1 June, 2023


Politician In A Perfect World

By Vishwamithra

“If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.” ~Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

I woke up late last morning. Usually morning dawns on me quite early. For some the wee hours are the most miserable part of the day, while for others the most exciting and vibrant time before sunset as it is for me. Writing at that time, early hours, of the day is more than a mere pleasure; it’s more than a livelihood and a profession; it’s an obsession, in a very positive sense.  I sat down to write this column, as I always do before the dawn of the day, a very strange, unnamed emotion swept across me, enveloping my whole being, an emotion which rarely manifests itself in real and stark terms and charms. In a perfect world where meadows are green and grass looks more like a neatly woven carpet and sheep graze at regular intervals with uncommon precision, which is customarily attributed to consummately organized organisms.

To control such an emotion without being emotional is the key to successful writing. And that remains my goal. When writing about the past regimes, their varied successes and failures, their idiosyncratic behavioral patterns, their influence on the socio-economic and cultural landscapes of Sri Lanka invariably become interesting and stimulating subjects for the curious writer. Yet that curiosity needs to be tempered with discipline and taste; it needs to be sustainably aggressive yet equanimously narrated with calm and composure.

The still-unfolding story of the Rajapaksa clan that held the reins over the affairs of the country for more than a decade, from 2005 to 2015, does indeed promise a very exciting and stimulating premise for writing. Albeit the story has not reached a closure, the immediate past presents some fascinating topographies of societal ills, how those ills were caused by some ruthless yet emotional political decisions made by the Rajapaksa & Company and perpetuation of a system and fine-tuning it exclusively for its abuse by the siblings who are the major shareholders of the Company, is yet being narrated by the servile henchmen of the Company. The siblings are facing many a financial scandal; their imprudent and avaricious approach to statecraft has been exposed beyond any past precedent; the trickledown effect of their corrupt way of handling statecraft and total absence of accountability and transparency in that handling are being felt today at every level of the government sector. From politician to the government KKS and driver have been infected with that deadly disease called corruption.

In all their dealings what is most apparent is their naiveté in being emotional in respect of every serious and significant political decision they had taken during their time. What are those political decisions that appeared as normal and regular at the time they were taken, but in the midterm and long-term context, those decisions played a decisive role in the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections held in 2015. One was the ouster of the Chief Justice and replacing her with a Rajapaksa-crony. Two was the unmerciful imprisonment of Sarath Fonseka, the widely acclaimed hero of the war-victory against the LTTE.

Dethroning the then Chief Justice, Shirani Bandaranayake was purely an emotional outcome to a not-so-complex problem of very elementary kind. Per Wikipedia, following is an anatomy of one emotional political decision and its radical undesired results:

“Town and Country Planning (Amendment) Bill

The Town and Country Planning (Amendment) Bill was published in The Sri Lanka Gazette on 17 October 2011. The bill allowed the government to declare any land in a municipal, urban development or road development area as a “protected”, “conservation”, “architectural”, “historical” or “sacred” area and to acquire that land. According to the Constitution of Sri Lanka, most land issues are devolved to the provincial councils. The Sri Lankan government introduced the bill in parliament on 8 November 2011. The bill’s constitutionality was challenged by the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) and Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu in the Supreme Court. The court (Bandaranayake, Chandra Ekanayake and K. Sripavan) met on 21 November 2011 to hear the petition. The court’s determination (S.C. Special Determination No. 03/2011) was conveyed to Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa, another brother of President Rajapaksa, on 2 December 2011 and on 3 December 2011 the Speaker announced the determination to Parliament: the bill was in respect of matters set out in the provincial council list and therefore cannot become law unless it has been referred to every provincial council. The government withdrew the bill from parliament and referred it to the nine provincial councils. The provincial councils expressed concern about the bill and suggested amendments. The bill was opposed by the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress and Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal, both members of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA), President Rajapaksa’s party, as well as the opposition United National Party. Faced with opposition, the government abandoned the bill in April 2012.

