretary for stoking it, and doing nothing about it.

        • 0


          You talk like a typical muslims.

          Muslim never talk about what they are doing. Instead they accuse non -believers and ask more for muslims.

  • 1

    Religions in South Asian countries have only made savages of their people. In order to be progressive, in Sri Lanka, religion, by law, should be declared a private matter. Take the progress in China, an ancient civilisation with a secular society, that has been made over the years,and yet its people are so cultured.Bensen

  • 2

    Yet, Sri Lanka is not Canada. Sri Lanka has a Master-Race of people in numbers who are ancient to the land. This does not make them inferior or superior, but unique to Sri Lanka. Their rights have to be upheld first and foremost. Veddas, though even more ancient, are miniscule in numbers nowadays. Indeed the Sinhalese emerged from other races integrating with Veddas.

    Malaysia has their own Malay race indigenous to their land. Arabs have their own Arabian race. Tamil Nadu has its own race indigenous to their land. The religion and heritage of their majority is given prominence.

    I say this as a Lankan living outside of Sri Lanka, detached and objective, and who wants the *Truth* to hold about Sri Lanka.

    In talk of purity of master-race, I say all these things as a Lankan not too far removed from the master-race. It must be remembered that the majority of master-race have mixtures in them (as in all master-races around the world, and especially ours being a small island-nation).

    For example, Muslims are strongly Sinhalese racially-based, but deviated (not-said in a negative way) from the natural Lankan heritage when a few merchants came down to trade.

    Christians, who are also deviants, also are mostly Sinhalese-racially based, though many along the coast are mixed with the European colonists (a small percentage have Tamil mixtures for both Muslims and Christians).

    Sinhalese, themselves are mixtures of all the ethnicities of Lanka, but the majority Sinhala-Buddhist heritage holds them true to the natural heritage of Sri Lanka.

    Tamils, on the other hand, are a heritage and race which upheld racial purity, and as their blue-print comes from Tamil Nadu, that is where their allegiances lie. Most have not mixed with the Sinhala race. And if they did, their retained their Tamil heritage.

    Also, the fact that Sinhala-Buddhists have only limited Hindu heritage, and has in fact preached purity of Theravada faith throughout history, gives proof that Sinhalese hold indigenous-rights to the Island.

    Therefore when compromising with religions and heritages, prominence must be given to the Master-Race of over 70% of the population.

    When China became communist and eradicated religions, yet a neo-form of Chinese heritage emerged. Same with Sri Lanka. Even with the possible eradication or temperance of religions, the natural neo-Sinhalese heritage will emerge even more strongly.

    • 3

      ramona therese fernando

      “Sri Lanka has a Master-Race of people in numbers who are ancient to the land.”

      I can see how and where this Master Race came originated.

      The Master Race procreated their generations of stupid people by incestuous relation and copulating with beasts. The men mostly unemployed and unemployable being the Sinha like the lazy male lion send their women folks to middle east medieval kingdoms to toil and die while they indulge in all sorts of sins, including raping their own daughters.

      The Sinhalese are master race not because of their unique qualities or characters but for what they should’t be.

      How do you manage while sharing a bed with them? You must be as repulsive as the men are.

      • 2

        Native Vedda,
        You must be interacting with 0.00001% of the Master-Race. I am in deep awareness of the 99.99999% of the master-Race. Indeed even with my Tamil racial-mixture, I can still proclaim the *Truth* that Lanka belongs to the Master-Race aka the Sinhala Race!

        • 2

          Ok Vedda,lets avoid stereotyping from both sides of the issue. Sinhalese-race are the majority in Sri Lanka, and so suffer most.

          One would not be human not to realize this. If there is any shameful behaviour from them, it is due to centuries of abuse by others. Previous to European colonization, they interacted peacefully with all other minorities and assimilated with them (save for a very, very, few kingly wars between Sinhalese and Tamils- but these were part and parcel of human history of all places). After the advent of these colonists, and also the Nayake dynasty from South India in the 1700’s, they were a race of impending Arahants.

