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Polls Chief Forces Rupavahini To Apologise For Sajith P Crossover Stunt Propaganda

State media broadcaster Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation was forced to apologise after Elections Commissioner Mahinda Deshapriya stormed into the premises earlier today to demand a retraction of the story that Sajith Premadasa had crossed over to the Government.

Earlier today, soon after polling started Rupavahini aired a story alleging that Premadasa had been seen going into Temple Trees this morning.

An angry letter from Premadasa to the Commmissioner of Elections was to follow charging that the state media affiliated to the Rajapaksa Government was engaged in an attempt to mislead voters by undermining his support to the common candidate.

In this letter, Premadasa charged that the channel had caused serious damage to his political image and career by their false propaganda.

Deshapriya ordered the state media channel to broadcast the full letter of denial by Premadasa a few hours later.

Rupavahini also said it regretted any harm caused by its news story.

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