Divi Neguma Bill

The Divi Neguma Bill was published in The Sri Lanka Gazette on 27 July 2012. The bill established the Department of Divi Neguma Development by amalgamating the Samurdi Authority of Sri Lanka, Southern Development Authority of Sri Lanka and the Udarata Development Authority, and created numerous community organizations, banks and banking societies. The Department of Divi Neguma Development would be controlled by the Ministry of Economic Development headed by President Rajapaksa’s brother Basil Rajapaksa and would carry out development activities. According to the Constitution of Sri Lanka, most development activities are devolved to the provincial councils. The Sri Lankan government introduced the bill in parliament on 10 August 2012. The bill’s constitutionality was consequently challenged by four petitioners on three petitions in the Supreme Court. The court (Bandaranayake, Priyasath Dep and Eva Wanasundera) met on 27 and 28 August 2012 to hear the petitions. Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa announced the Supreme Court’s determinations (S.C. Special Determination No. 01/2012, 02/2012 and 03/2012) to Parliament on 18 September 2012: the bill was in respect of matters set out in the provincial council list and therefore cannot become law unless it has been referred to every provincial council. The UPFA controlled eight of the nine provincial councils and between 25 September 2012 and 3 October 2012 all eight approved the Divi Neguma Bill. The ninth provincial council, Northern, had not been functioning as an elected body since it was established in 2007. The bill was approved by the Northern Province’s Governor G. A. Chandrasiri who had been appointed by President Rajapaksa.

The bill then returned to Parliament and a further eleven petitions were placed before the Supreme Court challenging the bill’s constitutionality. Amongst these petitions was one filed on 4 October 2012 by opposition MP Mavai Senathirajah challenging the legality of Chandrasiri’s approving the bill. The court (Bandaranayake, N. G. Amaratunga and K. Sripavan) met on 18, 22, and 23 October 2012 to hear the petitions. The Supreme Court’s determinations were passed to the president on 31 October 2012. Speaker Chamal Rajapaksa announced the Supreme Court’s determinations to Parliament on 6 November 2012: clause 8(2) was unconstitutional and needed to be approved by a referendum; twelve other clauses were inconsistent with the constitution and needed to be passed by special majority (two-thirds) of Parliament; the governor of the Northern Province does not have the power to endorse the bill and therefore Parliament needed to pass the bill by special majority”.

Either the Rajapaksa & Company was not alerted to the deficiencies if their respective bills by the Attorney General’s (AG’s) Department or they deliberately disregarded the advice, if such advice was sought, rendered by the AG’s Department and went ahead and became entrapped in the web of statecraft. Their solution for this ungainly situation was the impeachment of the Chief justice- a wickedly planned out and unmercifully yet shoddily exercised execution of the leading occupant of the seat of the country’s Judiciary. Whoever was found short in strategizing, the one who suffered insufferable indignity and humiliation was Shirani Bandaranayake who once was the hand-picked Chief Justice of the Rajapaksa government. Emotion played a pivotal role and the Rajapaksas had to pay incalculably for the crime of emotional judgment.

The second of such warped judgments was sending Sarath Fonseka to prison and the humiliation hurled on him by a sordid and sinister attempt to paint a great soldier and patriot as a traitor. About Sarath Fonseka, I’m sure that our Tamil brethren would like to indulge in their usual mud-slinging without a shade of evidence, as a soldier involved in genocide. Such drastic words as genocide, human rights violations and racist, specifically used against Sarath Fonseka by the Tamil Diaspora did not hold any water and that was illustrated in the votes he received in the North in the 2009 Presidential Elections. More than 75% of the Northern Tamils voted for Sarath Fonseka. No Tamil would have voted for a person who had committed genocide against his own community.            

Politicians in a perfect world would not have committed these elementary blunders. We are not living in a perfect world, nor are we pretending to do so. His meadows are not green and his path is curvy and winding with steep valleys and unreachable summits.

The writer can be contacted at vishwamithra1984@gmail.com         

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Latest comments

  • 2

    What exactly and whos point fo view you are loking for. I don’t think you coment on that ?

    • 18

      Even if collectivitly succeeded to allow him the credit for elemination of terror within his first term. this man Rajaakshe is the most abusive president we ever had in this country.
      His hyprocratic nature is still not clear to the nation. Telling something and doing totally different has been his nature. The kind of dishonest leaders we have not had in the lanken history.

      • 11

        Now there is one another issue is being underway to surface.