          But I wonder at your vehemence towards the race however. You were ousted 2,500 years ago. In the annals of time isn’t it too long a time for any tribe to hold on to such anger? Indeed, it is ludicrous for any minuscule human-tribe, considering human chronology, to harp against a struggling majority, just for the heck of upholding misguided pre-historic honor

          • 0

            ~Correction : *BEFORE* (not after) the advent of these colonists, and also before the Nayake dynasty from South India in the 1700′s, they were a race of impending Arahants.

          • 1

            “Sinhalese-race are the majority in Sri Lanka,Previous to European colonization, they interacted peacefully”

            Oi, Monkey smelling like fish according to Zen Buddhist Japenese.(check manchester human rights watch)

            Firstly G L Peiris never had a Sinhala dictionary even in 1970 to lecture at Colombo campus.

            Ceylon was ruled via East India Company from 1505- 1948.In the national archives of India there is confirmation that — The Governor of Portuguese India signed the Instrument of Surrender on 19 December 1961, ending 450 years of Portuguese rule in India (although Portugal recognised Indian control only in 1975, after the Carnation Revolutionand the fall of the Estado Novo regime)..

            The Portuguese shipped over many Orfãs del Rei to Portuguese colonies in India, Goa in particular. Orfãs del Rei literally translates to “Orphans of the King”, and they were Portuguese girl orphans sent to overseas colonies to marry Portuguese settlers for security of the East India Company.

            The portugese were ardent slave merchants and that is how you came into the island from South india and then like the Africans in the Americas (taken by Colombus) you ran into the jungles and multiplied like vermin surviving with the plenty of flaura and fauna in the tropical climate (Veddha like the Arawak, Andamanese don’t kill more than they require for consumption- respect) you never wanted the north because it was dry and you had to work.

            The Brits just followed their European counter parts (they were related by marriage and dowry of part of Bombay to Charles – the dutch voc killed and kicked the ruthless crusading Portuguese but not the Brits. For the world to see even today the labour the British bought from Tamil Nadu are still there and they are the main bread winners (main export item) yet you kill them and persecute them – it proves that you belong to the lying race of jackals from south india.

            You have no Portugese/Spanish DNA like most Indians with Fernando names. Perhaps you are a tatte motte bette monkey just off the trees as the Jewish Mossad confirms. If any sihala buddhist especially GL Peiris has Portugese/Spanish DNA he should prove it to the European community
            End of.

          • 2

            This native vedda is a bogus Vedda. Bugger is a kallathoni from the East pretending to be a Vedda. Vedda chief himself told me this.

            • 2


              “Vedda chief himself told me this.”

              It seems Banda and yourself together made the most arduous journey to ask the chief about my origin.

              I am sure you lazy buggers wouldn’t have taken the trouble to visit him and he would have refused to comment on family matters.

              Veddah chief has the ability to smell a rat from hundreds of miles away. In your case two rats.

              Here is something that I hope would teach you something about Vedda Chief:

              No honey blandishments for Veddah Chief


              There is a lot to learn from Lanka’s first citizens, the Veddahs.
              Though the Sinhalese decry the discriminations practised and the deprivations inflicted upon the aborigines of Australia, Canada and the United States and hold it as prime examples of human rights violations in those countries, they conveniently look askance when it comes to the aborigines of their own land, recognising their presence only to make them objects of ridicule. Some do not even bother to spare them a gift when asking for a favour believing perhaps it’s an honour they are casting upon them.

              JVP veteran Somawansa Amerasinghe presenting the party’s policy document to Veddah Chief Uruwarige Wanniyala-Attho
              But though the Veddah tribe may live in the Vanni isolated from the rest of society, it is clear they keep in touch with the times and are in tune with evolving trends.