        Duminda Silva ‘s head injury which MR et al louded in that adminsitration is suspicious to the doctors thesedays.
        Most are in the view he had no whatsoever the kind of HEAD injury to have kept him in Singapore hospital for such a long time.
        Former President himself made him the main SLFP organizer to Kollonawa immediately the bugger silva returned from his HIGHLY SUSPICOUS hospitalization.

        I remind EVEN Rajitha Senaratne then reporting – THAT HIS HEAD INJURY is believed to be one of the serious injuries.. he too have to reveal the REAL truth of that MURDER too.
        I now believe, BHARATHA WAS KILLED BY Rajaakshe brothers.

        How many were killed by RAJAPAKSHE will have to come to surface sooner than later.

        • 8

          Bharatha was the established village thug. Duminda was the up and coming thug. Both fighting for the same turf to do their illicit drug businesses.

          The 2 thugs got into a gunfight. Bharatha perished. Duminda survived.

          Bharatha’s daughter Hirunika is a thug too, albeit a good looking one. Hence, she gets a pass from the people. I do not fault her for weeping buckets for her father. After all, its her father. Unfortunately, Bharatha had it coming. I doubt the Rajapakshe’s had anything to do with it.

          Fonseka was a time bomb. Arrogant, ruthless, massive ego and corrupt. Absolutely didn’t deserve the fate he received. If left alone, Fonseka would have eventually self ignited himself. Unfortunately, no one in the Rajapakshe camp with a half a brain advised them to leave it alone and let Fonseka self destruct himself as he has very aptly done now. Fonseka was never a political threat, just a very loud sound byte.

          Bandaranayake didn’t deserve what she got, although she got into the Supreme Court through the back door. So, in that sense, it was funny to see her get on her high horse. Regardless, it was an absolute folly on the Rajapakse’s. They could have easily fixed the bill and resubmitted it. Guess their petty feelings and that massive ego got hurt.

          Now we get Ranil with his crooked Royal clan and Maithripala and his sidekick Chandrika.

          From the frying pan to the fire. Only in paradise.

          • 6


            even if he was thug, no right anyone to take his life.

            Are u upto justify it ?

            Most of them are thugs. Rajapakshes are born rascals.
            That the people are well aware of. At the time, they were called beliatta rasthiyadhu kaarayo. But you cant see it contrast becasue thugs are dominated in lanken society.
            Almost every day you will see contract killers line up to do the next.
            State is no powerful enough. It cant put pressure easily either. That is how the society is structured to this date.
            If any high criminals would have been arrested, their thugs come to street to burn down the tyres. As was the case few days ago in Medamulana area at the time, that abusive Namal baby was reasonably arrested.

          • 0

            Well Written, balanced comment.

      • 7

        Do you mean to say we have had honest leaders before and after MR? If you were joking it is not funny.

        • 1

          Burt you cant expect 100% honest ones in developing world politics.

          But what matters is, MR is the most abusive of all the leaders going beyoing Premadasa too.

          The kind of hypogcratic men were born to MEDA MULANA ONLY.
          Now with what is being kept hidden being come to surface.

          Some say, even if he talk loud and high to be belong the folks, he woudl do any murderrous act to come to power.
          That is how he has been.
          This he proved during his high days.
          No matter, it is, opposition was crushed.
          Today OPPOSition has powers.

      • 3

        I think Mahinda Rajapakse should have been a Tamil in his previous lives. that is why he is so dishonest.

        • 6

          That means all tamils are dishonest

          and all sinhalese are honest ?

          Jim, you should be a sick person by birth. ?

          That alone proves your sense … my gosh. each every race you can find honest, dishonest, good ones and bad ones.
          In this case, Mahinda Rajapakshe is a rascal but he paints the picture as if he is not.
          Media is to be blamed no body else.
          Those MEN run HIru and Dherana should be hung by their balls as some countries do.

        • 0

          What about you?
          Where did you forefathers come from? Did not they come from south India?

        • 2

          Jim, you come dangerously close to being called a ‘racist’. Unless of course you are deranged.

      • 1

        You may be right.

        Why some were not known to People, while only their boasts have been fed with them ?

        May be Rajapakshes had it from the day 1 on, how they had to handle the PRESS in favour of them.

        Today even if BASIL THE MOST ABUSIVE IN THE SIBLINGS GROUP- is not attacked by media even if HE IS CAUGHT IN THE ACT TO HAVE smuggled millions for that MALIGAWA in Gampaha, and several other cases ??????????

        Why the media men stay mum on these HIGH CRIMES ?


        All those GARBAGE dumps ALL TOGETHER should smaller than the size of the mountains of problems the FAMILY has created in this country.
        They thought it was them, to lead this nation no body else.

    • 7

      Jim Dim – You have not been taking your prescribed medications! Proof read your comments before you post the comment.

      • 1

        Mike: why did you say that ? I think, vishvamithra is not getting the feed back he expected.

      • 1

        I have the feeling Jim bum should have been changed a lot. His both ends should have been cross implanted. Else, he would not utter the kind of statements.

        Can we say, SINHALAESE the good and honest people ?
        Can we say tamils are the good and honest people ?

        These men should be eating punnaku as their staple food to see this way.

    • 5

      Lanken soceity was ruined and left behind by Rajapakshes. State was looted to the core. Resources were exploited as Srilanken airline made few hundreds of billions in losses. But nevertheless made King continued his touring to show off the world that another Gadafi is rising.
      However, the world and local various forces chased him away from the way he marched.
      Howver, punnaku eating masses have been vaccined by the germs so that Rajaakshe mantra will last few more years. No matter even if your lovely ones would have been abducted raped or killed out, they the masses have been fed with Hiru and Dherana the manner Rajaakshes and their magical tricks liberated the country from rhythless LTTE terror. However, it was the media abuse not to have shared the people with the facts and figures of the end of LTTE:
      Those who really sacrificed for the war were SF led soliders: SF was treated with revenges of high grades and painted the picture against him. However in today s context, SF is made strong, but not that strong as we the folks elected him expected.
      It is simply not easy to play politics in this country even if you would have been HONEST and coming with clean thoughts to do it for the masses. That was the case with CBK and several leaders. However, if you have got the upperhand with the thugs who would support a leader, he can stay in power. That is the reason why Rajapakshes stay still in spot light even if their high profile murders and frauds have now been revealing to all.
      However, there are also unbeatable MEDIA mafia GOING on in the country that woudl work for their gains. They are very selfish, but twisting news for their gains.
      Few days ago, Sirasa peoples thought were clean became naked with the reveal of AN ANOTHER deal with current govt on MEDIA telecast capacities.
      All in all, DERANA and HIRU have been the lead in MEDIA mafia of this country. Their existence is proved to be questionable with few investigations on that too are being carried out.

  • 10

    In addition to the above mentioned facts, I would like to mention a few more that perhaps played an important role in ousting a highly ruthless and self-centered clan from power:
    (1) The Rajapaksa brothers underestimated the pedigree and the influence of Mrs. Chandrika Bandaranayake when they started infringing into her basic rights by carrying out surveillance on her like she was a threat to the nation.
    It had gotten to a point where she was being followed everywhere and people who came to visit her were grilled by CID like they were criminals.
    She wrote to the IGP and Mara himself about the harassment she was faced with severally to no avail.
    Eventually she along with Ven. Sobitha Thero were the main driving force behind the change.
    (2) Ven. Sobitha Thero, over the years not only had Ven. Sobitha Thero become an icon for social justice, he had become a force in saving Buddhist principles and practice. The opposite of what Gnanasara was perpetrating to pint it in a nutshell.
    He was on a path to restore the image of Buddhism as a religion of peace and tolerance. This is something that most enlightened Buddhist appreciated and supported.
    (3) JVP and JHU. Both these parties had become tired of Mara and his family antics. Hence they choose sides with the above mentioned.
    (4) The Muslim people, after the pogroms in Aluthgama and Beruwala. The Muslim support for Mara was at its lowest. He had gone too far in staging Muslims in his divide and rule game. This was a cheap trick that he was trying to pull off on the sinhalese Buddhist masses. This backfired on his face.