              Though not highly publicised as audiences granted by the senior monks to political leaders to present their proposals and receive their instant approval and blessings, apparently Uruwarige Wanniyala-Attho the chief of the Wanniyala-Attho Veddah Chapter, as distinct from the Coastal Veddah Sect and the Anuradhapura Veddah Sect, also grants personal audiences to political leaders who seek their approval and blessings too and demands a certain protocol to be followed when the privilege is bestowed.
              So be warned. Transgress age old customs at your peril. You cannot simply go empty handed to meet the high priest of the Veddahs as ex- JVP leader Somawansa Amarasinghe found to his chagrin recently when he called on the Veddah Chief Wanniyala Attho of the Wanniyala-Aetto Veddah Chapter to present the new JVP manifesto titled ‘Our Vision’.

              Mr. Amarasinghe’s gaffe was that he went, as they say in the vernacular, atha-wana-wana, without even a sheaf of betel, carrying with him instead a sheaf of papers containing mumbo-jumbo how the JVP planned to change the old order with their new vision. He was given short shrift by the Veddah chief. He was lucky to have escaped the chief’s wrath without being flayed alive like a wild hog for gross lack of respect and ignorance of the traditional order of things and was sent home packing with the clear message: “If you want to meet me, Mister, Come the proper way.”

              As the Veddah Nayake’s Chief Spokesman Wimalaratna Attho, speaking on behalf of his chief Uruwarige Wanniyala-Aetto said on Tuesday, the senior JVP leader and former JVP chieftain Somawanssa Amarasinghe had recently sought and was granted an audience with the Wanniyala Attho to present the new JVP manifesto titled ‘Our Vision’ and receive his approval and blessings.

              “He just presented a sheaf of papers to the Chief. Various people come to meet our Chief who grants an audience to them. The Chief does not differentiate these visitors on their political or ideological differences. Welcoming these visitors also does not mean we subscribe to their policies.”

              But neither do the chief monks differentiate those who visit them for advice and blessing on the grounds of political or religious ideology or race but one cannot expect a lay member, though a king to his tribe, to exercise altruism when he has to feed his clan and count his honeycombs. And thus shouldn’t the ex-JVP boss have realised that he should have taken some meaningful tangible goodwill in the form of pure honey, for example, to offer to the Veddah chief in the self same manner he would have done had he be paying a call on a more exalted personage and seeking blessings? He should have known nothing is gratis, even in Veddahland; and that throughout the country even benedictions come with a price tag.

              So instead of receiving the customary good wishes, in the manner bestowed by the Chief Priests the Chief Veddha, however, called a spade a spade. He had given short shrift to Mr. Somawansa and his manifesto and had told him bluntly: “your vision is not our vision”.

              As Chief Veddah Spokesman Wimalaratna Attho said, “many people had visited the Veddha Chief and presented papers similar to the manifesto of the JVP. These pieces of paper have no value. There would be value only if they could put the content into practice. We cannot comment on the content of the manifesto.”
              If the papers Mr. Somawansa submitted had only been laced with the customary honey, or better still, if it had contained colourful illustrations of the Veddahs favourite bird, the peacock, how much more value would have been placed on the JVP manifesto for then it would have been established beyond question that their vision embraces today’s reality and that they are indeed translating their vision into practice. Why then, even the customary photograph would have been issued to the media, and plastered on Facebook with blessings tweeted

              But at least some good has emerged from Mr. Somawansa’s lack of blandishments to influence the Veddah Chief to do the needful. For once it has enabled a leader of a community to give his honest opinion. He has been able without obligation to his visitor to spell out his own home truths and call a spade a spade and describe the JVP manifesto as a load of garbage. Had it been otherwise, the Veddah Chief too would have, like others in the same blessing business, been bound to issue streams of saccharine laced statements, adopt stances and express opinions solely based on the number of flotillas carrying milk cups and honey pots to his cave dwelling.

              Far away in the boonies Uruwarige Wanniyala Attho may be but this ‘with-it’ veddah has, even unknowingly, demonstrated how much respect one earns for one’s opinions, advice and blessings when it is not muddied in a puddle of ill-gotten honey drippings.


              • 0

                NV, NV,…………Somawansa is a fellow of little pretences. JVP persons have little to do with gifts and other forms of briberies. They are clear cut people, and in their ideological philosophy, one works for a living and do not go around gift-giving.

                Indeed it is amazing that that Vedda chief would want any gift at all, if his clan is doing well as a secluded group away from the evolvement of modern society. It is shocking that they even have the idea of roasting people on spits. Is that the way they control Vedda people? Can modern civilization allow any group to force their people to accept stone-age ways and then make it look like they are living in some kind of ideological goodness?

                It is known that there are a few people of this world are disillusioned with the modern day and age. They choose to live in reservations like the Vedda does. However, they do not force their people on pain of being roasted on spits, to stay on, or even frighten their young ones of a bogey-man at the edge of the forest (as in the movie, the village). They do not intimidate and suppress their women-folk to fulfill the cave/forest dwelling idealism. They leave, when they feel it is beyond human sensibilities, and then move into Buddhistic monk lifestyles.

                It seems that this Vedda chief makes sure he keeps tabs on evolving trends, and then stands up in great pride in all of his regalia, to demand gifts from the contemporary party that can bestow on him the most pride to keep his honor amongst the tribe, and furnish him with the most endowments (no, not money or gold, but stuff that can enhance his value like honey in poured into ancient-looking pots from bees bought and sold on the global capitalistic markets, so his people can suck at to glory).

        • 1

          ” I am in deep awareness of the 99.99999% of the master-Race.”

          You confirm that you are hearing voices! WoooHooo

          • 1

            God!…………..yes, i’ve known known certain Tamils who scream out such bigotry at the slightest provocation………….in all the world there isn’t such a sorrowful lot.

            One doesn’t need to hear voices to know the *Truth* that Malays are the true inheritors of Malaysia, Arabians are the true inheritors of Arabia, Thamils are the true inheritors of Thamil Nadu, Sinhalese are the true inheritors of Sri Lanka. If you don’t understand this fundamental truth, you are delusioned by racism, bitterness, and spite. It is truly painful to see the existence of such a person.

  • 2

    Good analysis. The writer has not hurt anyone. I don’t find any reason to criticize this article. After all Sri Lanka should be Sri Lanka and not any other country. I think Muslims want to imitate Sri Lanka s Saudi Arabia after planting Date Palms in Kathankudy. Why can’t they raise objections, when the Twin Tower was attacked. They were really praising Bin Laden from the Mosque after their prayers having blocked the road in front of the Mosques. Are they going to deny this fact. How is it that a Muslim as a Deputy Registrar of Persons issued so many Identity Cards for which no account has been given and he is languishing in jail. What I find they are people who will not compromise.
    Look at the last sentence ‘After all we belong to one another ……..’.

    • 3


      “I think Muslims want to imitate Sri Lanka s Saudi Arabia after planting Date Palms in Kathankudy.”

      Whats wrong with palm trees being planted in Kathankudi? It could also become a cash crop one day and earn foreign exchange in billions. Now tell us when did tea, coffee and rubber become native to this island?

      You sound like a distant cousin of Banda, Mechanic, sach, Abhaya,……

      • 0


        “Now tell us when did tea, coffee and rubber become native to this island? “

        Add to that

        Breadfruit, Potatoes, maize, Pine Apples,Tomatoes, Apples, pears,etc. Date Palms can be good addition.

    • 1

      Nathan you are all confused and and missing the trees from the forest. How can planting date palm trees in Kathankudy be anywhere closely connected with Arabization. Than what should call tea, rubber and coffee plantations in SL. Who introduced these crops to SL silly.

      You may be referring to an isolated incident in SL, where Bin Laden was praised after 9/11 twin tower attacks. However if what you write is true, then, this was not the norm but the exception. No one wants to praise a mass killer of close to 3000 innocent civilians and claim it as an act of heroism. Not in my name and not in my religion of Islam, which itself means Peace. You definitely belong to the misguided lot.