    • 11

      Lasith to tell you the truth, I had been visiting the country at the time common candidate was introduced. That was 21st Nov 2014. From the day i put my feet there, I felt it was highly abusive world. Whereever, you just walked down were decorated with sky-high portraits of Rajaakshe. I had the vomitting feeling – not being able to see it beyond. However, my belly feelings comforted me- and my exchages made with various walks of life there revealed me, that people were under threat and it was no better to the era of psychosis in 89.
      All in all, some did not want to share their thoughts. Today, almost everyone attacks the other. Freedom being given by current duo are enormous.
      Media mafia men are to be blamed not to have sent the message across to the nation.
      They have still been abusing it for their personal gains.
      To heal my wounds, I want to see these men Rajapakshes kith an kin to be ended in prisons.
      I really dont know why that takes even longer.

    • 3

      Did Ven. Sobitha Thero die a natural death????????

      Can the Rajapaksa or their cronies on CT give an honest answer? YES / NO.


  • 5

    Politics and Babakotia: In Sri Lanka everyone has an opinion and everyone is a politician to a great degree. Take 10 Lankans, there will be 12 opinions – at least. But one good thing is that Lankans do not take politics seriously. And it follows that they do not take politicians seriously. In fact they take nothing seriously – even life. They seem to believe in the advice of Elbert Hubbard, who said “Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive!” Ha! Ha!

    As I said before, Sri Lankans do not take politics seriously. It is a good thing that it is the case. Otherwise, politicians would have gone extinct, hunted by the people, like the Babakotia of Madagascar (no relative of the Lanka Koyiyas who too are in the brink of extinction).

    A serious problem is that our people mix up everything. Mixing up may be good when you make a salad but not for many things in life. Take for instance religion. People mix up that with politics. That is why they talk about taking the Middle Path. Not Right, not Left, but the Middle Path. What they don’t realize is that as John Adams (2nd President of the US) said, “In politics the middle way is none at all” That explains why we seem to have lost our way, with our leaders not knowing whether they are coming or going.

    Our politicians pay only lip service to democracy, human rights and that type of rubbish. But they really take Napoleon Bonaparte, seriously, who said, “In politics… never retreat, never retract… never admit a mistake” . May I add one more thing, Never admit the frauds you commit.

    • 1

      Your s may be a valid point. But tell us why people seem not taking anything serious ?

      1 ) Is that edcuation ?
      Srilankens are believed to be the highest literate nation in SA region. And other social indicators such as mortality rates, infant mortality, life expeectency and several other factors are comparable to that of a developed country.

      2)Is that culture ?
      Culture can be the reason, since whatever can be exempted easily so long you are seen a buddhist in the country. Latter is being abused by politcians because then only they can approach easy tragets making them eternal fools.
      Talk to those poor men and women, coming from all walks of life, there you will get some feel AUTOBAHN -HIGHWAY is one of the seven wonders. I spoke to a teacher whose thoughts were nothing but about the Rajapakshe wonders.
      3)Is that religion based myths ? most believe in Jathaka stories than anything else. Those stories are fictions to that times. How can they be applicable in today s context?
      Most of them -say over 90% are after ASTRO or other sorcery tricks. Where you come from Edwin, Seenigama dewalaya.. that area is filled with innocient people keep coming to the place believing those gods. Can you imagine ? Who promote the kind of tricks.
      Some of them look like drag queens with some mental illnesses. Psychologists and psychiatrists would analyse it properly so that you and I can get the facts based on those intoxicated mind sets.

      4) Is that the media mafia ?

      No anything else, but LANKEN media should focus 1000000000% on the side of people can save this nation.
      Instead they just abuse innocient targets for their commercial gains.
      Derana, Hiru and Sirias should be imposed some restrictions.
      We need properly set information dept to filter the new items. The kind of systems are being applied so called develped world. There are good sorta example s if you want me to name you.

      • 2

        Punchiburampi, I am not sure why we are like this. But it would be useful if we can open up some discussion on it.

        Perhaps we are too prejudiced to understand what is wrong with us. Therefore, it would be useful to find out what others think of us. Having been in the Middle East for the last 30 years and more, I have a pretty good idea about how others perceive us. The Arab nationals are delighted when we say that we are from Sri Lanka. First, they think we are from India and the settle down with a sigh of relief when they find out that this is not so.

        Sri Lankans perform better than other Asians in the Middle East. What makes them apart from the Indians is that they freely give their knowledge and skills to the nationals, something that does not happen with Indians, Egyptians and even Europeans. Buddha said ‘Sabba Danan Dhamma Danan Jinathi.” (Of all giving, the giving of knowledge about Dhamma is the noblest). We can without changing the nobility, easily substitute other types of knowledge too in this saying.

        The Egyptians followed by Indians are the worst in this aspect. Some Egyptians and Indians threatened me with harm about this and told me that my ‘foolish’ actions are jeopardizing their continued employment here. I told them go and take a running jump in to the nearest body of water – the Persian Gulf.

        I am proud that the legacy I will be leaving here is one of a teacher, who gave all he knows willingly and without any guru mushti.

        • 1

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          • 0

            The Sri Lankan nature: The other day, I was watching on TV the aftermath of the collapse of a 5-story building. A few hundred people were digging in the rubble with their bare hands to rescue those still trapped inside. The Police were there but they were only spectators. In other countries, the disaster handlers would arrive with mechanized digging equipment, sniffer dogs, microphones, breathing equipment etc. There were none of those here.

            What caught my attention mainly was the incessant shouting that was going on. It sounded as if everyone had an opinion on how to handle the crisis and everyone was a leader issuing commands. Surprisingly, everyone was also taking part in the action, doing something, if he could approach the rubble heap shouting all the time and risking their own lives to save someone he had never even met.

            What this shows is that people have no trust in the government and its authorities. They have the natural tendency to take things in to their own hands and do so at the click of a finger.

            However, the most remarkable facet of this behavior is that the racial, religious and other divides disappear like mist in the morning and the people would do it with the same gusto irrespective of who the victims are.

            All that is good. But we cannot be happy about what happens when a serious road accident occurs. Again, the people take the law in to their own hands and deal out mob ‘justice’ to those whom they perceive as responsible. The low esteem that the Putujjana holds for the law of the land and the systems that enforces such laws is quite apparent.

            • 0

              That proves the real nature of buddhist dominated srilankens.

              They just talk a lot, but when it goes to do things, they just dont know how to do it. They feel we the srilankens have all abilities.
              Alone you incident above says every about about the nation. Thank you Mr Rodrigo.

              I have the feeling this time you are really nice. You bring good comments. Thank you Mr.

  • 6

    Let us have a historians account of the rise and fall of the Rajapaksas?
    They are unique in third world Asian history.
    Where else in third world Asia could this uneducated,uncultured low life have arisen to commit such atrocities and remain free?

  • 7

    Rajapakses were certainly imperfect, thinking of politics as a life time career and a way to make money. They believed in monopolizing power and money in their hands and their cronies.At the same time they finished the war which many before could not do.

    After 2010 the economy, or their crony capitalist system ,grew at a reasonable rate. There was a lot of corruption and abuse of power for sure. Most of those who came forward during the Rajapakse regime were lumpen element determined to gain money and respectability. ( a driver and a four wheel drive vehicle , a photograph with a Rajapakse boy and a regular visit to temple trees were status symbols during this era)

    May be at the same time we borrowed heavily and maybe more than we can pay back-these are only economic postulates and cannot be proved for sure.

    When we accuse the Rajapakse of corruption it is natural that we think the accuser is not corrupt. The last two years have proved how wrong we were with RW and the UNP.

    A man like Ranil can be a leader only in a silly country and an odd political party like the UNP.A man who thinks he is different to his countrymen and superior to his supporters( this may be true when you read what chaps like Viswamithra writes) cannot be a leader in any other country. If he was the leader the LTTE will still be there. Our economy will only crawl.

    Ranils corruption is arrogant, a fools arrogance. A man who has not got anything right for 40 years and wants to celebrate these 40 years.

    Under Ranil only Colombo sleaze bags control things. Guys who talk like girls and pocket poor peoples money.

    Is this country so silly that we have a local Mr Bean as a leader ?

    He has made a corruption a royal college high class thing

  • 0

    Ordinary citizens should feel the oppression or freedom in their daily lives under different rulers. The mere presence of freedom of speech and association is no guarantee of success or progress. For example, inflation should not deprive children of proper nutrition; inflation should not diminish the value of personal income and purchasing power; health should be a right rather than a privilege available only for the rich; education should result in gainful employment; justice should be equally done to all communities regardless of religion or ethnicity. If these areas are lacking and palpably felt by ordinary people, then the changes in government have not been very meaningful.