      What does a Deputy Registrar General issuing bogus identity cards and being a Muslim have to do with the teachings of Islam? If what you say is true, then he is a criminal and needs to face the full extent of the law. Look at the bigger picture rather than the petty issues, to understand the true picture.

      Your opinion on the issues raised by this writer in this missive, you are full entitled to your opinion, and personally, I have no qualms about that.

  • 1

    The writer has exposed everything. It appears that ‘Self-alienation’ to be tactic adopted for some evil motive. I am sure Gota has some argument for his defense.

  • 0

    you are entering an area in which your knowledge and experience are limited. you have taken some ideas from. dr.ameer ali. that is not sufficient. your views are lacking originality. about school holidays during fasting; do you know that the holidays are granted by the SL government and so far there was no complain from any sinhalese including monk ganasara.it is the choise of the muslim leadership and the muslim people. why are you interfering with it? what are trying to say? are you saying that because of the silence of muslims vis a vis terrorism and ‘school holidays’ you want to justify the aluthgama attacks? do you know that in 1983 the sinhala chavinists argued that the tamils were attacked because they did not condemn tamil terrorism at that time. now you are putting forward the same argument.precisely what do you say about aluthgama pogram?are you taking the monk’s line of thinking?

  • 0

    Ayathuray Rajasingam,

    You are hinting at a calamity to come on a future date due to Sinhala Buddhist extremism. I assure you the calamity has already descended and decimated the country since SWRD days. The process is continuing as we speak.

    You are hinting at political and religious extremism threatening peace and harmony in Sri Lanka. Peace and harmony left the shores of Sri Lanka a long time ago. What is left behind is thuggery, intimidation, killing, raping, pillaging and every other negative human behaviour that can be applied as per English lexicon.

  • 0

    A member of the LTTE rump is talking about Ethnic and Religious extremism.

  • 1

    Ayathuray’s comments about the self alienation of the SL Muslims from the rest of the community should be taken seriously. He may have expressed himself in somewhat forthright terms but there is a lot of truth in what he has said and his comments need to be taken seriously, not least, by the Muslim community.

    As Ayathuray has commented it is only in recent years that the SL Muslims chose to dress conspicuously differently from others. I remember growing up in a village where we had scores of Muslims and they did not try to look very different in the way they dressed or seem to set themselves apart from their neighbours. And the Muslims at the time did not reflect the sort of fundamentalism that is evident today.

    Now, the more recent trends have not gone down well with non Muslims. And if they think about it the Muslims will realise that there is very good reason for that.

    It was reported recently that the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka (MCSL) has encouraged Muslims to give up their black Abayas in exchange for coloured ones. This is a tacit admission that the black Abayas were causing a ‘problem’. I, for one, applaud the MCSL for recognising this and taking the action it has. Actions like this can do a great deal to put matters right.

    SL Muslims cannot also be unaware of the disquiet that their co-religionists have caused elsewhere in the world, including the countries of the West, where Muslims have migrated to. There, the Muslims’ determination to dress in their own way, with scant regard to local conditions and local sensitivities, to seem to segregate themselves and set themselves in exclusive enclaves, and generally to insist on their own ways of doing things, have caused a great deal of alienation and resentment. These are facts that need to be admitted and addressed.

    All this does not mean that groups like the BBS are any good, because they are not. But as Ayathuray says the Mulsims also need to look at their role in alienation themselves for others.

  • 0

    Once Swami Vivekananda said:

    ” It is good to be born a child, but bad to remain a child. Churches, ceremonies and symbols are good for children, but when the child is grown,he must burst the church or himself. It is like trying to fit one coat to all sizes and growths. A man may have never entered a church or mosque, nor performed any ceremony, but if he feels God within himself and is thereby lifted above the vanities of the world, that man is a holy man, a saint, call him what you will”

    Think of the above quote seriously, you will understand why all these troubles have invaded us.

  • 1

    Thanks for all the comments. Everyone is entitled to their views. The main purpose of my article is extremism in politics and religion (it may be any religion) is a barrier for peace and harmony in a country which practises pluralism. We have to accept that God created one world with various types of people with various faiths to co-exist. There is only one God, but people call them with various names. It is like a garden with variety of flowers. A true religion will always teach people to refrain from violence, but a false religion like some Cult Organization as well as the BBS promotes emotion and violence. Tolerance is the key element to all the faiths. I do not intend to hurt the feelings of the Muslims. The absence of tolerance by a few Islamic terrorists has shown the world the attack on the Twin Tower, bombings at the London Subway, Mumbai, Boston bombing, the sabotage to cause destruction to trains in various countries, etc. As stated by Dr.Ameer Ali, in Sri Lanka Muslims were behaving as a self-alienation community. I found this in Kathankudy when I was invited by some Muslims after winning a case pertaining to the mosque matter (Thakiya-that is how they called which was being funded from Egypt). But I was disappointed and remained silent by the way they cruelly punished an individual within their community for complying with the provisions (the right to choose her life partner) of the constitution. (Such a situation also prevails in South Asia though it fades). Moreover, the recent arrest of a Pakistani National demonstrate that Islamic Organizations in Sri Lanka have secret links with the other Islamic Terrorist Organizations in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India. Even earlier the Police was aware of this terrorist organization when a prominent Muslim politician wanted the Police Inspector not to lay hand om the Muslims suspects when he was about to arrest them at Slave Island. They failed to realize that these places are homes to various communities. Is this the contribution of the Islamic terrorists to mankind, which had marred the splendid qualities of the Muslims. At the same time, it is an accepted fact that Jews had contributed greatly to mankind in all aspects, viz, science, medicine, literature, art, etc which are beneficial to mankind. Mention should be made that Jews are a minority when compared to the population of the Muslims, but look at their contribution for the betterment of mankind. Moreover, the people in Central Africa where Islam had spread its wings, are struggling for life due to poverty, whereas the West and some countries in Asia are modernized and are on the verge of erosion of poverty on account of the contribution of the Jews. It is also a fact that the West had sacrificed the lives of its citizens and spend their wealth for the liberation of the people from the grip of poverty and restoration of democracy by way of showing tolerance. But in Sri Lanka is a case where the main stream community is eager to co-exist with others disregarding a few extremists like the BBS. What is vital is the realization of the significance of tolerance.
    When one is absorbed in extremism it is his duty to balance the weighs of righteousness and unrighteousness and act accordingly to changing conditions. This is the way to get rid of the unstable mind and not to act emotionally.
    Moreover, the call that some statements are an insult to Islam or the demand for tendering an apology becomes a matter of cheap publicity. For instance, if a Buddhist or an individual of other faith gives blood to a Muslim who is in an urgent need of blood for survival, he will have to watch divinity in the eyes of the donor. This is the mystery of creation by God to help others. Attachment to an ideology which is unrighteous cause misery and shorten prospect of reality. By donating blood, an individual is not cheated/deluded by attachments to false ideologies which is a lesson for all extremists or fanatics. Priority should be for the cause of righteousness and protection of others. What is required is the rectification of such ideologies to suit the concept of righteousness. That is why I maintained that religion should not be viewed as a cruel killer but as a healer. In this aspect Canada stands as a place of worship as Canadians respect and protect people of other faiths and they are proud to call themselves as Canadians.
    Terrorism is a product of extremism. This is due to the fact of being self-alienation of a few Muslims which is a dangerous exercise resulting in bombing not only in their own countries but also in Western countries where they take refuge. They demonstrated their desire for death of themselves and others, which can be seen through the daily bombings at mosques, market places and road sides, etc., but failed to demonstrate tolerance. It is history that non-violence advocated by Gandhiji proved that tolerance is mightier than violence. Tolerance has the force of neutralizing the provocative acts of extremists like the BBS.

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