    • 0

      If those ORDINARY people would have been misled by ;MEDIA mafia the way Derana and Hiru gossips, so they would nt grow up to raise those questions.

      Today, they the ordinary people have no idea about anything. They have been just the prey of greedy politicians.

      We saw this MR May day rally or not ?

  • 3

    Vishwamithra, When you wake in the wee hours of the day mate, do your ebulitions before sitting down to write. Judging by what you have written, you have been sitting on your brain, compressed by too much crap!. Release yourself before sitting down, please. We don’t need this crap.

  • 0

    Human swarming: During my vacation in SL I bought a 2013 version of a famous mathematics package. Today, I was installing this in my laptop when it came to my notice that something called the ‘swarm theory’ was included in it. Practical examples of swarms are groups of small birds, insects (and the Nugegoda crowd, ha! ha!). Here is what Wikipedia says about the subject:

    ‘Human Swarm Intelligence’ Enabled by mediating software such as the UNU platform from Unanimous A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), networks of distributed users can be organized into “human swarms” through the implementation of real-time closed-loop control systems. As published by Rosenberg (2015), such real-time systems enable groups of human participants to behave as a unified collective intelligence that works as a single entity to make predictions, answer questions, and evoke opinions. Such systems have been shown to significantly amplify human intelligence, resulting in a string of high-profile predictions of extreme accuracy. Academic testing shows that human swarms can out-predict individuals across a variety of real-world projections.

    Sri Lankans seem to be eminently capable of swarm behavior. Perhaps, the crowd I described in my previous comment is a classic swarm working for a common cause. Perhaps, just perhaps, it would be possible to get rid of the so-called government and have a swarm consisting of all races, religions, castes and creeds to work together to achieve a common objective.

    Perhaps, an academic like Professor Kumar David can tell us more about it.

  • 1

    The alternative to Rajapaksa minus LTTE would have been Ranil plus LTTE.
    Take your pick.

    When I wake up in the wee hours of the day and breath that fresh air of freedom sans fear of my children being blown into pieces I thank the gods who sent Rajapaksa to rule this country in 2009. As a mark of respect and gratitude to those gods I will always vote for Rajapaksa.


    • 1

      somass ji

      “The alternative to Rajapaksa minus LTTE would have been Ranil plus LTTE.
      Take your pick.”

      Rajapaksa plus LTTE =
      Elections victory for the clan in 2005=
      Loss of billions and lots of human rights violation =
      Loss of election for Dr Ranil=
      Lots of financial gain for the clan-Maybe a crumb or two for you .

  • 0

    In addition to above one important thing was the repercussion of the 18th Amendment. It was the 18th A that paved the way for President to contest for the 3rd time.

    The amendment approved by the Sc was not entitled to the incumbent President but to the future President. Even now any changes brought to reduce the duration of the Parliament of the Presidency it will have effect only on the next Parliament and President.

    Mahinda realized the fact that if any one goes to SC against his decision to contest for the third time CJ may give her verdict against him.
    That was the main reason to remove him.

    • 0

      No Riyas he thought Rajapakse would NOT be beatable.
      The mentality was made in him by the artistes that came forward and made him a KING.
      So, like Mervin he became Raja to the gallerie. Most of living in the country are uneducated but gulliable folks.
      They would not use their universal franchise the way Ethiopians or Thai people would do , but just let them sold for a packet of rice or any other materials.
      And the astrology and sorcery tricks made him a fool.
      WHo on the earth woudl go after those supertious beliefs the manner MR did. That alone proves his mind set.
      He let thugs, astrologers, and all the kind of uneducated men to mobilise and lead the society to ruins.
      Today, very same people back him, but no long he will be caught by HORNs:
      Media men too play a role his untrue charactor to be maintained.

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    Vishwamithra ~”Politician In A Perfect World”
    Rational thinking will be the driving force in a perfect world or near perfect world. Politicians will not be able to mislead the people in a perfect world and so cannot exist. “Politician In A Perfect World” can be added to the list of oxymoron

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    “Parliamentarian and former president Mahinda Rajapaksa yesterday claimed that he did not have sufficient time to abolish the executive presidency and it was in order to expedite the process that he prematurely called for a presidential election.”

    Ha ha ha!

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